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NEWS news (week of Jan 14) - Part 3

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  • Tegomass no Radio (Jan 17)

    • At the opening, they said it’s the release of “LPS” that day, and said thank you. M: No worries! T: Ah I see. You were the one who made this? M: Well, we’re making Love, Peace and Smile, aren’t we. T: Ah… it’s such a great thing you’re doing I’m taken aback.
      They talked about the photo shoot for the jacket photos, how they all loved the photos, and that they already felt that the photos were going to turn out great from the photo shoot. They also shared a bit on Johnny’s Countdown, saying though the TV broadcast is only an hour, the concert has actually started about half an hour or so before. The newer groups, Jrs. perform during that time to warm the audience up. Massu said Kyomoto from SixTONES told him to please watch them when they performed. So Massu asked the staff if he could go into the audience seats to watch, they told him of course not! And to watch from the backstage. So he ended up having to watch it right below the big screen, and couldn’t really see anything from that angle. They also said they were in the same holding room as Hey! Say! JUMP this year and that who they share the holding room with is different each year.
      M: This year’s is probably HSJ’s stage. (*NOTE: In case there are people who didn’t know, a Johnny’s group usually has concerts at the Dome over New Year, and JCD for that year would just use the set for the concert. This year it was HSJ) T: Ah, it was HSJ’s stage? M: Probably? I think so. T: Ah really. M: But there was a year when it was ours. T: Using NEWS’ stage? M: Yeah. Ah...there might have been once. M: It was probably the concert that began with “weeeek” or something. T: Amazing. You can actually remember it started with “weeeek”. Amazing memory. M: No? Anyway. So a lot of sempais come for Countdown, so we were put into a holding room that was different from the one we were using for our concerts. T: Was it? M: We had to move from the one we were using to another one. It’s probably the same for JUMP this time, which was why they came to ours.
      Tegoshi shared how most Johnny’s are busy at the year end, so they never get to sing in the exact volume as how it would be for the actual run. They usually only get to rehearse the night before, but Tokyo Dome prohibits them from using loud volumes after a certain time. On the day itself, they get to do another run through, but the volume can only be set at about half the actual volume, in case it leaks and people outside hear. So everyone really just whacks it for the actual run, especially so for NEWS. Massu said when he sang the “Naitatte~” line, the balance of their voices went completely off, and they couldn’t hear anything at all. That’s why he messed up that part a bit. Because they got to do a proper voice balance for the later performance of “LPS” at CDTV the day before, they thought it’s real easy to sing at CDTV, as compared to JCD. It’s really tough for JCD, when they can’t rehearse a proper voice balance at all. Plus they still have to sing other groups’ songs, with other group members etc. Everyone’s just doing the best they can for the actual run.
      Massu said there’s another behind-the-scenes story. That they appeared in the costumes he designed. (silence) T:..... uh, this is a cut. This is highly potentially going to get cut out, because everyone already knows! Sakura: But I did think your costumes were great, I could spot you even amongst other groups… T: You watched? Sakura: I did, I did. T: Ah really. Sakura: You stood out the most. M: The staff who went to watch all said the same thing - that we stood out the most. No matter where we were. We were painfully easy to spot, in a good way. T: But that’s important when there are so many people around.
      Massu said he always designs costumes with these in mind, that no one has seen such costumes for Johnny’s before. Tegoshi asked what Massu thought of the costumes for other groups. Massu said he actually pays a lot of attention, so much so that he’d get real close to them to look at and touch the fabric etc. Like, he think, from far “What exactly is that fabric?” then get close to look at it, “Ah, it was sweat fabric” and stuff like that. He wants to stay as someone who looks at all sorts of things and then picks out the best for the group. So he’ll do his best so they don’t lose out to other groups.

