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NEWS news (week of Dec 24) - Part 1

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  • Massu will be appearing on Jan 10’s episode of Soredame, after a couple months gap since his last appearance (Source).

  • NEWS will be appearing in Part 4 of the telecast for “NHK WORLD presents SONGS OF TOKYO”, and it will first air at (all timings in JST) 08:10 on Jan 2, with repeat telecasts at 15:10, 22:10 and 04:10 (Jan 3). It seems like it’ll be available via web streaming and the NHK WORLD app as well, so do check out your options for catching their appearance. (Source 1 2 3)

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  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Dec 25)


    • Masuda Takahisa no NEWSICAL

    • He said that day was finally the broadcast for NEWSICAL and he’ll just talk a little to prevent any spoilers. He wrote about how he was taught a lot about clothes making and how he was allowed to learn things that only professionals in the industry get to learn and it was really fun. He’s now got a whole new respect for patterners. It was difficult to get images in his head to translate into designs so he was happy when he managed to do that. He also wrote about the instructions he was given for the costumes, why he chose mirror fabric. He hopes everyone would look at the making process too, and thanked everyone at the school for their help. He ended off saying he hopes everyone has a great Christmas with the present from NEWS Santa, and did a slight promotion on their appearance on CDTV Christmas special.

  • NEWSRING (Dec 27)


    • It was Shige’s turn to update

    • He had wanted to write “Dekirukoto nara Steed de” for the title, but as he had to start with “ru”, he went with “Rukoto nara Steed de”. This is the title for his new running series on Tripper, which he wrote a little about in the later part of the entry, asking people to read. He also said how he’s been receiving good response for “Tuberose de Matteru” and he’s grateful. At the end, he thanked everyone for the year, and said he might look back on the year on Cloud, but please do not trust him on that. He wished everyone a happy new year.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Dec 29)


    • Masuda Takahisa no nenmatsu (year end)

    • He said he hasn’t done any cleaning and might do some if he has time at the start of the year, and to please look forward to their appeared in Johnny’s Countdown and CDTV.

  • KEIICHIRO (Dec 29)


    • He posted a photo of donuts and cafe latte, saying he’s going to start cleaning after those.

  • KEIICHIRO (Dec 31)


    • Koyama reflected on all the work he’s had this past year. He said that he’s thought again about what it means to be yourself and has had new self discoveries this year. He said that there have been things that cause fans worry in 2017 too and he’s learned a lot about how to spend his private time, and asked fans not to worry since he’s spending his time at home being lovey-dovey with Milk. He said that he’s been wanting to buy a decorational plant and so he got one, and it looks like a christmas tree. He wished everyone happy new year and included a picture of Milk with the plant.

  • Shigeaki no Cloud (Dec 31)


    • Shige reflected back on the work he did this year and expressed thanks to all the fans and staff. He said he learned a lot this year, in particular from Green Mile. He said that he would do his best for countdown and CDTV and that he was even more pumped for this year, and wished everyone a happy new year.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Dec 31)


    • Masuda Takahisa’s last 2017 Marumaru

    • He thanked everyone for 2017, said that with everyone in their 30s now 2018 would be a big start for NEWS. He said that he hoped that he was able to make everyone’s days a bit brighter with his work. He said that he wants to make lots of good memories, release an album, and go on tour in the new year. He asked everyone to look forward to it and to support him in the new year.

  • The News na Futari staff twitter tweeted a new years greeting card that reads: “Thank you for 2017, and please continue to support us next year” along with the caption: “There’re only 5 days left to this year, thank you for 2017! There was the final shoot for the year a few days back, and everyone was talking about how we managed to go to many locations for our shoots. It is your support that makes this programme happen. Please continue to support us in 2018 too. Have a great New Year!”


  • NEWSICAL, Takahashi Tatsuya, the musician who did the chorus arrangement and sang in the chorus for NEVERLAND, Chumu Chumu etc. tweeted twice about NEWSICAL, first saying he helped Tegoshi with his mission and he’s sorry if he gets shot into the programme and dirties the screen, and again later saying it was nice how everyone showed their personalities. Tegoshi actually had to do a lot of something very difficult, but because he was so talented he made it look easy. (Source 1 2)

  • Tanaka Ichihiko, a writer on Typewriters, tweeted along with the airing of NEWSICAL:
    “Tegoshi’s energy is amazing! 👍 #NEWSICAL
    “You mean you start recording with the bass and add the drums in later😱#NEWSICAL
    “Tegoshi-kun’s smiling and looking like he’s having fun (^O^)/”
    “It was a really really fun Christmas show!👍”
    (Source 1 2 3 4)

