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NEWS news (week of Jan 21) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Jan 21)

    • Shige started by talking about the tour that Koyama announced during Countdown and how they’re ending the tour at Saitama Super Arena instead of Tokyo Dome like they usually do. He said that usually it ends up that just Tokyo is done in a bigger venue, and while they like festival-like atmosphere that brings, they thought that being able to do all the shows with the same sense of closeness would be nice and that it’d also be good to aim to do a show that’s only at dome. Since it’s their 15th anniversary, they wanted to do shows where they can stay close to the fans which is why they made this choice. He also said that tickets may be a bit harder to get this time, so to get your ballots in and apologized for that fact that it’ll probably be a battle to get tickets.

    • He said that time feels like it’s passed really quickly, and that Neverland only just ended. He also hinted that they might be releasing an album too, and that he’d have to work on his solo. It’s not the season for writing songs. Last year, he was using his free time in between filming ‘Kirawareru Yuuki’ to write ‘Ayame’. He said he’d do his best and encouraged those who can to come to the tour.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they welcomed the New Year while watching Countdown and CDTV and that she was really happy that NEWS was able to announce their tour at Countdown for the second year in a row. She congratulated them and said she would definitely come and keep following Shige.

    • Shige thanked her and introduced the first song.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • For music club this week first Shige talked about how the group, suchmos, is continuing to be really popular and how one of the members, yonce, used to be in a another band, OLD JOE. One of the people who was in OLD JOE with him is in a group called RAMMELS. Shige talked about how cool RAMMELS is for a while and gave some basic information about them and played their song, '2way traffic’.

    • Shige said that he got a lot of messages about what he did over the New Years holidays, so he thought he’d read a few messages related to that.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that they didn’t hit for Countdown so they watched it on TV at home, and was really happy to see NEWS’ 15th anniversary medley and the performance of ‘LPS’. She commented on how busy Shige was in 2017, and wanted to know how he spent New Years.

    • Shige said that he went to Amami Ooshima with some friends over New Years, and one of them was the actor Katsuji Ryo, and Katsuji talked about it on his own radio show so he wanted to read a message regarding that.

    • The next message talked about how Katsuji Ryo said on his radio that he went to Amami Ooshima with some friends that included Shige on his radio show and told some stories including how when the went to hatsumode [first shrine visit of the year] he was noticed and people asked him to shake their hands but Shige wasn’t noticed at all. He also talked about how he began reading ‘Tuberose de Matteru’ on the plane but Shige fell asleep within 5 minutes of being on the plane. He also played NEWS’ song, ‘LPS’,  on the show. The listener also commented on how he also came to see Green Mile at the last show in Kyoto, and wanted to know how they came to know each other and become friends.

    • The next letter was also about Katsuji’s radio and recounted the hatsumode story. She wanted to know how he thought he’d be able to fish something big this year.

    • Shige said that he and Katsuji have a common acquaintance, someone they’re both really close to, which is how they got to know each other, not that they acted together. They also both know Fujii Ryusei (Johnny’s WEST) and have all gone drinking together. Since he had a break over New Years he was thinking that he wanted to go somewhere, and since he has to write for his essay column in Tripper he tries to travel places when he can. He was thinking about going to Singapore, but the timing would have been difficult for him to get back in time and with money it’d be hard to everyone to go. Plus, one of his friends has a family and 3 year old daughter so they wanted to go somewhere that kids can enjoy too. So even though Shige’s now been to Amami Ooshima 5 times this year, he said he’d show them around there. When he goes to Amami Ooshima the goal is always fishing so he actually hadn’t done any sightseeing there so he first thought he would focus on things other than fishing for the trip. But when they talked about it, he commented that he wanted to go fishing and his friend asked him to teach him how to fish. He’d been trying to find time to go and teach this friend since fall last year, but could never find time in his schedule so they decided to go some simple fishing in Amami. The family with the small child also went and even though the kid couldn’t fish yet and they all worried about her, they had fun.

      He said that he also did hatsumode in Amami a pulled the ‘Suekichi’ fortune which means good luck in the future. The Miko-san there who works at the shrine asked if it would be ok to take a picture and Shige declined saying he couldn’t, and so she asked for a handshake instead which he agreed to, but instead of shaking his hand she shook Katsuji Ryo’s hand.

