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NEWS news (week of Jan 21) - Part 3

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  • Tegomass no Radio (Jan 24)

    • They first talked about the releases of “LPS” and “NEVERLAND”, how they are happy about the releases so early in the year. They also promoted the tour briefly.

    • The request this week was for “Cherish”. The single was the first CD the listener had ever bought on their own, when they were in elementary school. They still remember the emotions they felt then, so please play this song that is full of memories for them.

      Tegomass talked about how this song was released when NEWS was 8, and how they’ve had to re-memorise the song parts and dance moves each time members left, from 8 > 6 > 4. Just when they thought that was the end of having to re-memorise these things, they had to memorise a 3-member version for SCP. Massu was starting to go into his usual talk about getting to re-sing the songs from their earlier days, when he suddenly went

      M: Ah we can all hear the chewing sounds already. Sakura: No, Emma-chan. Emma-chan. T: (laughing) M: I’m sorry, but this is COMPLETELY gross. T: Ah really. Emma is chewing on the mic now. M: That’s definitely a no-no. T: It’s fine isn’t it. M: You’re spoiling her. You should be yelling at her now. Sakura: Yeah I think you’re too soft on her too. I know she’s cute, but… M: Say, “STOP THAT!” or something.

      Tegoshi explained that he does punish her, like when she pees where she’s not supposed to. But for dogs, it works better to put them into their cages rather than getting angry at them. Because then they get lonely and will then properly reflect on their actions. He then started baby talking to Emma again, and Massu got into baby talking mode too, probably imitating Emma’s actions. They said there’s a giant dog in the studio, before going back to the request and finally introducing the song.

    • ♪ Cherish - represent NEWS mix ♪

    • The second mail was from someone who happened to talk about drawing fortune lots (omikuji) during the hatsumode (first shrine visit for the year) with their friend. The friend would keep drawing the lots until they got a good lot, which surprised the listener, who didn’t really care about such things. What about the three of them? Tegoshi said he went for hatsumode on his own, but didn’t draw a fortune lot at all. He isn’t one to care about something, and would probably only draw one if he went with his friends and everyone drew their lots together. He doesn’t care about such things, though he might put the lot into his wallet or something if it was the best fortune. (M: You totally care then! Sakura: Uh huh.) Tegoshi explained it’s to do with luck, and even if he drew the worst luck, he wouldn’t feel upset and would instead find it funny. Massu said he doesn’t re-draw either. He said it also depends on how you look at it, like drawing a bad fortune might not be bad, and just mean you used up the bad fortune then. Same for the reverse. Sakura would draw a lot each time she goes, but doesn’t get bothered by the results either.

    • The third mail was from someone who set the target of running 3km each morning as their new year resolution. Did they set any, or have they started anything new? The mail ended with “Tegoshi-san, dai dai dai suki desu.” (I really really really like you) Massu said to emphasize so many times... he wished they would at least look at him as well. Tegoshi didn’t respond to that and went back to talking about how it’s great they are running 3km each morning. He doesn’t have anything new for the year as he’s the type who takes immediate action when he thinks of doing something. Massu asked if there’re any daily habits and Tegoshi said no and asked about Massu. (M: No no no...they want to hear about Tegoshi) They went back to the listener running every morning, and said it’s amazing they are able to keep up with it every day. The conclusion is that none of them has anything, and that they’ll see if anything comes up during the year so please write in again next year.

    • The fourth mail was from someone who follows a disciplined routine each day and has never been late for school. They have dreams of being late sometimes though, and it makes them nervous as it’s something that could possibly happen in real life. Do the two of them have any dreams that could possibly happen in real life? Massu first commented it’s amazing the listener has never been late ever. Tegoshi said he’d never had any dreams that are realistic. Though there was once, many years ago, when he had a dream where he was rescued by an actress he’s never even spoken to before. A few years later, he got to work together with that actress and he worked with her while feeling grateful inside. He was exceptionally nervous during the kissing scene since it was with someone who appeared in his dream. He hasn’t crossed paths again with the actress since that one time though. Massu and Sakura said he wasn’t answering the question as it isn’t anything that would happen in real life. Massu said he doesn’t remember his dreams while Tegoshi said he remembers all of them. Massu then shared the same dream he’s mentioned in both jweb and Kchan NEWS before, of staying in a huge house with two entrances, only to realise one of the entrances weren’t locked the entire time. He concluded to say you really only need one entrance for the house as it’s dangerous. Sakura said this is a story closer to what the listener was asking for and they ended the segment.

