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NEWS news (Week of 12 Nov) - Part 2

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  • Kchan NEWS (14 Nov)

    • The guest this week was Shige. Koyama opened up the radio by commenting that the 11th was Tegoshi’s 30th birthday and both he and Shige wished him a happy birthday. They talked about how it was a bit confusing because at the time of the recording for this show it’s not the 11th yet. Koyama said that now that they’re all in their 30s they’ve become an adult group, and he thinks that because of that they can do shows like ‘Okusama wa Kamisama’.

      They talked about how Green Mile has come to a close, and Koyama asked if Shige’s able to talk about some of the jobs they have coming up, and Shige just said that he’s been in various meetings for NEWS and for some writing things. Koyama said he’s been busy with the drama but that he’s also doing NEWS things.

    • The first listener said that they heard that performers on Music Station get tissues and asked they they have them and if they use them.

      They both said that they use them a lot, and if they ran out they’d be in trouble. When they run out it makes them think ‘Ah, we haven’t been on [Music Station for awhile]’. Shige said right now he’s run out, and it’s sad. You don’t get them for specials either. They talked about how people often use tissues and it’s great that Music Station gives them out. Koyama asked Shige what else he’d be happy to receive besides tissues and suggested dish detergent. Shige suggested mugs but Koyama pointed out that he didn’t think he’d use them and they’d just pile up if you got one each time you appeared on the show. They continued to talk for a bit about random things and then Koyama asked Shige what he was going to get Tegoshi for his birthday. S: I was thinking of the umeboshi I made. K: Ah that’s nice! S: Unexpectedly, he really likes them. K: Ah, I think I’ll give him socks! S: Oh really? Give some to me too. Seriously. K: Seriously? What kind of socks do you like? S: Simple ones K: Like these? S: Long ones are fine too.

      They talked a bit more about types of socks and Koyama commented on how he buys Tegoshi underwear too. Shige encouraged Koyama to buy Tegoshi clothes because he always wears the same things, and joked that he should give him the clothes he’s been buying at sales. Koyama that he has been buying a lot of clothes recently, but that he doesn’t know Tegoshi’s sense of style. Shige said that Tegoshi will wear whatever people give him.

    • ♪ Forever ♪

    • The next message was from a listener who said that the love NEWS’ music and they listen to them when they’re feeling down to cheer them up and encourage them. They asked if Koyama and Shige usually listen to NEWS songs and if so which ones do they listen to. They also asked which songs are their favorites or have special meaning.

      Koyama said that when he gets in the car, bluetooth will automatically connect and go on shuffle  and one time Fullswing just came on. When that happens he ends up listening to it. Shige said he doesn’t listen on shuffle, and since he hears their songs at work he doesn’t listen to NEWS songs. When he does it’s before meetings for concerts to refresh his memory. Koyama asked him what NEWS songs he likes Shige said that he likes “Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice”, “Forever”, “Supernatural” and Koyama said his were “Butterfly” and “Kimi ga Ita Natsu” They talked about how Tegoshi produced the last premium show, and Massu is doing the next one, which leaves the two of them. Shige said that he thinks people have a good guess of what he’ll do but they don’t for Koyama. Koyama said that he was thinking about what to do now, first he’ll decide on what solo which will inform the rest of his song choices. Shige said that he already did ‘Ayame’ on Inochi no Uta, and they told everyone to look forward to it.

    • The next message was from a listener who’s working part time at a convenience store. They said that there are food products that are kept by the register and have the word ‘spicy’ in the name, and yet when customers order it they ask them if it’s spicy and they don’t know how to answer since they don’t know the customer’s level of tolerance for spicy food. They wanted advice on what to say.

      Shige talked about a comedian duo, Chocolate Planet, that he likes and they have an act about the hot pepper marks on menus that denote spice levels and how inconsistent they can be. Shige said it’d be nice if there was some common system to denote levels of spiciness. Koyama said that he’s not that good with spicy food, and Shige talked about how recently he had a certain Mapo dofu dish because he was told that it’s spicy but when he ate it it wasn’t spicy at all.