      He also confirmed his story that he fell asleep right away on the plane, and expressed how grateful he is that Katsuji read ‘Tuberose de Matteru’ saying that he’s a great guy. She said it’d be great if they could star in something together some day. Katsuji couldn’t make it to Shige’s play when it was in Tokyo due to his own work schedule, so he came out to Kyoto to watch and they drank together afterwards. Shige said that he doesn’t really have a lot of friends in the entertainment world and so their friendship makes him happy and he hopes they can stay friends for a long time.

    • ♪ Mafuyu no Nagareboshi - Represent NEWS Mix - ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Jan 23)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi again.

    • K: The guest is Tegoshi Yuya-kun and-!

      T: Hello! It’s Emma!

      K: Emma-chan is here.

      They talked about how it’s now entrance exam season, which is nerve wracking for students. Koyama asked Tegoshi about his entrance exams and Tegoshi said he took the for entering middle school and college. Koyama asked hi he if got nervous for them and Tegoshi said that at that point in life he didn’t have the heart of steel that he does now, he was just like everyone else and got nervous about it. Koyama commented on how rare it is to talk about Tegoshi getting nervous. Tegoshi said it was only natural since you only get one chance and Koyama agreed saying it’s normal to be nervous. Tegoshi said you prepare for years leading up to this day where it all get all gets decided, in only 60 or 90 minutes.

      They encouraged everyone to do their best, if they do their best now they’ll have a bright future for the following 3 or 6 years.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The first message was from a listener who said that they like comedians and watch a lot of variety TV. Since he’s usually not aware of what’s popular a given time, they wanted to know if Tegoshi knew of the current popular comedians. They said that they thought that Nyanko Star are pretty popular right now, and wanted to know if Tegoshi knew what their gag is and asked him to do it.

      Tegoshi said he did know Nyanko Star, and mimicked their dance and Koyama confirmed that he was doing the right gag. Koyama asked him what comedians he was interested in now, and Tegoshi said he’s liked Zakiyama for a long time and  Nobukobu’s Yoshimura. He explained saying that he likes people are kind of random, like him and Koyama agreed that Yoshimura pretty much just yells. Tegoshi added that they’ve worked together a number of times and he likes him as a person too, Koyama said that he understood that and he liked him too.

      Koyama then asked Tegoshi if he knew ‘Fuusuuya’ and Tegoshi didn’t.

      T: Fuu-san, Suu-san, and Yaa-san?

      K: No no, Fuusuuya!

      Koyama explained what kind of jokes they usually do, doing one where they string random words together based on how they sound ending with 'yoisho!' but Tegoshi hadn’t heard it before. He explained that they’ve done it on the popular show ‘Ame talk’ before and that they’re a two person group. So Koyama asked him to make up his own in the same format. So Tegoshi came up with his own.

      Koyama laughed and said that it was good, he thinks their act is up Tegoshi’s alley so Tegoshi said he’d look them up later.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said in the Johnny’s Jr show ‘Junior Deluxe’ (T: Junior Deluxe! Yoisho!!) in a ranking of ‘Who you would want to be in a group with’ Tegoshi came in first place. They asked if there were any juniors that Tegoshi was keeping his eye on.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi who among the juniors he’s close with now, who he said he got drinks with recently and Tegoshi said that he went out with Matsushima Sou (Sexy Zone) after the Music Station Super Live around 11pm. Sou approached Tegoshi saying he wanted his advice if he had time, so they went out. Koyama said that he and Tegoshi were together in the car home after the performance where Tegoshi told him that he was going out to get drinks later and Koyama was surprised that he was going to start drinking that late. He also that he also assumed at first that he was going with someone older, not a member of Sexy Zone Tegoshi added that Sou only just turned 20 years old.

