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NEWS news (week of Jan 7) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Jan 7)

    • Shige started off wishing everyone a happy new year and commented on how the next day was the coming of age holiday in Japan.

    • The first message was from a listener who talked about ‘Tuberose de Matteru’ and how excited they had been waiting for it. They also talked about his essay in Tripper titled ‘From Brazil to Kyoto’ sharing their impressions of his writing.
      The next message was also about Tripper and they praised it saying it was really interesting, and also shared their impressions. They said that they laughed out loud and thanked him for writing it.
      Shige commented on how the essay was the 5th one in the ‘Dekiru nara Steed de’ and also did promo for the upcoming broadcast of ‘Typerwriters’ where they’ll be talking about his new book and the essay that this time it would be broadcast during the day. He said that it’ll probably be better if you read those before you watch, but that it’ll still be interesting if you watch first. He said that the guests were really interesting, so interesting that it made him sad at how boring he is. He said that they talked a lot and time went by so quickly he wished they could have talked even more. He said that it’s made him think about how writing 5 books has brought him this opportunity, and he’s glad that he’s written many things and been able to experience various things through that, mentioning that it’s the same with ‘Newsical’ too. He said that 2017 is a year that’s made him realize how interesting life is and he hopes 2018 will do the same.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • For music club this week he talked about but Eminem recently came out with a new album, ‘Revival’, which went on sale on December 15th. He talked about how he was in the Eminem generation, or rather he was till pretty young but his music left an impression on him. A lot of people he knew, and a lot of girls in his class loved Eminem. He said that it’s been awhile since he put out an album, so he’s been looking forward to it. While he hasn’t had the time to look fully into the lyrics or anything, his impression so far is that it’s fairly pop, though Eminem has always been pretty pop. He talked about how Eminem collaborated with a lot of difference artist in the album, including people that might draw others in who wouldn’t usually listen to hip hop. He talked in particular about Ed Sheeran, and how a collaboration between him and Eminem is a really unexpected combination. He talked about how Ed Sheeran was apparently a fan of Eminem’s, and talked about the song they worked on together, ‘River’, and how good it was. He said Ed Sheeran’ particular sound and guitar stands out and the message and hip hop are Eminem. He said the album overall was very good, and encouraged everyone to listen to it, and played ‘River’.

    • Shige said he also wanted to talk about Newsical and said that there would be some as of yet unaired footage from it during Typewriters.
      The next message was from a listener who said that Newsical was really good, they feel like it’s something only NEWS could do. They said that they were most happy to see all the behind the scenes, and it made them realize even more how amazing Newsical is. They thanked them for the best Christmas present.
      The next message was from another listener writing in about Newsical. They said that it was so amazing they cried. They think it must have been really difficult to make it from scratch, and it made them realize how amazing NEWS is. They said that they usually don’t full out cry, only teary, but  seeing all the work they put into Newsical and then seeing the last shot of the staff made them cry.
      The next message was from a listener who said that they were moved watching Newsical. Seeing NEWS work so hard made them think that they should work hard on their studies too. They’ll keep supporting NEWS.
      Shige said that he was happy to hear that and he was really happy if it encouraged fans to do their best too.
      The next message was from a listener who said that the watched Newsical and that they were able to see all the members and thought it was a really good program, they praise Shige’s imagination and asked him what he worked the hardest on and what he liked the most. They said that watching Newsical made think think all over again how they’re glad to be a NEWS fan.
      Shige thought about what part he liked, and said he liked the whole thing and said that air:man really helped him give Newsical a lot of originality, and how at first they didn’t have the part where they all repeat the same refrain, and that was air:man’s idea. He said that it turning back to Halloween is a key part, and he really likes the part where the clock falls over and the numbers turn from ‘1224’ to ‘1031’. He also mentioned making Koyama overcome his fears and climb high places. He said he also really likes Koyama’s lines in the part where the stage is turning and they’re hopping over various things. He was obligated to assign something like to Koyama and he assigned some fast paced or long lines, testing out himself at home if it was doable. He recorded himself saying them and home and sent them to the producer to give him an idea of what he wanted.
      He laughed saying he also got a lot of messages about his facial hair, and apologized saying that he had had a few days in a row where he didn’t have to go out. But that since he’s already 30 years old, so he’s thinking of also showing his manly side.

    • ♪ NEWS Nippon ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Jan 9)

    • Massu was the guest this week.