      Shige suggested describing the levels like ‘You’ll want water after eating this’ or ‘You’ll want milk’ or saying how many seconds the spiciness lingers or how many seconds later the spiciness hits.

    • ♪ Flying Bird ♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who congratulated Shige on completing the Tokyo run of Green Mile and said that they were looking forward to seeing it in Kyoto. They wanted to know if he like big or small ice cubes in his drinks.

      S: …. Sorry, I wasn’t listening. K: Do you like big or small ice in yo- S: HOW SHOULD I KNOW!! K: Ok! Thank you. S:....If I had to say then small.

    • Koyama messed up the postal code when reading the ending information of where to send messages. S: How many times have you read this??

      Shige continued to repeat the postal code incredulously while Koyama tried to finish reading the ending information and complained about how noisy Shige was being.

  • Tegomass no Radio (15 Nov)

    • They opened by saying how it’s Tegoshi’s birthday. Massu and Sakura apologised for having forgotten about the birthday cake, and Tegoshi couldn’t believe it. They said they had expended the budget for cakes on Sakura’s cake. T: No wait, how come the music’s suddenly stopped then? It’s to lead up to the singing of the birthday song. Sakura: Nope, the music had always been stopping in the middle of the opening. M: That’s right. T: Oh really? Oh okay I see. So there’s really no cake. Oei. Sakura: Sorry. M: Sorry. So let’s move on to the request. Sakura: Let’s. T: (sobbing noises to laughter) Sakura: What was that? T: Sad sounds. Sakura: Well we might have a cake, if you’d just ask for it. M: Like say, “PLEASE!” Sakura: Say “please”. T: I have to do that for my birthday? M: The cake, the cake… Sakura: The cake, please! T: If possible, I’d like to have the cake, even if it’s just for someone like me. Is there any cake? Sakura: We do? Wow! T: We do! I’m glad (“Happy Birthday” starts playing in the background) Apparently it’s a fruit cake as Tegoshi loves fruits. Then pretended to blow the candles out in the opposite direction. They talked about how he’s now 30. T: I’m really happy. For things like resumes, ah, not resumes. Like- Sakura: HAHAHA. M: Where? T: Where I’m going to find a job at? Sakura: Stop that stop that. T: Like for passports and stuff? I’m really happy to be able to write 3-0. Isn’t 29 neither here nor there?

They then asked him to share his hopes and he said he’s happy how NEWS’ 15th anniversary coincides with his 30th. He’d like to create many opportunities to meet fans, and to create a movement doing things only the brand new “NEWShu” can do. M: NEWShu… T: A movement that only NEWShu can create. When you think of this, this and this that a Johnny’s group can do, and NEWS is the only group that fits the criteria. I hope to create such a movement. If possible, I’d like to do a Tegomass concert too. M: Yeah. T: It’s completely possible to have a double tour.

    • The request this week was for “U R not alone”. The listener is taking entrance exams this year and managed to qualify for a university just a while back. (T: Congrats! Subara subara *subara being short for subarashii, wonderful) The university is considered difficult to get in for the Kansai region and the likelihood of getting accepted is less than half, so their father told them that it was definitely impossible. To fulfil their dream of becoming a nursery school teacher, they decided not to watch the DVDs of their favourite NEWS until they got accepted, stopped using social media and studied hard every day. It was really tough, especially when their grades didn’t get that much better. But when they were about to give up, or start crying, they listened to NEWS’ songs, cried, and told themselves to work harder, that they could do it. It’s all thanks to NEWS’ songs that they managed to get accepted. They studied hard towards fulfilling their dream, and the belief that they’d go to NEWS’ next concert. This song will always be their best song for taking the step forward. They can now listen to the radio again now that they’ve been accepted, and hope to be able to hear this song. Please play it! Tegoshi commented that it’s amazing and strong how they managed to work towards their dream even when people around them discouraged them. M: I understand how it feels to take university entrance exams… T: Oei. You didn’t sit for them. Sakura: That’s prohibited too, Masuda-san. T: Ah yes, let’s prohibit that too. Clothes, the “I understand how it feels” for university exams, being able to remove swimsuits with a ballpen… M: HAHAHHAA. Sakura: Yes yes… T: You can’t talk about these 3 things now. M: But what do I talk about if you remove those 3 things? T: HAHAHAHAA. Talk! M: There’s nothing good left about me if you remove those 3 things. T: Oei. M: That’s pushing it. Oei. T: What are you doing at your own radio programme!?

