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NEWS news (week of Dec 3) Part 3

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  • Tegomass no Radio (Dec 6)

    • At the opening, Tegoshi asked what everyone ate the previous night. Massu said he ate a bento provided at work. Tegoshi said he had his mother made sumo stew for him, what Tegomass ate for the Oct’s SCP sumo segment. There was too much, so they packed the leftovers and he heated that up for dinner the previous night. Tegoshi said he was the one who had to try sumo out as someone complained of a backache and he had no choice but to do it. (M: Thank you. T: HAHAHHAHA that was fast. Sakura: He probably said his thanks.) Sakura had Szechuan stir fried pork with her parents.

    • The request this week was for “Iroazayaka na kimi ga gaku asu no e”. The listener got to know a fan through attending a NEWS concert together 2 years ago and are still close now. When they go to karaoke together, she’d sing the Tegoshi part since she’s his fan, and the Massu fan would sing the Massu part. They’d start listening to the songs a few weeks before they’re supposed to go to the karaoke together and practise their parts (T: They’re professionals!). The songs they are good at are “Mahou no Melody”, “Overdrive”, “Hanamuke”, “Yoru no Hoshi wo Nagareteokure”. The song they found difficult was “Iroazayaka na kimi ga gaku asu no e”, as the harmonisation switches high and low and they get confused while singing. But as both of them love this song, they hope to be able to harmonise happily and beautifully like Tegomass one day. Please play this song, and share any tips they have. Massu threw the ball to Tegoshi, and T: Why! It’s really hard to give tips for this song. M: Hard to put it into words. T: Yeah. Massu said he thinks it’s more important to understand the theme of the song and get into the song, rather than being concerned about the key. Tegoshi and Sakura said that was like something a singing judge would say. Tegoshi then said it also depends on whether they are already at the level of being able to harmonise, by themselves, to songs that don’t originally have harmonisation. He’s liked Chemistry since a long time ago, and listening to their songs has allowed him to grow to be able to harmonise to whatever song he likes. He thinks they should practise harmonisation first, and when they can harmonise naturally it won’t be difficult anymore.

    • ♪ Iroazayaka na kimi ga gaku asu no e ♪

    • The second listener said her friend told her that they’ll give her a birthday present the week before, but they haven’t, even after a week had passed. (T: HAHAHHA this is cute) Is it very thick-skinned of her to ask for the present? M: The friend is like Tegoshi. I’ve given Tegoshi so many birthday presents, (T: HAHAHHA) but have probably only received one. T: This is hard...which means I don’t have the right to answer this question. M: I wish Tegoshi would give me some expensive home electronic product. T: Ah, all the presents at one go? M: All the points that’ve been accumulated. T: There’s a point system for birthday presents!? Going back to the listener, they suggested she ask casually, like a joke. And made Sakura gave an example of the asking casually. Sakura: OW!! IT HURTS!!! MY THUMB!!! M: What happened? Sakura: I HURT MY THUMB, SO GIVE ME A PRESENT! M: Hurhurhurhur. T: The entire world is laughing at the same time now.

    • The third listener is in the second grade of middle school and in the badminton club. The person they are paired up with doubles would say “It’s okay!” if the listener messed up during practice, but that all changes when it comes to matches. They get really mad each time the listener messes up and the atmosphere gets terrible. And if the listener messes up at the match point, they ignore the listener for the rest of the day. What should the listener say back to the partner? Tegoshi said he also says a lot when his team mates aren’t putting their hearts into the play, even during practices, if it’s one before a match. But in return, he praises them a lot when they play really well. Massu and Sakura said that’s just like the listener’s partner, but Tegoshi doesn’t ignore people. Like for soccer, the players on both teams are all smiley when they walk onto the pitch, but turn all nasty once the game start. Yet, after the game is over, everyone shakes hands etc., and that’s sports. He can understand if the partner is upset and frustrated during the match, but to ignore the listener after the match is just petty. Tegoshi said he would just say directly to the partner that such behaviour shouldn’t extend to after the match, as they play together and should keep a good relationship. M: Like salt and pepper. T: No. Sakura: Masuda-san? T: No no. No. Not at all. M: I’m ignoring you. T, Sakura: HOOOOO! Masuda-san’s really petty! M: Hurhurhurhurhur. T: If you’re going to ignore us on the radio, and please just go home. M: I won’t talk to you after this is over. T: How troublesome! This is the worst. M: Hehehehe. T: All the year-end music specials ahead...how troublesome! M: It’ll probably still affect us the next time we meet. T: How petty…! His heart is so small you can’t even see if with a microscope. M: (small voice) Look at it with the microscope. T: Ah, really. How troublesome. M: Still asking for attention. T: You’re like a euglena! M: Who are you calling an insect! Going back to the listener, they said again it’s important to maintain a good relationship so talk to the partner, and they asked her to do her best.

