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NEWS news (week of 29 October) Part 3

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  • Tegomass no Radio (1 Nov)

    • They started by talking about how they’re on their 7th year now since they celebrated the 6th anniversary last week. They then shared which of the feedback last week left the strongest impression. T: Well, I mean, they were all praise, right? M: Yeah that’s right. Sakura: No, wait. T: What? Sakura: 60% were complains. T: No no...they were all praise. M: Yeah, I was praised quite a bit too. Sakura: Aren’t you guys really positive? That’s not true. M: I can’t be sure, but Sakura-chan was like the only one who seriously complained. Sakura: Not at all! (M: fufufu) I gave the feedback anonymously too so you couldn’t have known which was who. T: You hate us? Sakura: Nonononono...well half-half, but… T: HAHAHAHA! M: (in English) Fifty-fifty? Sakura: No no, but there are many things I’d like you guys to change, and to continue doing your best. T: So we didn’t sleep for the entire week and properly reflected on ourselves. M: So today’s going to be amazing. T: We’ve corrected all our bad points. M: We hope you have feel our change over the week. T: Man can change within a week. Sakura: Okay I get it. T: LET’S MOVE ON TO THE REQUEST THEN!! Sakura: Hey hey hey… wasn’t it said that your voice was too loud? T: Ah...I screwed up! M: All right, let’s move on to the next segment then! Sakura: No no Masuda-san, you’re becoming like Nagano-san, no Masuda-san. Wouldn’t it have been better if you hadn’t said that… M: Hurhur. They finally moved on to the request for this week, for “Tsuki no Tomodachi” They were surprised that Tegoshi didn’t know about the story of a rabbit being on the moon. M: Because he’s stupid. T: Oei. Eh, two straight weeks of “Tsuki no Tomodachi”? Sakura: That’s right. Last week… M: Such a coincidence… T: Hey. Hey. M: Hurhurhurhur… T: All the listeners, depending on the run, either Masuda-san or I will pick the song, but Masuda-san has picked the songs for both of these two weeks. M: Un. T: And would people usually play the same song?! M, Sakura: Hahahaha! T: What are you doing!? Hey. Are you stupid? M: Hmm? T: If this was the release period, I can still understand. But why are you playing that for two weeks straight? M: No… T: We talked about the writing process last week already, didn’t we. Do you have a reason for this? M: This is to make you play up to expectations. T: Huh? M: I saw that we had a whole lot of other requests for “Tsuki no Tomodachi”. T: Yeah yeah yeah. M: So I thought if I picked it twice, Tegoshi would probably make a dig at it. T: Oei. Sakura: Hahahah! T: So you set up a trap for me. M: Uh huh. I had a really strong feeling today that Tegoshi would pick this up. T: I walked right into the Tegoshi trap. M: Hurhurhur. T: I picked it up immediately. Sakura: He’s got you wrapped right around his little finger doesn’t he, Tegoshi-san. T: Oei. How could you. M: “Are you stupid?” immediately. T: How could you. M: Arigato gozaimasu! T: HAHAHAHA! I hate this! This is the worst! M: I was waiting for Tegoshi to make a dig at it. T: Playing straight into your expectations. But I thought, “Hmm?” It felt weird. M: But it’s a masterpiece anyway. Do you have any stories to share about the writing process? T: We talked about it! Why do we have to repeat the same thing over two weeks? M: Arigato gozaimasu! Hurhurhurhurhur.. Sakura: That was a great dig. T: This expectation kind of makes me mad. So are we really going to play this song? M: Yeah. It’s a masterpiece.

    • ♪ Tsuki no Tomodachi ♪

    • This week, they answered the “Simple Questions” from listeners for the first time in a long while. The first question asked if their heads hurt when they wear the ear monitors while singing for TV programmes or at concerts, from how their voices pound against their heads? M: Tegoshi probably does. T: No… I have the returning voice set a lower level. M: Oh really? T: Yeah I always have it set lower. And the orchestra at a higher level. Sakura: That’s why he sings louder and louder. M: That must be it. T: NO, that’s not it! I’ve had it set louder from the start. M: But wouldn’t the staff and lower the volume out of consideration for your ears? If you sang too loudly. T: But then I wouldn’t be able to hear the orchestra. That’d be hard to sing. M: I see. Even his ears are self-centered. T: HAHAHHA. Tegoshi tried to defend himself by saying he could say what sounds he could hear really fast at health check ups, and Sakura said it wasn’t about the speed. So they returned to the question, and Massu said they consider all the factors when they adjust the EQ and balances. Tegoshi added that depending on how well they click with the people in charge of setting these levels, the ease of singing differs entirely. Massu agreed, saying Tegoshi and him probably have completely different preferences. Tegoshi said that if that is properly adjusted, they don’t get headaches and all. Massu also said that everything can be adjusted, so it’s not like they are listening to the same thing.

