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NEWS news (week of 19 Nov) Part 3

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  • Tegomass no Radio (22 Nov)

    • They started talking about how Tegoshi has turned 30, and since NEWS started out when they were in their teens, they know all about each other’s twenties. M: But don’t assume that you know everything about me. T: No, sorry… Sakura: Suddenly? M: HURHURHURHUR! T: Well at least I don’t know what happens after we bid goodbye after work. M: I see. The JE staff all burst out laughing and that made me happy. T: Ah really. M: Feel free to use this joke.

    • They then talked about how Tegomass’ Sweden debut was on 15 Nov, which means they’ve hit their 11th anniversary. Both of them don’t seem to remember the date clearly, but Massu remembered the Sweden debut to be in November, and Japan’s the following month. Tegoshi asked if they were in Sweden on 15th Nov, which means he must have flown after soon after his birthday. Massu said he remembers Tegoshi to be 19 then, as he drank wine alone because Tegoshi couldn’t drink yet. And he probably fell asleep after just one glass. Just when they were trying to recall what they were eating then, Tegoshi suddenly started going, “Oei. Oei Emma, Emma. You’re eating the cord!” Sakura: You can’t do that. T: She’s eating the cord. She loves cords. Sakura: I see. T: My beloved dog, Emma, is now sitting on Sakura’s lap and was chewing on the cord because she loves cords. M: It’s weird to go “Emma! Emma! Emma!” because it’s our song. It’s the way you call her. T: But she’s Emma. Tegoshi shared how she’s been going to work with him often recently and meeting the NEWS members. Massu said Shige joked, saying Tegoshi is behaving like he’s some actress, bringing his dog to work. Tegoshi tried defending himself, saying how keeping a pet when he’s living alone is not like people who stay with their families as the poor dog is just alone at home when he’s out at work. (M: That’s just poor planning. Sakura: Ahaha… T: Well I knew this was going to happen. Since I live alone and all.) Sakura said it’s fine though since Emma is really well-behaved. So they were going to do that day’s programme, with a dog around.

    • The request for the week was not for EMMA, but “SEVEN COLORS”. The listener first congratulated Tegoshi for being on CWC for 6 years straight and how she were really happy to hear that KINGDOM will be the theme song. She got influenced to start watching soccer after seeing Tegoshi’s coverage as a newscaster. (T: Oh wow I’m happy to hear that) She would like to request for “SEVEN COLORS” and is looking forward to the upcoming CWC. T: Oh… I’m happy. We’ll be singing on NTV’s “Best Artist”, right? KINGDOM. M: Really? Tegoshi said how they pretty much sing the soccer songs each year since the songs are for NTV’s coverage. Like “ANTHEM”, “ONE”, “SEVEN COLORS”. They haven’t gotten the dance done yet, so they’re work on it and perform on Best Artist. Massu said how the key for KINGDOM is ridiculously high. Tegoshi agreed. The key at which Tegoshi manages to sing very nicely is probably a just-right highest key, but this time, even the fakes are of a very high key. While they have had songs with a few high notes here and then, this song is pretty much kept at a high key all the time. M: So it’s pretty much painful the entire time. After I was done with the recording, I was so drained, I just stoned there, like, “Whew~”. Tegoshi added how they also told air:man that there is probably no way they can dance with all their might during the chorus. The dance is usually choreographed such that it’s a nice balance for them to sing and dance well, so this time they put in relatively more strategy into the choreography. M: We didn’t dance very much during the chorus, did we. T: Yeah. But we danced a lot in the A, B verses. Sakura: That’s one song with lots to look forward to. M: Well, so I have to work hard from now on as the soccer newscaster… T: You mean me. Me. M: Hmm? T: Well it’s me who’s going to UAE next month. M: UAE? You’re going? T: Yeah. M: What about me? Isn’t this a Tegomass assignment? T: Tegomass in UAE? Singing in front of all the rich people in Dubai? That’s a really tough hurdle! M: Hmm? What about Tegomass? Sakura: Masuda-san, you’ll be in Japan. T: Yeah, and probably eating loads of Japanese food. M: Oh really. Okay! I got it. So please listen to NEWS’- T, M: SEVEN COLORS!

