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NEWS news (week of Mar 5) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Mar 4)

    • Shige talked about how it’s March already and how from now on is going to be really busy. He’s finished his solo and now it’s all up to the staff working on the album.

    • The first message was from a listener who wrote in about looking forward to the album and tour and that they’re sure the space theme will be a great success.

    • The next message was also about that and they added that they love the worlds that NEWS creates. They added that since it’s NEWS’ 15th anniversary they didn’t think that the album and tour would have such a strong theme so they were surprised. They’re excited and looking forward to it.
      Shige thanked them for their message and said that it was a relief to hear that. He also said that they got really good feedback on the Neverland album, tour, and DVD which influenced them in deciding what to do for this tour and what direction to take.
      He talked about how this album has a lot of ‘cool’ songs and that he thinks that it’s an album that will really give you the experience of space travel.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • For this weeks music club, Shige talked about Arai Riri, an 18 year old R&B and Pop singer who debuted in 2016. Shige talked about how her look and visuals are very cute but when she sings her sound is very mature and western. She recently came out with her second EP, ‘Rush’, which Shige thought was really cool and also her 1st Album, ‘RIRI’. He talked about her release event and that artists that Shige likes appeared in, which may be how he discovered her. He played her song, ‘Crush on you’.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that Shige may already know since he enjoys comedy, but they wrote in to tell Shige that Nakamura Ryutaro of the comedian group Shuumahha talked about Shige’s book on his blog the previous week. He said that he looks forward to each new novel that Shige publishes. He talked about how, unlike himself, Shige is a perfect man who can sing, dance, write, and is good looking. (S: No, I’m not!) And out of jealousy, even though he loves Shige’s books and wants to read them, he refuses to pay any money towards Shige so he reads them for free by renting them from his library. The listener said that she thinks it’s really cool that Shige’s books are gaining attention even from comedians.
      Shige said that of course he knew of Shuumahha, and said that he seems him a lot on TV. He laughed saying that after getting messages about it, he also read his blog post too. In the blog post he also wrote that his dream is to one day also live a wonderful life and have all of Shige’s book adorning his bookcase. And once he’s achieved that dream, if he can work with Shige he’d tell him this sad episode directly. He asked that if that time comes, that Shige embrace him gently.
      Shige said that when he first read this message he thought, ‘No no, buy it!’ but the blog post itself was so earnest and he felt his passion, so if they ever meet he’d like to give them to him for free. Shige said that he’s sure they’ll both appear in something together sometime, and he hopes to meet him. He said it really made him think about how you never know who is reading. He noted how Nakamura is only about one year older than him and said that he’s supporting him and told him to do his best.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they’re a housewife and have been cooking for their over 10 years but they cannot come to like cooking. Since they don’t like cooking, they’re also not improving. They wanted to know what Shige likes about cooking and how they can also come to like cooking.
      Shige said that it’s a difficult question. He talked about how he’s talked before about how the reason he started cooking is because he’s too shy to use delivery services, but he also like making things, no matter what that thing is. He get curious about how things are made, including things like CG and graphics. He likes looking up how things are made. Since the things are being made by people just the same as him, it’s not impossible for him to also be able to make them. So he often starts trying to replicate.
      Since she has to cook for her kids, it’d be good if she could come to like it. He wondered what she hated about it, maybe because it’s it’s tiresome and takes time. He talked about how he’s been making various things lately, and he tends to not make the same things over and over. If you try to make different things, your repertoire will increase.
      Shige talked about how he recently tried to make Mapo Tofu and at first he failed but now he has ‘his mapo tofu’. He talked about making pasta and Napolitan and how the key is that you boil the noodles first and then let them sit before stir frying them. Also, even though most people think you should add the ketchup last, you should stir fry the ketchup first. He had heard that so he decided to try it and it was delicious. He also thought about how you could apply that to other dishes like Omurice, too. He also talked about how he received a good vinegar from one of their stylists and heard about the technique of adding vinegar to the sauce but he forgot to do that part so he’ll have to try again.

