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NEWS news (week of 20 August) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (21 Aug)

    • The first message was from a listener who congratulated him on his birthday and said they were very happy about all his upcoming jobs, but it made them wonder just how many Shige’s there were.

      The second message was from a listener sending in their impressions of ‘Burn’ saying it encouraged them to do their best.

      Shige said that he was glad if his novels could have that effect, and that he thinks ‘Burn’ is particularly easy to read, so even people who don't usually read books can give it a try. He also talked about Green Mile and said that preparations are coming along well.

    • ♪ Black Fire ♪

    • For music club this week Shige talked about the album ‘Inside out’ by Haruhi. Saying that there was a lot of variety and individuality in her songs. He praised her expressive vocals in particular, and was surprised that she's only 18 years old. He said he loved all the songs so much that it was hard for him to pick just one, but picked the song ‘Nightmare’.

    • The next message was from a listener who claimed to have had the ability to sense the supernatural since they were young. They said that they can see ghosts, but that their friends wouldn't believe them and said that ghosts don't exist. They wanted to know if Shige believes in ghosts and if he's ever seen one.

      Shige said that it was a difficult question. He said that he hopes they're real, and that maybe he could believe in them but he can't see them. He said he isn't scared of them, but that he thinks it would be interesting if they did exist and he enjoys those kind of stories. He said he thinks of them as just stories though and apologized saying that he's in the group that thinks they don't really exist. He said thinking that they don’t exist is easier too since you don’t have to be afraid, which also might be what their friends are doing. He said it must be tough to be someone who can see ghosts.

      He said that when he was in the car on the way to FUJIROCK with his friend as they were driving through Niigata his friend said it felt like there was a ghost around where they were. When Shige asked what he meant by that, his friend said that he could see ghosts. He said since they left late Friday night it was dark out and they were driving through mountain roads so it did feel like it could be a haunted spot. He said that since he can’t see ghosts it’s hard for him to be afraid of them.

    • The next message was from a listener they heard a lot from their friends that Shige had gone to FUJIROCK and that they had wanted to go too but couldn’t. They wanted to hear his impression of it.

      The next message was from a listener who congratulated Shige on going to FUJIROCK for the first time and that it was clear that he had had a good time from reading his jweb. They said that they went too and had a good time. They wanted to know what left the biggest impression on him.

      Shige said that from what he saw of the people around him people at the festival weren’t too boisterous and that it felt like a gathering of people who like music. He said that since he’s had 24hr TV and summer concerts, so he couldn’t go before. This time it seemed like maybe he could go so he asked his manager to keep his schedule open on the days of FUJIROCK and Summer Sonic. He said his manager probably tried to give him some time off since his preparation for his play will be starting soon and then he won’t have time. He said though he’s been to Summer Sonic before it was his first time going to FUJIROCK. He was originally planning on going after Bibitto, but then had work after that so he ended up going after that finished and at around 10pm. It was late, but since they were there they decided to go and check out what things were like that night. His friend had been a number of times before so he told him about the festival and what to do.

      Originally although Shige was free on Sunday, his friend had work so they could only enjoy the festival together on the Saturday, but once they arrive he said that he would try to rearrange his schedule.

      He also talked about how he knows a lot of people who have gone and he got a lot of advice from them. He also talked about how good the food tasted, despite the meals being simple.

      He also talked about how he didn’t get to see a whole lot of artists, and it rained the whole time. He said it was really great and he thoroughly enjoyed himself though.

    • ♪ Distance ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (22 Aug)

    • The guest this week was Massu again.

