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NEWS news (week of 17 September) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (17 Sep)

    • The first message was from a listener who talked about the 24 hour TV drama and Shige’s role in it and how they enjoyed it.

      The next message was from from a listener who said that they became a NEWS fan from watching last year’s 24hr TV and so she was really looking forward to this year’s and that she enjoyed Shige’s drama.

      Shige talked appear on 24hr TV, saying that he got to be there both days and how it felt different going this year compared to last year when he was one of the main personalities. Last year they were really busy with everything they had to do, but this year he was able to see and take in what 24hr TV is like. He talked about how on the second day when he appeared with NEWS, that he saw the VTR of the girl backstage. He ended up crying, and last year since he was a main personality, he had a handkerchief because he knew he’d cry. But he didn’t think about it this time since he was appearing as a guest and forgot that 24hr TV is a tearjerking program. So he had to go to Koyama and ask for tissues. The 3 other members all watched it backstage together right before they had to go on and talked about how amazing and moving it was. Despite being the ones that were supposed to be cheering her on, they got teary and couldn’t go on stage like ‘Yay!’ Shige said that he felt encouraged by 24hr TV.

      The next song apparently got a lot of requests, and even though Shige felt conflicted on if it was too early to play he decided to put it on.

    • ♪ Aki no Sora ♪

    • For music club this week Shige started out talk about FUJIROCK again. When he went on the Friday night, he was lining up for food when he heard a young male hip-hop group playing. He liked what he heard and so he looped them up later, and so he wanted to play their song on the radio. The group is a 3 person group formed in December of 2016 called Odd Foot Works. Shige said that people who hear their song will probably think ‘This sounds like something Shige would like!’ and it’s true he does. He played their song ‘Tokyo Invader’.

    • Before reading the next message Shige took some time to promote his column in Tripper, as a new installment will be coming out soon/has come out recently. He said that this time he wrote about Okayama and his paternal grandfather who recently passed away in June. He said it’ll include things he’s written about on jweb and talked about here on the radio before as well as things he hasn’t talked about before.

    • The next message was from another listener who wrote in about the 24hr TV drama. They praised Shige and asked if there’s anything he studied for the role.

      Shige said that filming took 2 days, and he feels a little bad talking so much about how he’ll appear in it since his time on screen wasn’t that much, but that he was happy he got to appear in the drama. He said that he researched what he could about Tokura, and created his role after talking to people who met him. He said it was a fun and precious experience.

    • The next message was from a listener who congratulated Shige on being cast in ‘Green Mile’ and said that they would be seeing the play in October so they watched the movie. It was the first western movie they’d ever seen, and so they were worried if they would be able to follow it but they were moved and were sobbing by the end. They’re looking forward to the play even more now.

      The next message asked how the practices for Green Mile were coming along and how he was getting along with his cast mates.

      Shige talked about how before people had written in asking if they should see the movie before watching the play and he had said either is fine, but while he still thinks it’ll be interesting after seeing the movie that it may have more impact if you haven’t seen it. He wants do a performance that unique to the play version.

      He said that it’s been fun working with everyone to put the play together so far. Everyone is very serious and focused so they go home right after rehearsals.

    • ♪ Wake up ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (19 Sep)

    • The guest this week was Shige

    • Koyama opened the radio by commenting that the 15th was NEWS’ 14th anniversary, and that they’ve now entered their 15th year.

      S: The day of it kind of like ‘Ah, right...’ but 15 years is long isn’t it.

      They talked about how at 15 years, NEWS would be a ‘highschool aged’ now, and how they’ve known each other for about 16~17 years.

      K: We’ve become adults… We’re not bothered by anything anymore. S: I’d say we get along well. K: Yeah! S: We do. K: we get along well. S: I mean, we regularly message each other. K: The four of us all message each other. S: We’re like childhood friends. K: Yeah. When one of us doesn’t reply to a message it makes you start to worry. Recently, Massu and Tegoshi kept talking [in the group chat] and it was Shige and I that weren’t replying. I was thinking Shige must be busy. What was it- Tegoshi was looking at a golf swing or something, and off of that Massu started to play dumb S: Ah yeah yeah! K: They kept going on about that for awhile.

