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NEWS news (week of Jan 14) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Jan 14)

    • Shige started out doing some promo for ‘LPS’ since it was coming out this week.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that they had read ‘Tuberose de Matteru’ despite the fact that they aren’t good at reading novels and besides Tuberose have only read Natsume Soseki’s ‘Kokoro’. However for the first time in their life, once they started reading Tuberose they were hooked and even cut into sleep to keep reading because they wanted to know what was going to happen. Once the got towards the end they were surprised to see that there was only a few pages left, and they cried when they finished. They said that they were really touched and couldn’t express themselves well, but that they thought it was really good.
      Shige said he was really happy to hear that, and that there are lot of interesting things about reading and sometimes books that he has trouble getting into end up being his favorites so he tried to not stop reading a book partway through. He thinks that this experience of having finished a book will give the listener confidence. He said that he gets a lot of messages from people saying that they aren’t good at reading, and it’s not like he thinks of himself as particularly good at reading once he starts to reading he’s not really thinking about that. Once you’ve read an interesting book, you’ll want to read more so he thinks that the listener will go on to read more books. He encouraged them to do their best to push through a finish books. He said that he’s really happy that many people have written in to him to say that Tuberose was easy to read.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • Shige started off music club this week by saying that in 2017 he was able to listen to and find a lot of good music, but there were also groups that disbanded or stopped being active which is sad, for instance Akai Koen which had a member leave. This week, he decided to talk about the two member group Charisma.com and play one of their songs. This year one the members decided to retire from the entertainment business and the group went on indefinite hiatus. He said that he’s been to their concerts and really loves the group, so it’s too bad. He played the song ‘Ribon’ from their best album ‘Charisma.BEST’.

    • Next, Shige said that he wanted to read more messages about Tuberose and said that he’s been getting a lot of messages from fans asking about the ending. He said that he’d rather people didn’t ask and imagine it for themselves. To be honest, there is no correct answer because he himself hasn’t decided which he thinks is one of the charms of books- the not knowing.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they had read the serialization of Tuberose and reread it in novel form. They said they were really curious about what would happen and couldn’t stop reading AGE 32. They said that in the fight scenes that their reading pace increased and wondering if he also wrote those scenes really fast.
      Shige said that since he had to figure out the movement in the fight scenes they actually took a lot of time. He’d stand up and try and act it out or try to imagine it using his hands as the characters. It was difficult to write, the kind of scenes that he can write easily in one go is dialogue.

    • The next message was from a listener who just finished read Tuberose. They said that it takes them a long time to read, in fact usually it takes them half a year to finish a book. However, they were able to finish Tuberose in 12 days. It’s because they were so curious about what would happen, they got so into it they even forgot that Shige wrote it. They really enjoyed it. They said that in the novel a lot things from the near future appear and wanted to know how he thought of them.
      Shige said that he looked the current trends and imagined how they would turn out. In future, anything is possible, though the near future is more difficult than the distant future. He thought about how the things we currently use now would change and what would make them more convenient since people usually seek convenience. For gadget-like things, he said that he quite likes magazines about those kind of things, science magazines. When he doesn’t understand something, he has someone who does explain it to him or reads articles about it and is able to understand the general gist of it. In writing novels, anything can become materials for it. Just being attuned to the new developments and inventions happening now, helps him come up with new ideas.

    • Shige said that he also gets a lot of messages about alcohol and decided to read one of them. The message said that Shige has talked about liking whiskey before, and in Tuberose the whiskey, Laphroaig, made an appearance. They wondered if this was one of Shige’s favorite whiskeys. They said that they also went through a period where they really liked whiskey and drank it often, and became curious as to whether Shige likes ‘smokey’ whiskey. (S: I do!) They said that it probably depends on the brand, but wondered how he drinks his whiskey. They said for Laphroaig, they’d drink it cut 1:1 with water and lots of ice.
      Shige said that he drinks whiskey straight usually, when he’s in the mood to drink whiskey he wants to properly taste it. Since alcohol appears in his novels, he’s been trying to learn more about it, ordering different kinds from various places and comparing them. He said that the first time he smelled Laphroaig, it made him question whether it was even a drink made for humans, it gave off the smell of a hospital. When he was in his 20s, he wanted to become the kind of man that can say it’s delicious, so he pushed himself to drink it. At that time he just couldn’t do it, but now that time has passed he likes it now it surprised him. He said that lot of his friends like whiskey/alcohol too and talked about how the science of how adding little bits of water to whiskey changes the flavor is interesting.
      He also said that he likes to talk to the bartender when he drinks at bars because they’re really knowledgeable. He also said that doesn’t drink highballs anymore either. He said that Laphroaig is the kind of drink that the people who do like it really like it, but a lot of people don’t. He encouraged those who like alcohol to try it, but wouldn’t recommend it to someone trying whiskey for the first time.