    • First they talked about how Massu went to Kinki Kids 20th anniversary concert. Koyama asked him how it was and if he sang and Massu asked if he remembered that he and Tegoshi had sung the song ‘Hakka Candy’ at their Summary show. He had told Kinki about how he and Tegoshi had gone to karaoke together to practice it and then was told well, then let’s sing it now and so he sang it with Koichi. Massu talked about how they hadn’t rehearsed it beforehand or anything, it was completely off the cuff. He said he was so nervous his legs had been shaking. Towards the end of the song that goes like ‘Kimi shika~’ Tsuyoshi sings the main melody and Koichi harmonizes. When they got to that part Massu thought he would do the harmonizing, but when he heard Koichi singing the harmony he realized in that moment that he needed to sing melody. Massu said that these kind of moments, and at Countdown make him think that he’s glad for the ‘Johnny’s family’. They also said they hoped that Tsuyoshi can take it easy and get better.

    • ♪ Weather News ♪

    • The first message was from a listener who is both a NEWS and ABC-Z fan, so they really appreciated their interaction in The Shonen Club 2017 Summer Special. They asked if they had seen Kawai’s impression of Massu singing ‘Miso Soup’ and what they had thought of it. They also said they would love for them to collaborate with Kawai sometime.

      They said that they hadn’t seen his impression, and talked about how in general Massu doesn’t like to be impersonated. Koyama said that Kawai tends to do impersonations of people he wants to notice him and Massu said that he’s gone out drinking with other members of ABC-Z but not Kawai. Koyama asked him if he would consider collaborating on anything with Kawai and Massu said he should do a collab with Tegoshi instead and Koyama said it seemed like something Tegoshi would turn down too.

      They talked about how Kawai could come on Premium and do his impression, Massu said he’s ok if it’s a high quality impression but he doesn’t like ones that fall flat because it make it seem like it’s his fault too.

    • The next message was about a recent interview in the magazine ‘WinkUp’ that they did where they talked about the requirements for becoming their girlfriend or wife. Massu had said ‘cute’ and they wanted to know what Massu found cute.

      Massu started out by clarifying that these articles are carried out like interviews. The person interviewing them will ask them the question and when they hesitate will offer up suggestions like ‘well, how about cute’ that they can agree to. It’s not that he said ‘It’s a requirement to be cute!!’ He also talked about how what people find cute differs from person to person, and it’s not just about looks. He said that he likes it when people wear clothes, or act in a way that suits them. He doesn’t like mismatch. For instance, Tegoshi being blonde is fine, because it suits who he is, but if Shige got a mohican he wouldn’t like it because it doesn’t suit him.

    • The next message was from a female office worker who said that since she works at an office she has to wear stockings but when it gets hot out she likes to wear garter stockings. When she told a friend this they said that it was erotic, but she only wears them because it’s hot and once you have clothes on they look like normal stockings. They wanted to know if they thought they were erotic too and if so why.

      Massu said that he didn’t find them erotic, but Koyama said that he did. Massu didn’t seem to really know what they were, and questioned what the original purpose of garters were. Koyama said that since you can’t tell from the outside that someone’s wearing garters he heard that actually someone was wearing them he’d end up imagining what’s under their skirt. He likes the gap of someone who doesn’t seem like they’d wear garters wearing them. Massu commented that he has the image of storing a knife in them, he said he still didn’t get what’s erotic about them but if it suited their character then maybe they could be good.

      Then apparently, Gai-san pulled up a picture of garters to show them which Koyama said was really erotic and they speculated that garters were to Gai-san’s taste.

    • ♪ Kimi ga Ita Natsu ♪

    • Last was the ‘Solving your problems, Summer time’ section. The message was from a listener who was troubled by the fact that they don’t look their age. Even though they’re 28 years old, they still get mistaken for a student and get asked for their ID. They said that they feel embarrassed when they get mistaken for being younger, and asked what they can do to look more their own age.

      Massu said that he’s also been stopped recently and asked to show ID when he tried to buy alcohol. He said he felt annoyed and since he wasn’t wearing anything to disguise his identity he was thinking ‘Realize [who I am]!!’ Koyama said that never happens to him.

      They talked about how in general even though all the members will be in their 30s this year, they’re still seen as a young group. They said it’s not a bad thing to appear young, when people say they look young they can come back with “I heard that a lot, same as NEWS!!’. Though it may be confusing since you’d have to explain what NEWS you’re referring to.

