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NEWS news (week of Feb 4) - Part 1

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  • Shigeaki no Cloud (Feb 7)


    • Shige wrote to talk about awards. He said that he’s always enjoyed them, for instance the M-1, King of Konto, and the Grammy’s which NEWS recently went to go watch in NYC. It allows him to discover new talents and is moved at seeing them recognized for their work.

      For his novels, though he aims to be as good as those who receive awards, he tries to write what he thinks is interesting rather than to win an award.

      One award he likes is the Twitter Literary Awards. He talked about how it’s decided based on the votes of twitter users and you can only choose one book to vote for. It was also started by someone he really admires.

      He said that there are people who have been voting for his works in the award, and people calling for others to do the same.Though he’s happy that they want to support him, he asked that people not vote for his works if they are only voting to support him as an idol.

      He apologized if those who like his books feel like he’s throwing away their support, but he feels strongly that he doesn’t want to cause any discomfort to those who look forward to the award.

      He said that there are lots of interesting books out in the world and encouraged everyone to go out and discover them.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Feb 8)


    • Masuda Takahisa’s Neverland

    • Massu wrote about the Neverland DVD/Bluray release. He said that it took a lot of time to decide how to edit it and that he went to the editing room to oversee it many times. He said it was interesting to see how changing one shot can affect the entire feel and he has confidence in the finished product. He hopes we all enjoy it.

  • KEIICHIRO (Feb 9)


    • Koyama posted about the album announcement and the meaning behind the title. He said that they’re recording now and included a picture at the recording studio.

  • NEWS RING (Feb 9)


    • It was Tegoshi’s turn to update

    • He asked if everyone had watched the Neverland concert, and though it was embarrassing that he cried at the end he has a lot of confidence in the concert that they made.

      He said that he’s currently recording for the album and taking care to not get sick. He still trying to figure out what to do for his solo but wants to do something different than what he’s done before so it doesn’t get boring for the fans.

      In his private life he said that he’s been playing a lot of games recently, like survival games with his friends. He’s also still doing sports and soon they’ll start rehearsals for the tour.

  • Shigeaki no Cloud (Feb 9)


    • He posted a picture of a dish he made for the first time in awhile, putting all his comments in hashtags.

      He wrote about the dish he made and the album announcement and cheered himself on in making his solo, as well as students studying for exams, those sick with colds, and everyone trying to do their best.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Feb 11)


    • Masuda Takahisa no Epcotia

    • Massu wrote about the announcement of Epcotia. He apologized that fans going to the first show wouldn’t have much time to listen ahead of time but said that he was going to do his best during recording. He also said that he’s always wanted to do a costume exhibit, and he hopes everyone can see the Neverland exhibit.

  • Massu was mentioned in the Feb 7 entry of Yakumaru Hirohide’s blog when he said they celebrated Kawai Shun’s birthday for him, together with Higashiyama Noriyuki, Imai Tsubasa and Nakajima Kento. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

  • Sorashige Book (Feb 4)

    • Shige commented on how the day before was Setsubun and how fast January passed by.

    • The first message was from a listener who congratulated them on the release of ‘LPS’ and talked about how meaningful the song is to them. They’re an English major and are going to study abroad in Australia, they’ve never been abroad before and are still living at home so they’re anxious about it, but ‘LPS’ has encouraged them.

      Shige said that it was a good message and that these kind of challenges are scary before you do them but it’s exactly because they’re scary at first that you can enjoy them. You’re scared because it’s something you’ve never experienced, something you don’t know how it’ll turn out. He’s glad that ‘LPS’ could encourage her during this.