    • For “Quiz! Tegomass ni Oshiete” this week, the first question asked for the reason the windows of the classrooms are usually on the left (when facing the blackboard). Massu pretty much got it right, saying how most teachers are right-handed, so having windows on the left makes it harder for shadows to be cast over the writing. (T: I’m still at the starting line now. M: Because you’re slow.) Sakura then gave the explanation which was almost what Massu said, except it’s Japanese are mostly right-handed instead of teachers. Massu then added it’s the same reason people run relays anti clockwise round the tracks and asked if the other two knew. Tegoshi did.

    • The second question was from someone called Miu (M: MIUUUUUU! Sakura: Ohh you scared me. That was a terrible face too. M: What do you mean about the face). So the estimated time needed to walk from places, for example from the station to the destination, is set as needing a minute to walk 80 meters. This was determined based on a certain condition, for females. What is it. M: (immediately) High-heels. Sakura: Masuda-san, that’s right. T: No, wait. Sakura: Hahaha. T: Emma… M: YAY! I’m perfect man! T: Hey Emma, this segment is really boring for Papa.

      Massu then said that timing is probably based on the additional condition of not having to stop for any traffic lights too. It’s general knowledge. Sakura said Massu was in top condition, and Tegoshi’s eyes have become half the usual size. T: I’m not participating in this anymore. Sakura: There’s more. Please join. T: Ah okay. I’ll get the next one!

    • The third question was a riddle. A fig (ichijiku) was placed in the middle of a plate (sara), and a beautiful flower bloomed. What flower is it? They took a while and a few wrong guesses before Tegoshi got it right - Sakura. The Japanese for fig, ichijiku could also mean “a character, ku” (ichiji ku). So if you place “ku” in the middle of “sara”, you can “sakura”. Massu got upset and asked Sakura to look at his notes, where he had a small “ku” in the middle of the kanji character for “sara”. So he was actually in the right direction, but not quite the right direction either.

    • The fourth one was also a riddle. What’s the fish that’s placed at the end of the fish corner (sakana uriba) in the supermarket? Massu said it’s usually the octopus (Sakura: We’re not talking about how things are usually like in real life!) She then gave a hint to say the line of thought is similar to the previous question, and Massu got it right - saba (mackerel).  So if you take the ends of the fish corner (sakana uriba), you get saba. While Massu and Sakura were talking about how he got 3 questions correct, Tegoshi was talking to Emma in a small voice about how Papa actually only got to participate in two questions.

    • At the ending, they promoted the release of “NEVERLAND” and the tour.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Masterhits (Jan 26)

    • At the opening, he talked a little about the release of “NEVERLAND” Bluray/ DVD. How “NEVERLAND” is a land they created, and how it was a challenge for them to create an album and concert based on one theme. It was a significant concert for them, and they’d be happy if everyone would check all the tiniest details. He also promoted the tour this year, and hopes everyone would check the tour out too.

    • The first mail was from someone who can’t eat tomatoes, but can take ketchup. Which does Massu prefer out of the two? He said even though ketchup is made from tomatoes, like mayonnaise is made from eggs, the end product is so different from the original ingredient that they don’t really taste the same. He takes them as different products. Like people probably can’t take tomatoes because of the raw texture, but they are really yummy. For such people, he recommends slicing big tomatoes up and scattering sugar over them. That’s how the Masuda Family eats their tomatoes. Back to the question, he doesn’t see ketchup as a tomato product...though it’s probably wrong of him to think that way. To take each as an end product...ketchup!

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The second mail asked if Massu would choose Hokkaido or Okinawa, if he were to go on a trip now. He said since it’s already been decided that they’d be going to Sapporo in March for their tour, he’d pick Okinawa this time.