    • At the end they did promo for 24hr TV and 27hr TV

  • Tegomass no Radio (23 Aug)

    • They started by talking about how August is coming to an end, and if they had done any travelling, or done anything “summer-like”. Massu shared his story on going to BBQ with the juniors again, and how he was mostly indoors in the aircon drinking beer, and the juniors were the ones doing all the work.

    • The first mail is a request for “Full Swing”. She said how she quit her baseball club activities this summer. As all the training was designed for males, it was too much for her 143cm body to handle and she ended up with a fatigue fracture on her hip. She couldn’t appear in the competition this summer, and during such hard times, she listened to “Full Swing”. She got motivated to contribute to the team again and asked to stand on the pitch if the point difference was wide enough. Her team mates told her that they’ll do their best to gain a good lead so she could play, and they did. She felt the importance of having team mates again. When she first entered the club, plenty of nasty things were said to her just because she’s female but she’s really glad to have been part of the team and have such precious memories. So please play this important song. They talked a little about how having sports injuries is common for middle and high school students as they don’t know how to care for their bodies yet, and how she must have needed mental strength to join such a male dominated club.

    • ♪ Full Swing ♪

    • The following listener happened to have the same name as the first one, so they did a double take. She said she heard Tegomass’ “Sayonara ni sayonara” when she went to the dentist recently and asked if they’ve heard their songs before when they went out. They said if convenient stores count, they have, especially near the release dates of the songs. Tegoshi shared how when he was about 19, he saw NEWS’ promotional video at the driving school’s monitor. Even though he wasn’t very well-known then, NEWS had already debut and he didn’t want to get found out at the driving school. So he sat at the first row so people won’t be able to notice him from the front. Who knew, “Miso Soup” started playing and it was really awkward since he was right at the front from the monitor. (T: Those two people were just before me. And there I was. It was as if we became a trio. TegoTegoMasu. Ah wait. Maybe it should have been TegoMasuTego. Or MasuTegoTego? Which’s better? M: Hmm? TegoMasuTego. T: Oh, like a sandwich? Ah~ I missed! Sorry sorry. M: But well, position wise maybe TegoTegoMasu? T: Ah cool! So I got it right the first time? Yay!) Sakura stopped this conversation as they are losing time to read messages, then Tegoshi asked if she had any similar experiences. She said when she was a student, she was ever the caster for the weather news on Yamanote Line. And it was the worst when she happened to be standing there when she came on. (T: Ah so it’s the same pattern as being in the first row. Well since the stories clashed, please cut this out. Sakura: Hey it’s because yours was too long!)

    • The next listener asked if their pyjamas were different from their room wear. Sakura said it’s different for her as she keeps a parrot, which sometimes stands on her shoulders and comes into contact etc. when they play. So she changes into something else for bed. M: Why do you look somewhat embarrassed? Sakura: Nonono… M: It’s not like we’re imagining how your pyjamas look like or anything! Sakura: No I didn’t think that way at all! M: So? What colour are they? T: Let’s find out, it bothers us. Sakura: There are no colours in particular. M: Eh? T, M: Transparent? Sakura: What do you think I’m wearing at home with my parents? Stop it. M: Like mesh type? Sakura: We want to hear about the two of you. M: Don’t say that. There are fans of Sakura-chan. We’re asking for them. The two of them said that it’s basically the same for them, but if they feel like the clothes have gotten dirty, they change. Tegoshi said that even after touching Skull, he’d just go to bed and won’t change. He then went into his own world, going into baby talk as if talking to Skull. He finally stopped, and shared how Skull gets the grooming done at a friend’s place for free, where they’ve been going for many years. Apparently a single treatment can cost about 20,000yen, which is a lot more than it costs for Tegoshi, and they go about once every 3 weeks. Tegoshi then went back to his baby talk mode for a while.