    • ♪ Cherish - Represent NEWS mix - ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Jan 16)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi

    • Koyama started off by apologizing for worrying everyone when he caught the flu, then introduced Tegoshi and a guest, Emma.

    • Koyama immediately switched to talking in a higher pitched baby voice.
      K: Emma-chan! She’s on top of the table. Hello!
      T: (laughing)
      K: She’s wagging her tail.
      T: On the table
      K: On the table
      K: Emma-chan come here! Papa’s voice is full of energy so you get excited, huh.
      T: (laughing)
      K: Come here, Emma-chan! Come here. Yeah. She’s wearing clothes today.
      T: Yeah.
      K: Clothes with a white bow on it.
      T: Since it’s cold out.
      K: Emma-chan, we’re going to start now. Papa’s going to be loud, but don’t be surprised, ok.
      T: That’s right.
      Tegoshi then brought up how Koyama recently got a pet cat and Koyama talked about how with cats you can leave them at home alone and they’ll be ok. Tegoshi said that he’s never owned a cat so he doesn’t know, but wondered what Koyama does on days like that day when he was working long hours. Koyama said she sleeps and it’s totally fine to leave her alone. Tegoshi asked what she does for food and Koyama said that sometimes he’ll go home midday to give her food before returning to work or their manager will go to his house to feed her.
      T: Neko Manager Boy!! [he said cat in Japanese and the rest in English]
      K: Neko Manager Boy!
      K: When I have long hours for every or something, the manager- Emma-chan~! Don’t bite the mic cords!
      They talked about how nice it is to have a dog or a cat, and they talked about how since you can’t leave dogs alone like you can cats, Emma has been coming along to work with Tegoshi a lot.
      K: (to Emma) You’re so cute!
      Tegoshi said that when you have a pet a home, on days when you don’t bring them to work with you, you end up going straight home from work because you worry about them and Koyama agreed that he’s been going straight home too.

    • ♪ Mafuyu no Nagareboshi - Represent NEWS Mix - ♪

    • K: Ok, let’s read a letter from our listeners. Is that ok, Emma-chan? I’m going to read a letter!
      T: (to Emma) It’s a letter.
      K: She looks surprised!
      T: It’s just a regular letter!
      K: She’s licking [something]~
      T: Emma, it’s just a letter. Just a normal letter with no build-up, climax, or resolution!
      K: Stop it stop it!
      T: (laughing)
      K: That’s starting to get slightly rude to our listeners!

    • They laughed and joked some more before finally starting to read the letter. The message was from a listener who said that without thinking they started to sing LPS quietly to themselves and were surprised to realize that LPS is in an unexpectedly hard to sing key, and made them realize all over again how talented NEWS is at singing. They asked for any tips for singing LPS well.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi what he thought, especially because LPS starts out with Tegoshi sing ‘Whoa’. Tegoshi talked about how in the A and B Melodies, the melody changes while they have to singe a lot of syllables. Koyama said that he had to practice a lot, and asked Tegoshi if thought it was ok. Tegoshi said he thought it was totally fine, and talked about how they performed it first on Countdown and Fuji TV before performing it live on CDTV, and that he thought it was a really good performance. Koyama commented that it gets better each time they perform it and Tegoshi agreed. They said that after they finish with the radio they’re going to perform on Music Station.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi to share some simple singing tips and Tegoshi suggested that they listen to the CD a lot so they can mimic it since the melody changes quickly.