    • The request this week was for “LPS”. The listener can’t get enough of the starting part when Tegoshi sings and Massu harmonises to him. Tegoshi said he’s happy that they like it, since LPS is a song meant to support people. M: It seems your starting “URGGGH” part was good. T: I don’t do it that way. M: WAAAHHHHHH! T: That’d be “BLACK FIRE”. I don’t shout that much for “LPS”, and sang it in a beautiful way.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The second mail was from someone who wanted to know if the microphones for music specials are prepared by the staff, or by the performing artistes themselves. They said it depends on the person, some people bring their own, but they usually use what the staff provides. However, they pick the mics for the concerts themselves, like how they had mics made for WHITE. The staff bought the mics and made them white for them. Back to the question, they usually just use what the programme provides, so the sound for each performance actually turns out different.

    • The third mail asked if they knew which camera is taking them for music specials, as they look, and do fan service at the camera etc. Are there times when they did many things, only to find out they weren’t caught on camera when they checked on the footage later? Tegoshi said they remember which camera shoots them at which part of the song, from the rehearsals. Plus, there’s a red lamp at the front of the cameras, so they know the camera is on them when the red lamp is switched on. Even for radio, there’s a red “on-air” lamp that’s lit up right then. Massu said he doesn’t really pay attention to that. He said he’s probably the only one, as Koyama, Shige and Tegoshi probably all memorise which camera is taking who when, so that they know how to place themselves, as professionals. M: But well, for me, no matter when, or which camera angle, or… T: Okay that’s enough. (laughter in studio) It’s enough from the look on your face. Sakura: We don’t need that. M: (strange high peak voice) Listen~~ T: Once that look appears on your face, it’s the end. M: Ah. I see.
      He said he does know which camera is filming when, but there are times when things get different for the actual take. Sakura said so everyone memorises the camera movements. M: Well to memorise… T: Shut up. That’s all. Once you have that “I’m going to say something funny” face it’s over. Sakura: Uh huh.

    • The fourth mail is from someone who wanted to know more about the make up male artistes put on. For females, there’s the base make up > foundation > powder, so female artistes probably do pretty much the same, but how are things for male artistes? They said they usually leave it up to the make up artist so they don’t really know. T: What’s base make up? Moisturizer? Sakura: It’s to help foundation apply on better. M: It’s the same colour as the foundation? Sakura: It’s usually white, or more flamboyant colours, blue, yellow...there are many types. T, M: Ah....then we probably don’t use that. Sakura: But you definitely use that before foundation. T: Oh yeah? I don’t know, as I’m usually playing with my phone or gaming while they do the make up for me.
      They continued this conversation for awhile, with them asking questions and Sakura explaining.
      T: But we finish make up in like 5 minutes. Plus I go for hair removal, so there isn’t even a need to shave. M: To begin with, I don’t grow any facial hair… T: I can’t believe you said that. M: Why not! It’s true! (studio laughs) T: That’s a blatant lie.
      They said Tegoshi pretty much just leaves it up to the make up artist, saying anything goes as long as what needs to be covered up gets covered. Massu also doesn’t say anything much, and Koyama is probably the one who puts in the most requests. Massu said there’s an interesting conversation between Shige and the MUA, when Shige always asks for them to use a certain product, hair wax or something, that he brings on his own. So the make up artist was saying he’s really particular, in that he always brings his own hair wax and they’re all big sizes. To which, Shige replied that people always give him those products and he needs to use them somewhere. Massu said Shige probably receives them from hair salons or something, and brings them along so they can get used up because otherwise he wouldn’t use them at home himself. But this makes him seem like someone really particular, to the MUA, as he brings all sorts of products along each time. Tegomass said they don’t do anything to their hair at all, in private. When they didn’t use to have MUA with them for concerts, they did try to do stuff themselves, but since they started have MUA with them for concerts, they haven’t been doing anything on their own anymore. Tegoshi said he doesn’t even own wax or sprays or anything. Massu said he has hair gel. He bought it from the salon, thinking he’d look cool if he could use that on his hair, but hasn’t used it even once. KoyaShige mentioned that they use hair wax in private though, probably for weddings or something. Massu said they probably use hair wax in their daily lives too, as they have the image of being people who care about looking proper. They asked if Sakura does anything and how much time she takes to prepare in the morning. She said about an hour and half (T: Seriously!?) and they said she looks nice, and is conscious about how she looks. Tegoshi said he’d be taken aback if a female appears at a meal with no makeup and Sakura said females need some makeup.
      T: I really hate those people who go makeup-less and bring their dogs to the hair salon. M: That’s Tegoshi! Sakura: That’s right! T: No...I’m male! M: People who obviously came straight from their house, and do radio programmes while carrying their dogs are really… Sakura: Uh huh. M: I hate those people! Sakura: Yeah I hate them now too. M: Okay that’s all.