    • The following listener wrote in about a problem she faces at work, where she has a colleague who doesn’t lock the cubicle when she goes to the toilet. And quite a few people have walked in on her. What’s ironic is each time, the one who doesn’t lock ends up being the one who covers her mouth with her hands and screams. She doesn’t change no matter how many times she gets walked in on, so could they please give some advice on how to talk some sense into her? T: Do people usually make the same mistake so many times? Sakura: Locking the cubicle is almost as natural as breathing. T: Uh huh. Though there are quite a few instances when I walked into people overseas. It’s like “WOW!” and then they say sorry when they come out after. The 3 of them tried to figure out if the toilet is a common one for both sexes. And suggested sticking a sign on the door to say to please lock, or to knock before opening. They then concluded she must be doing it on purpose, as it doesn’t make sense for anyone to not remember to lock after being walked in so many times. So she must be either scared, or an exhibitionist. The best way is probably to just knock, and ask “xx, are you inside?”, and stick a sign outside to say to knock instead.

    • For Tegomass’ Debate this week, the first question was which they will apply for if they can only do it once - “A - A very good prize with a super low probability of hitting” or “B - Something they don’t really want but with a high probability of hitting”. T: B, M:A. Sakura: OH! M: Eh seriously? Why? Seriously? Why? Sakura: Masuda-san is really interested. M: Seriously? Why? EH??? Tegoshi explained that if you think by supply and demand etc, there’s no way you’re going to hit the prize you want. But for the B prize, you’ll probably get it since they have more of it available and everyone will be aiming for A. M: He’s got a somewhat twisted personality. T: To think you can get happiness through lottery and stuff - life is not that easy. You need to work hard and earn the money by yourself. M: Yeah he is twisted. Sakura: To put it this way... T: You can’t just live in dreams, you need to face up to the reality. M: Well for me, it’s just simply because since it isn’t that often you enter such things anyway, so isn’t it better to go for the one with dreams? Since it’s a rare chance. T: There’s the postage fees to think about. M: That’s all. For me. They then continued talking over each other for a while more, after which Tegoshi started telling Sakura to look at reality and it’s just a 0.001% chance, it’s impossible and all that. Rather than to go after the impossible, isn’t it better to go for a smaller form of happiness? Massu said for him, since it’s a rare chance, it’s better to go for the one with more dreams. So when the time for Sakura to choose came, “Tegoshi-san” M: HUH. (silence) T: Yooooosh…. I’m now facing up pumping my fist. M: It’s the way you look at things. I guess Miyajima is a bit twisted too. Sakura explained that she’s ever heard of stories of how people who don’t seem to get happy even when they hit lottery for something usually way beyond their means. M: If it’s a pair of tickets to a trip somewhere it’s not that far fetched isn’t it! Sakura: I see. I see. T: The verdict is final. M: Miyajima’s judgement is somewhat twisted! Always! The listeners are probably always mostly on my side!

    • The second debate question is which they cannot stand more. A - not being able to talk to anyone for a week (you can meet, but not converse). B - not being able to meet anyone for a week (phone calls etc. are okay). They split again, with Tegoshi choosing B and Massu A. Massu talked about how he can totally live with B, though it might be hard if he had work, and if the people he meets are work are excluded, such situations are totally possible, for about a week. They discussed a bit on whether the situation should include or exclude work (M: Isn’t it unrealistic to set it as not having to go for work for a week?). T: So for me, I chose the one you can meet, but not communicate...but why? Sakura: It’s not about why! Tegoshi explained that it’s most important to have face to face communication in the current era, where there are so many ways of virtual communication. T: Like, for example, Sakura-chan, let’s go for a meal, let’s go- Sakura : From Aichi Prefecture, Mario-san. T: Hmm? No way!

