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NEWS news (week of Mar 20) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Mar 18)

    • The first message was from a listener sharing her thoughts on the song Epcotia. She talked about what she liked about it and said that she liked the concept and is looking forward to the concert.

      Shige talked about how planets are a part of the theme of Epcotia and mentioned that he felt bad for Pluto since it’s no longer considered a planet. He talked about how the album was coming out this week. He said he’d talk about his solo once it’s out and he has listener mail about it to address.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • The next message was from a listener who wrote in about the artist iri who recently came out with her second album. Shige played her song on the radio before which led to the listener listening to her music more. She wrote more about her thoughts on iri and what she likes about her.

      The next message was also about iri and the release of her new album. She said that thanks to Shige playing iri on the radio, the listener and her coworkers all became hooked on her music.

      Shige talked about iri, and how he has the impression that she’s been releasing a lot and her music even appearing in commercials. He also talked about the group Lucky Tapes that a reader mentioned in their message saying that there’s so much good music to listen to. He talked about iri a while more, talking about what he likes about her music and how much he thinks that she’s improved since her first album. He played ‘Corner’ - iri.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they were surprised when they heard the announcement of NEWS ni Koishite. They had been really jealous when they heard about V6’s dating game and so they’re excited to play NEWS’ game. They heard that NEWS did a recording for the game saying lovey phrases and Shige seems like he’d get embarrassed saying them so they’re curious what it was like.

      The next letter was from a male listener. Shige laughed that the letter addressed him just like ‘Good evening, Kato Shigeaki.’ He wrote about how Shige’s been very busy with various things including his solo for the album and said that he’s looking forward to these things to be announced. He said that he was surprised when NEWS ni Koishite was announced, and was happy and looking forward to seeing what it’ll be like. He’s a male fan, but he’s looking forward to the sweet phrases, story and experiencing a new side of NEWS’ charm. He said that he’d keep supporting NEWS in their 15th year.

      Shige said the message made him happy. While laughing a bit he confirmed that NEWS would be in a dating simulation game. They first heard about it last year during the tour, roughly a year ago. Once the game was made they had meetings and did the photoshoots and recordings for it around August. At that time they hadn’t heard what the story would be yet. He said that games can’t be made that quickly since there are a lot of parts to it. He said that he himself doesn’t really know how it’ll turn out. He knows the story, but he’s looking forward to see how it’s carried out. He questioned if he should be playing the game, and if he does who should he pick? Should he pick himself? Though he wants to know how his part turns out. He’s in conflict with his self consciousness.

      Doing the photoshoots and voice recordings, as a 30 year old, made him remember his idol side a bit more that he was in danger of forgetting. He still has pride as an idol, though he was embarrassed as he did the recordings and photoshoots. He said that got a lot messages saying that he must’ve been embarrassed as he did it. When he first read the script of what he was supposed to say he did think, ‘Seriously! You’re really making me say this!’ but if he’s going to do it he’s going to keep people’s swooning until the end. It’s the same feeling as when you shoot a romance drama. It makes him go ‘oh hoho’ when he reads the script, but he gets into it once he actually starts doing it. He said it was fun. He looking forward to how it’ll turn out.

      He said that he thinks that men can enjoy it too. There are a lot of different extras in the game. He encouraged everyone to check the game’s home page for more details.

    • The next message was from a listener who wrote in saying that they read his NEWS Ring entry from Feb 22 where he wrote about the olympics and snowboarding. They said that they started doing snowboarding 4 years ago and saw the halfpipe event for the first time during the olympics in Sochi and were also moved watching the halfpipe this year.

      Shige talked about how with the summer olympics there are a lot of sports that people are already huge fans of, like Tegoshi and soccer, but with winter olympics many of the sorts are ones that people aren’t so familiar with. So it feels like everyone’s at the same starting line and can get excited over it together. He said that watching the olympics were really fun, and how impressive the athletes were. It made him want to do his best too.

    • He mentioned how he went to Shanghai, and the flight back is only a few hours so he wasn’t able to properly watch it so he has to watch it properly, but he watched ‘The Shape of Water’. He said that as a fan of Guillermo del Toro he thought it was wonderful, he can agree with the oscar result though it was surprising. It was surprising that it won 4 oscars, he was surprised that it won best director and best film. He encouraged everyone who hasn’t seen it yet to watch it.

      Shige talked mentioned and praised Guillermo del Toro’s comments about the movie in regards to Beauty and the Beast: “The idea was to create, through fantasy and science fiction forms, a new type of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in which the beauty is someone you can relate to — not a perfect princess. And the beast doesn’t need to transform to find love.”

    • Shige said that he wanted to pick a song from Epcotia to play, and that he would pick Erotica which sounds similar to Epcotia. He said it was a good and cool sounding song and that it starts with Shige singing.

    • ♪ Erotica ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Mar 20)

    • The guest this week was Shige again.

    • Koyama opened asking if everyone had bought Epcotia and then he and Shige joked around for awhile, and Shige started talking about comedians he’s found interesting lately such as Hyokkorihan and Kanjuku Fresh, though Koyama wasn’t familiar with them.

      Koyama turned the conversation back to the album and said that while those seeing the tour in the first stops won’t have much time, he urged them to listen to the album because the concert will be more enjoyable that way. He wondered if by the time this airs that they might be finishing up rehearsals but it seems tight.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that they were happy when they heard Koyama was doing Ginza Rhapsody, in continuing with doing an older song like with Romeo. They said that they like how Koyama still treasures old memories.

      Koyama asked Shige why he chose Hyouketsu for the title of his solo to which Shige reluctantly retorted ‘Why Strong!’ referring to the alcoholic drink Hyoketsu Strong. Koyama thanked him for his retort and asked him what his solo is like, if it’s trendy. Shige said that it probably was, it’s R&B.