    • The third mail was from someone who’d always fall back to sleep after snoozing their alarm, especially during this period, where they’d go back for the third and even fourth naps. Since they’ll be entering the workforce soon, they hope to get rid of this habit. Please share any tips for waking up snappily, if there are any. Massu said he basically sets up multiple alarms about half an hour before the time he’s supposed to wake up, like if he’s supposed to wake up at 6:30am, he’d have alarms ringing from 6am onwards, and one for about 7am, just in case. While he wakes up at the first alarm, he’d stop it and wait for the next one and so on. It’s just a matter of mindset. For him, there isn’t anything bad about not being able to wake up immediately, and that rarely happens to him too. He prefers to think he has 30 minutes extra, and that extra time at home is important to him. But as there are times when he really falls back asleep, it’s crucial that the alarms get increasingly loud, so you can tell when you really need to wake up.

    • The fourth mail wanted to know when Massu feels “Ah, today was an extravagant day”. The listener feels so when they buy slightly expensive ice cream. He said that’s a great way of being extravagant. For him, it’s when he soaks for a slightly longer time in the bathtub with a mug of tea or something. He’s never tried eating ice cream in the bath while it seems many people do that. He’s only tried taking a drink, or fashion magazines in, but he doesn’t quite like the idea of taking magazines in either because they’d get all filmsy. While there are people who feel a day spent sleeping is a day wasted, he feels thankful for being able to sleep that much. Like if he had two days off, one day would be packed with activities, while the other day would be left empty, so he can relax at home.

    • The fifth mail was from someone who’s been challenging eating a 15-cm whole strawberry tart cake by themselves for their birthday each year, but can never go beyond half of it. It’s their birthday soon, and they hope to be able to finish the entire cake this year. Is there any cake that Massu likes so much that he can eat an entire one by himself? He wasn’t sure how big a 15cm cake was, and said that must be a lot of strawberries used. It’s great to reward themselves on their birthday. For him, just a slice is enough. He tried thinking of things meant for sharing that he’d rather eat them whole on his own, and offered this - like when he goes for meals with his friends and they decide to share a fried rice to end the meal off, everyone just ends up with a small bowl. He’d really rather eat half of it, and make the other half into onigiri (rice balls) to bring home or something. He’s never thought about eating an entire cake on his own, that might be something girl-like? He wished the listener all the best and happy birthday.

    • The sixth listener wrote about how they were really upset and couldn’t stop their tears from flowing, so they looked at Massu’s uchiwa. It felt as if Massu was saying to them, “It’s okay, I’m on your side,” and that made them cry even more. Massu is a huge presence in their life, and can manage to turn the bad things good. He first thanked the listener, and said there are times when that happens. He said they put in all these thoughts (“from A to Z!”) during the photo shoot, and is happy if the thoughts can conveyed across. He’d be happy if they can continue having activities that can help make the bad things better, and will do his best. Thank you.

    • The seventh listener said they have the impression that Massu eats a lot. They wanted to know if he adjusts the volume of food he eats when he has to sing or appear on music programmes. Please also share if he has any must-eat item. He said it’s right that he eats a lot, at least more than the average person. It’s legendary how he managed to continue eating for 30 minutes even after Tegoshi and the staff stopped, when they went out to eat with the staff during the Tegomass tour. He probably eats more when he goes out for food with people. Like if he went out with another person and there were 3 of 1 item, he’d eat two. Because he doesn’t like having one left behind and going through the “Ah, you have it” “No you have it” process, so he’d eat the last one up before that even happens.

      For concerts, he doesn’t really eat much about 2 hours before, or at the very least, 1.5 hours before. So he tries to eat earlier, and eat only light items like fruits or soup just before the concert starts. There isn’t anything he doesn’t really eat, and tries to eat a balance of the food catered for them. He’d avoid heavier foods though. For music programmes, it’s hard to sing when he’s really full, so he doesn’t eat that much either. Of course, he doesn’t starve himself such that he’s so hungry he’s got no power to sing. So he probably eats more after a music programme.

    • ♪ Komorebi Memories ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Cherish - represent NEWS mix”. He talked a little about Cherish, how it was first released in 2005. It was probably released just a month or so before Master Hits started, when a much younger him started going “Domo, Masuda Takahisa desu!” very stiffly. He feels this is a song that’s they’ve gotten the chance to sing at many occasions, and is a song that’s grown with both NEWS and the listeners. So it’s with all these that the current “Cherish” comes to exist.

    • At the ending, he promoted “NEVERLAND” and the tour.

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