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NEWS news (week of Mar 12) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Mar 11)

    • The first message was from a listener who wrote in about how they got the Neverland DVD. They said they watched it and they love Shige’s solo, ‘Ayame’, and have been listening to it on repeat. They also said they were looking forward to Epcotia and asked what his new solo will be like. They also said that Epcotia is hard to say.

      Shige talked about Epcotia and what it stands for. He said that his solo, Hyouon, is finished. He said that of course he’s glad that Ayama got a high praise, including from the members but it he also can’t help but be conscious of that while while making his new solo. Since expectations will be high. He made a song to his liking, and aimed for a song that they couldn’t sing as NEWS. The tone is different, he made something that he can sing with the voice he has. He said it’s more cool that dramatic. As always, he’s afraid of the reaction leading up to release. He said he put a lot of thought into his solo and asked everyone to look forward to the album.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • For music club this week Shige said that he want to talk about a release that actually came out awhile ago in October of last year though a lot people probably know about this group already. Official HIGE DANdism, a 3 member band from Shimane. He talked about how at first their songs were probably too ‘cute’ for him, but as they released more songs they showed off a wide range of ability. He talked about how their EP, ‘Lady’ was really cool, especially the song ‘Tell Me Baby’ though all the songs were really good. He played their song ‘Tell Me Baby’.

    • Shige said that he really want to talk about the Indian movie, Baahubali. His friend who likes movies told him to watch it. He said that there are 2 movies and encouraged everyone to go see them. If you liked Mad Max then you’ll definitely like Baahubali. He said it’s the kind of movie to make you think, ‘Ah, movies are fun!’ He said that he wanted to talk about the movie, but instead he’ll talk about fried rice.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they saw the picture of his cooking he put up on jweb recently. They asked him to teach them how he measures things because they usually just guess measurements when they cook, though it doesn’t turn out bad. Like Shige, they’re also left handed so they enjoyed seeing his cutlery laid out for a left handed person because when they eat out the cutlery is always placed for right handed people.

      Shige agreed saying that usually cutlery is laid out for right handed people, but it makes him happy when staff realize through the meal that he’s left hand and  change how they lay things out for him.

      He also said that almost all the time, he doesn’t measure things. He rarely makes bread and sweets, but when he does he’ll measure for that because it’s necessary for scientific cooking like that- and when making umeboshi. Otherwise he doesn’t measure, he goes by instinct, though there are times when he fails too. He said the best way to go if you’re not sure is to only lightly season while cooking and then adjust at the end. On days when he’s hungover or been drinking the night before he tends to over flavor things.Since he only cooks for himself, there aren’t too many time when he feels like he over seasoned things since he makes them to his own taste.

    • He referred back to when he talked about cooking last week, and said that he’s always wanted to learn to make fried rice. It’s a ‘manly’ kind of dish. He talked about how many people have made this dish, so there are many different kinds of ways to make it. But no matter what it’s key to ‘coat the rice’. He also doesn’t want to to make fried rice with a rubber spatula, but properly with a ladle. He talked about making fried rice for awhile and how he likes to make it. He’s been hooked on cooking ‘childish’ foods recently, like fried rice, napolitan, and omurice.

    • ♪ Un Deux Trois ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Mar 13)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • Koyama opened by noting how the previous two weeks he did solo and Shige said that it’d be fine if Koyama did it this time too and Koyama asked if didn’t want to come that much. It turns out Shige was busy that day because bibitto was filmed on a different day than usual so he was quite busy. They talked about how busy they both are, they filmed NEWS Na Futari, then magazine photoshoot, and now the radio. Shige added that they really have to use their heads for NNF and they agreed that it’s really tiring. They also talked about how fast time flies and that there’s less than a week left before the album comes out. Koyama said that it better for things to be going quickly rather than dragging along. Though it’s surprising to think that ¼ of the year has passed already, it’s better than if it were still January, but Shige protested that he’d be ok if it were always January.

      Shige said that while he’s glad that they’re about to be very busy, it’s also a little scary. They talked about how this time they’re all so busy they don’t have a lot of time to rehearse so they really have to focus in the time that they can find.

      Koyama also mentioned solo songs and introduced Shige’s as ‘Hyouketsu’ (氷結・frozen)

      S: Huh?

      K: (Bursts out laughing)

      S: HUH!?

      S: You confirmed the title before we started recording, didn’t you!

      Shige yelled at Koyama some more and Koyama assured him that he was just joking.

      K: Shige’s solo is ‘Hyouten’ (氷点・freezing)

      S: Huh!