    • So Sakura just cut Tegoshi off and moved on to the next question. Which will make you happier? A - being praised for your appearance. B - being praised for your character. (M: But this question...well A and B are not that clearly separated, you see… Sakura: Let’s go. T: To give our frank answer right. Sakura: Ready… M: AHHH hang on! Studio laughs) They both chose B this time. But Massu added that it depends on who the praise is coming from. For example, he might be happier to be praised for his appearance if it’s someone he meets for the first time. If someone he’s known for a long time tells him they like him because he is handsome, he might get a little depressed. Tegoshi agreed, saying that people they meet for the first time can’t possibly know their character. Massu concluded that for first timers - appearances, and for people he’s known for a long time, his character. But then got unsure again as he won’t know until it actually happens, and asked someone to try praising him. So they started praising his appearance. M: PRAISE MY CHARACTER! ONE OF YOU. T: You’re such a nice guy. Sakura: Really. So gentle. T: I can’t say exactly what’s nice about you but you’re a great guy. M: Fufufufu… Sakura: Yeah I agree. I get you. M: Sounds like I’m stupid. T, Sakura: HAHAHAHAH. Massu then suggested doing the same for Tegoshi. M: Such beautiful blond hair! Sakura: The cut and all is good too. M: Can’t tell if the hairstylist is good, or the way the hair grows is. Sakura: Probably that too. M: He’s cute. (baby voice) So cute! T: HAHAHAHA. Okay okay stop. I’m good for my turn. M: What about the character? T: Nope I’m good. I’m good. HEY! I haven’t given my explanation! Sakura: Well we don’t really care about you anymore now. M: Well let him, just simply… T: Simply? Simply? Sakura: Please. T: Well, even if you don’t say anything about my appearance, everyone can see for themselves right? Sakura. Okay. That’s all M: Okay that’s all for Tegomass’ Debate! (Tegoshi laughing crazily in the background. “I don’t believe today! Seriously! You guys are horrible!”)

    • They advertised 24hr TV for Koyama at the end. For the usual ending, Tegoshi was fooling around and Massu did the ending instead. M: That was Tegomass no Radio. Presenting it was, Masuda Takahisa and… Sakura: Miyajima Sakura deshita! (with Tegoshi saying again at the end, “The two of you were terrible!”)

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (25 Aug)

    • Massu started by mentioning the BBQ he went with Inaba, Kento, Ueda, Haruki, Fukuya, Non-chan and Kage. He said that he’s been saying BBQ as his hobby since he was around 20 years old, but he’s probably only been twice since or something. Maybe 5 or 6 times at most. They all went together, rented a car, went marketing at the supermarket and went to the BBQ. He mentioned that he tried to help, but they stopped him, so he happily said ok! The second time they told him to sit down. He also shared that he made sunny side ups and scrambled eggs and put them on toast with salt and pepper and some butter (M: The end product was of pretty high quality). They also gave him a present. He ended off saying that it was a very happy and merry birthday party. It started off by the juniors saying they will plan everything, and the first text that came was “Let’s meet at 9am!” and his reply was a cool “Isn’t that too early?” so they met at around noon instead, and reached back to Tokyo at around 9pm. He thanked them for a fun day-off.

    • ♪ DTF ♪

    • The first listener asked if Massu used kaomoji or emoji more when he texts. He says when he writes jweb, he uses a lot of emoji, but not when he texts staff. For friends, he uses smiley faces. He’s not quite the type who uses tons of emojis, though there are also times when he replies with just emoji, like a thumbs up. He mostly uses smiley faces. (M: Kaomojis are those “ohls” things right? “Ohls” Are those pronounced as “ohls”?) > He is probably referring to this. But he does use emoji as not using any makes it too business-like and cold.

    • The next listener asked if Massu has ever bought shoes without trying them on before. He replied that for brands he likes, there have been times when he buys shoes without trying. It’s the same for clothes, for brands he’s familiar with the sizes. But for brands he’s not sure of, he will be more cautious. Especially for pants. Even if people ask him for the size of his waist, there isn’t a definite answer so it’s hard for him to say for sure. So only for the brands he is familiar with.

