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NEWS news (week of Mar 12) - Part 3

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  • Tegomass no Radio (Mar 14)

    • At the opening, they said how “EPCOTIA” would be released the following week and went straight to the request. The listener started playing soccer in elementary school and are still playing as a high schooler. It’s been 10 years but they never managed to excel, nor play in a single match, and it’s “WORLD QUEST” that gave them strength when they felt down. They’ll be starting a new stage of life which requires them to be in a dormitory, so they won’t be able to listen to the radio anymore, but they’ll do their best with the thought of being able to meet NEWS someday. They love Massu!

      T: It’s the pattern where I get all excited only to fall all the way down at the end. Thank you. M: Thank you. Well, I played soccer too. For six years. (silence) Sakura: Masuda-san… M: Hm? Sakura: This talk about soccer… it’s about time you, you know? T: Yeah about time. M: I can’t talk about this too? I’ll have nothing…

      Tegoshi said it’s still okay for Massu talk about this for TM radio, but each time they release soccer related songs, they’ll get interviewed by magazines and will get asked about the current soccer news. Massu would always join in, with this smug look on his face and go, “I played soccer for six years too!” (M: Hurhurhur) Massu explained that people always think of Tegoshi when it comes to soccer, and will throw the ball to him, expecting him to say something from the point of view of a layman, but he’s actually played when he was younger, so he says that and people are always shocked. It’s like this standard routine they go through each time, so he thought nobody remembers he played soccer, he talked about it. But since everyone already knows, it’s okay.

      M: There are just less and less things I can talk about. It’s like playing the game at the sandpit, where the sand just gradually… T: Oh no oh no oh no! You need to go to a new sandpit. M: It’s just going to fall over. Sakura: Let’s try to explore new topics. M: There aren’t any. T: HAHA. Sakura: There are. Masuda-san isn’t that shallow, are you. M: I am. Sakura: You’re deep! M: It’s just sticking a stick in this tiny mountain. Where it was pretty much flat to begin with.

      They said they’re happy how the listener gets encouraged by the songs, since they are supportive songs, and Tegoshi said they aren’t going to disappear, so take their time and come to meet them when they are ready.

    • ♪ KINGDOM ♪

    • The second message was from someone whose cat dashed out to chase after a neighbour’s cat, whom he fell in love with over the window. While the cat came home the following day, they were touched by how their cat fell in love like that. What would Tegoshi do if Emma fell in love with some unknown dog? They said that the story was nice and sounded like something that’d happen in some anime. Tegoshi said because he hopes for Emma to live longer, he’s had her sterilised so he’s not sure if she’d still fall in love. Though he knows there will be hormonal imbalance, that’s why he’s been adjusting her diet and all.

      M: No, no. You’re going off track. Sakura: What are you talking about? M: Because he’s dumb. T: Weren’t we talking about grams? For her meals. M: It’s not about grams! Not about how many grams you’re giving her! Sakura: I got a shock. T: (whispers) But she’s really cute. I’m trying to appeal how cute she is. M, Sakura: No. Sakura: They want to know what you would do. As a parent.

      Tegoshi said it’s fine, but it has to be a good looking one. While humans are just humans, there are many breeds for dogs, and the differences in breeds matter a lot. He’s not sure how he’d react as it hasn’t happened to any of his dogs before. It’d be fine if Papa is still important to them, but if they chose the other dog over Papa, he’d cry.

      M: He’s a doting parent. T: Yeah I am. Emma’s really cute. You know, when I bath her? M: Okay, next! Sakura: Thank you. T: (baby talks) Emma, Emma. Papa!

    • The third listener said they were impressed by the skaters at the Winter Olympics and wanted to know if the three of them could skate. They talked a little about how Hanyu was amazing and how team pursuit speed skating and curling were interesting. Massu said he’s probably done ice skating for work, in a drama, and maybe once in high school with his friends. But since he can both roller skate and blade, he could skate pretty okay on his first try.

      Sakura: Of course, because you’re athletic. M: I know right… Sakura: I shouldn’t have said that. T: HAHA.

      Tegoshi said he could skate, but can’t do turns and Sakura said that’s for sure, otherwise he should go participate in the Olympics! Sakura can’t skate at all and can’t even stand. (M: I can imagine you falling already!)

    • The following listeners all sent in questions for the “Simple Question Series”. The first question wanted to know what the boxes near their feet are, when they sing.

      T: Lots of snacks are inside there. Sakura: Eh? That sounds like dreamland. T: So we can pop something in whenever we feel hungry while singing. Sakura: Fairytale. M: There are also microphones, in case we drop them. T: Yeah. Lots of things inside. M: Some people also put their mobile phones inside. T: Depends on the people using it.

      They continue talking crap for a while, saying how some artistes put hair dryers in there, and TM Revolution probably does the infamous wind effect in “Hot Limit” himself.

      T: Yeap. That’s what it is. Shall we move on? Sakura: What is it, really?