    • The second question was from a listener who enjoys watching them sing using headsets, as then they can enjoy NEWS’ dancing, but is it really easier to sing using mics? Massu said that this was a good question. To reply it seriously, he said that there are various mics from various brands with various functions, but headsets are generally more basic, with smaller areas for picking up sounds. Which then means that their voices aren’t picked up that accurately. Tegoshi added that when singing high notes, it’s necessary to use a bigger voice. With hand-held mics, he can just adjust the distance of the mic and prevent the voice from getting too loud, but with headsets, he can’t, so the voice just ends up being a loud one. So there is no control over the mic. Massu said it’s really difficult to sing with headsets while dancing vigorously, so they try to reduce that for their concerts. If they use headsets for the entire tour, there’d probably be accidents somewhere. Tegoshi echoed that, saying that they run a lot during concerts, and would of course pant, since they’re human. And all of that sound would get picked up, when other people are singing. (Sakura: AHH….! That would be terrible.) That’s why when he’s on the headset, he tries hard to hold his panting in, even when he’s really tired. Massu said that’s true, because then all their panting sounds would end up being heard as loud bams, as they need to breathe a lot while dancing. Tegoshi said if they compared the sound of the same song, EMMA, for example, from when they’re using a headset and a hand-held mic, the sound would be completely different, for sure. The hand-held mic’s version would sound better. He also said that they always feel torn, for songs like EMMA and Kaguya, as of course the dance would look more dynamic if they could use both hands, but the quality of their singing would be slightly compromised. But as their singing is very important to them, they try to sing using the hand-helds. Massu then said that the headset mics have been improving though, and shared an episode from when they were singing as Tegomass. They used corded mics, and that sound is better. (Sakura: For sure, over wireless mics. M: But wouldn’t the average person not know? T: Like, doesn’t the wire get in the way? But for like Tegomass, when we don’t move very much, we can go for the higher quality)

    • The next listener asked if the accessories they wear at performances are their personal ones. Massu said his are his personal ones for TV performances and concerts. If he does wear any borrowed ones, it’d just be necklaces, at the very most. Tegoshi said he wears his personal ones for concerts, and for TV he just wears whatever they ask him to. Sakura asked why, and Tegoshi said it’s because they don’t get stylists following them for concerts, while there are stylists for TV. They only have the costume team, who help them with the changing, preparation of the costumes and so on. The situation also changes depending on whether it’s for variety programmes and all that. They then talked about how they don’t usually wear such eye catching accessories anyway, and mostly only wears watches. Which then prompted Massu to wonder if watches are personal or borrowed. Both Tegoshi and Sakura thought they should be personal pieces. Tegoshi said he doesn’t wear watches for varieties, and he doesn’t get why people other than the host should, as it’s not like they need to keep track of time.(Sakura: They’ll probably wearing that as an accessory. T: Oh...that.) Tegoshi then shared how he’s completely uninterested in watches and have never bought one on his own, except for a loooong time ago, for runs. M: But well, for people interested in being stylish… T: No no! Sakura: Yeah everyone has their preferences. T: No no...there’s the possibility of knocking right into it. M, Sakura: There isn’t. T: Like when you stretch? Wouldn’t you be worried when you’re wearing an expensive watch? Sakura: Well I think everyone pretty much knows how far their hands go when they stretch. T: Oh...so you wear watches even when you go drinking? M: Yeah. T: But you don’t know. Like wham, or bam. Sakura: You really like bam-ing. M: But you know when you are wearing a watch. Sakura: You don’t notice because you don’t wear watches. M: Why don’t you start wearing them then? On both hands. They then suggested him to wear during radio, so he can keep still. But Tegoshi said if he couldn’t move, he would become a boring person, then started speaking in a deadpan voice. Sakura: I said this last week, but your stories are really long. T: HAHHAHAAH. AH! So it was you! I caught you! Sakura said she wanted to move on to the next question.