    • For “With Our Powers Combined, Tegomass” this week, they had to play “Rock, Scissors, Paper” such that one person shows their choice later, and has to lose on purpose. (T: This is easy-peasy!) They need to take turns at losing, and if they can continue straight for six times, they clear the mission. They did it once, and Sakura said they’re not doing it right at all, either first telling each other what they’re going to show before, or already showing each other what they are going to use before saying it (Since listeners can’t see what’s happening). But they said they did it right, and concluded it’s the best they can do for that anyway, and moved on.

    • For the second mission, they had to come up with, within 30 seconds, 6 things that are spelt “_n_n” (○ん○ん) like ninjin (carrot). It’s okay for the things to be non-food, but the characters that go into the space can’t be the same ones. Tegoshi shot out 3 once the time started: renkon (lotus root), annin (apricot kernel), anpan (bean paste bread). M: That’s incredible. T: Anman. (bean paste bun) M: You can do this. Go! Tegoshi-san! Sakura: No, Masuda-san… T: Kongan. (Plead) M, Sakura: Ohhhh… T: Kingan (short sightedness). M: Ohhhh! That’s all! (claps) Sakura: What was this. You didn’t combine your powers at all. Masuda-san, please answer. M: It went well. T: Perfect. Sakura: Masuda-san didn’t even come up with one. M: Well, I did think, and support him. Sakura: We only know that Tegoshi-san is amazing, that’s all. Well anyway, you completed both missions so that’s all.
      While Massu was saying the ending lines for this segment, Sakura was mumbling in a small voice if there’s a need to continue with that segment.

    • At the ending, they talked about the tour for the year, where Massu tripped over “Saitama Super Arena” and they jabbed him for it. Tegoshi then suddenly started talking in baby talk-
      T: What do I do, Papa won’t be around for weekends. What do I do. Should I go too?
      M: Hand her to someone to look after. Don’t you dare bring her along.
      T: Should I go with him too? Maybe I can, on the Shinkansen.
      Tegoshi finally stopped the baby talk on his own, and they went back to promoting the tour, “NEVERLAND” DVD/ Bluray, and saying it’s the “LPS” release that day. (T: Well, though we might not sing it at the concert. M: We definitely will. T: HAHAHHAA. Sakura: Please sing it. T: I get it.)
      While Sakura was reading the address details, Tegoshi went back to baby talk again, and Massu probably tried feeding her gyoza as Tegoshi went, “Don’t feed her gyoza!” M: Yums! Sakura: You guys are really random. I’m done. Do the ending. (They continue doing their own things for awhile.) T: Well so it’s time to say goodbye- (baby talk) Emma-chan… Sakura: Do it! Do it, it’s just a bit more! T: Ah okay. Well so it’s time to say goodbye. Tegomass no Radio, presented by (baby talk) Emma… Sakura: It’s just a bit more!! M: Fufu. T: (baby talk) Emma is here too! Tegoshi Yuya and- M: Masuda Takahisa and- Sakura: Miyajima Sakura deshita. T: Till next week! T, M, Sakura: BYEBYE! T: Emma...

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Jan 19)

    • At the opening, he talked about how “LPS” was released on Jan 17 and asked if everyone had listened to this first single of 2018. While “Love, Peace, Smile” are huge themes, he said these are probably themes that NEWS are able to express only now. There are many different versions of the single, and he hopes everyone would check them out. He also advertised the release of “NEVERLAND” Bluray/ DVD the following week.