    • ♪ SEVEN COLORS ♪

    • The first listener wrote about how their child used their phone up till 2% left in the battery, but they will feel like charging their phones once it falls to about 60%. What about them? Tegoshi started talking about how there’s a junior he’s pretty fond of recently (nothing to do with Johnny’s), whose battery is always flat. And he gets really irritated by that, as that junior owns a yakiniku shop of his own, which means his phone is as good as his life as people make reservations by calling his mobile. It’s as good as them having only 3% battery life left in their microphones. Like, what is he doing!? So Tegoshi gets really irritated each time he meets that junior. That’s all. (Sakura: So you meet him even if you’ll get irritated. M: Talk about charging.) Tegoshi said he plugs his phone into the charger beside his bed before he sleeps so it’s full when he wakes up. Sakura: No, so what percentage does it fall to before you want to charge it? Tegoshi said whenever he has a chance to. He discovered this cell phone charger case and is using that. (Sakura: Hahahah. M: You DISCOVERED it?) Tegoshi said he saw it on the net and found it immediately. (M: You pretty much always just see what I… T: Well our members, Kato-san and Masuda-san also saw it, said it was good and bought it the next day, but… M: Oh so Shige and I bought it after you? T: Uh huh. I was first. Pioneer. M: No you’re not. Sakura: It’s not like you made it.) Because he’s using that, his phone is 100% charged now. They said Tegoshi isn’t answering the question as to what percentage he feels the need to charge his phone (T: It depends on the timing! M: Let’s forget it. Sakura: He’s troublesome. M: What about you, Sakura-chan? Sakura: We don’t need his answer) Sakura said she starts getting worried when it falls to about 68%. While there’s still quite a bit left, the speed at which the battery runs out seems to be faster when it’s at a lower level. Massu said he probably has never felt like he HAS to charge his phone when he’s outside. Like if it falls dangerously low, like 6% or something, he’ll just switch it off. (T: Serious! Sakura: Eh?) He said he wouldn’t want to not be able to make calls, especially when he’s at work, so he would just switch it off when it hits about 20%. T: Seriously… Sakura: So you’re not reliant on your phone. M: Uh huh. T: Don’t you get texts? M: Nono, even if the texts come in- T, Sakura: Do you don’t have friends? M: (in a cute voice) I do! It’s not about that! (laughter) I reply when I get home! Sakura: I see. M: (still cute voice) I thought it’s okay since I’m at work. Sakura: Okay I’m glad. Relieved. M: (returns to normal voice) Well I don’t use it that much anyway. And people don’t contact me that much. Sakura: Hmm? T: I get LOTS of texts. M: You’re always on your phone. Sakura: It’s buzzing all the time. T: I replied on the way here, but I already have 25 unread texts. Tegoshi shared the situation for his birthday. How he returned from Mexico on the 10th, and his friends celebrated for him immediately. When he woke up on the 11th, he had about 200 texts. It’s something he’s extremely grateful about, but it’s impossible to reply. He’d feel apologetic to just reply with those heartless “thank you” messages, so he took about 2 days to reply, but then replies would come again, so it was really tough. Though it’s something to be grateful for. So his battery life gets used up quite a bit, as just receiving messages sucks up battery. They talked about how they’ve never seen Massu charging his phone outside. He also doesn’t carry a charger with him, while Shige and Koyama charge their phones all the time too. Tegoshi doesn’t either, as the case holds him up for the entire day. Which means the two of them probably use their phones more than Tegoshi does. Might be because they surf the net a lot, looking at news or something. Tegoshi also has a tablet he uses to watch game videos and read. (M: Ah I use the tablet too, when I read. T, Sakura: You don’t. T: You don’t read any text on the tablet, do you. M: I don’t. Recently, even the mails for the radio has started getting painful.) They told him to be careful as he’d definitely not be able to read when he gets long-sighted and all with age. (M: I’ll listen to audio books)

