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NEWS news (week of 26 November) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Nov 26)

    • Shige talked about how in the middle of one of the shows of Green Mile in Kyoto, he bit his tongue really hard, he doesn’t think the audience noticed but it was the hardest he’s ever bitten his tongue. It’s not yet fully healed and it still hurts now so he can’t speak as smoothly as usual. It feels like a really bad cold sore.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they were really happy that the play finished successfully and said that they really loved it and mentioned some scenes that they really liked. They said they love Shige’s acting, and are looking forward to his future acting jobs.

      Shige thanked them for their message and said he’s received a lot of messages about Green Mile including questions about the contents of the play. He said that there’s no correct answer and it’s not like he’s Stephen King, so he’s not sure if he should really share his opinion the conclusion that each person has come to is the correct answer.

    • ♪ Life ♪

    • Shige wanted to play a song by the band ‘Polkadot Stingray’ since they recently released their first full album, ‘Zenchi Zennou’(omniscience and omnipotence). He played a song of theirs on the radio before after seeing the music video by chance on a streaming video site. He said that the group is up and coming and currently getting more popular and he’s been getting messages from people asking him to play their songs and went on to read some messages from listeners about Polkadot Stingray. He said he agreed with the messages and really liked the group, and their way of expression saying that they’re really cool. Despite that, they’re music is still catchy and he thinks that they appeal to a wide range of people. He played a song from their new album, ‘Sarenda’.

    • Shige read some more messages about Green Mile. The first message was from a listener who saw the play in Kyoto, they said that Paul’s lines about the death penalty and about how the people have chosen the death penalty have stuck with them and they want to take time to keep thinking about it. They also said that they were surprised at how big Shige had gotten when they saw him on the stage. They said that they knew he had controlled his weight for the play and wanted to know if he planned to go back to his previous weight now that the play was over. If so, they wanted to know when and how he was planning on doing it. They said that personally they like how he looks now.

      Shige said that he was planning on returning to his previous weight, while he is stronger now it also feels heavier. He said that since NEWS might have a tour and just in regards to NEWS’ activities in general he’d like to drop the weight, though he’s not sure how much. He said that since he worked a lot on top of eating more to gain weight, he probably won’t return to what he was before because he has more muscle now. He said that he’d like to take time and lose the weight gradually, but he doesn’t really have that kind of time so he’s considering fasting for the 3rd time this year around the beginning of December to try and drop some weight. It’ll be difficult since there are more drinking parties towards the end of the year, and he said that he recently took a trip to Amami Ooshima and he didn’t want to have to only eat vegetables after going out of his way to travel there. He said that since he only gained weight for this role, it’s irritating when people who don’t know that tell him that he’s gained weight.

    • The next message was from another listener who saw the play in Kyoto. They said that there was something unrelated to the play that they’re curious about, even though Shige is left handed he wore a watch on his left hand and wanted to know if that’s how he usually wears it.

      Shige said that usually he wears his watch on the right, but he wore on the left for the play with the assumption that his character is right handed and since many of the audience members probably know that Shige is left handed so he thought it would help put him in character. He said it felt strange wearing it on his left but he quickly got used to it. He added that he also held his gun in his right hand.

    • The next message said that it was Baruto-san’s birthday on Nov 5th when they were in Kyoto and wanted to know if the cast celebrated together.

      Shige said that they did, they all went to dinner together on the 4th though he had to return to Toyko on the 5th and went back to Kyoto early in the morning of the 6th. He said that they pretended to call out Baruto-san, saying that there were things he needed to correct, and then as a surprise brought a cake out for him. Shige said that he was pretty busy in Kyoto though and didn’t have a lot of time to hang out though he did grab yakiniku with his friend.

    • The last message was from a listener who saw the play in Kyoto, it was their first time seeing a play so they were a little nervous but they were immediately enveloped into the world of Green Mile and that they’re glad that it was their first play. They said they were surprised by how many lines Shige had and wanted to know how long it took him to memorize the lines and how he did it.