      After that Koyama talked some about his drama and how they’ve done costume fittings and told the story of how he and the two other leads, Tamamori and Furukawa, decided what nicknames to call each other, like he talked about on his jweb before. He also said that they’ve been filming every day and that it’s been fun. They talked about how busy Koyama’s been and they both said that they haven’t rested at all in 2017.

      Shige then talked about Green Mile, and how it’s his 4th play and he’s acting as the troupe leader, and helping creating the play. He talked about how he’s working with Nakayama Yuichiro who also worked with Koyama in his play ‘Great Nature’. Shige said he’s been focusing on the emotional flow of the play and character development so he hasn’t memorized his lines yet. He said his castmates are all very hard working and serious so they come in early and leave right away and haven’t gone out drinking together yet, but they are all getting along. He said doing plays is very interesting but hard work and he hopes it’ll be an interesting play. Koyama said he would go and watch.

    • ♪ Megalomania ♪

    • The first message was from a listener asking Shige about the music festival and if he had any discoveries like he talked about and whether or not his chair broke. They said that they’ve never been to a music festival before, but hearing Shige talk about it made them want to try going.

      Shige said the chair was a success and that it rained a lot. He said that his friend ended up sitting in it more than he did, since he got a bit drunk and fell asleep sitting in it. Koyama said that he doesn’t really know what a music festival schedule looks like and wanted to know when they start. Shige said that it starts around 10 or 9 in the morning, and goes until 5 in the morning, and explained a bit about festivals and how tickets work. He said that he had a hotel, but there are a lot of people who don’t do that and just camp.

      He and his friend went Friday night and stayed for Saturday, planning to leave after that since his friend had work on Sunday, but they had so much fun on Saturday the friend decided adjust his work so they could go and they ended up going to all 3 days of the festival.

      Koyama commented on how Shige listens to a lot of music in a lot of different genres and Shige said that he discovered new music he liked at the festival too. He said that he also had other friends who too and were able to meet up. Shige also talked about going to Summer Sonic and how Perfume were the first performers, even though they’ve appeared together before watching them there he was able to just be a fan. They also mentioned how Johnny’s have appeared in festivals before and how sometime they’d like to perform at one too.

    • ♪ Boom! Boom! POWER ♪

    • Last, was the ‘Solving your problems Summer time’. The message was from a listener who has a part time job this summer as a sales person at the Koshien baseball stadium. Sometime customers ask for her number and she doesn’t know what to do, and asked them for a good way to turn people down without upsetting them.

      Koyama said that Shige’s the type that can easily turn people down, but Shige protested saying that actually he’s the type that has trouble with it. He often ends up just giving his number when people ask, thinking that when they invite him to something he can just decline saying he has work.

      Koyama suggested that when they ask she can say ‘Out!’ Shige suggested that she can tell them that she will if they drink 1,000 beers.

    • At the end they did promo for Koyama’s drama and Shige’s play.

  • Tegomass no Radio (20 Sep)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’d be the 6th anniversary for “Tegomass no Radio” in a month. They asked if they should go to MBS in Osaka and found out that Sakura has never been there (TM has, once). Tegoshi told her to go, and say, “Sakura desu”, but then they said she probably won’t be able to get in past the security. They would want to do the 6th anniversary at Osaka, while eating takoyaki and okonomiyaki  (Sakura: Then we might as well just do it from a okonomiyaki shop. T: That’s nice. While making the okonomiyaki. Like, “We’re not making a hole in the center! AH! It’s hot! Sakura: Like on a location shoot? T: Sauce! Sauce! And a highball. M: Don’t you only make a hole in the center for monjayaki? Sakura: That’s right. M: What are you eating? T: Oh man, do you have to get everything right all the time? They’re all made from flour! M: No no no, you don’t just go to Osaka and say “Heck about all these flour products! Sakura: That’s rude. T: HAHAHAHHA M: They’ll probably be mad. T: Flour products! Okay!) They went back to talking about whether to do something, but they’d actually done live callouts, live singing… M: Shall we go to Osaka Dome? T: Seriously? The Dome? I’m good with a stadium. We can go to the stadium, finish recording the radio programme in a jiffy, then have a concert with the rest of the time. A Tegomass concert. M: That’s nice. Like have a 2.5hours concert, and air 30 minutes from it. Sakura: Oh that’s amazing. T: Okay okay. I’ll go reserve the venue then. Sakura: Is it okay to leave that to you? M: Thank you, MBS! They finally got back serious and said they’ll think of something in the remaining month

    • They talked about how they said there’ll be an important announcement this week and some people might have been worried that the programme’s ending, but it isn’t. They will do the request corner later in the programme today, and move on to the following corner first.