    • The second listener wrote in about shoe boxes, how they always buy shoes with the shoe boxes intact, but their shoe cabinet is now full from their family’s shoes, and is not sure how to organise their shoes now. How do they keep their shoes? T: Shoe boxes? M: Tegoshi doesn’t buy shoes, do you. T: HAHAHA. I do, sometimes. M: You do? T: And people gift them to me sometimes. Tegoshi said he throws away the boxes immediately, pretty much the same for everything else. He peels off the protective sticker for new mobile phones immediately too, and doesn’t understand the mentality of people who keep those. Sakura offered the possibility of wanting to protect the device for as long as possible, and Tegoshi retorted by saying they could just stick a new one over it. And suddenly burst out saying that he forgot to put the screen protector over his new mobile phone, then asked if that will come along with the case if he bought one. M, Sakura: Nope. Massu said that he started to think recently that it’s lame to stick a screen protector over a new phone immediately, as the screen is probably made to feel and work best without one, and when he tried removing the screen protector from an old phone the screen’s in perfect condition. So why not use a screen protector only when the screen starts getting a little stained or scratched? Tegoshi said then you might get air bubbles from the dust particles, and it’s better to get it done when it’s new. Sakura said she doesn’t use a screen protector, and you can see the photos clearer and prettier so it’s all good. Except that the dirt from your hands stain the screen really easily. M: You sure it’s not because your hands are dirty? Sakura: Stop that. I wash my hands very often. (Emma starts whimpering) T: (laughs) What’s wrong? Come over. M: The dog is somewhat noisy. Sakura: She’s not. She’s not at all. (Tegoshi starts baby talking) M: Hang on. The mail I read. It’s about how you store shoes. We ended up talking about screen protectors. And now dogs? (Tegoshi still baby talking to Emma) Sakura: I’ve got lots of stuff at my entrance too since I live with my family and all. M: Uh huh. Sakura: My father has lots of shoes and that spills out. M: This is really noisy. Sakura: I can’t concentrate at all and can’t remember what I wanted to say. (Tegoshi started laughing) M: It’s noisy. T: Because she’s cute. Sakura: That’s true. Super cute. T: Sorry, go ahead. It’s really rare. Because we’re not supposed to be talking about clothes, but since it came from the listener, we can’t help talking about it. They then asked Massu, since he must have lots of shoes. He said he does, and that he would take photos of the shoes he buys and make them into photo stickers, then stick them on the shoe boxes so he knows what’s in where without having to open up each box to see. This is because it’d be sad if the shoes get stuck inside the box forever just because he can’t see them. But he realised recently that he doesn’t really open up the boxes to take the shoes up either, so he started storing the shoes without the boxes, and don’t ask for shoe boxes for the new ones he buys. His shoes are all in the shoe cabinet, and Sakura commented that must be a lot of shoes. M: That’s right, just like a centipede. Sakura: Centipede? ...Ah! M: Having to wear lots of shoes. Sakura and Tegoshi said that was hard to understand. M: HAVE FUN WITH FASHION!

    • For “One-line Actors” this week, they did 2 rounds. The first round started with Massu saying “Which is more important? Work or me?” while climbing a mountain. They told him to act like a girl, since the line used “watashi”, a term more often used by females to refer to themselves. Tegoshi then said “What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?” while being really angry. Tegoshi started making random angry noises before he was supposed to start and they told him all that won’t count until Sakura gave him the cue to start. T: How was it? M: Noisy. Sakura: It’s as if he’s trying to win just by being loud. T: But I’m supposed to be angry! (he then said a soft “Sorry” to Emma). Tegoshi won this round anyway. (M: I lost??) Sakura said this depends a bit on luck as there’s the factor of how well the line and situation goes. M: He was just imitating Kihara-san now, wasn’t he. T: Would Kihara-san get so angry in front of Sorajiro? With the entire nation’s parents and kids behind him. M: Ah, I got it wrong. It’s Sorajiro being angry. T: Like using its body to go against Kihara-san? And going into the kids?

    • For the second round, Tegoshi went first, saying “Extra onions, please.” while being chased by someone. Tegoshi then started making random noises before he was supposed to start again, and apparently stood up, saying he can’t do it if he didn’t move. He started laughing right after finished his line, and said he can’t do it right after the cue, he needs to start creating the mood beforehand. Massu had to say “I caught a cold” right after he finished running a long distance. He said there’s a similar programme. T: Ah! The one with the slopes? And started doing a terrible imitation of the narrator. After he was done, people started laughing and said Massu isn’t cut out for this, and he thinks so each time. T: What’s with the “I’m Doraemon” kind of tone! Sakura: It’s either Doraemon or Winnie the Pooh, one of them. But Massu won this round, with the reason saying Massu fulfilled all the requirements.