They went back to saying how they’re happy for the listener and how that made singing that song meaningful for them.

    • ♪ U R not alone ♪

    • The first message was from someone who went for her first ever facial recently. Before that, she didn’t have much interest in skin care, and would be done with her makeup in 5 minutes. She’s slowly gaining interest in skin care, and asked them what they take special care of with regard to their skin. Tegoshi said his face was terrible in April - June this year, and thought that stress really shows up on the skin. Before that, he’d never had much stress, but April - June this year was when his stress was at its peak. And then the breakout just hit, which made him think that humans are made in such a simple way. Once the stress got better, his skin got better too. Massu and Sakura agreed that he’s got good skin now. Tegoshi said he was on the drip, and had subcutaneous injections. Now he doesn’t do anything much, not even toner, just lotion. Sakura said he’s got really glowing skin that day, but he said he only uses lotion. Massu said he also doesn’t do anything much, and belongs to the type who uses body soap to wash his face. The other two were surprised, and Tegoshi commented that he’s never seen Massu with a breakout. Massu said he did, during puberty when he was maybe 18? At that time, he probably went to see and dermatologist and everything, but haven’t been doing much since his skin got better. He does take care to have a balanced diet, though he doesn’t put anything weird on his face, other than toner. Tegoshi said that since they put on makeup, they need to take care of their skin more than other males. Massu shared how he went to the department store to buy the toner he usually uses, and was given a sample of another product to use. As he doesn’t use that much at one time, the sample lasted a week or so. He had put it beside his toner so he could finish using it as soon as he could, as he’d wanted to get rid of it. He didn’t pay much notice to it, until the makeup artist commented his skin is different recently and asked if he went for facial treatments. He hadn’t of course, and thought, ah! It must be the sample. The next time he met the makeup artist after the sample ran out, the makeup artist commented that his skin went back to the previous condition. Tegoshi said the make up artists are amazing to be able to tell such changes. Massu thought that good toners really make a difference. Sakura said the sample must have been one that matched Massu’s skin. On how the listener only uses 5 minutes for make up, they said it’s really fast for a female, and she must have really good skin as a base. Massu piped that he prefers girls who are done with their makeup in 5 minutes (T: It’s not like I dislike them). Though they probably won’t be done in 5 minutes if they were to put on makeup, as they have to get their hair done too. They finished by saying it’s good that she’s beauty conscious.

    • The second message was from a listener who was praised for her handwriting when filling some forms at her part time job the other day. She asked what they would be happy if people praised them about. To her, Tegoshi’s cheerfulness and positivity, Massu’s low and manly voice, and Sakura’s cute laughter. The 3 of them first thanked her for being so considerate to praise all 3 of them. Tegoshi went first, saying he’d be happy if he was praised for being gentle, and his personality when he’s with his male friends (as humans tend to put up a false front before the opposite gender). M: From close male friends, yeah? And you? Sakura: Eh? Me? This was really sudden… T: Well, as I’m of a good nature... answer already you stupid. Sakura: You really need to start all over again from kindergarten. T: HAHAHHA. M: Kindergarten? T: Serious? I’d be huge. I’d stand at the last in the line. M: You’re going as you are now? T: I’m always about the third from the front, so this will be the first time that I can stand at the end of the line.

Going back to the question, Sakura said that she’s very happy when people say the reason she can’t get a boyfriend is because she’s too cool. M: Isn’t that just...that...manga term? Fujoshi? Sakura: No no not at all! M: Did I use fujoshi right? Sakura: You did. But it’s not that. It’s like, I tend to play the escort role?