    • The next letter was from a listener who wanted to know how they sent New Years. They said that their family runs a shrine so they’ve never done hatsumode [the first shrine visit of the year, people usually go during New Years, Jan 1st~3rd, or around then and shrines are very busy] so they’re jealous of people who can go with their family to the shrine to get a fortune.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi what he did and Tegoshi noted how after CDTV Koyama went to Kawasaki Daishi to do hatsumode [a bunch of Johnny’s always go to hatsumode together every year late at night after Countdown, this year both Koyama and Massu were spotted in the group]. Koyama said he did and he also went again with his mother and friends, and he also went to Toyokawa Inari.
      Tegoshi said he also did hatsumode, he had an errand so he rode his bike on Omotesando since Akasaka is near by and stopped by at a place along the way to pay his respects by himself.
      Koyama talked about how Toyokawa Inari is where you can pray to the god for entertainment and asked Tegoshi if he’d gotten his fortune yet or not and Tegoshi said he hadn’t yet since it had been crowded and he’d have to have lined up for it and Koyama said he hadn’t yet either. Tegoshi said it’s its own event to draw fortunes when you go with friends or as a family to see what fortune each person gets. Koyama said that every year his mother always keeps picking new ones until she gets the best fortune. Tegoshi laughed and said that there are people who do that, and Koyama said there’s no meaning in fortunes if you do it that way. Tegoshi said that it’s like HIKAKIN, a popular Japanese Youtuber.

    • Koyama started to read the next letter when Tegoshi interrupted him.
      T: Ah! This is back to what we were talking about earlier, but I should have changed it to KOYAKIN!
      Koyama told him it was fine and not to go back to earlier topics, but Tegoshi was still regretting his missed opportunity and Koyama scolded him to stop sticking out his hand as he was talking because each time he does Emma licks it because she thinks he’s trying to play with her. Tegoshi apologized to Emma and Koyama continued with the letter.
      The listener said that right now their family is thinking of getting a pet but can’t decide whether to get a dog or cat. They said that since Tegoshi recently got Emma-chan and Koyama got Milk-
      T: Ah!
      K: What is it~ [to Emma]
      T: You went to him didn’t you~ (laughing)
      K: Ah, since I said her name she came to me! Sorry sorry!
      Koyama finished reading the letter, where they asked that they each share the pros of cats and dogs.
      Tegoshi said that he’d heard that in 2017 people with cats have increase, and said he wasn’t sure if that meant that more people own cats than dogs now or if in just that year the number of people who got cats was more than dogs. Koyama said that he thought that the number of people with cats is greater than dogs right now. Koyama said that cats are easy to take care of, you don’t have to walk them, and they’re easy for people who live alone, but in the end it comes down to which you like, and commented on how Tegoshi’s a dog person, he seems like a dog person.
      Tegoshi said a kohai of his, not a johnny but Koyama’s met him, recently got a cat too whose name is Matcha and he met the cat when he went to his house and it’s still a kitten and really cute. Koyama said though that with Emma if you call her name she’ll come, but cats won’t they do what they want. They agreed that it’s totally up to the listener’s environment, which one they should get. If they have a family to help, then getting a dog would be totally fine.
      Tegoshi said that sometimes after meeting Emma his female friends will say that they want a dog too and he tells them if they don’t have a boyfriend or husband yet it’ll be over if they do because they’ll just want to go home to their dog instead of being social. You’ll want to go home to your dog who would never betray you than go out drinking with the opposite sex. He said that he thinks that people who want romance shouldn’t get a dog. Koyama agreed saying that his female friends who have gotten dogs don’t get out anymore. Tegoshi said that’s how it goes, and it’s the same for him.
      They said that if you have family then either is fine. Tegoshi said that it’s healing to have a dog or cat, someone who‘ll welcome you home, Koyama agreed saying it’s nice when they come to the door when you come home.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The last message was from a listener who brought up how recently when Shige was a guest on Kchan NEWS they talked about how Tegoshi has a Sorajiro pouch that’s become black from how often he uses it. They wanted to know what he keeps in it.
      Tegoshi said that he had it with him right now and pulled it out and Koyama noted that it’s actually still quite clean, just the top part has gotten a little dark. Tegoshi started to pull still out, vitamins, moisturizer, ointment, and diet pills. Basically he just uses it to hold medicine and lotion type things.
      Koyama talked about how in the past Tegoshi used to carry around a huge decanter of perfume in his bag and asked if he still did and Tegoshi pulled it out saying that he has it but doesn’t use it much.

    • At the end they did promo for LPS, Neverland DVD, and their upcoming tour and said that they’re playing Saitama Super Arena for the first time and starting from Sapporo as usual. They said that since it’s their anniversary year they’re going to be doing various things, and they’ve been proposing various things for September. They said good bye and good bye for Emma too who Tegoshi said has been chewing Tegoshi’s keychain the whole time.

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