    • At the ending, they talked about how they’ll be singing lots of songs at the various year-end music programmes. Including the collaboration with Radiofish for “Perfect Human”. Tegoshi also mentioned that they might be doing collaborations on FNS too.

    • They made Sakura read the mail with a situation too, and it was “while soaking in the bathtub” this time.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Masterhits (24 Nov)

    • He first talked about the Premium Show he produced for SCP, asking if everyone has watched it. It was Tegoshi’s turn before his, and when they were talking about what to do for Massu’s turn with the NHK and JE staff, the JE staff said that since it’s Massu’s turn, why doesn’t he do something amazing! So the JE staff asked if he’d like to make a song, despite there being no time. Massu said if that’s possible, it’d be interesting. And the SCP staff were happy to have a song made just for the Premium Show, so they went ahead with the production of “JUMP AROUND”. He said that he produced it together with the producer, and they let him give a lot of comments, on lyrics and all, and let him decide on the title. It was pretty tough to have to dance so much for the show on the whole, but he hopes it turned out to be a cool performance. He also hopes to be able to release “JUMP AROUND” someday.

    • The first mail was from someone who asked if Massu prefers tonjiru or kenchin jiru. He said tonjiru, as nothing beats the combination of tonjiru and rice.

    • ♪ KAGUYA ♪

    • The second mail wrote about how she was really happy to know “KINGDOM” is going to be the theme song for CWC, and that she cried as she’s waited so long for a new song. Massu thanked her, and talked a little about the song. He said people have probably heard the chorus (from the news reports), and the key for that is super duper high. There are many songs from NEWS recently with really high keys, like the final chorus “U R not alone”... well everything, recently. Seriously high. For “KINGDOM”, they pretty much stay at the high key all the time, so it’s probably like a song on a female key. He did the recording while on a “URGH!” state all the time, so it’s probably a just right key, or slightly low key for females to sing at the karaoke, and that’s great. But the high key makes it a great song with power, so please check it out.

    • The third mail is about “Okusama wa Kamisama”. The listener wrote about how they would rather NEWS not know about the content featured on the programme, but loved the “Akai Sweetpea” that Massu sang at the end. He thanked the listener, as well as the many others who wrote in with their thoughts on the programme. He said that while that may just be part of the wives, he learnt a lot, but many people were saying how scary it was and they didn’t want to get married anymore. He hopes everyone will continue to support it if another edition does happen.

    • The fourth mail was from someone who went to watch MADE’s Odaiba live performance the other day. It was the first time they watched MADE outside of NEWS’ concert, but it was really fun. Their favourite part was when Taiga, Tomi, Hikaru and Nobu sang “LIS’N” a solo song of Massu, which they liked very much. They were very excited as many NEWS songs were sang, along with sleek dance moves. They asked if Massu gave MADE any advice before the performance. Massu said he went to one of MADE’s performance before, and they did “LIS’N” and “Remedy” the previous time. How it seems that MADE fell for NEWS’ songs through backdancing for them, and wanted to perform the songs on their own too. He’s extremely happy about that. After watching their performance, all of them would ask for his comments and advice, but he doesn’t really want to say things like “You should have done this here”, as he didn’t watch the performance from that kind of stance. Of course, he watched the performance seriously so he could answer, if they asked him for comments on what to do for certain parts. But it’s not that. He’s not sure if the most recent performance he saw from MADE was the same as the listener, but it was really fun. And fresh to see their songs being performed in a different style, since there aren’t chances for them to see their own songs being performed. That the juniors choose to sing their songs is something he’s happy about.