      They said those are speakers, and there are also some at the side, that don’t get caught on the cameras. Depending on the song and set, there are also some behind. To help them sing.

      T: It’s really straightforward when we tell the truth. Sakura: That’s true. That’s what everyone’s looking for. M: Speakers. Sakura: Speakers. No snacks inside. M: Nope.

    • The following listener wanted to know if they receive scores when they sing new songs. They don’t, but when they play the guitar or piano for Tegomass no Radio, they ask for the scores. While they sometimes receive the scores for Tegomass’ concerts, they’ve never gotten them for NEWS. As it’s a live band performance for Tegomass concerts, they receive scores to know which instrument plays when. So they don’t receive scores for new songs, and what they have are the demo track, lyrics and the part distribution list (if that has already been decided upon). They receive these in data form, so they usually look at them on computers or tablets. Massu he puts them into his phone and memorise them from there. Though there are also instances when they ask the staff for lyrics to look at them in between work. Sakura was surprised as she’d thought they receive scores too. They said that only happens for Tegomass’ concerts.

    • The next listener wanted to know if they could remember the choreography for songs offhand. Would they be able to dance to the song immediately, if a song was played then, for example. How many songs can they dance to, and do songs they perform more often on music programmes leave stronger impressions?

      M: A few hundreds, maybe? Sakura: That’s amazing. T: Amazing. Sakura: This guy says it’s amazing. T: While I can memorise choreography real fast, I forget them real fast too.

      Tegoshi said it’s probably impossible for him to dance to songs from “NEVERLAND” tour now, though he might remember about 60-70% of them. So they go through the process of getting the choreography of older songs down each time they decide on performing them again. It doesn’t take that long to memorise them back again though, since the body already knows the stuff. Tegoshi said Massu’s amazing in that he can even remember the stuff from back dancing for seniors during his Junior days. He said it’s like songs. There’s no way you can have zero recollection of the songs you really liked a long time ago. While you might not be able to sing them off hand, you’d be able to if you have the lyrics, at the karaoke, for example. So he’s usually the one who recalls the choreography fastest and ends up teaching the rest when they perform older songs. Sakura said that’s a special skill, and Massu just said he thinks it’s like remembering songs.Tegoshi said there are some rare cases when he forgets even songs. Like the coupling songs they’ve never ever performed. While they’d love to perform all the songs, they can’t, due to limited resources. So even when he hears the intro, looks at the title, he still can’t recall what song it is, sometimes. Until he hears more of the song. While Massu can remember everything - the melody, lyrics, parts distribution, Tegoshi said frankly that he can’t.

    • The final question wanted to know how they moved around, or knew where to stand, when all the lights go off in between songs at concerts.

      M: It’s probably different for each of us. It’s a skill. Sakura: A skill!? T: It’s just getting used to it.

      Massu said it’s like when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom. You don’t go in the opposite direction, do you. Tegoshi agreed, and said they remember through rehearsals. So it’s just sense.

      They apparently managed to read all the mails for the week and said it’s really rare.

    • For “Tegomass no Debate” this week, the first question was “Which would they be for a day? A: Music teacher. B: Physical education teacher.”

      Sakura: Ready, go! T: B! M: B-A. T: What’s beh!

      Massu couldn’t quite decide and Sakura asked Tegoshi for the reason.

      T: Reason? Well, we got two options and had to choose one. So… physical education I guess… Sakura: I hate this. Really. M: Well I’m just seriously thinking about how it’d be for a day, and… physical education maybe… Sakura: Both of you. I really hate both of you. You need to say the reason. M: You really hate us? Sakura: Really. T: Don’t say that. We’ve been working together for so long. M: Well then we’ll hate you too. T: You okay with that? Sakura: That can’t be helped. Can’t be helped. Let’s just move on. Do better. T, M: We’ll give really good reasons. Battle each other.

    • “What can’t they live without? A: Fridge. B: TV” Tegoshi chose fridge while Massu chose TV. Tegoshi said he’s never been a TV kid, plus the stuff he watches can all be watched through tablets and PCs. But without the fridge, all the seasonings he bought from overseas would all turn bad, and he can’t chill his beer and stuff. And when summer comes? What happens? Huh? Humans are made up of 70% water…..

      He continued rambling on about how there’s no replacement for fridges and what about families who cook, and Sakura cut him off to ask Massu for his reason. (T: AHHHHHHH) Massu said he simply decided based on which he liked better. While they are both important, the fridge is the one that’s more replaceable. He doesn’t store that much stuff and he could just go buy whatever he needs. But without the TV, there’s nothing. You’d have to imagine stuff up. Even without the fridge, as long as you buy whatever you would consume for the day, all’s good. And helps keep the place tidy too. Tegoshi said it’d be fine to just pop by a friend’s place for the TV and Sakura judged Massu as the winner. As Tegoshi’s reasons are too smart-alecky.

      T: It’s the first time anyone called me that! “Smart-alec-virgin”!