      Koyama then called it ‘Hyouban’ (評判・reputation) and Shige scolded him telling him to at least use the same ‘Hyou’ kanji. Koyama then correctly introduced Shige’s solo, ‘Hyouon’ and said that many people probably didn’t know it yet before realizing that it hadn’t been played anywhere yet so no one knows it yet. He also mentioned that he’s doing ‘Ginza Rhapsody’ and Shige told him that his is the only solo that fans will be familiar with.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that they suffer from seasonal allergies but can’t put in eye drops by themselves and have to have their mother do it for them. Since they’re in high school now, they’d like to be able to do it themselves and asked how they can learn to do it themselves.

      Shige said that he couldn’t understand because it’s scarier for him to have other people do it. Koyama he just recently became able to do it while he’s sitting up, he used to have to be completely lying down. Shige noted that Koyama used to not be able to do it himself and couldn’t believe it and kept asking why he had to be lying down. Koyama explained that when he did it while sitting he would miss. Koyama said that he and Shige both have seasonal allergies, but Shige got a shot for it.

      Koyama commented on how it wasn’t good to not be able to put them in yourself as a highschooler and Shige said that he has no room to talk since he had to be lying down to up them in. Shige said that if the listener practices they’ll be able to do it, but apologized saying that since he’s always been able to do it he can’t understand how the listener feels. Koyama told them to just keep squeezing the eye drops out because eventually some will go in your eye. Shige commented on how wasteful that was.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they usually listen to NEWS’ albums not on shuffle, when they listen to the songs in order they feel like they can feel how they took care in the song transitions, for instance leaving some seconds after a ballad for the listener to digest. They asked if the members do pay attention to the transitions when creating an album or concert. They also asked them to share the parts of EPCOTIA that they paid special attention to.

      Both Shige and Koyama agreed that they really put a lot of care into it. They both thought about what part they put special care into for this album, and Koyama talked about how over the years the parts the each member sings has become more clear- what keys suits their voices, what melodies are easy for each member to sing. For this album, Koyama sings a lot of the lower octaves and Shige agreed with that. The songs are tailor-made to their voices to make the most out of them. Koyama also commented on how in this album, there are a lot of songs that start with Shige: EROTICA, IT’S YOU, and TWINKLE STAR. Koyama said that he had a lot of lines right before the hook of the song. They also mentioned how there’s a lot of Massu rapping this time.

    • Koyama when to go read the next letter but paused for a long time between reading where the listener was from and their name, and Shige asked what was wrong, Koyama explained that he thought he was going to sneeze but repressed it then admitted it was a yawn.

    • The next letter was about the olympics. They said that they’re sad that they’re now over, and that part of them really admires the athletes, as people the same age as themselves who are working really hard. But it also makes them feel bad about themselves. They wanted to know what moment moved Shige and Koyama the most.

      Shige asked Koyama if he had watched any of it with his busy schedule. Koyama said that he hadn’t seen all of it, but that he watched some since he was going to cover the paralympics and they also covered it on every. Koyama talked about how olympic athletes are really busy once they return back home and Shige said that he felt bad for them for that and wished they could rest a bit and they brought up how Kodaira Nao, a speed skater, who took a break to re-energize. Shige also brought up Hanyu Yuzuru, a figure skater, and how impressive his mental strength is. He talked about how when he said so, his manager said that the same is true for Shige when he’s doing a concert in Tokyo Dome and Shige protested that it’s not the same at all. They talked about how impressed they were that the olympians perform under such pressure.

    • ♪ Kingdom ♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who wanted to know which they wanted to eat more right now, baumkuchen or castella.

      S: um… who cares. (quietly)

      K: No no you have to pick. Baumkuchen or castella. I don’t know why I’m asking either but you have to answer one.

      S: Why-

      K: Baumku-

      S: Why do they want to know? Why that. (speaking very quickly)

      K: No-

      S: Why from all the messages did you pick that one?

      K: No-

      S: Why? Seriously?

      K: I wanted to know, baumkuchen or castella.

      S: Who cares.

      K: I thought maybe you were someone who had an opinion on it.

      K: Which do you like more? Which do you want to eat now?

      S: Castella. Castella.

      K: Castella? No way.

      S: No really, I don’t really like baumkuchen.

      They talked about it for a bit more, Koyama said that he thought Shige would like baumkuchen since he likes madame shinco, and Shige said that it’s the sauce on that that’s good. Koyama said that he also would pick castella and they agreed that they’re delicious.

    • At the end the did PR for the album and tour.

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