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NEWS news (week of Feb 18) - Part 3

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  • Tegomass no Radio (Feb 21)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’s almost 2 months into the year and the following month will be when their album gets released. Massu asked Sakura what the album title was, and Sakura replied in a small voice “EPCOTIA” and they told her to have more confidence. As they wanted to do better than last week when they spent too much time on the opening, they attempted to move on.

      M: Shall we do the ending then? Sakura: Are you trying to end the programme already? T: The programme will end in 2 minutes! Let’s do the request. M: (on his quest at dragging things on) Well so let’s do the request earlier, and move on! T: Yeah so we’re trying to cut down on the part before the request.. M: Uh huh. So if this gets too long, like last month’s- Sakura: Shut up! We’re moving on to the request! It’s because you do that all the time we don’t get to finish. M: You took too long to make the jab at me! Sakura: If you’re going to keep complaining this will get even longer! T: Yeah, but if you don’t shoot him down faster… Sakura: Ah we don’t need such discussion now!

      The other two continued talking while Sakura tried to read the request, and she told them to shut up again halfway. The listener wanted to request for “Ame nochi Hare”, as it’s one of the songs when the audio tracks is split into left and right channels. Their headphones seem to be faulty recently, as they heard the voices of Tegomass in the opposite ear. Massu made a joke on “kosho”, which can mean faulty or salt. Sakura tried to pull them back to the topic and said it’s about left and right.

      T: Left and right? I don’t know. Sakura: It’s not about that. This is a request! (T: HAHAHHAHA) Nobody’s asking you guys anything! M: What’s this? This is so mean! (pretend crying voice) So mean…. Sakura: No, it’s not being mean! Let’s do the request already! Why are you looking so happy anyway!

    • ♪ Ame nochi Hare ♪

    • The second mail is from someone who did a concert DVD recommendation exchange with their close friend recently. They showed the friend “NEVERLAND” and they were impressed by the world view (Here, Tegoshi messed up reading the letter, making it “I was shown NEVERLAND” instead of “I showed NEVERLAND” and Massu told him to read carefully). The friend laughed at the MC and got teary-eyed at the end. The listener also referred to Sakura as Sakura-san (T: You don’t have to use “san” for her! M: SOUND! With the love! Magic ray! T: Fire water…) The listener wanted to know if they recommended anything to anyone recently or had anything recommended to them. Massu said there was a period of time that when asked what he’d like for his birthday, he’d ask for a copy of the DVD of their most recommended concert or movie. (T, Sakura: Hehhhhhh~~~) He said he isn’t easy to buy a gift for, like Tegoshi wouldn’t know what to get him, so he’d say that. Tegoshi asked what if people bought the same thing, or something he’s watched before. He said he doesn’t own that many DVDs to begin with, not for everything he’s watched, and even if there were overlaps, the worst case scenario would be 2 copies of the same thing?

      Tegoshi asked if they had any recommendations, and they started the cycle of Massu claiming Tegoshi copied him by using the same headphones, mobile phone case… and Tegoshi denying that. Tegoshi said he often gets asked what skin care products he uses by female friends. Massu agreed that Tegoshi is amazing, in that his hair is bleached to this colour but it isn’t damaged or all. They also get wondered what can be done, if the hairstylists asked during the colouring process if it’s uncomfortable or painful, as they can’t just stop the process midway like how you can at the dentist’s.

      Tegoshi said he also often recommends the games he’s playing to everyone around him. Massu shared an episode of when they were in New York, where Tegoshi sat in front, with Koyama and Massu at the back of the car. Tegoshi was really noisy while playing and said it’s really interesting, so he showed them while playing. About 5 mins later, Koyama got carsick, and stayed uncomfortable even after getting off the car. They watched a show after, and halfway through the show, Koyama turned to Tegoshi and told him he’s finally feeling better. (M: How many hours later was that!?)

      So Tegoshi was saying he recommends games, and was going to ask if Massu recommends clothes but stopped halfway and apologised.