      Koyama asked him who else he went drinking with recently and Tegoshi said that he went drinking 3 different days with Okamoto Keito (Hey!Say!JUMP) because they have a common acquaintance. Tegoshi said that he has Keito’s contact thought they never really message each other, but his acquaintance kind of dotes on Keito, and when they had a new years party Keito came too.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi who amongst the juniors have approached him wanting to get dinner or something and Tegoshi answered Kyomoto Taiga (SixTones) and Jesse (SixTones), the juniors who are good at singing. He has a lot of juniors who ask him to teach them about singing, and is doing voice training with about 4 or 5 juniors now. For the first 1 or 2 hours they seriously practice, then continue with the training while having some drinks if they’re over 20 years old. Koyama said that it’ll be fun to see what happens with them and Tegoshi agreed saying that he’s happy if they can become a part of a group and be the vocal.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that due to her mother’s influence she’s loved Tegoshi more than anyone since she was in elementary school. She thinks it’s impossible to like anyone other than him, she’s 20 years old now. (T: Twe- Twenty years! That’s long! Wow!) However, she finally got a boyfriend. (T: Whoa! Congratulations!) She loves Tegoshi, and has alway done her best in her studies and club activities for him, so she also feels a little lonely about it. (T: Ho ho ho) She said her dream now is to go to a NEWS concert with her boyfriend. (T: Very nice!) Her boyfriend also like Tegoshi and she loves and will always love Tegoshi.

      Both Koyama and Tegoshi said the letter was very lovely.

      K: A lovely episode. Yoisho! (both laugh)

      T: Nice lovely episode.

      K&T: Yoisho!!

      They reiterated how it was a lovely story, and Koyama noted that that means that the mom, her daughter, and her boyfriend all love Tegoshi.

      T: Yeah. It’s a Tegoshi triangle.

      K: Tegoshi triangle, yoisho!!

      T: Yoisho!!

      (both laugh)

      Tegoshi said that it seems like something that he’ll accidentally say when greeting an important broadcasting producer. It’d be bad if he ends up saying ‘yoisho!!’ to a producer.

      Going back to the letter Koyama asked Tegoshi if it made him happy more than sad, and he said that it did. Hearing that probably because of her, her boyfriend likes him too, and the thought that she’ll come with the people she loves to support NEWS makes him really really happy.

      Koyama commented on how Tegoshi might naturally come up in conversation when they go on dates, that her boyfriend must have an open mind too. They said that they hope they are both happy and that they’ll come to their concert.

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked why they shouldn’t tell a guy that they think is cool that they’re cool. They said that they’re just saying what they’re thinking but their friend told them that those around them will think that they’re just into looks (menkui). They said that they can’t understand why a simple comment makes people think that about her, and it’s suffocating not being able to say what she thinks. She wants to know what Tegoshi, who has the image of being someone who isn’t held back by those around him, thinks.

      Tegoshi said, speaking quickly, that it’s women who themselves only care about looks, but say that they’re better than those who only care about looks because they want others to think that they’re better yoisho!!

      Koyama laughed and said that Tegoshi’s good at throwing yoisho in.

      Tegoshi said that when you ask people their type, including himself, right away they might say something about their face or looks, something about their appearance. You start from there and then you learn about their personality. He talked about how you can’t know someone’s personality in just a few hours, there’s no way you can judge from their personality right off the bat. It starts from the appearance, no one’s like ‘oh well, they’re cute so the rest is whatever’ or ‘they’re nice so the rest is whatever’. In that sense, everyone is menkui. Koyama agreed and then Tegoshi started to complain about how outside of Japan people aren’t embarrassed about this sort of thing. He said that those who are straight forward about what they like will definitely win out in the end. Koyama agreed saying that people become interested from other’s appearance and then learn about their personality.

      They encouraged the listener and told her to have confidence.

    • ♪ madoromi ♪

    • The last message came from a listener who said that Koyama and Tegoshi recently told the listeners not to stray, but she’s gone and fallen in love with Sorajiro. They said that it started after they learned how Tegoshi uses Sorajiro goods. They said looking at Sorajiro while thinking about Tegoshi made them realize how cute Sorajiro is.

      Tegoshi wondered if Sorajiro was male or female and Koyama told him that he’s male since his name ends in ‘jiro’. Epotsurin is a girl and Sorajiro and Kumojiro are guys.

      T: Eh….. It’s whatever!! Yoisho!!

      They both said that they don’t care either way, and that the listener is probably just surprised that their letter made it on the radio.

    • At the end they did promo for everything and said goodbye from the 2 of them and Emma.

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