    • At the ending, they promoted “EPCOTIA” (both album and concert) and “NEWS ni Koishite”.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Mar 16)

    • At the opening, he talked about “EPCOTIA” is going to be released the following Wednesday and about the “3, 2, 1, Go!” with the release date again. He also said that they’ve started rehearsals for the concert, so he’s been listening to the songs all the time. He hopes everyone would listen to the 23 songs and go for the concerts, saying it’s a really great album.

    • The first message was from someone who wanted to know if Massu would choose pudding or orange jelly as dessert for the school lunch. He asked if they had to choose one beforehand, because if they did, he’d probably change his mind. Since it’s the school lunch, they probably sat in groups of 6, so it’d be nice if people were divided evenly in their choices, but if it’s like 4-2, and he’s one of the 2, he might start doubting his choice of dessert. And if they exchanged a bite, he’d lose more as he’d have to give 4 people. He chose orange jelly as he’s been eating that since he was a child and would choose orange over any fruit.

    • ♪ EPCOTIA ♪

    • The second message was from someone who’s looking forward to the tour after listening to “EPCOTIA” through radio. The title is hard to read and Massu tripped over it too, but it’s surprising how he managed to sing it so smoothly in the opening line. Are there any tips to doing it well? He sang the opening line and introduced “EPCOTIA” from “EPCOTIA” and did okay. He said that he did think it’s hard to read the first time too, but it’s fine once you get used to it, so please memorise it!

    • The third listener said there’s a boom of matcha flavoured snacks now, does Massu like them? Also, does he like drinking matcha? He shared how he usually chooses vanilla, when he has to pick between vanilla and matcha flavoured ice cream at the end of meal courses, but adults tend to pick matcha, don’t they. He never understood that, until the recent years when he started thinking that there are times when matcha ice cream tastes better. He also buys them himself at the convenience stores, and he probably likes ice cream best out of all the snacks. As for drinking matcha, he does like that, though there aren’t many opportunities for him to, as he doesn’t own the tools for tea ceremony. He does like both the taste and the atmosphere of tea ceremonies, and thinks it’d be nice to learn that.

    • The fourth listener said they had their dream fulfilled by a programme recently. As they were chosen out of about 10,000 applications, they feel like their luck for the year have been used up. Does Massu have any dream he’d like to be fulfilled? He said it’s amazing. Whether he has any dream he wants fulfilled...he said if it’s going to end up as a programme, he can’t help but think of how it’d look like. For example, he can’t say he wants to go round the world on a cruise as that just him on the cruise wouldn’t be sufficient to make up an hour’s programme. Maybe holding a concert at a surprising venue, like how Tsuyoshi-kun (Kinki Kids) held one at the Heian Shrine. If he really could have a dream fulfilled, he’d like to have a month to think over it. He ended by saying the luck gets accumulated again so it’s all fine, and congratulated the listener again.

    • The fifth mail was from someone who has problems waking up early in the mornings. Since there’s going to be an alarm function in “NEWS ni Koishite”, is it okay if they start getting their expectations high, and think that that function would work on them? He said he hasn’t talked about the game on this programme yet, but NEWS has turned into a game. It’s a love game that started with a mistaken phone call. He was talking to the staff earlier, and since it’s like a game that requires the player to pick someone, the staff would probably be considerate enough to make sure they are pretty much even for the 4 members. Or if they tell Massu they’re playing him when they meet him, they might have to say they’re playing Shige when they meet Shige instead. Or play both. He hopes people listening to Master Hits would play Massu. There are many different functions and it looks like it’s going to be a great game, so please look forward to it.

    • The sixth mail was from someone who suggested Massu uploads his OOTD onto Jweb. He said he pretty much wears sweats if he’s only going to the studio and barely makes any changes to his set up. Maybe just wearing different shoes or something. Like he said previously, he’ll upload something within the year. By OOTD, the listener isn’t expecting it everyday, are they? So yeah, he’ll upload something within the year.

    • ♪ Neko Chudoku ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “JUMP AROUND”. He talked again of how the song came about, the music producer asked if he’d like to produce a song for the Massu produced show for SCP, and since they’d be including it in the album, it meant they’d be performing it at the concert. With that in mind, they had the overall theme of each member singing different parts of completely different moods. He wanted to make it a song with many elements, and a song that would hype up the atmosphere, rather than a song with a strong message. So there are things like “clap”, “jump” etc. There wasn’t the interlude in the version for SCP, but he had that added in for the studio version, and decided on the rhythm too. He’d thought i’d be interesting to connect the parts of Tegoshi, Shige and Koyama with a verse, he decided after discussing with the producer to use an interlude instead. The staff had to specially create that in the middle of the night after finishing up other stuff. His clapping is included too. While it’s a Masuda produced song, the “Taka” credited as the composer/ lyricist/ arranger for this song isn’t him, so please don’t get the wrong impression.

    • At the end, he talked briefly about how they worked with people they met through SCP for this album as with “NEVERLAND” and to please look forward to this great album.

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