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NEWS news (week of 19 Nov) Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (19 Nov)

    • Shige said that he’d be talking some more about Green Mile and now that the run of the play is over he’ll probably start talking about spoilers.

    • The first message was from a 16 year old who said that it feels like the play just started and the Tokyo performances are already over which is kind of sad. She said that it was very moving and easy to understand even for a highschool student. She said she watched it from the 3rd floor, and praised the performance.

      Shige said that he thought that there were different things you can discover from watching it from above and that they had been really particular about the lighting. He went on to talk about the set up of the stage, and said that he thought that the story itself was easy to understand. He said that the play seems to have gotten good reviews over all, he said it was a good play and that it’s sad that it’s over.

    • ♪ Winter Moon ♪

    • For music club this week, he said that he wanted to play another album that he’s really been looking forward to that recently came out on Nov. 1st, ‘Bootleg’ by Yonezu Kenshi, his 4th album and first album in about 2 years. He said that he think he’s played this artist on the radio before. Shige highly praised him and said that he’s a genius and went on to talk about his previous album as well as individual songs. In particular he said that the song ‘LOSER’ was really good which had previously been released as a single. He also talked about and then played the song ‘Shunrai’ (Spring thunder) that had been written just for the album.

    • The next message was also about Green Mile, they asked if Shige had gone to a wrap up party with his cast mates and if so wanted to hear about it. They also wanted to know if Shige gets hangovers. She said that she saw in magazine he talked about having one before, but she had a hard time believing that someone as cool as Shige would get hungover just like the rest of us.

      Shige that he did go to the wrap up party and that it was the same day as the typhoon, so it was raining really hard. They ate yakiniku then went to a different place to drink afterwards. Baruto got pretty drunk and got tired and tried to go home, but he’s the type that doesn’t want to leave if everyone else is staying and won’t be the first person to get in a taxi as he wants to see everyone else off. He paid his tab and went to go but it was raining, since it was hard for him to leave Shige headed out first.

      Then he got a message from a close friend with a picture of his friend and Baruto saying that he ran into Baruto and in the picture Baruto was wearing the same clothes as before. His friend was surprised when Shige said he’d just been drinking together with Baruto. His friend had been drinking in the same restaurant, since his friends place is close to his Shige picked him up in the taxi.

      After his friend got in the taxi they decided to drink at Shige’s place, but once they got back to his place Shige realized he didn’t have his key, even though it’s rare for him to lose things like his cellphone or wallet. He realized he’d left it in his manager’s car, and since this was the day of the election Koyama was still working on his election special program and the manager was there. Shige called him and apologized for bothering him when he’s really busy with Koyama but asked him to check the car for his key and it was there. Since he couldn’t get in without the key he asked if he could bring it over when he was done.

      Since they couldn’t get in, he and his friend ended up drinking somewhere close by.

      Shige and Koyama also have the same stylist and they’re close to them, and they said that they would bring it to him around 2am. Since they came all that way, they decided to have some drinks together too. They drove there but were thinking they could use a ‘unten daiko’ service which basically is someone who will drive you and your car home when you get too drunk to. They drank together for about another 2 hours, but when they went to go home there were no people working the ‘unten daiko’ service because of the heavy rain. So they left they stylists’ car there and decided to keep drinking back at Shige’s place, so Shige’s friend went home and he and the stylist drank together at his place until around 6am. They next day was his day off, he ended up sleeping until around noon.

    • ♪ Fullswing ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (21 Nov)

    • K: Good evening. This is NEWS’ Koyama Keiichiro. Today’s guest just turned 30 last week, Tegoshi-kun!

      T&K: (start making cooing noises)

      T: (in a baby voice)  She says Emma’s here too! This one’s here too! I’m Emma!

      K: That’s right. Right now in the studio we have Tegoshi and his pet dog, Emma-chan.

      T: (in a strange voice) Emma-chan~

      Both continue to coo and talk to Emma in baby voices

      K: (still using a baby voice) This show is an accident waiting to happen.

      Both crack up

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that like Tegoshi, they have a toy poodle called Moko, they said they wanted to hear about Emma.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi what kind of personality Emma has. Tegoshi said that she doesn’t bark at people and doesn’t have accidents either despite only being 4 months old. They both started to praise Emma and talk to her baby voices again. They commented on how she properly went to the bathroom where she was supposed to even though she’s in a new place. Koyama commented that lately Tegoshi’s been bring her to work like to magazine photoshoots and to Shonen Club Premium filming. Koyama stopped talking abruptly mid-sentence and broke back into baby talk fawn over how cute it was that Emma yawned. They both cooed over her for awhile before Koyama tried to move on to the song.