      Shige said it didn’t actually take him that long and he didn’t start memorizing them until after practices had started. After practice, he’d go home and memorize the lines for the scene they’d be doing the next day. He said that he’s been told by others that he’s fast to memorize lines, and said that to memorize all you can do is read them over and over. Even when he was studying for tests in school he was good at memorizing things. He said that he gets the chance again he’d love to do another play.

    • ♪ Hikari no Shizuku ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Nov 28)

    • Tegoshi was the guest again this week.

    • They commented on how this was the last broadcast in November and Christmas is now less than a month away. They talked about how spending Christmas together with your significant other seemed like fun, Tegoshi said that for as long as they live they’ll never be able to hold hands with a lover and walk around town on Christmas, which was sad. Though they are able to experience a lot of things that regular people will never experience, there are also a lot of experiences they’ll never have either.

      T: Win-win? No no no no no… YES!

      K: I don’t get it, I can’t follow this conversation! (laughing) I don’t get the end.

      K: Tegoshi, who’s your girlfriend right now?

      T: (in a baby voice) Emma! Papa’s working hard!

      K: (in a baby voice) Emma-chan!

      T: Emma! Papa’s wor-

      K: Hey, hey. We can’t keep yelling through the glass.

      T: Oh, really? (laughing)

    • The first message was from a listener who isn’t good at drawing. They hate it so much that on days when they have art class they want to skip school. They wanted to know how they can enjoy drawing.

      T: I see. Well for me and sports-

      K: Where are you looking?

      T: (laughing)

      K: Where are you looking?

      T: Well with sports-

      K: The wall- the wall- Are you looking at someone? Nobody’s there! Why are you talking while looking at nobody!

      T: Well I think-

      K: This won’t work for radio!

      T: Like soccer-

      K: Nobody’s there!

      T: or golf-

      K: It’s scary.

      T: For example, golf. When you’re not a pro, you don’t make money-


      T: (laughing) This is what I think. If you’re not making money, and you’re not enjoying it-

      K: Where are you looking?

      T: Nothing-

      K: You’re acting like you’re being interviewed for a documentary.

      T: will keep your interest, I think. With classes at school or with work- (laughing)

      K: Let’s go on to the song. NEWS - Yonjushi. How scary. Scary.

    • ♪ Yonjushi ♪

    • The next message started out saying that they always listen to Koyama and Tegoshi’s ‘high energy’ radio, and Koyama said it’s true and wondered why. The listener said that they wanted advice from Tegoshi. They wondered if saying that you’re too busy at work to have any free time to hang out is just an excuse. They want to hang out with their friends, but they’re so busy that they can’t find time in their schedules to meet up. They wanted to know how they can have fun like Tegoshi.

      Tegoshi said that time isn’t something you just have, you make it. Tegoshi said that people who have time to play are those that are efficient at their jobs. If you can complete a job in 3 or 4 days that would take someone else 6 days, you can play during the remaining 3/2 days. So you should aim to be efficient. Tegoshi said that for them too, when they debuted, there weren’t at all efficient so it felt like they had no time off.  He said that now they can do the same jobs faster so it opens time up, though he noted it can be different in Koyama’s case. He said that when friends ask if he’s busy, he tries not to talk about how busy he is because it’s really just an excuse. He said in the worst case scenario, if you have the energy to do it you can even cut into sleeping time to see friends.

    • The next message came from a listener who said that they’ve had this concern for a few years now, but at school or at their part time job when they say that they like Tegoshi they’re often told ‘That's not good‘. They said they’re not sure what about it is not good, but wondered if they’re strange or if the rest of the world just hasn’t caught up with Tegoshi. They wanted to know what Tegoshi thought.

      Tegoshi responded by doing an impression of Mogami Shaka, a host that claims to be ‘half god,half man’ and the best host in Kabuki-cho. His line, Shaka desu~!, has apparently been getting attention and Koyama laughed at Tegoshi’s impression noting that Shaka-san has been appearing on a lot of late night tv shows lately.

      Tegoshi said that he understands why people would say that because of his character.

      T: But, it’s normal to say that you like the most popular guy in Japan, Shaka desu~!

      K: Oh ho how awful (laughing). The most popular guy in Japan, huh.