    • For  “Quiz! Tegomass ni Oshiete”, the question was on outdoor baths. There are those with a roof over and those without. What is the reason for having the roof? They made a few serious guesses at the beginning, then started fooling around, saying things like M: “so you can enter naked” (almost all the baths in Japan require you to enter naked) T: “somebody tried really hard to peer at the girls during a school trip” M: “ahhh you can see from a mountain really far”. They went back to guessing seriously and Tegoshi got the sunlight part right. They couldn’t get why the sunlight mattered, and after a long time Massu finally got it - with sunlight, mould will grow and the bath will get slippery.

    • The second question came from a listener who started the mail with, “Tegoshi-kun, Massu whom I like very much, Sakura-chan…” (Sakura stifling her laughter, M:  “Arigatou” in a very sweet voice, T: Shut up) The question is a riddle. Bonito-kun, Seaweed-chan and Cod-chan went shopping together. But for some reason, the salesperson recommended items only to Seaweed-chan. What is it. They couldn’t get it and Tegoshi fooled around going “HAI HAI HAI” in  a weird voice in between. After a while, Tegoshi got it. In that Seaweed (kaisou) is the same sound as “looks like she would buy” in Japanese. Apparently he was so happy he walked off really far away in the studio. They wondered what happened as Tegoshi’s getting really good at riddles these days.

    • The next question is from someone who wrote under the name of “I like Tegoshi very much”. M, T, _ , H. What should go into the blank? Massu guessed “H”, “MTHH”, for “ManToHiHi” (hamadryas baboon) and everybody laughed. He got 0.5 points for being funny. Sakura gave a hint that it’s short for something in Japanese that they all use pretty often. Massu got it right, “S”, for “Showa”. As that’s the order of the recent Japanese eras - Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei.

    • Tegoshi tried arguing again that the first question didn’t count as nobody felt it was a good question, so he didn’t lose, they drew. But they reminded him that Massu got 0.5 points for Mantohihi so he’d still have won anyways. Massu then gave a short speech-like comment with Tegoshi continuing to murmur in the background about how upset he was about losing.

    • At the ending, Massu tried to pretend to ignore them, but it was his turn to pick someone for the pen. He picked the listener who wrote about the present, as it might be hard for her to ask for one, so the pen’s like a present from him. Tegoshi made a lot of noise at the ending, and they talked a little on how while it’s a good thing sometimes that he always dashes ahead without thinking too much, he’s like a warrior who just runs straight to the battlefield, only to realise he has no weapons. M: Like, I forgot the sword! T: Yeah, AH-PA! But I’m the type who’d just go ahead. They then talked about how there’re only a few episodes left for the year and Christmas is coming soon. T: All the couples are getting butterflies in their stomachs now! M, Sakura: Butterflies in their stomach? T: All the couples around the world are getting butterflies in their stomachs now! Sakura: Is this going to lead to some topic? T: NOPE!

  • Masuda Takahisa no Masterhits (Dec 8)

    • At the opening, he talked about how since it’s Dec 8 episode, the information for the release of “LPS” and “NEVERLAND” DVD/ Bluray should have been announced 2 days ago. “LPS” is the single that contains the songs produced for the musical with Fuji TV, “NEWSICAL”. While they have been performing quite a few new songs recently, this is the one that’s going to be released as a single. He’d also like to share more details in the future.

    • The first listener asked if he’d prefer to eat gyoza or fried rice with ramen. He first said he’d choose white rice, but then said if it’s to eat before and after ramen, it’d be gyoza. So gyoza it is. But white rice would be even better.

    • ♪ Mafuyu no Nagareboshi ♪

    • The second listener wrote about the SCP Premium Show that Massu produced, how it was super cool and the new song, “JUMP AROUND” was one that fully showcased each member’s strengths and one they are watching many times.  Please share more about the producing. He said he was allowed to decide on who to sing which parts, decide on the title, and also give instructions on the lyrics, like in which direction, under what theme, how he’d like clapping in the song etc. and the lyricist wrote the lyrics based on his requests. Depending on the song, they sometimes let the producer decide everything, and sometimes put in certain requests. And just having a different person do the arrangement can change the entire song. He said they basically just let him be involved in many parts of the process this time.