    • It was during “Kiiteyo, Tegomass” that they announced that the lawyer, Nakahara, will be graduating from the programme after today and this is his last show with them. M: (crying sound) Nakara: Ah I’m happy you’re crying for me. T: (makes crying sounds too) M: SOBBBBB! T: That’s me! Tokyo Dome! Stop it! Tokyo Dome! Sakura: Ah I’ve seen that before, when somebody covers up using his hood. Finally put the focus back on Nakahara sensei, and said how he’s been with them for almost 6 years, since the programme started. So they said they’ll reply to the listener’s issue first, then talk a little with Nakahara sensei.

    • This was from someone who had written in before, on a listener’s parents who are divorced, but the father stopped paying child support halfway. She has an additional question on how the father is obliged to pay till she becomes an adult. It seems that after the divorce, the father had too much stress dealing with the marriage and got down with mental issues. He is unable to drive now, nor work. Which means he has zero income. Currently, he is living with a lady who understands his issues, but they are not married. The lady’s income has to support the fees for caring for her father’s mother too, and they are unable to pay for her child support. She understands that, but is concerned about how law sees that. She wrote in to find out about that, and also pointed out that according to the law, child support has to be paid until the youngest one is of adult age. Nakahara said that the father is always obliged to pay child support, but in the real case scenario, if the person is unable to pay, it is unrealistic to demand for payment. So there’s no way of obtaining child support from someone who doesn’t have anything. On whether child support should be paid till the youngest turns legally adult, Nakahara said that this is something that both parties can agree upon, which means you can even make it till the youngest graduate from university. Which of course means you can lower the age till when they graduate from high school, which will then be 18 years old.

    • Another problem was from a 22-year-old undergrad, on loans. Her grandmother has been loaning an acquaintance money for over 10 years, and came to an agreement only a few months ago, for the acquaintance to pay 30,000JPY each month. They have the agreement down on black and white too, but the acquaintance passed away, just 2 months later. There are still several millions left in debt. They went to the family to ask them to do the rest of the payment, but all of them have renounced their right of succession, and as such cannot do the repayment. Is there nothing they can do to get the money back? It hurts to see the grandmother blaming herself for lending the money out. Please give her some advice. So apparently when you accept the inheritance, it means you have to inherit everything, be it possessions, or debt. So when you find out that there are more debits than credits in your relatives’ possessions, you can go to the civil court, within 3 months of finding out about your inheritance, to have renounce your right of succession. Which was probably what this family did. If the listener wanted to find out if the family really went through the paperwork, they could apply through the civil court to find out. If the direct family has (i.e. the children of the acquaintance), that rules the grandchildren out for succession too. So the debt will go to the older generation if they are still alive, if not horizontally to the siblings, then to the siblings’ children. So if these people have not renounced their right of succession, you can ask them for the repayment. But if all of them renounce it after finding about the debt, then it might be tough, unless the property and whatever the person owned is of sufficient value to pay back. It’s only after checking with all the family before it ends up to the country, but if it’s a case of debt, the country is not going to pay it back for the dead. They advised her to check with the rest of the family members first.

