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NEWS news (week of 29 October) Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (29 Oct)

    • Since he had recently finished the Tokyo performances of Green Mile, Shige decided to start out by reading some listener mail about the play again. The first message was from an 11 year old, and Shige wondered if they were able to understand it at 11 years old. The listener said that Green Mile was the first play they’d ever seen, and they thought that they way he was able to project his voice was amazing. They said that they felt bad for Coffey for getting the death penalty despite not doing anything wrong. They said it’s sad if there are innocent people who receive the death penalty. Though some scenes in the play was scary, they said that they were moved.

      Shige said he was glad to get their honest feedback.

    • The next message was from a 13 year old. They said that they saw the play with their younger sister who’s in 4th grade (10 years old). They said that the play made them reconsider the necessity of capital punishment and felt that it gave them a new perspective on it. They said that while their younger sister is only in 4th grade, it seems that she was able to understand the story. Her said said that jailers have to push the button kill, but if it were her she wouldn’t want to kill the people in jail who are reflecting on their actions. They said it was a precious experience.

      Shige commented on their letters a bit and how kids are able to be honest in a way that is difficult for adults. He said that when kids seem a work like this it seems like it’ll change the way they think. He also talked about how though there are aspects of the play that are difficult to do, the story of the play itself is deceptively simple. There are parts that require the audience’s imagination, which some people might not like. He said that he got a lot of letters that said that though they thought it’d be difficult to follow, they were able to understand the story so he’s glad.

    • ♪  BYAKUYA ♪

    • For music club this week he introduced the solo project of Sawabe Wataru, ‘Skirt’, who Shige pointed out is the same age as him. Skirt recently released the album ‘20/20’ on October 18th. He praised Sawabe’s unique voice and worldview. He said that for the two hours before he has to go on stage for Green Mile he spends in the dressing room stretching and getting his makeup done and during that time he listens to music. Lately, he’s been listening to Skirt non-stop. He played the song ‘Shizukuna Yoru ga Ii’.

    • Next, Shige decided to read some more messages about Green Mile. They comment on how the last day of the play was the same day as election day, and it made them think about a lot of things and even made them have more interested in politics. They said they were glad that Shige got to play the lead in such a wonderful play and wished him luck for the Kyoto performances.

      Shige said that this play has had a lot of coincidences said that they didn’t arrange it to end on election day, it was purely coincidence. He commented on how mysterious it was, since the play isn’t totally unrelated. He also said that he thought the casting of Baruto in the role of Coffey was like a miracle, and how he and Kaji Naoto, who also plays a prisoner, have known each other for over 10 years. He said the play as a whole has felt like a miracle.

    • The next message said that they were able to see the play multiple times and that they really came to love all the characters. It’s the kind of play where no matter how many times you see it, you don’t get sick of it. They said that they saw on Kaji’s twitter that the cast teases Ito Shunsuke, who plays Percy, by calling him ‘Percyjima-san’ and wanted to know if Shige calls him that too. They said that from reading that she could tell that the cast was close and asked him to share any fun stories about his castmates if he had any.

    • The next message asked how Shige spends his time in the dressing room. They said that the rest of the cast seem to be having a lot of fun on twitter, and wanted to know if Shige takes part in teasing Ito.

      Shige talked about how Percy is a really unlikable character, and Ito who plays him is 39 years old. And he’s become the the person that everyone teases, and he kind of eggs it on. Shige said that he shares a dressing room with everyone- Ito, Kaji, Nagata, Nakayama, and Baruto. They end up spending time together in there, so various things will start up. It started from playing off of the movie/book ‘Kirishima, Bukatsu Yameru tteyo’, calling him Percyjima. Shige said without realizing it, he ends up calling him Percyjima.

      He said that they’ve all gotten close, and talked a bit about how while they were practicing for the play he was pretty busy and couldn’t go out to drink with them and then on Fridays he has Bibitto, but he was able to go several times towards the end and after the last Tokyo show they all went together. He said it’s been a really fun play.

    • ♪ 36℃ ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (31 Oct)

    • This week was the second part of Koyama’s solo appearance. He asked if everyone had dressed up for Halloween, and said that as always for women he likes Office woman/Nurse costumes. He said they they received a lot of messages for his solo radio and wanted to read a few of the topics that were most popular.

    • One that was really popular was listeners asking him to share behind the scenes stories from his drama, ‘Juyo Sankonin Tantei’.

      Koyama said that he doesn’t know why but Tama-chan has become really fond of Koyama’s manager who comes with him on set. Tama will give directions to  Koyama’s manager and he’ll follow them. For example, on sunny days it’s not good if they get tanned during filming, so his manager will hold a parasol for him. But one day Tama must have said something to him, Koyama wasn’t sure what exactly, but his manager was sitting in a cast seat and holding the parasol for himself instead of Koyama. Koyama went over to him and told him that he knew he shouldn’t be sitting there. Koyama concluded that Tama must have told him to do that, and said that they’re all getting along well on set.

    • The next common message was asking Koyama to share what he likes about the other members.

      K: Huh?? That’ll take 3 hours! (laughing) Is it ok for the leader of the group to say they like the members this much? You’re not all thinking ‘Uwah’ are you? It can’t be helped, I like them! I think there might be some differences between what you all think of as ‘like’ and what I think of as ‘like’ so I’d like to share some.

      He said that he likes how honest the other 3 members are, they say they don’t like the things they don’t like and praise the things they like. They don’t put on airs, and when they want to cry they cry, and laugh when they want to laugh. They’re very clear about their emotions and he likes the atmosphere of, ‘it doesn’t matter what other people think’. He said that that doesn’t convey everything, there are more things he likes too.

    • The next question was, what sweet Koyama likes best recently.