She gave an example of how she plans trips with her friends, and her friends would say if the boyfriend could come up with something like that, it’d be perfect. Tegoshi asked what happens when someone like her gets a boyfriend? Wouldn’t the roles clash? Sakura: That’s why I can’t get one. T: I think so too. Sakura: (while laughing) That’s horrible. Massu then said that’s just Sakura forcing her plans on people, isn’t it? What about what people want to do or feel? She said she come up with the plans after asking them. Tegoshi asked if she likes herbivore men. She said she might, as compared to the Kyushu Danji. Massu laughed and said that’s as good as him deciding on the concert set list on himself and asking Tegoshi to just sing, since he’s asked and knows what Tegoshi likes anyway. Tegoshi agreed. Sakura protested, saying it’s different, and she’s not forcing her preferences on people. Tegoshi said that any men with an interest in Sakura would all disappear in a poof after listening to this.

T: What would you be happy to be praised about? M: Well, that I’m fashionable. T: DON’T SAY THAT!!!!! Sakura: Ah… M: Hurhurhurhur. T: THAT’S BANNED ISN’T IT! Sakura: Uh huh. M: This is scary. T: We banned that, didn’t we. M: He reacted really fast. T: Oeiiiii…. M: I was going to continue talking a little but he jumped right in. Sakura: He’s fast, isn’t he?

So they asked him to say something else. M: Do you know any place with nice food? T: That makes you happy? M: It doesn’t? Sakura: That’s praise? Massu then explained what he meant, like if Tegoshi asked if he knew any nice Italian restaurants, and Massu recommends him one he hasn’t been to, he would go, wouldn’t he? And some days later, Tegoshi comes back to him and says it was really good, and thanks him for the wine Massu prepared for him in advance. Isn’t that really nice? Sakura and Tegoshi then gave lukewarm responses, to which Massu went, “Hmm? No?” The two of them immediately said no it’s not that, it makes them happy, but ah okay that’s it. (silence) Tegoshi then started laughing and said while Massu was trying to end the segment, Tegoshi was the one who’s supposed to do it. Sakura: That’s too bad. M: End it. T: (still laughing) Should I- M: I’d just get more hurt if this continues. (laughter) Sakura: Masuda-san’s face now. T: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Tegoshi then moved on to say the usual ending lines, with Massu giving a tiny sigh in between. At the end, Sakura: That’s just too bad, wasn’t it.

    • For the quiz segment this week, the question was on cucumbers. Something about cucumbers got them a Guinness Record. What is it? M: (immediately) That they contain no nutrients, isn’t it? Sakura: Masuda-san, that’s right. M: (calm) Yay~ T: Hang on. I wasn’t even at the ring yet. Maybe just done throwing the salt, and even if I got into the ring now- M: Tegoshi probably fell over right in the middle of throwing salt. (laughter) T: This is not fun at all! No excitement. No hesitation, this wasn’t fun at all! (the other 2 laughs) Sakura then explained about cucumbers how it’s got hardly any nutrients, (T: Heh! M: It’s just water) and people eat cucumbers mainly for hydration, to recover from hangovers etc.

    • The second question was a riddle: There’s only one in a year, but two in a day. What is this? Sakura said it’s simple if they expanded their train of thought. Tegoshi got it pretty quickly, “chi” in hiragana. As a year is “ichi nen” while a day is “ichi nichi” in Japanese. Even after Tegoshi got it right and was cheering, Massu was still trying to pretend to think, spouting things like “one, one year, one day, why” in English. Sakura called him a few times, told him Tegoshi already got it and he still pretended to be surprised.

    • The third question: Orenji (orange) is English, Budou (grapes) is Japanese. What language is “appuru” (apple)? Massu first clarified if this was a riddle, Sakura said it’s a quiz, and as she was repeating the question, he got the answer, “ringo” (ringo is japanese for apple, and this is a play on words, as english is eigo in Japanese, Japanese is nihongo in Japanese, and what language is nani go in Japanese). Tegoshi started moaning in the background while Massu said he likes this, this was a cute question. Tegoshi said he’d prefer to have a 30 sec thinking time, to which Sakura said quizzes are based on speed.