    • ♪ Yawaraka na Mama de ♪

  • Keichan NEWS (Mar 6)

    • This week was the second week of Koyama’s solo radio.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that soon the tour would start and that she felt bad that the season for Koyama buying underwear for Tegoshi would soon be here. She wanted to know if he wasn’t running out of underwear after getting his taken by Tegoshi.
      Koyama said he wasn’t because he buys a lot of underwear. Recently he thought about why he has a lot of underwear and it’s because when he gets drunk he has a tendency to buy underwear before going home. He realized this after his friend said something to him. He has so many pairs that it’s fine if Tegoshi wore his and took them home. Recently, Tegoshi’s asked him to buy underwear for him, and so heb bought some while imagining how they would fit Tegoshi and his preferences. He told the writer that he’s not troubled by it so don’t worry.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that Koyama saying he’s “seriously so happy” right now in the magazine QLAP left an impression on them. (K: Seeing that [quote] written out is really embarrassing!) They said that as a fan, they’re happy as long as Koyama is happy, they recently had something happen that really brought them down so they asked Koyama to share happy moment with them.
      Koyama said that the reason he’s so happy recently is because he became able to drink coffee, and able to eat spicy food, his tastes have changed and so have his hobbies, as he’s gotten hooked on house plants. He also has bought art for his house. The hobbies he has to keep up every day has increased and so he’s pretty fulfilled. The reason he got hooked on coffee is from the episode of News Na Futari where they covered baristas and he discovered how delicious it is. He also recently went and bought a coffee maker on his own, and so now in the morning he makes and drinks coffee, waters his plants. He really feels 34 years old. He also has Milk. He doesn’t need anything else, as long as he can see everyone too.

    • The next message was from a listener who had 3 dogs, but recently one of them passed away. That dog had been with them since they entered first grade, so it’s been really hard and they can’t get back on their feet. They know that they can’t continue like this, but when they see where they used to take walks or see other people walking their dogs it makes them not want to leave the house. They asked him to share any methods he has to moving on.
      Koyama talked about Nyanta and how it’s been 2 years since he passed away. It happened right before Christmas. Koyama sad that he had been really sad, he’d cried a lot, but it made him think about how he was glad that Nyanta had been a part of his life.
      Nyanta had lived for 19 years, and he thinks that those 19 years were surely good for him to have been able to live in a stress-free environment. So it just made him glad that Nyanta had been able to come into his life. He thinks that since the listener is having so feelings about her dog’s passing, and the dog must have had a very happy life too. He understands that it’s very sad to lose him, but animal’s lives are shorter than humans so we should focus on how happy we can make that time happy for them. He also encouraged her to focus on her two dogs that are still alive so that they don’t feel that sadness and she won’t regret not having that time with them.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that while she likes all the members her favorite member is Koyama. She’s happy that they say that they’re happy no matter whose fan they are, but she also feels like just sometimes she wants them to treat them not as ‘our fans’, but specially as ‘my fan’.
      Koyama liked her message and said that he likes this sort of woman. He does have that desire, he says [that they’re happy no matter who’s fan you are] partly because he’s speaking when NEWS is all together, but he does always think of them in that way and has the feeling of not wanting them to become others’ fans. It’s embarrassing for him to say, but he does want to say things like that. Since there are no guests today, he can so at the end he said he’d say a line.
      Koyama said that he did feel that out of the people who support NEWS it did feel like there are a lot of fans who say they like all 4 members though of course they have their favorite members. He said he was really happy for that, but he said he’d start using ‘my fan’ more and if the fans want to be treated specially then he’ll be more domineering, so be prepared.

    • ♪ Megalomania ♪

    • The last message was from a listener who said that they want him to do another solo radio show for white day (March 14th). While they like hearing him chat with the members they also want to hear about Koyama. They asked him to say a lovey phrase for his fans. They asked that they also ask for people to write in with what they want Koyama to say. Koyama noted how even though Gai-san was out with the flu he had found another message from a listener with a situation. The message said that the listener was having a hard time sleeping recently so they wanted Koyama to say something to help them sleep soundly. Koyama said that he’d say it at the end after all the usual messages he reads at the end.

    • Koyama did PR for the album and tour and asked what the fans thought of his solo show. Saying that they’d of course keep having the other members on as guests, but also occasionally have him do the radio alone so he’d have a chance to speak rather than be in a listening role. He encouraged those who want to know more about him to write in.

    • Koyama said that the setting is that you and he are lying down next to each other.
      K:  Ready? My ladies, listen. Here I go. Well, uh… I’ll hold you until you fall asleep, so it’s ok to relax and sleep. I might accidentally wake you up, but for now get some rest. Good Night.

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