      K: Let’s go on to the song.

      T: Let’s.

      K: NEWS’ One for the win-

      T: Not ‘Emma’?!

      K: It’s not ‘Em- Hey, yeah. That’s right. Let’s play ‘Emma’! Let’s do that.

    • ♪ Emma ♪

    • After coming back from the song Koyama explained that Emma had been moved to outside the recording booth, because as Tegoshi apparently said, ‘her papa tends to move a lot’. Tegoshi explained that he needed to be free to move. Koyama congratulated Tegoshi on being cast as the main caster for the FIFA Club World Cup, and talked about how NEWS will sing the theme song ‘KINGDOM’. Koyama said that he watched Tegoshi’s interview with the soccer player Honda Keisuke, and asked him how it was. Tegoshi replied by mimicking the way Honda speaks. They both commented on how cool Honda is, and started to discuss the world cup. Tegoshi said that he’s looking forward to it and that it’ll be his first time going to UAE and Tegoshi clarified that it’s where Dubai is when Koyama asked where it was. Tegoshi started to share some tidbits he knows about Dubai.

    • Koyama tried to move on to the next letter, but Tegoshi interjected with ‘‘Normal’ letters...we don’t them!’ and Koyama lectured him that how interesting they are is up to him and Tegoshi made a strange throat sound. Koyama commented on how when they’re in their manager's car Tegoshi makes that sound when they’re on a certain interchange. They laughed and joked a bit more before Koyama read the letter.

    • The next letter was asking if Koyama had given socks to Tegoshi yet.

      Koyama said that he hadn’t and needed to do that, but that he’d gotten him something else for his birthday though he wouldn’t say what, something limited edition and Tegoshi said he was happy with it.

      The letter went on to mention a quote of something Tegoshi said on ItteQ, that since he’s popular no matter what he wears he doesn’t have much interest in fashion. As long as it covers his private parts it’s fine. They said that they thought that that way of thinking was pretty crazy.

      Tegoshi said that talked about this on ItteQ after the director asked if he had any short funny stories he could tell, and it seems to have spread quite a bit. Koyama interjected that Tegoshi is fashionable, and Tegoshi said that he doesn’t go shopping that much this year he’s only gone once.

      Tegoshi said that he gets picked up from home goes to the studio, then gets picked up to go back home so he doesn’t get who he’d be dressing up for.

    • The next letter said that at their school they run a marathon and all the students are split up into boys and girls and run. So it ends up with 300 girls all running together, they live in the countryside and there are 4 big hills and lots of inclines too, and they wanted to know what they think about when they work out.

      Koyama said that 300 women running together was nice image, and Tegoshi said he’d want to run after them and play a game like if he caught up to them have them listen to his commands. Returning to the question, Tegoshi said that when he’s at the gym he wears headphones and runs while watching video game videos or other things, and when he’s running outside he looks at his surroundings and thinks about new restaurants that have popped up. He also said that it’s fun to run when he can see the silhouette of a pretty woman running ahead of him. He said it’s up to you to change everyday things into something fun. Tegoshi said it feels better to run outside instead of the gym because the scenery changes and it’s more interesting even though there’s the slopes.

    • The last letter was written by a listener in Yamaguchi Prefecture, so Tegoshi started to do an impression of Yamaguchi Tatsuya (TOKIO). They said that when NEWS has outfits that just vests they always do an impression of him because the representative of no sleeves in Johnny’s.

    • The next letter was from  a listener who said that she recently got a new body pillow that she really likes and she now understands Koyama’s love for them. She wants to know what their current pillow situation is.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi what he hugs when he’s sleeping and Tegoshi answered ’Emma!’ right away, but then clarified that he puts her in her cage when he’s sleeping but any other time when he’s having an evening drink, she sits in his lap. Koyama said that she’s basically his girlfriend now, and Tegoshi said it was true. He said that he feels bad because since he lives on his own any time he’s out she’d be in her cage, which is why he’s taking her to work with him.

    • ♪ Mr. White ♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who said that said in summer they used too much money and are broke. They asked Tegoshi to sing them a song to help them save money.

      Tegoshi immediately broke into a song and Koyama tried to harmonize to him as he sang random money related words like dollar, waon, etc. They said that that song would definitely help her save money.

    • At the end they did promo for Tegoshi’s FIFA Club World Cup coverage and Koyama’s drama and Tegoshi did an impression of Baruto from Shige’s play Green Mile.

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