    • The following listener said in a previous episode of Kei-chan’s radio, Koyama and Shige mentioned that Massu has been obsessed with decluttering and apparently gave Tegoshi a bag. Could he share the story? Massu said that he’s been saying he likes decluttering for a while, giving things away to the manager, his friends and so on. He then told the story of how he wanted to give Shige a hoodie that he knew Shige would like, but Shige said he already had it, so he asked who wanted it and gave it to a staff there. He mentioned that when he shared this story at SCP, they recalled that the first time he saw Shige wearing the hoodie, he had mentioned that he had the same one! Shige stopped wearing that after that when he’s around and of course Massu wouldn’t wear that either, and as time passed...both of them forgot that they had the same jacket and that led to Massu attempting to give Shige a hoodie he has. With regards to the bag, he was packing his bags and thought there was one that Tegoshi would like. When he showed Tegoshi a photo of the bag when they met, and asked if Tegoshi liked it, and if yes, he would give it to him. Tegoshi said he’d love it, so Massu brought it for him the next time. Massu also continued to say that there are quite a few items that are almost like collector’s items to him, especially those seasonal pieces by certain brands, so even if he doesn’t use or wear them anymore, he would never give them away even if he had two of the same thing. He then shared the story again of how he tried to give Shige the hoodie, but failed, gave Tegoshi the bag, and sold Koyama his coat. (Fufufu) Koyama protested, saying how come he gave everyone but tried to sell him. In the end, he didn’t sell Koyama, of course.

    • Another listener asked if Massu prefers strawberries or grapefruits, if he was to speak about the topic of fruits. He said canned oranges. He cannot forget how shocked and touched he was when he first met canned oranges. (“I mean, it started off as a fruit with about 2 layers of skin isn’t it!”) He said he basically likes fruits, then rattled off a list of fruits he likes, like bananas, watermelons, cherries, grapes...he can’t decide.

    • The next listener said when tidying up her husband’s magazines, she came across the 2013-14 official mini4wd guidebook with an article featuring Massu. As the husband is about the same age as Massu and he also went back into the mini4wd revival in about 2013 - 2015, but hasn’t been playing it at all recently. She really wants to do something about all the additional parts, especially the course as they are really in the way. She asked if Massu is still playing with it these days, since he hasn’t mentioned it recently. He said that he was playing too during the second, and third booms of mini4wd, but that it really isn’t a fad, but something that’s always part of you. He’s been saying he wants to play recently, to the Johnny’s staff, stylists and so on, but for about a year, nobody’s schedules have met, or maybe nobody really mean to make it happen, saying things like, Sorry, but I’ve got a meeting… (M: Are there THAT many meetings? Now it’s like I have the most free time. Meetings, meetings…) For the staff, the weekends are probably their days off, so some of them might think having to meet Massu even on weekends will make it seem like half work (fufufu), even when they have families and all. When he meets everyone separately, they tell him they want to play together again soon, but somehow the schedules don’t match. To the listener, he said having the course is fun, and so is mini4wd, so please continue playing with it.

    • ♪ Yonjushi ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question started off by saying cyclone vacuum cleaners have become very popular, and one of the internal parts was modelled after a body part of a cat. Which is it? He took many many guesses, including: fur, moustache, tail, paw, nail, eyes, stomach, tongue? (ping pong) Apparently  cats’ tongues have lots of papillae, which aids the cleaning. So the vacuum cleaner designers added papillae into the cyclone part so that the dust can be made more compact, and the number of times the dustbin needs to be cleaned out can be reduced. The designer apparently went to cat cafes to observe the cats. Massu said that’s amazing and he got a bit smarter.

    • ♪ Neko Chudokui ♪

    • At the ending, he mentioned that he met Nakamura Ataru-san for the first time. She asked if Massu was hosting a radio programme on bayfm, Massu replied yes and apparently Nakamura-san was also hosting something on bayfm and the trailer of Master Hits often gets played before and after her programme. She asked Massu what that trailer is about, as it sounds very...freely done. Like what he’s trying to do with the trailer. It’s got the best gag the writer could think of, and the essence of Massu, and if you keep listening to bayfm, you can probably hear it every now and then too.

    • The ending song went back to “Full Swing” this week. Sounds like he’s switching between this and URNA.

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