    • The last question asked if they used the concert goods often, and if they did, where they usually used them. The listener said that the merchandise they used most often was the mug from Massu’s stage play (M: Yay) as they like drinking tea very much. Massu said he wears concert tees most often, at rehearsals or as pyjamas. He shared how both of them still wear the tshirt from “Tegomass no Seishun” very much, with “Seishun” printed on it. He said that’s a legendary piece, as even though the direction of the design is tacky, he thinks it is really very cool. T: It’s very impactful. M: Yeap. Isn’t it interesting to have “Seishun” written across your chest? Moving on to Tegoshi, he said he uses the towels very often for soccer, for wiping perspiration or after showering. He also said that his parents brought most of the merchandise home, so he hardly has any in his place in Tokyo, except Tshirts. He shared that they usually get the entire set of merchandise from the organisers, but only one of each item. And as those get taken back home, he has to buy his own, the ones that he uses like tees and towels etc. On top of the concert tees, there are also the staff tees that don’t go on sale. They also get one of that during the tour, so he wears that in the holding room. He brings it home as he gets to keep that and wears those pretty often at home. But as most of their merchandise was made for females, it’s tough for them to use them. They’d be happy if the fans would use them.

    • For “Chikara wo Awasete Tegomass” this week, Sakura first laughed at them for not having been able to come together for the opening, but they said it’s just because they weren’t use to the title yet, like which part to say together or not. They decided it on the spot and said they’d do it from the next time onwards. The first was for them to name 5 out of the 10 song titles from Tegomass, written in romaji, within 30 seconds. (T: Should I run? Should I? Sakura: No. DEFINITELY no.) Both: Miso Soup. T: Highway. M: Chocolate. …….. T: (in a funny accent) Tsuki no Tomodachi. Sakura: No that doesn’t count. Stop it. 10 secs more. T: Wonderland. Ah no that’s NEWS. Ettto….. They didn’t make it. Sakura then named some more, like “Power of Earth”, “What’s Going On”, “CHU! CHU! CHU!”, “Overdrive”, “Mr. Freedom”, “innocence”, “Donuts”. T: I’m sorry, somehow. (studio laughs)

    • The next mission was to do a word chain game, starting and ending with “Tegomass” in 30 secs. Tegomasu > M: Sukima Suicchi (Sukima Switch) > T:  Chocore-to (Chocolate) > M: TOGOMASU! Sakura: No, don’t waste time. 15secs more! M: Tonbi (dragonfly) > T: Bikkuri (surprise) > M: Risu (squirrel) > T: Sukate (doesn’t mean anything) And time was up. Sakura: What is sukate?! T: Check that up! It might exist. Sakura: I will! It doesn’t come up! T: Try Greek or something!

    • They then said this looked like something possible, so they decided to go for another round, starting from Tegoshi this time. Tegomasu > T: Su-tsu (suit) > M: Tsumiki (building blocks) > T: Kitte (ticket) Sakura: Gasp) > M: Tegomasu. Everyone cheered, and they apparently did this within 7 secs. T: So did we have enough to cover the duration already? Since we failed once and now we have one more attempt. Sakura: I hate that. M: Well it’s an okay for now! T: Thank you! Sakura: I’m the type who would want to do my best to the end! T: Ah I see.

    • Just when Sakura was about to start reading the address at the ending, they made her read it with a situation from the “One line actor” segment, where she had to read it like she was about to sneeze. Massu said this might be the time when people couldn’t hear the address properly, even though he praised her for the acting. Tegoshi then randomly started talking about how the temperatures suddenly dropped, and the other two said that’s something he should have brought up at the opening! They finally ended the show for the week.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (3 Nov)

    • He started by talking about how it’s the “Culture Day” so it was a public holiday, how 8 Nov was the day he went for Johnny’s auditions and it’d be the 19th anniversary. Which means he’ll be going on to his 20th year. And NEWS onto their 15th year soon. And 11 Nov will be Tegoshi’s birthday. November is a great month, in that while it’s the end of the year, it’s not quite the end of the year yet, plus there’s a Massu anniversary.

    • The first listener wrote in to ask if Massu prefers lemon tea or milk tea, and that they like lemon tea and Massu. (M: Massu tea huh….) He chose milk tea.

    • ♪ Happy Birthday ♪

    • The second listener asked if Massu prefers hand soap in the foam type or liquid type. By the way, they like the foam type and Massu. He said each has their merits, and shared an experience of washing his hands at one of the sinks when everything was sensor automated, with the hand soap, water, and dryer all in one sink. So when he was trying to wet his hands, the soap on the left came wham on his watch and covered the entire thing. As it wasn’t a waterproof watch, he panicked and he washed it off with water immediately. The watch survived. So it might be the fated soap type. In any case, there are merits to each of them, and he uses each according to the situation.