    • The fourth question is similar to a riddle: Leaf (happa), meat (niku), vegetables (yasai), bee (hachi-san). Which doesn’t belong? Sakura was just repeating the question for the 3rd time when Tegoshi suddenly went “I get it…….Vegetables”. As the rest are all multiplication. (This has got to do with the multiplication terms and the reading of the items in Japanese) They were now even, and Sakura wanted to do another question to decide on the winner. M: Shall we just do paper scissors stone? Tegoshi suggested finger sumo. Sakura said it’s radio and people can’t see.

    • The fifth question is a riddle: What is left behind after the swallows (tsubame) fight? They took slightly longer for this question before Tegoshi getting the right answer: claws (tsume). The explanation is that fight = battle = batoru in Japanese, which also means to remove “ba”. Remove ba from “tsubame” = “tsume”. Tegoshi said it’s a great 30th and apparently everyone outside the booth was clapping. Tegoshi then started going “Tegoshi desu~” Sakura said both of them were amazing today, especially when they don’t usually seem to get anything. Massu said he feels like he really lost that day. Tegoshi said this segment’s a great one.

    • At the ending, Massu attempted to say words on the themes they banned him on, and Tegoshi + Sakura kept stopping him, until Massu told Sakura to read the stuff already, why is she joining in. Sakura said because this is fun. Tegoshi read the wrong address after and the two of them said all the mails will go to the wrong address & programme, maybe “Tego’s World”. Tegoshi thanked everything again for celebrating his birthday.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (17 Nov)

    • He started by talking about how he received, for his birthday, a lot of water and beer from the WiNK UP team. He’s almost finished drinking it all, and just wanted to let the WiNK UP team know. While he’s always been buying water on his own, it was the first time he ever had that much water at home, and he realised that it didn’t feel good to see the water slowly running out. It might be something to do with personality, and he’s the type who’s always worried about running out of things. Like for body soap etc., he’ll always have a spare bottle so he always has enough.

    • The first listener asked if Massu prefers potato soup or pumpkin soup. He took a bit of time to decide, before answering “corn soup”

    • ♪ Sayonara Boku no Machi ♪

    • The second listener asked if Massu weighs himself every day, and if he does, which part of the day he does. He replied that he doesn’t, and if he does, he probably only weighs himself about once a month? At the gym, in the middle of the training, if the weighing machine happens to be nearby when he’s drinking water. He’s probably not that interested in his weight, and that if he was an athlete, he might be more conscious, as changes in the weight can affect performances etc. But he doesn’t. He’s more interested in body fat percentage, and really likes the machines that body the entire body’s muscle and fat percentage. Obviously the left and right bodies won’t be entirely the same, but when the right side obviously has more muscles, he would get more conscious of carrying more things on his left during his daily life.

    • The third listener asked Massu to give her a message to praise her for studying hard for her test. M: Good job.

    • The fourth listener referred to something Massu said in a previous episode, where he said that it’s okay for a lunch box to be filled with just side dishes. The listener ever had a 2-tiered lunchbox, with only 2 shumais and the rest all filled with rice. How does Massu feel about such a lunchbox, with LOTS of rice and just a bit of sides? Massu first clarified that he said it’s okay for a lunch box to be filled with just side dishes, with the onigiris packed separately. Then, he tried to make sure that the listener’s lunchbox was really just filled with almost all rice and just 2 shumais. Which means more than 80% is just rice. (M: That’s… what’s that. That’s just rice isn’t it.) He said that he basically prefers to have the side dishes and rice to be of about the same amount, and if there is obviously a lot more rice, he might not be able to finish them, thinking he’d want some furikake or salt. But he’s perfectly okay if it’s just plain salt onigiri with soup. So for the listener’s lunchbox, it’s perfectly okay if there was miso shiru (M: Sorry, miso soup). Like at the yakiniku restaurant, there are people who ask for rice. But he doesn’t, until the very end, when he orders some carbohydrates to finish the meal off. He really loves rice, but maybe more of the side dishes that make him want to eat rice.