      M: WELL! I DO! T: No no you need to leave if you talked about that. M: Even though you really want to ask me about that! T: No no...if not it’d become the battle between Sakura-chan & I instead of Tegomass’ Battle later.

      Sakura said she often gets asked for recommendations for books. Massu said it’s hard to discover books on your own, as people usually read what’s recommended to them, or the ones that won awards? Tegoshi agreed, but Sakura often reads many new and different genres, as she tends to buy books based on the book covers. Tegoshi said it’s possible to do recommendations for books, and

      M: Yeah I get it. T: But you don’t read. M: Hmm? T: You can’t read, can you. Sakura: That’s right. M: “You can’t read” is going too far! T, Sakura: HAHAHHAHAHA! M: I can, I just don’t! It’s different! T: It was misunderstanding on my part. I’m sorry.

      They then joked about how Massu reads the mails for his solo radio show since he can’t read, and he said he memorises them all.

    • The next listener said they sleep best in their own bed at home, over all the fancy beds at hotels. But it seems their sleeping posture is terrible at home as their bed is always in a mess when they wake up. How are Tegomass’ sleeping postures? They said they didn’t know, as they can’t look at how they sleep. Even when they used to share rooms in the past with other members, they’re also sleeping when each other is sleeping so they don’t know. Tegoshi said he’s ever ended up in the futon of the person next to him during soccer training camps in the past, but he sleeps pretty much in the same position now. Tegoshi said there are sleeping apps and he’s never had any sleep talk recorded, and only super cute breathing when he’s asleep. Sakura said her jaws tend to be really tight and she’d wake up with hurting jaws. They asked if she’s stressed, she said no, and all the stress, if any, must be from this programme. “Tegostress!” They said that sounds like some game title and started discussing what kind of game it’d be like, like using the other three members to defeat Tegoshi and all.

    • For Tegomass’ Battle this week, they had to first do a tongue twister, whoever could read the line 3 times correctly first wins. They did a few times but still didn’t manage to succeed. They asked Sakura to try it, and she did it perfectly the first try and they poked at her for doing it so well. Sakura won this round.

    • The second mail said there are 2 prefectures with a kanji numeral, one being Mie (三重, the first character being the kanji for 3). What is the other one? Tegoshi got it right - Chiba (千葉, where the first character is the kanji for thousand). Tegoshi gloated about how he won, and Massu started whining about how he’s started writing all the numbers out, but how is he ever going to write till thousand? And they put up that nonsense for a while before moving on to the next question.

    • The third battle was one where they aren’t allowed to use any English at all in the discussion for the following theme - is Summer or Winter better? Whoever uses English first loses.

      T: Then I won’t talk! Sakura: There isn’t a point if you don’t. Please talk, starting now. M: Well, I really prefer “Summer” (in English). Sakura: Masuda-san. On purpose. No. (in English)

      They asked Sakura to join in too. They all prefer summer, and Massu and Sakura tried to trap Tegoshi, asking what kind of sports he plays in winter and what sports equipment he uses. He said he wouldn’t fall into such an obvious trap. Massu then decided to change his answer to winter, as it’s a “debate”. They said he’s terrible, as he made a mistake that would appear in the game rules.

    • At the end they promoted the tour and the NEVERLAND exhibit.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Feb 23)

    • At the opening, he talked about being busy with the recording for “EPCOTIA” recently and that it’s coming together nicely. He also talked about the solos, about how the solo songs are important in that they are what allow the members to present themselves individually, and that when these individuals come together, they form what is NEWS. For him, he chose something that he thinks is cool now. The previous solo was the first time he stood still to sing an entire song, and that gave him a great learning experience. As for whether his solo this time will be something like that, one that allows people to listen quietly to his singing, or back to the style he’s always liked… that’s for everyone to look forward to.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The first mail was from someone who likes the “NEVERLAND” Bluray/ DVD and has watched it many times (M: Thank you. I’m watching it too!) They asked what kind of sounds Massu likes from daily life. For him, as part of the training for his ears, he sometimes tries to listen for sounds that aren’t obviously the loudest. For example, the sound of passing cars/ traffic might seem to be loudest, but sounds like conversations etc. could turn out surprisingly obvious once you try to search them out too. Same applies for when he works with a band - if he can hear the guitar the clearest, he tries to listen for the instrument that he can hear the least, like the bass for example. He also did a joke on the sound the listener likes best, the sound of footsteps (kotsu kotsu) and how the ear training is something that can be built up bit by bit (kotsu kotsu too, in Japanese).