    • The fifth mail is from a listener who often jams their toe into the edge of their table, and it’s always so painful that they’d think their toe got fractured. Does Massu jam his toe anywhere too? Massu said that doesn’t happen to him that often, though he has had jammed his toe before. He might have shared this story before, but when he was in elementary school, he went over to his friend’s house and this episode happened. The usual person would probably go “OUCH!” and start cursing if they jammed their toe somewhere and vent their anger on what they knocked into, but this friend started saying “Ouch..I’m sorry…” and apologised to the table. It left a really strong impression on Massu, as the one that got kicked was the table, since it’s there all along, so it isn’t right for the one who jammed into it to be angry at the table. He thought his friend was really considerate, and since then, each time he knocks into something, he wouldn’t get angry, and just sulk to himself, thinking it hurts. He told the listener to take care, so their toe never really gets fractured.

    • The sixth listener cut their hair recently. Though they cut quite a bit off, they like their new hair very much. Has Massu ever felt like he got a bad haircut, seeing how he changes his hairstyle so often? Massu said the mail was somewhat phrased in the way that they wanted Massu to say which one was a failed haircut. He said he hasn’t ever felt like he’s gotten a failed haircut. To begin with, he doesn’t really give requests to the hairstylist. It’s usually something very general, like “Let’s make it a bit shorter”, and hairstylist would cut it for him in what’s nice or trending then. But when he was working on “RESCUE”, he needed a hairstyle that looked strong, and didn’t need a single bit of fashion sense in that hair. When he got that haircut, he did feel that it didn’t suit him, but it’s not about what he felt about the hair, but what hair matched the role he was to play. And he did feel that he didn’t really want to have a concert in that hair, when talks of a concert came around. It was the DIAMOND concert then, and he started getting nervous when the diamond stage started opening up for them to appear, thinking “I don’t match the costume!” Other than that, every hairstyle of him is really stylish and nice, so all’s good.

    • The seventh mail was from someone who asked if Massu preferred females to wear boots or pumps in winter. And if there is any style or design he likes. He first made a bad joke on pumps and koppepan, asking if pumps are like koppepan. He said if boots were worn to keep the cold out, like if they wore leggings, pants, boots, and bulky stuff on top too, they would just get rounder and rounder and it wouldn’t look beautiful. Surprisingly, there are styles that match and don’t match boots. Pumps, on the other hand, somewhat finish up a look just by wearing them. Like, you won’t just instantly look cuter if you wore boots with your usual stuff. But if you wore pumps instead of sneakers, it looks somewhat nicer? For men, he likes the “Tshirt x jeans x boots” combination in summer, like “Are you hot or are you cold” kind of look. He said he thinks mutton boots are cute, and he might like boots better, if the entire look isn’t all fluffy and puffy already.

    • ♪ Sweet Martini ♪

    • For Master Piece this week, he played “OK” by Robin Schulz feat. James Blunt. He did a short introduction on Robin Schulz and James Blunt, and said how the song isn’t quite EDM, and when you think it’s one of those calm songs, it starts getting you excited too. He’s gotten the album and would listen to it more.

    • At the ending, he shared how there are JE staff other than the Masterhits staff in the studio. And the JE staff would always prepare tea, water and stuff for him so that his throat doesn’t dry out. They probably noticed that he drinks tea more often. So they asked casually what tea Massu prefers, so he replied, and they buy him what he said he likes each time. One day, one of the younger JE staff went up to him and apologised. M: What happened? JE: I went to about 5-6 convenience stores, but couldn’t find that tea no matter what. So it’s a different tea today. M: Nono… Nonononono...it’s OKAY! I’m not that difficult a talent! It’s not like I won’t be able to speak for radio without that tea. It’s okay! On the contrary, thank you! It’s really okay. It’s not like I’m particular to the extent that I only drink that one tea. He said that he thinks it’s important for talents to remain humble all the time, and that he should probably prepare his own tea, or even make his own. It might have been one of those instances when a rumour gets a little twisted as it spreads. From “Massu likes that tea! So let’s buy him some” to “Massu drinks a lot of that tea. So let’s buy that one”  to “Masuda only drinks that tea” and that’s how that young staff ended up going to 5-6 convenience stores for his tea. He felt really bad having put the staff through all that, and would enjoy a different tea too. The staff has always been taking care of him, so thank you! He’d work hard to create a good radio programme, so to the JE staff, please continue to take care of him from this point on too.

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