    • With that, “Kiiteyo, Tegomass” ended, and they talked about how Nakahara sensei has been with them since the start, when they were still in their early 20s. M: Have we changed? (studio laughs) Nakahara: I think you have grown into great adults. T: HAHAHAHA. M: Did we make him say that? Sakura: Yeah definitely, he looked away. Nakara: At the beginning, they told me “Tegomass” and I had no idea at all. T: Ah yeah. Nakahara: So I went to research and went, ahh, so these are the people. And at first, I bought Tegomass’ albums myself. T: Yes yes. Nakara: I bought them, and I liked them. After that, I received the CD for Tegomass no Seishun, and now I always listen to it in the car. (3 of them all at the same time) Sakura: WHOA! T: Really? M: Wow I’m really happy… Nakahara: It was really a coincidence, but a few months back, when I was listening to it, my wife heard too, and loved it as well. So now each time I’m on the car, she’ll make sure that the first song from Tegomass no Seishun plays. (happy reactions from the 3 of them) And well, my wife doesn’t know who’s singing which parts, so I explained everything to her (T: HAHHA), this is Tegoshi-kun, (T: Uh huh uh huh) and this sweet voice is Masuda-kun. M: Hurhurhur… whose voice does your wife like better? Nakahara: Hmm…….I didn’t ask. (studio laughs) I think she likes both.(happy reactions from the 3 of them again) But to be honest, I like the sweeeet voice of Masuda-kun. M: ARIGATOGOZAIMASU. Sakura: Oh! T: I see. Sakura: I see. Nakahara: It’s really sweet. M: I’m happy~ Well, you know, Tegoshi isn’t sweet at all. T: My voice is in comparison, aggressive. Nakahara: It’s strong, and high. M: Mine is so low on its own, so it’s a perfect balance. T: HAHAHAHAH. That’s right. Nakahara: You guys harmonize, right. T: Yeah we do, as Tegomass. M: I guess our strength is in the harmonization that only the 2 of us can sing. Nakara: It’s amazing. M: I’m really happy. T: Well, Tegomass hasn’t had any concerts for a while, since Seishun, but please come, when we have one, with your wife and listen to us live. Sakura: That’d be great. Nakahara: We will wave from our seats. T: AH of course we will YAY! And point at you. M: Like, NAKAHARA SENSEI!!! And even talk about you during the MC.

    • They then asked him for what left the deepest impression over the 6 years. He said as the questions received are all real, he always tries his best to research on whatever he can after receiving the questions, but even then, he’s nervous each time. They agreed, as the lawyers would probably have had more preparation time in their usual work flow. They also said how they’ve grown to be more aware of these law issues, and the lawyer is glad to know they have developed some sense of the the laws. He emphasized that no matter what happens, if there is no evidence, there is no game. And like the case today, even if you had evidence and all, if the other party has nothing to his name, there’s nothing you can do either. Even if you spend the money going to court, it might not really work out.They asked how long he’s been doing this, and he said 30 years (T: Oh wow, that’s before we were born! Amazing!) Nakahara is apparently 63 now, so he must have started practising law when he’s around Sakura’s age, which is considered a relatively late start to the career. Tegoshi then asked a question he’d always had, of how when there’s a major case, all the cameras will be outside the court, and someone will come running out, yelling either “Innocent!” or “Guilty!!!” Who IS that? That’s a journalist, apparently. He’d always wanted to know whether it’s an official from the court or what. Nakahara sensei also shared on how the court is careful about the phrasing of announcing the judgement, so people can properly listen through the reasons why they reached that judgement before announcing it. They then had a request for Nakahara sensei, for the first track on Tegomass no Seishun, Aoiro Juvenile. Sakura asked which part he likes, and he sang just a little bit, “Ano koro~♪” He said he had fun with them and the two of them started saying how, but of course, it’s only professional for them to make things fun. They thanked him lots, and told him to come again anytime. Finally, they got him to say the title of the song with them.

    • ♪ Aoiro Juvenile ♪

    • At the ending when deciding who to give the pen to, they said they only read 2 mails today, since it was a Sensei Special. M: Shall we give the pen to Sensei then? T: Aha, oh really. Well of course we’ll love him to have one. M: It’s okay? To give him one? T: Yeah. Of course! M: Congratulations then, Sensei! They also decided to give the pens to both of listeners too. From the next episode onwards, there will be a new corner, which they don’t know yet either, but will look forward to.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (22 Sep)

    • He started off by talking about socks, how he wore unmatching socks today. He has many pairs in the same style (5-toe, with a low canoe cut), and they are all pretty much in the same black colour and all. He only realised he’s not wearing the same pair later, and showed his mismatched socks to everyone in the studio.