      He talked about how he’s 30 now and and he wants to tackle more challenges, as he’s come to understand what he’s capable of. He was talking recently with his friend who lives in Singapore, they met up in Tokyo and talked about other countries and languages. They talked about ‘Degawa English’ from ‘Sekai no Hate made ItteQ’ and how amazing it is. [The comedian Degawa Tetsuro has a segment on ItteQ called ‘Hajimete no Otsukai’ (My first errand), a parody of a show where young children run errands for the first time, in which he has to complete tasks in countries like America and Canada using only English. He is not very good at English and relies on key phrases, a lack of fear or shame, and gestures.] They talked about how more than words, body language and the intent to communicate is more important. He wished her good luck and said that he believed it’ll be a great experience for her and said he’d be happy if she wrote in about her experience once she’s gone.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • Shige said that he has a lot of friends who are ‘music guys’, and at they had an end of year party. After the new year started one of those friends messaged him asking him about a kpop artist Shige had talked about at the party. He sent a music video of an artist asking if it was the same person and it wasn’t (Shige had mentioned the artist Zion.T) but he ended liked the song that his friend had sent. That was SIRUP, the new project of singer songwriter, KYOtaro. He talked about how he’s currenting working on his own solo, so he’s thinking a lot about music and sound right now and how this artist has the sound he’s been searching for. He talked about SIRUP and music more and played the song that his friend sent him ‘Synapse’.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they watched the latest episode of Typewriters and said they thought it was great. They also said that they were surprised when Shige complained about how people assume authors are all-around versatile, just because he writes novels doesn’t mean he can also write musicals. The listener said that they were surprised because they has also assumed that. They praised the show and guests and said that it made them want to read more books by other writers.

      Shige said that he was happy to hear that and thanked them. He said though he said that being writer doesn’t mean he can write anything, because people have that image of writers he was able to have the opportunity to write a musical. He said he’s happy to have these various opportunities, and how the Japanese word for writer/author ‘sakka 作家’ really means someone who creates things, a creator. He said putting himself aside, really idols are the ones who are versatile, he feels that looking around at his sempai and kohai they do so many different things.

      He also said he was happy to be surrounded by so many great authors on typewriters and he feels bad but he hadn’t finished Nakamura’s book at the time of filming. He finally finished it and it was really amazing and interesting. He talked a bit about it some that while it touched on some deep topics about being human and desires, but his first impression is that it’s really interesting and how it made think about how important it is when making things that they be interesting.

      He talked more about the guests on Typewriters and how Nishi is really interesting and he likes her more every time they meet. He also shared a conversation they had that wasn’t used in the show about how he experienced this when he was writing pink and grey, when you go to a ‘deep place’ it’s hard to come back from it. You get deep into writing, and it’s hard to come back. He wondered how writers go on living their lives and said that lot of them do physically active things, and he also does kickboxing. When things are tough he ends up doing more kickboxing, and it’s good just hit things. He talked about during that conversation Nishi’s comments were really interesting and he looks forward to meeting her again on the show.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that their modern literature teacher recently told their class that they had a book they wanted to recommend to them, and that book was Shige’s book ‘Burn’. Their teacher said that it was an amazing book that you wouldn’t think was writing by someone who could also sing and dance. Their teacher is an old man, but he also talked about NEWS’ good points. When she told him to please also read Tuberose he told her that he was already currently reading it. It appears that he’s a fan of Shige’s novels.

      Shige said that at first when she was describing how the teacher was introducing his books to their class he imagined the teacher as a young woman, but it was actually an older man. He was glad that he picked ‘Burn’ as he’s released more books, he has had much opportunity to talk about ‘Burn’ as much. So he was really glad that he chose to bring attention to it and he’d be happy to hear his thoughts on Tuberose too.

    • ♪ Greedier ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Feb 6)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • Koyama opened the program by mentioning how the tour is starting next month. They said the meetings for the tour are progressing, the order they sit in during those meetings are Shige, Massu, Tegoshi, Koyama. Koyama said that he and Tegoshi don’t really talk much during the meetings, they listen while Shige and Massu discuss ideas about how the concert will be organized and the stage. Then they’ll share their opinions when they ask them what they think. They said that they’ve decided on goods, at the time when the radio aired they couldn’t say what their concept was yet but hinted that it was a strong distinctive concept. Koyama said that since it’s their 15th anniversary concert they might also look back on those 15 years but they also want to show the future of NEWS.

      Shige mentioned how since they’re only playing arenas for this tour they can do the same performance at every location, instead of having to change things for Tokyo Dome.

    • The first message was from a listener who informed them that on his radio show Nakama Junta (Johnny’s WEST) was asked who he considers his rival and he answered Shige. This is because on Bibitto Shige has a line where he addresses the ‘Oku-sama’ (wives) at home, and he also considers himself to be an ‘Oku-sama’ character.

      S: I’ll totally let him have that character.

      K: No no, don’t just give it away.