      T: Yeah, it’s normal.

      K: And who was the most popular guy in Japan’s girlfriend again?

      T: (In a baby voice) Emma~ Papa’s working hard!

      K: Emma’s currently sleeping with a different man.

      T: Yeah, she’s sleeping in our chief manager’s lap.

      Tegoshi said that they should bring the people who were saying that to him and though he’s not sure about the guys he’ll make the girls like him in half a day.

    • The next letter was from a listener with the pen name, Ena.

      T: Eh, Emma!?

      K: ENA!!

      T: Emma~

      K: Ena!

      T: (starts knocking on the studio glass window)

      Koyama scolded Tegoshi before continuing with the letter. They said that in messages their father has been saying ‘ryo’ short for ‘ryokai’ (got it, understood, roger, etc) and using other phrases that make him sound like a dated highschool girl. Recently, in a place where he should have normally used the word ‘ryokai’ he instead replied with ‘ju’ and since they didn’t know what it meant at first thought it was a typo. However, it wasn’t and wanted to know if Tegoshi and Koyama knew what it meant.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi if he knew and he ran through a few guesses and then Koyama guessed ‘juri’(受理 - acceptance) and Tegoshi said that that seemed totally possible. The correct answer was ‘jushin’ (受信 - reception/receiving). At the end Koyama said that he received an editors note that they would have to cut one of Tegoshi’s guesses because it was a word they couldn’t air, and he’d leave it up to our imaginations to guess what it was.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they recently had fallen out with their mother and are not able to talk to her at all. They want to be able to have fun conversations with her like before but it seems like their mother doesn’t feel the same way. Since Koyama and Tegoshi both seem to be really close to their mothers they want to know they can get along with their mother.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi what his relationship with his mother was like and he said that it’s almost like friends to which Koyama said that he understood. Tegoshi said that he tells his mother everything, about his job and he’ll vent to her. Koyama asked him if he’d ever gone through a rebellious period and they both agreed that they hadn’t. Tegoshi said that for him the closest he got was being annoyed when she would wake him up in the morning.

      Koyama said that since they both live on their own now they don’t see their mothers as much, so that during the time that they do spend with their mothers it’s the child’s job to entertain them. Tegoshi agreed, saying especially since they’ve gotten older, past 20. Koyama said that there’s no way her mother doesn’t want to talk to her, so she should try talking to her. Tegoshi agreed and brought up how Koyama was raised by a single mother and Tegoshi’s father had passed away, and that you don’t realize until you’ve lost them, but by the time you regret it it’s already too late.

      He said it was the same for him with his grandfather. His grandfather was in the hospital and not doing well, but at that time NEWS was really busy and he didn’t go to visit him. Two or three days before the day he picked to go see him he passed away, and Tegoshi regretted not going to go see him earlier. Once it get’s to that point you can’t go back, and while your parents are well you should talk to them as much as possible. You never know when death will come.

    • ♪ Top of the World ♪

    • The last message said that while there’s ‘Ok! Nice!’ they wanted to know if there are any other phrases that he says often. Tegoshi said that he doesn’t think when he says them it’s just ‘his body calling’ and Koyama commented that he’s like an instrument. Tegoshi said that he doesn’t know when he started saying ‘ok! Nice!’ and Koyama said that it’s the same with ‘I see I see’ (naruhodo, naruhodo) Koyama commented on how the ItteQ staff and members must know Tegoshi really well now and Tegoshi agreed since they’ve been working together for 11 years now.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi what he usually talks to Emma about. Tegoshi said that he says things like ‘Oh, you peed! Eeee you’re a genius!’ and he just talks on and on by himself like ‘Are you sleepy?’ and ‘Papa’s home’. Koyama commented on how Tegoshi calls himself papa and said that she was like his child and Tegoshi agreed.

    • After Koyama said the usual information at the end Tegoshi joked that he would be back next week and apologized to Shige and Massu’s fans saying that he’d be the guest for the rest of the year. Koyama said that he would decline, it’s fine if Tegoshi just comes sometimes. They joked around some more and did promo for Koyama’s drama and Tegoshi’s FIFA Club World Cup.

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