    • The second mail said they had lemon added in their drinks when they went for lunch with their friend recently - ginger ale for them and coke for their friend. They cannot understand why there’s a need for lemons and asked if Massu is okay with that. He said he often comes across lemons in coke, but in ginger ale too? Is that common? He prefers coke to come with lemon, inside rather than just placed at the rim of the glass. He also added that some places have lemons in the drinking water served, probably to remove odours or to help the water taste better, so it’s probably along the same logic? So there’s a meaning to it. Like how he thought there wasn’t a meaning to squeezing lemon juice over karaage, but after he found out that that’s to help prevent the absorption of grease, he felt apologetic for thinking the way he did before. How’s this. (sheepish laugh. M: I didn’t manage to learn from the “kotsu kotsu” just now at all!)

    • The third listener said they try to go to whichever restaurants are recommended to them, but there are times when they don’t really feel like going to what’s recommended and don’t know how to reply when the person who made the recommendation asks if they’ve been. Massu said it depends on the person who made the reservation too. Like for him, if it’s a recommendation by Higashiyama-san, he’d go the very next day. But if it’s by someone whom they aren’t particularly close to, he probably won’t go. If it’s a friend they often meet up with, the conversation would likely lead towards, “Ah then let’s go together the next time!” He hardly gets recommendations this way, so to answer the question… maybe just reply to say to go together? To have the person who made the recommendation take them there, rather than go by themselves.

    • The fourth mail is from someone who’s in the mandolin club in high school, and asked if Massu knew what it was. He did, and said being in the mandolin club sounds really cool as it isn’t as common as the other club activities. It’s also great to be in clubs that do sports, or those that are instrument-based. He asked them to do their best.

    • The fifth mail was from someone who didn’t manage to go for the tour last year. While they are happy to be able to watch it on DVD, they are also sad they didn’t manage to attend such a great concert. They are looking forward to the concert this year, considering how NEWS has been advancing each year and how this is the anniversary year. They asked if there’s anything else Massu would like to do this year for the anniversary. He said how the concept of “NEVERLAND” was one that didn’t limit it to the venues; just owning and listening to the album already means getting into “NEVERLAND”. Now that the DVD is out, he hopes everyone would enjoy it and check out the details they didn’t manage to catch during the concert. As for what he’d like to do, he talked about triple release campaign. The triple release campaign was proposed by the staff, and he’s always wanted to do a costume exhibit. Since it’s the 15th anniversary year, and “NEVERLAND” had a strong concept and one that still stand valid even after the concert is over, they thought this was a good chance. This is one of the things he’s wanted to do, though not necessary something he definitely HAD to do for the 15th anniversary, just that everything happened to fall into place now.

    • ♪ Taiyou no Namida ♪

    • For Master Hits this week, he played “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber. He talked about how the song was popular and he’d already known about the song before, but hearing it each time it was nominated at the Grammy’s got him hooked on the song again.

    • At the ending, he went back to the mail on the sounds from daily life, and talked about the sounds he didn’t like. Like the annoying bells from some bicycles that sound like “Get lost!”. He was discussing that with the staff, and they were wondering what to do about it and thought maybe changing the sound of the bell might help. Like use the mandolin or something. He messed up the pronunciation of mandolin (Mandorin? Mandarin? Ah, Mandarin? Mandorin? Mandarin Orange!). He said it might be nice to receive mails that invite discussion, like how we don’t really need something in our lives, do we. So please send some in.

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