      Shige protested that he doesn’t do that on Bibitto anymore and that he would let Junta have it. That he already has enough characters, being a writer. Koyama commented that they hope that everyone can come to know Junta as the ‘Oku-sama’ character. Shige said that he watched Hirunandesu, and clarified that for him the ‘Oku-sama’ character was kind of pushed on him by the staff, the staff were kind of teasing him with it since he would get embarrassed, whereas for Junta it’s probably more natural.

      S: Junta’s actually the same age as me.

      K: EH!!

      S: Probably

      K: He is?

      S: Yeah, he’s 30.

      K: EH!! He’s 30?

      Shige commented on how Junta seems like he’s not sure whether to use casual or polite language with him. Koyama commented on how WEST has the impression of being young, but they’re actually pretty adult.

      S: But recently some young kids debuted.

      K: Ah! Kinpuri!

      S: Kinpuri. Apparently Johnny-san gets angry if you shorten it to kinpuri.

      K: No no how should I know.

      (both laugh)

      S: He apparently says “These young kids abbreviate everything right away!”

      K: Well, if Johnny-san says so then you can’t shorten it.

      K: King and Princess.

      S: PRINCE! Why prince… come on… (pretending to cry) what an airhead.

      S: There’s a huge airhead in NEWS. (Still pretending to cry)

      K: (laughing)

      S: Why did a princess suddenly show up.

      S: King and princess…

      K: Johnny’s first… male and female group.

    • ♪ Snow Drop ♪

    • After coming back from the song they were both still hung up on Koyama’s Princess mistake before Koyama went on to read the next message.

      The message was from a listener who said that recently they were tidying up their old magazines and came across an issue of Potato from July 2007, and wanted them to guess what they answered in response to the question “What impressions are you good at?”

      Shige said that he thought Koyama probably answered ‘Donald’ or something like that. Koyama said that he was thinking that he might have answered ‘Korosuke’. Shige said that he thought maybe he answered Enari-kun. Koyama asked Shige if he had done Enari-kun 11 years ago, and Shige said that he hadn’t but it’s been popular around then he also guessed Watanabe Yoichi.

      The correct answer for Koyama was ‘Korosuke’ and Koyama immediately did the impression, speaking in a high pitched voice. Shige’s answer surprised them, as he had answered Fukuyama Masaharu, a famous singer songwriter and actor. Shige also did the impression of him singing in a deep voice.

      K: That doesn’t really resemble him.

      S: (bursts out laughing)

      Shige kept doing the impression and Koyama kept telling him that it didn’t resemble him and critiquing his impression.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that recently they’ve become addicted to soup, they eat it with toast almost everyday. They wanted to know what Koyama and Shige’s favorite soups were.

      S: Our favorite soups!?

      K: They’re curious, Fukuyama-san. Fukuyama-san what soup?

      S: (in a deep voice) Clam chowder.

      K: That doesn’t resemble him at all!

      Shige was laughing and said that since he was laughing he couldn’t do it properly. He told Koyama to give it a try, and he did while answering ‘egg soup’ but also was not able to do well. They kept trying for a bit more before giving up and moving on to talking about soups.

      Shige said that he does really like clam chowder and makes it himself which surprised Koyama.

      K: Really??

      S: (In a deep voice) Really. Really.

      K: Who is that an impression of?

      S: (laughing)

      S: I don’t know.

      K: It’s just Kato Shigeaki.

      (both laugh)

      Koyama said that impressions are difficult and wondered what they would write is an idol magazine asked him what impressions they were good at now. Shige said there really were none and Koyama agreed. They’re sometimes told to do impressions though and Koyama said that maybe he could do Nyanko Star’s Super Sansuke, and did an impression of him in a really high pitched voice. Shige said he was really good at that one.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The last message was from a listener who said that they always think when listening to Koyama and Shige’s Kchan NEWS episodes that they want Shige to get angry at them. However, they can’t think of an interesting message to send in like other listeners have, and requested that Shige just get angry at them.

      S: ohh ho ho.. Just get angry randomly… (in a deep voice) How should I know?

      K: Who is that supposed to be?

      Shige said he didn’t know but wanted to get in a good impression of Fukuyama Masaharu at least once. Koyama told Shige to really imagine Fukuyama Masaharu, get in the zone and try again. Shige did and Koyama said that he really did it that time, it sounded like him.

      They continued to joke around laughing and trying to do the impression with various phrases. They did the ending information, promotion, and greetings in various voices while laughing and failing.

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