  • Hamasaki Aya, the producer for NEWSICAL, tweeted a few times about NEWSICAL:
    “Are you sleepy? I understand, but if possible! Please support the 4 members of NEWS in real time! It starts soon at 24:20”
    “How was the #NEWSICAL documentary? This project is something that can only be done by NEWS which has 4 people with their own strengths and specialities. It’s not easy to make something, but it’s also proportionally fun and the addictive quality to make you want to try again and again. I’ll be happy if their hard work comes across to everyone.”
    “By the way, there are various messages hidden in the hand movements and shapes of the choreography. Please enjoy trying to solve the many mysteries. Also, besides the canon of ‘Christmas Eve’ there’s one other part with Tegoshi-kun’s overlapping singing technique.  Where could it be?? You can enjoy all that and more in NEWSICAL! lol”
    (Source 1 2 3)

  • air:man, NEWS’ choreographer, also tweeted about NEWSICAL, once about wondering if he’d make it in time to see NEWSICAL, and then that it was starting. (Source 1 2)

  • One of the directors for NEWSICAL (島田和正) also tweeted, thanking everyone who watched, and everyone who helped with the programme. He also wrote that NEWS worked really hard, and as it was a new project, each of them really learnt a lot. At the end, he said he would continue supporting them for their 15th anniversary (Source).

  • The preview of the ‘LPS’ PV was aired on various morning news shows: ZIP, Mezamashi Aqua, Hayadoki!, Oha!4, Mezamashi Terebi

  • The official account for “Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi” tweeted that Shige’s short stories collection has been released in traditional Chinese, and that this is his 4th work to be released in Asia. (Source) To people who can read the language and have access to these works, do show your support!

  • Massu went to watch the Dec 26 show of Arashi’s concert. (Source).

  • In a yahoo netallica article, Higashimura Akiko, a manga artist who is friends with Shige, praised his writing saying that she’s read all of his novels and that his writing is “very substantial and well worth reading and has only gotten deeper and richer since his writing debut.”
    They apparently first met when Higashimura started doing a serialization in the idol magazine ‘duet’, in order to do a ‘report manga’ strip she was present during NEWS’ photoshoot. She said at first that Shige “wouldn’t look her in the eye. Even during breaks he gave off the image of being quiet and shy.” She went on to talk about how Shige began to read her work, ‘Omoni Naitemasu’ after having it recommended to him and was told by those around him that it was her work.
    She said that she felt that she finally understood the reason why he’s so shy after he started writing, realizing that he is a ‘literary kind of guy’. They became friendlier and when Shige was going to meet with an editor for the first time he messaged her to ask her to come along since he didn’t know what he should say, and she went along as a guardian. She also said that she was mystified as to how Shige found time to write novels in between all the hard work he does as a Johnny. She said she once asked him why he decided to write a novel and was moved when he answered that he’d “like to bring energy to NEWS through doing what he wanted to do.” She also went on to talk more in detail about his latest novel, ‘Tuberose de Matteru’. (Source)

  • Massu was mentioned by singer-songwriter Hasegawa Yuta when he was asked who the nicest celebrities he’s ever worked with are. Hasegawa Yuta worked with Massu in Mirai Rocket, when he was featured as a young singer who sang songs a lot older than his time. He appeared on the final Mirai Rocket Fes as one of the guitarists for the song the 3 hosts sang at the end. (Source)

  • Johnny’s Countdown 2017 - 2018

    • NEWS announced that they will be touring starting from the spring.

    • After their 15th anniversary medley, Tegoshi and Shige left the stage but Koyama and Massu stayed on stage during the announcement that KAT-TUN would be coming back and where pumping their fists and jumping up and down. (Source)

    • When NEWS was walking towards the main stage, Inocchi apparently said that You can tell where NEWS is since their costumes are like mirrors, and asked if Massu made them. (Source)

    • The moment the new year started, NEWS all bowed to each other and shook hands. Since they were the only group that formed a circle like that, they stood out. (Source)

    • After the broadcast finished, Koyama thanked everyone for NEWS being allowed to do a 15th anniversary medley despite there being so many groups there. Inocchi joked that he fixed his hair using Koyama’s costume as a mirror. And said that he wanted NEWS to continue on being flashy. Massu said he would do his best, and either Taichi or Inocchi encouraged him and said his necklace was pretty amazing and the camera did a close up of it. Taichi said that Massu was cool. (Source 1 2)

  • The NEWS Na Futari Staff twitter also tweeted a bunch of times on New Year's Eve:

    • First with another New Years greeting card:

      And in the tweet itself the mentioned how colorful NEWS looks in their costumes. (Source)

    • They also tweeted about the tour announcement during NEWS’ 15th anniversary medley saying that it’s exciting. (Source)

    • Once countdown was over they tweeted that everyone should change the channel to TBS now to wait for news to appear on CDTV. (Source)

    • They tweeted again when NEWS appeared on CDTV, saying that they were quick in moving from Tokyo Dome. They said that they also sent refreshments to CDTV for them, and included a picture of the sign they included with them. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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