    • The first listener asked if Massu prefers drinking or eating yoghurt. He said that he likes both, and that you can make drinks out of the eating type of yoghurt. But he probably has been drinking yoghurt more than eating them recently. When he was younger his mother would always mix drinking yoghurt with milk before giving it to him. So until he got older, he always thought drinking yoghurt wasn’t something you could drink on its own. When he realised you could drink it on its own, he liked it even better.

    • ♪ World Quest ♪

    • The second listener said that their school has this programme when each class puts up a performance each year. This year, their class has decided to perform “Peter Pan”, and the listener will be playing Peter Pan. However, they have no idea what to do for the costume, and asked Massu for advice. He first suggested a skirt made of shapes of leaves. He said it’s best to use green material, so it matches the image people have of Peter Pan.  Or like, wear a pair of pants with “Peter” written across it, so it’s like “Peter Pan(ts)”.  Or maybe using material that are expensive and people wouldn’t think of using it, or be particular about even the material used for the underside. He thinks it would be better not to change the colours, but instead maybe play around with the material. He said to let him know again how it went.

    • The third listener wrote about how she listens to the CM for Master Hits that gets played on 10:30pm every Friday. She enjoys the variations very much and wonder when that gets recorded. Massu says that’s recorded each time together with Master Hits, and sometimes he hears it when he’s in the car, he would think, “Hmm? This voice sounds familiar”. The writer would think of ideas for the CMs each week, with blanks for Massu to fill in on his own answers. If you listened to BayFM long enough, you can probably hear them, so please check them out.

    • The fourth listener said Massu ever said that he likes rivers so much he hopes to stay near the river. What kind of river does he like? The listener likes the area used for “Kinpachi Sensei” and hopes to be able to stay near that area some day. Massu said he likes rivers. Seas and mountains too, so he just likes nature on the whole. He also likes the bridges built over the rivers and likes looking at the rivers from the bridges. He’s liked rivers since a while ago, and having to go to the river often to film Kinpachi Sensei might have been part of the reason. The scene calms you down, and it’s pretty to look at. He then talked about the cons of staying near the river, like how there’re a lot of mosquitoes, it might be cold in winter, and the humidity levels are higher, so laundry takes longer to dry. In the end he concluded that it might be tough staying near the river. But when he does have to design a house to build and stay at someday, he might design one where there’s a river within, something like nagashi somen.

    • The fifth listener asked if Massu prefers lips that are pinkish or reddish. By the way, which does Massu think Tegoshi likes. (M: How would I know.) He said that males don’t really care about the colour of the lipsticks, and they probably can’t tell the difference either. The best they can do is to tell whether or not they are wearing lipsticks. So this will probably come to the top of the list of things “Males don’t really care about females”. He said if it’s one of those super red ones, he can obviously tell, but otherwise… By the way, the one he’s using is colourless. He thinks it’s best to just a colour that suits your skin colour best, so that it’s an accentuation. It shouldn’t be about what people think, but what you think.

    • ♪ Love Melodies ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was on the difference between the dreams elderly have and younger people have in their sleep. He first guessed, “Nobody remembers”, which was obviously wrong. He then made a few silly guesses before asking for a hint - something to do with the TV. Afterwhich he guessed, maybe the older generation have dreams that are of the Bubble Era. Wrong, and he gave up. Apparently a study done in America in 2009 showed that about 80% of the people under 30 years old had their dreams in colour, as opposed to about 20% of people over their 60s. This is said to have to do with the introduction of colour television, as the dreams you see are linked to what you see when you are awake. Massu said he has never had a dream in black and white either, though he can’t remember his dreams very much, so he can’t say for sure. Maybe he had a dream like EMMA, where it’s mainly black and white, but with pops of colours here and there.

    • ♪ Yume no Kazu Dake Ai ga Umareru ♪

    • At the end, he said the following programme will be the 650th, though there won’t be anything special in particular. He said to also listen next week, as well as tune in to “Netapare” and “Sore Dame”.

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