    • Koyama and Massu started off by congratulating everyone who came of age the previous day, coming of age day. They commented on how Massu’s coming of age ceremony was already 11 years ago and Koyama’s 13 years ago, though they look young. Massu commented that since all of NEWS is now in their 30s, he wants to make this a year where they can take advantage of that and Koyama agreed saying that he’d like to do some jobs that are a bit more adult.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that their friend likes to bathe at night so that they can go to be clean, but they like to bathe in the morning since it wakes them up and they want to head out clean. They wanted to know if Koyama and Massu preferred bathing in the morning or the night.
      Massu answered that generally he bathes in the morning, though he’ll also bathes at night since it feels dirty but he always showers in the morning. If he’s tired there are times when he’ll fall asleep on the couch at night without bathing. Koyama asked if that means that he wouldn’t climb into his bed if he hasn’t bathed, and Massu said that that wasn’t necessarily the case.
      Koyama said that he would definitely never go to bed without bathing first, and he also bathes both in the morning and at night. He has to shower at night to get rid of all the dirtiness from the day, if he’s gone outside that day then that means his hair has come in contact with the outside air and his pillow case would get dirty if he slept on it like that.
      Koyama asked Massu if he changes into pajamas when he doesn’t shower at night, and Massu said that he does, or lounge wear. Koyama said that he couldn’t changing into house clothes before showering. Koyama said that he’ll either bathe as soon as he gets home and change or he’ll stay in his regular clothes until bathing, and Massu said that he wouldn’t want to stay in clothes that he had worn outside inside his house, since he feels like the clothes are what get dirty. Koyama said that usually he does shower first when he gets home, but there are only certain areas in his house where he’ll go in his outside clothes, he wouldn’t sit on his couch or bed in his outdoor clothes, but sitting at his dining table in them is fine.
      M: But the dining table where you eat food is ok?
      K: Well
      M: Ah, how dirty!
      Koyama protested and Massu noted how even with people who are neat freaks (keppekishou), the things they think are dirty differ, so he doesn’t want to be lumped together. Koyama said that in the first place he doesn’t really like the phrasing of keppekishou to which Massu agreed saying that when people who aren’t that way say it to him it feels like he’s being dissed. They agreed that they both just really really like cleanliness and don’t expect others to understand.

    • ♪ Wasurenagusa ♪

    • The next message was from a listener who talked about how in winter they often get shocked (M: Pikachu!)  by static electricity when touching metal things (M: Raichu!) and when it’s really bad they even get shocked by water. (M: By water!?) And they’re really troubled by it. (M: By water!? Turtle! Oh, oops I meant squirtle, not turtle! ) They wanted to know if Koyama and Massu are bothered by static electricity too and if so what do they do to combat it.
      Koyama and Massu starting talking about something in the studio, with Koyama saying that whenever he touches the handle he gets shocked. In the past there used to be something you touch first to remove the static electricity and Koyama said that they used to have them at gasoline stands too and there were signs that said to touch it before filling up. Massu talked about how he hates the kind of interactions where for instance the makeup artist touches him and they get shocked and go ah! Sorry! And giggle and Koyama said that he always says stuff like that. Massu said he would just ignore it unless it really hurt.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they decided not speak badly of others. If they get annoyed they try to just keep it to themselves, but sometimes they get really aggravated, and wanted to know what NEWS members do when they get aggravated.
      M: I just speak badly about others a lot.
      M&K: (burst out laughing)
      K: Uh oh
      M: Just kidding. Just kidding.
      Massu said that if he were to say this or that about Koyama to Gai-san, if he were to speak badly about Koyama to him, then he’d also be the kind of person to turn around and speak badly about Gai-san to someone else. The person saying it and the person hearing it are both in the wrong. Koyama agreed that it’s pointless.
      Massu said that it’d be good if there was something like ‘speaking badly about others’ karaoke, or if they put out a song like that then it might be a hit.
      K: Like, ‘Hey you!!’?
      M: ‘Cut it out!!’
      K: (laughing)
      M: In a Tegoshi-like key.
      K&M: ‘Cut it out!!’ (in high pitched voices)
      Massu said that it’d be a way to vent your feelings, and Koyama said that it should be titled “Speaking badly of you” and Massu also suggested “Let me just say it in this song” or “Let me just say it this once”
      Koyama joked that they could release it as just part of the regular edition of an album, or just the A limited edition version.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The last message was from a listener in college who recently started chatting with a guy on LINE and he told her “You always wear cute clothes” and they wanted to know if guys usually say ‘cute’ to girls.
      Koyama asked Massu what he thought, and Massu said that he either is really interested in her or not at all interested. Koyama said if he was close with her he might say it. Massu said it’s something he might also say as well, he’d say it to people who know he likes fashion. Koyama wondered if it was being said out of friendliness or because he likes her and determined that it depends on the way he said it. Massu concluded, ‘I dunno!’.

    • At the end the did promo.

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