    • The first message is from a listener who asked if Massu prefers takoyaki or okonomiyaki. They like monjayaki. He talked about how he’d never really knew when monjayaki is cooked or when it’s best to eat it. If he had to choose between okonomiyaki and monjayaki it’d be monjayaki. If it’s between takoyaki and monjayaki it’d be takoyaki. So takoyaki wins. (Read about takoyaki, okonomiyaki & monjayaki here)

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The second message was from someone who wanted to know if Massu did anything “New Year”-like. The listener went to watch the first sunrise with their friend for the first time. He wondered what time the first sunrise was, and he was probably at the hatsumode at that time. So he doesn’t really know when the first sunrise is, as by the time he realises, the sun has already risen. As for the “New Year”-like things he did, he ate osechi, mochi, went for his hatsumode (both the one for the agency and in private), and participated in the Countdown, which was the most New Year-like to him. Though he hasn’t really felt very New Year-sy for the past couple of years, in that even now he doesn’t really feel like it’s January. He managed to relax over New Year’s and that’s New Year-like to him too.

    • The third message asked if Massu would choose “Love”, “Peace” or “Smile”. He said they were interviewed by people for the release of “LPS”, and this is one question that 100% of the media asked. This, or for them to list 10 things that are “LPS”. He said they are all linked, and he can’t decide on one. It’d be “Love, peace, smile, fashion”.

    • The fourth message mentioned the publicity board at Harajuku was shared half with Kinki Kids, which is a first. Koyama has Milk, a cat, and Tegoshi owns Emma, a dog. While Massu is probably bad with animals, which would he choose if he had choose one? Massu first asked, “Koyama owns a cat called Milk?” and said he knows about Emma. He then clarified that he likes animals very much, he just doesn’t need to get so close to them. It’s just that news always spreads negatively. When he goes to the zoo, he likes the animals like the rhino, elephant, hippo and so on. He shared how he saw the hippo in real in Tanzania, and the guard told him not to go any closer or it’d be dangerous. While cats have the image of need less looking after, there’s the image of the house getting scratch marks all over too. He then had some problems with figuring how the proper name of the miniature dachshund, ending with “ho”? “Mo”? Then “ko”? Saying he’d love to own one. He’s probably shared this story before, but there was once he was at a clothes exhibit, and this miniature dachshund that someone else took there ran towards him, and turned round and round around him. The dog then probably mis-estimated the distance and the butt knocked into Massu’s legs. He thought it was so cute and he’d always liked “miniature dachshun...mo?” since then. Though this story is probably from about 10 years ago. Staying in a house with a dog is something he aspires to do.

    • The fifth message was from a listener who inserted Massu’s photo behind their staff pass, and works with that in their breast pocket. Recently, a colleague who got transferred over happened to see that photo and asked if the listener liked Massu and that they also like Massu best out of all the Johnny’s members. It was a great start to the new year. He said inserting his photo behind the staff pass means people might mistake him as one of the staff if they flipped the pass over. So he probably can enter the company too if he’d wanted to. He’s really happy that someone who understands him is in that company, and to please spread the love, and to tell them he’s got a radio programme, and that the mails sent in do get read too. Onegaishimasu!

    • The sixth listener was from someone who was going to take the entrance exams for their dream high school soon. Please say something to encourage them. He said “Do you best!” in a super high voice. He said they’re great, and to please do their best so as to leave no regrets.

    • ♪ DTF ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “madoromi”. He talked about Kaco, who wrote the song for them. The demo was sang by her in the female key, and he listened to the demo many times before the recording, hoping to present the image of the song, the power in which she sang etc. He feels that this song, like “LPS”, is also a song that only the current NEWS can sing.

    • At the end, he advertised the release of “NEVERLAND” DVD/ Bluray, and the tour. He mentioned that it’s the first time NEWS is going to Saitama Super Arena, though he’s been there as a back dancer for his sempais and to watch other performances.

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