    • The third listener said Koyama ever mentioned on a programme that Massu hates the heater, is it true? Also, can he spend winter without a heater? He said he does hate the heater, but it also depends on the situation. He uses it at home, and makes sure he has the humidifier properly switched on too, to maintain the humidity. In the studios, they use the heater to the extent that it’s super dry and dusty, and people in the direction of the heater are all coughing. And such situations are pretty common. So he’d ask for the heater to be switched off for a bit and some air circulation done. But the rest of them are also not as afraid of the cold as they used to anymore, and it might have something to do with the percentage of muscle mass. Everyone is also a lot more conscious about caring for their throat now, especially Koyama. So he speaks up too. There’s no way of spending winter without a heater, even for him. But if he were to choose which less important to him - the air conditioner in summer or the heater in winter, it’d be the latter. Importance wise, summer’s air conditioner is probably 70% and winter’s heater 30%.

    • The fourth listener talked about the mascot contest this year. Unari-kun, a mascot from the Chiba Prefecture won it. Is there any mascot that Massu likes? By the way, their favourite mascot is Massu. (M: Was I nominated? Was I? If I were, it meant I lost to Unari-kun?) He said Unari-kun is cute and would like a keychain of it if there was one. As Unari-kun is designed somewhat like an airplane, he wondered if there’d be a plane coloured like that in future. His name is taken from the prefecture’s famous product, unarizushi, a sushi made with eel.

    • The fifth listener is the drummer for their high school band. She has a performance coming up in December and she’s not sure what to wear. Please let her know if there’s anything he feels is suitable for a female drummer. He first said how it’s nice she’s a drummer and female drummers are good. But since she’s still in school, she probably has an uniform and he’d like her to wear that, rather than suddenly wear something that’s drummer-like. He said he has the impression of drummers not wearing loud clothes, sometime like a simple Tshirt would be good. Even if they might be playing rock music, the drummer is usually in something simple, stylishly. Again, since she’s still in school, the uniform would be good.

    • The sixth listener asked how Massu likes girls to dress in winter. He likes it when girls have mufflers wound thickly around their necks. Since they were on the topic of uniforms just now, a checkered muffler with the uniform would be nice. He’s not so fond of the super fluffy look. Maybe something like down outside, so as to keep warm, and something sleek inside. And maybe wearing something warm under jeans… there’s probably a huge range of what each person likes for clothes. A lot of the clothes featured in mina are what he likes, and something like that would be nice. He’s not saying this because he’s got a regular column on mina. Neither did he get the regular column because he read mina religiously. He’s read it before, but since his column started, he started reading it more, and realised there are lots of clothes for females that he likes in the magazine. It makes him happy to know that he was allowed to start a column in a magazine that features the kind of clothes he likes. So please look at the female pages on mina more too, and study the clothes there.

    • The seventh listener said her friend asked her to accompany the friend to go pyjama shopping recently, and the friend bought fluffy pyjamas. She finds it troublesome to change pyjamas according to the seasons and wears Tshirts all year round. Does Masuda-san change his pyjamas according to the seasons? He commented how fluffy pyjamas are cute, and to please ignore what he said above for a while. He doesn’t wear pyjamas to begin with, and wears sweat pants with Tshirts all year round. In the winter, he wears a parka over. Nothing more, nothing less, in that he would never strip down to just his underwear just because it’s hot, neither does he wear shorts either. In the winter, he sometimes puts on socks or swop the Tshirts for long sleeved ones, and use a blanket when he sleeps. Does it mean people buy pyjamas specific to seasons? The image he has of pyjamas are those regular pyjama materials, but it’s nice to be conscious about these things.

    • ♪ Snow Express ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Christmas Eve Rap” by KICK THE CAN CREW. He said he’s probably introduced this song for Masterpiece for the 3rd time or so. (glad he realises) But he just feels like listening to this song when this season comes around. It’s usually either this song or Yamashita Tatsuro’s “Christmas Eve”. He shared the same story again (!!!) of how this song was released in 2001 and he happened to hear it in a CD store, and wondered why this rap is happening with Yamashita Tatsuro’s song. He then went to ask the staff what song it was. They told him it’s just been released and introduced him the song. That’s how he bought it. That’s part of the memory for this song, and he can almost sing all of it without looking at the lyrics.

    • At the end, he promoted the release dates for “LPS” and “NEVERLAND” DVD/ Bluray again. While some people might wonder what LPS means, a new cell or something? But he explained it stands for “Love, Peace, Smile”, and is a cute and NEWS-like song. “Mafuyu no Nagareboshi”, which he played earlier today, will also be released as a B side on LE B edition as a re-recorded 4-nin version and he hopes everyone will check that out too.

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