      He answered that he likes whipper cream chocolate banana crepes.

    • The next message was asking for advice for studying for entrance exams.

    • Koyama said that it’s only tough during that period that you’re studying for the exams. Once you get over that period there’s release. In life, it’s important to have times that difficult in order to enjoy other parts. Once you do your best to reach a certain point you can enjoy the hardship, which is it brings about a change in yourself when you see results. Until then, you have to work hard. He said it’s cooler not to run from it, and said that he’s supporting them.

    • Another common message wasn’t a question or request for advice, but messages of gratitude to Koyama.

      He thanked the listeners for those messages.

    • ♪ Ai no Elegy ♪

    • The next message asked him who it was easiest to do the radio with.

      Koyama laughed and said it was a great question. He said that doing the radio with Tegoshi was the easiest. He said it’s misleading to say that because it’s easy to do the radio with everyone, but that the way it’s easy is different. With Tegoshi, it’s easy because he doesn’t have to think at all. Because with Tegoshi, it’s very emotional and unpredictable, he called it “happening radio” or “hapuraji”.

      With Massu, he said he thinks everyone probably understands, but he has to think about how to  draw the answers out. He said that the process of getting to his emotions that are stored deep in a drawer that no one’s opened before makes him use his head and listen to what Massu’s saying. When he’s doing the radio with Massu, the thing he’s thinking about the most is what will please Massu’s fans the most. And through that he gets to learn more about Massu.

      With Shige, they just end up talking a lot and he get tired from how much they talk. Since they are close friends, they have to put their friendly talk into work mode, though in the end they don’t end up changing that much. They just end up talking a lot.

      Koyama said maybe rather than saying easy to do, it’s better to say it’s comfortable to do it with Tegoshi. He said that he thinks one of the reasons that Kchan NEWS has been so beloved by fans is because of the differences that come out of their different combinations. He said next week they’d be going back to normal, so please look forward to it.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that people who film with Koyama often say that he smells good. They’re really curious as to what he smells like, and asked if he’s the type who changes the scent he wears according to how he’s feeling or if he always uses the same one.

      Koyama said that it’s not something he’s super conscious of, but that he is told that he smells good. For instance when he films for variety shows, or every. Right now, he’s on his second scent of the year, the first one he was using he also just started using this year. He said if he  had to describe them he’d use the words sweet and erotic. He said that he picks his scents based on if they’re ‘erotic’. So he often goes for jasmine scents, because they smell mature and erotic. He said he finds the image of a man in a suit and the smell of cologne to be erotic, and aspires to be like that.

      He said if he had to say, he guesses he changes his cologne based on the season, he has about 5 different scents and for example with wear something with coconut in summer.

      He said that all the members wear cologne. During concerts Massu puts on a lot. Koyama said that for him he usually only does one spritz of it, because he doesn’t think it’d be good to smell that strongly. Though for concerts he’ll put on more. And said it was amazing how much Massu put on, and mimicked the sound of many pumps of perfume.

      He added that Tegoshi smells good too, and that Shige has a ‘manly’ scent.

    • The next message asked if he was lonely doing the radio on his own for the first time without any of the members. (K: It’s a little lonely.) The listener said that they’re in their 3rd year of working and they’re finding it difficult to work through the pressure. They said that they find it amazing that Johnny’s enter the agency at a young age and keep working that whole time. They asked Koyama what his motivation was that kept him going this whole time.

      Koyama said that since he entered the agency at 16, he wasn’t actually that young. He said that he works hard so that he doesn't disappoint himself. He’s not so concerned with how others evaluate him or what they say about him. Jobs that you do are more meaningful than the ones you’re made to do. He said that the pressure the listener is feeling is something only she can feel, and in a way it’s a luxury. To put it another way, there are people who want to feel that pressure, but can’t. Koyama said that right now he’s working on many things amongst a lot of pressure, but he thinks about how it’s pressure that only he can feel and to change that into something that feels good he has to work hard. The question of what it means to work hard is a question of feelings. He said not to look at those around you and that people actually have less interest in you that you think. So you should have interest in yourself, and build yourself up which will give you confidence and you’ll be able to look at the pressure and and your nerves objectively.

      Koyama talked about how busy he is now and doesn’t have any time off. He has a lot of pressure every day, but once you decide to focus on work all you can do is move forward. Right now all that matters is work, all he’s been doing is work. On his way home from work he’ll eat steak, and in the morning go to a cafe by himself. Just that is enough.

      He said that once you decide to fully immerse yourself, you can enjoy it. You only live once, so you should enjoy it. He said that he has confidence that if you support NEWS he can make you happy. Focus on work while supporting NEWS and occasionally release stress with NEWS.

    • At the end he said that he wanted to something ‘idol-like’ and read a message that between “I love you” (Ai shiteiru) “I love you” (Suki dayo) and “Good night” (Oyasumi) which would he be ok with whispering on the radio.

      Koyama said that he’d say them all, though if members were here he wouldn’t be able to say them.

    • At the end he thanked the listeners for letting him do this radio on his own, and said that he wants to be able to express his own thoughts too at times, so he might do this again between the rotation of members.

    • He then asked if he should do something Tegoshi-like at the end and decided to do a corner that Tegoshi usually does, the “Mousou Kiss Situation”. The situation was, when the two of you are lying around in the futon together before going to sleep.

      K: Hello. It’s Kei-chan. Ok, let’s do this… I love you (Ai shiteru)... I love you⤴︎ (Suki dayo)... That was wrong, let’s go again. I’m not used to this, so let’s go again. I love you (Ai shiteru)... I love you (Suki dayo)... Good night (Oyasumi). *kiss sound* Good bye!!

    • ♪ 4+fan ♪

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