    • The fifth listener said her family loves spicy food, and the curry they eat at home is always medium spicy. However, she can’t really take spicy food and only eats mild curry, and her brother always laughs at her for that. How does Massu feel about spicy food? He said that he basically doesn’t like spicy food, as he feels that takes away all the original taste of the food, as what’s left is only the spiciness. So he’s like the listener. But Tegoshi? He just makes everything spicy and everything’s yummy. Like, seriously? You can still find the taste of the food amidst that spiciness? And he’d say it’s deep within. Massu is doubtful if Tegoshi can really taste the food, though of course there are plenty of people who love spicy food and can still taste. For him, he doesn’t like spicy food very much. For curry, he probably has them medium spicy at the maximum. He’s also no problems with kimchi, but not so much of those spicy ramen. He thinks the listener is fine, and to send his regards to her brother.

    • The sixth listener said they went for their solo trip for the first time earlier this year, to Malta. It’s only half the size of Tokyo’s 23 wards, and is an island country at the tip of Italy. There’s also a UNESCO world heritage site and beautiful seas there, so it was extremely fun. They asked what Massu would look out for if he were to go on a solo trip, the UNESCO world heritage site or the sea. He first gushed over the country the listener went to, how pretty it is and all, as he was looking at the pictures. If it were to be a sea-centred trip, it might get a little lonely, especially when you need someone to pull the banana boat for you. So it’d have to be the UNESCO world heritage. Looking at the photos, it’s probably a place he’d want to go, even now. Since it’s half of Tokyo’s 23 wards in size, he can probably do it in a few days? He said it’s extremely cool to be able to go for a trip on their own overseas, and wondered if the listener could speak Italian. He probably doesn’t have the courage to go for a solo trip yet, and will ask if Nakamaru has heard of and is interested in going to Malta.

    • The seventh listener said they have problems spending their free time productively, and always panics at the last minute when things need to be done. What should they do to live life smoothly? He said he’s really good at answering such questions. To give an example, he decides what time to wake up by calculating backwards, how much time he needs to get ready. Before the time he needs to really get ready to leave the house, he’s pretty much just stoning. There aren’t many instances of him getting ready ahead of time, such that he has time for a cup of coffee or anything. He’d usually push things until the last minute to get ready. It’s great to stone, and know that you have something on later in the day. Why don’t we just stop having the mentality of having to spend time productively? Of course, if there are many things to do, you should get them done. But if you can leave them till slightly later, stoning down doesn’t hurt too. He repeated again that it’s important to make sure you get what is needed done so there aren’t regrets, but taking time to stone is important too. He’d wanted to go with the character of being someone who is leads a super productive life, but realised he isn’t very productive, so he needs to do some self reflection. Stoning is a good thing though, if they can be done at the right time.

    • ♪ Sayonara ni Sayonara ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was “My Grandfather’s Clock” was originally from America, but there’s a huge difference between the first line of the lyrics in the English and Japanese lyrics. What is it? He sang a bit of the song, read the lyrics out loud, made a few random guesses and piped “100 years didn’t pass”. And that was right. (EH!? I’d wanted to crack a few more lame jokes) After going through the explanation, he attempted again to make the wrong guesses and the staff continued buzzing the wrong buzzer for him.

    • ♪ Sunadokei ♪

    • He said they let him choose the songs for Master Hits each time, and he tries to pick songs that’s “Master Hits” like, in that he tries to pick songs that are less mainstream, songs people probably haven’t had the chance to hear in awhile, coupling songs and so on. For example, some songs only available on the limited or usual edition won’t be familiar to those who didn’t buy that edition. For today, he tried narrowing the choice down to Tegomass, with two “sayonara” songs, then “Sunadokei”. Do write in to let him know your thoughts about how his song choices.

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