    • The third listener said they dip everything deep fried into mayonnaise. Karaage, fries, fried gyoza, tonkatsu, deep fried prawns… does Massu dip deep fried food into mayonnaise? Massu said he loves mayonnaise, but not everything matches mayonnaise. On the top of his list, is broccoli. As for karaage, while there are people who argue over whether or not to squeeze lemon over it, he feels karaage is best eaten on its own. Eggs and mayonnaise are a super combination too. Like egg mayo sandwiches, where you mash hard boiled eggs up into mayonnaise. For deep fried prawns, he feels they should be eaten on their own too. Like if there were 2, he would definitely eat one on its own. Same for tonkatsu, even if you had the options of dipping them into sauce, soy sauce or mayonnaise. He repeated that he likes mayonnaise very much, and everyone should find more ways of enjoying it. He then shared another favourite - piping hot rice with mayonnaise and soy sauce on top. Just rice and mayonnaise would do too!

    • The fourth listener said she’s in her 3rd grade of middle school and likes Masuda-kun very much. She’s in the basketball club and learns piano. She’s going to have piano recital soon and is not sure what to wear. While they have to wear dresses, what colour and print to wear can be decided on their own. What kind of dresses does Masuda-kun like? He wondered if it’s something ritual to wear dresses for piano recitals. But he has the impression that people tend to wear those shiny, satin kind of material. He suggested wearing something with prints, if prints are okay, like paisley or checkers. Polka dots would be too pop. Argyle might be nice too. Do those shiny materials come in prints? Maybe just some graduation at the bottom or something. He then suggested to pick something that matches the piece she’s going to play, like something dark if she was going to play a cool piece. Like pink would be too cute. Maybe white or something dark. He commented that he’d like to try making dresses, but they’d be difficult to make.

    • The fifth listener said that when she watches Massu dance, she gets the impression that his shoulder joints are really flexible. Is he flexible on the whole, because he swims? He isn’t sure if his shoulder joints can be considered flexible. His arms can’t go all the way to the back, though they might be more flexible than people who don’t have to make turning actions very much. During physical examinations in the past, he could push up to about 15 - 20cm for the flexibility test. While there were people who complimented him for being flexible, some of his friends would just laugh at him, saying “It’s only because his legs are short!” and he’d ask them to shut up. But he’s probably just average. Though if you compared him to all the men of the same age, he might be on the flexible side, as he dances and swims and all. He hopes to get more flexible so he can dance better in the future.

    • The sixth listener said that when she refers to herself, she’d just go “watashi” (I), but in front of her family, she’d refer to herself in her first name. After asking her friends, she found that there are some who refer to themselves as “watashi” even before their parents. What does Massu refer to himself as? Does he change the way he addresses himself depending on the situation? He said he used to refer to himself as “Taka” when he was really young, maybe up to first or second grade, or maybe kindergarten. He probably started referring to himself as “ore” (the most casual way Japanese men refer to themselves) when he was in kindergarten, so there might have been a couple of years when he referred to himself as “ore” in school and “Taka” at home. There was once when he went, “Taka did…” in school and his dignity went falling apart. Everyone went “!?” but as there was someone else in class called “Taka”, he tried to make it sound as if that “Taka” said it. (hurhurhurhur) That’s probably the only time he really messed up, and also when he called the teacher “Mother”. Now, he pretty much refers to himself as “boku” before people in a higher position than him, and “ore” with people he’s close to. For females, he thinks it’s okay to just go with “watashi” or their first names, as long as they properly switch back to “watashi” before people more senior than them. He did say that things might change, and they might refer to themselves as “watakushi” (the most formal way for both genders to refer to themselves in Japanese) as they get older.

    • ♪ Maruichikara ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was, “Most bridges have the names of the rivers attached, but why is it that most the bridge names do not have the dakuten attached, when the river names are written in hiragana?” E.g. Nakagawa is written as Nakakawa, Maruyamagawa is written as Maruyamakawa. He got a few wrong guesses before hitting the answer, that it was so the river wouldn’t get dirty. (The kanji for daku in dakuten (濁点) could be read as nigoru (濁る), which means muddy/ polluted) While there aren’t any rules or regulations in how the river names should be written, there are still many places who write the names this way, due to this reason. Not just for rivers, the same applies to bridges too.

    • ♪ Sasabune ♪

    • He said that for both this programme, and for magazines and all, when he’s asked what’s up with him recently, he’d said “decluttering”. And he’s been saying that for about 2 years. For most people, “decluttering” is probably done very quickly, at one go, but he took quite a while. Like even when he has to decide which Tshirt to throw out, he’d just go “...... but I can just wear this as sleep wear!” But he’s finally done decluttering, and now he has to look for something else to say when asked what’s up with him recently.

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