      Koyama said that he’s heard Tegoshi’s solo during rehearsal, he said that he and Tegoshi have been doing a fair amount of singing practice together this time and Shige said that his schedule hasn’t matched up. Koyama went on to say that he’s been seeing Tegoshi a lot and Tegoshi will sing once and then just go into his solo and Koyama listens with Emma since she’s been coming to the rehearsal room.

    • ♪ Avalon ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that Shige once said on the radio that even if someone says they like him he doesn’t know if they really do. He asked, how much? So they came up with some examples and asked them to share if there are any in particular that they like.

      “I like you as much as I like white rice.” S: That’s really subjective. It’ll just turn into a question of how much you like white rice.

      “I like you even more than bread.” S: They just switched rice for bread.

      “I like Shige so much that if I had to pick between shaking hands with Shige, or Trump, then I would pick Shige.” S: I really have nothing to say about that.

      “I like Shige so much that when a person says that they like Shige it makes me like them a little.” S: Ah nice. Best one.

      “Between Shige or chicken, I choose Shige!”  S: What am I, fish? Ah, or beef?

      “Between Shige or beef, I like Shige to the point where I would waver!” S: You would waver! More than chicken but less than beef.

      Koyama laughed through out reading the choices and Shige said that having to come up with retorts was tiring.

      “I like Shige so much that I hope that he can catch a tuna about once a week!” S: I want them to hope that more than once a week.

      Koyama said that the letter writer was pretty funny, and that the one that resounded most with him was the one about liking someone who said that they like Shige. Shige said that he did get a bit hung up on the ‘a little’ part.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that in spring they will move to Tokyo and begin living on their own. They’re sad to be leaving their family, they’ve always had their family’s support in overcoming difficult things. They wanted to know what NEWS did when they were lonely after beginning to live on their own. They also asked if there was anything they found scary or troublesome.

      They talked about how they just covered girls who are moving to Tokyo to live on their own for the first time on NEWS Na Futari. Shige brought up how Koyama was pretty late to start living on his own compared to the other members and Koyama agreed saying that he lived at home until he was 28 years old. Shige was surprised that it was that late. Koyama said that it is lonely when you first live on your own especially at night.

      That prompted Shige to ask him how he is with ghosts. Koyama said that at his current house he’s fine because he doesn’t feel anything like that there. Shige asked him if he’d experienced anything like that before. Koyama said that more so at his family home is where when he’s shampooing his hair he’ll feel like there’s something behind him and think about what would happen if he were to turn around. What if the water he’s using to wash his hair now is actually blood. Shige said he also doesn’t feel that sort of thing at home at all, in fact he doesn’t believe in ghosts at all.

      Koyama commented on how Shige’s first place when he started living on his own got a lot of sunlight and saif that when he spent the night over there though it was scary. Shige said that one of the things he think is good about living alone is that you realize what you’re not good with, what irritates you. He said that right after he moved to his own place there was construction right next door and it was really loud and annoying, and because the building was taken down his room got a lot of sunlight. It would get in his eyes when he was waking up. Then if he went to escape the light in the living room, next door on that side was a kindergarten, and they would sing a lot. Just everywhere it was noise noise noise. The only quiet days he got was when a typhoon would come and the school was closed and they couldn’t do construction work, but then the noise from wind would be really loud. Koyama commented on how it’s a good thing he moved.

      Koyama also added that the letter writer would get used to the loneliness. Shige said that he’s generally alone and that he likes to drink a bit at night and so he’ll have a drink while watching whatever program the other members are appearing in on TV then go to sleep and with that he can get  a good night’s rest. Shige commented on how there are a lot of days that Koyama doesn’t drink and asked if he’s able to fall asleep right away on those days. Koyama said he is because he plays with his cat which also helps him not feel lonely. Shige asked him about when he was younger, when he was 28 and first living on his own. Koyama said that he would always fall asleep with the TV on, which Shige said that he totally understood. Koyama said it was reassuring to be able to hear people’s voices. Shige even now he still gets it, the happiness of when you’re sick falling asleep on the couch with the TV on rather than in his bed.

      Shige then asked Koyama what he does when they’re traveling, like to New York or Shanghai or when they’re in different regions of Japan while on tour. Shige said that he’s always kind of wondered what the other members do at night. Koyama said that in Shanghai he was able to watch NHK on TV, so he fell asleep with it on TV. Shige said that it was the same for him the first night, and it wasn’t a heavy topic on NHK but that day he was tired and had NHK on the whole time but when he woke up in the morning he didn’t feel rested at all. So the next day he just decided he’d catch up with things in Japan later so he didn’t put it on the next day.

      Shige said that Tegoshi was playing games the whole time. Koyama said that when he’s in hotels in Japan he doesn’t watch much TV, he’ll watch videos online and look up things, like he’s been wanting headphones and he head a lot about them from Shige, but he ended up spending a lot of time looking them up online. Shige said that he wanted to know what time Koyama wakes up while on tour and Koyama said that he likes to eat at the hotel and Shige commented on how much Koyama likes breakfast. Koyama said that seriously loves hotel breakfasts and so he will definitely wake up an hour before he has leave and then 30 minutes before leaving he’ll eat breakfast. Shige countered saying that they have a meal during tours though and Koyama said he eats those later after noon. He wants time at the hotel to take it easy and Shige said he understood that Koyama always looks like he’s had some royal milk tea and that air pisses him off. (both laugh) Then even though he’s giving off such a graceful air in the morning, he’ll use a hyperbaric chamber right away and Shige’s like what so now you’re tired!! He ends up feeling like sleep until the last moment!! Koyama commented on how Shige sounds like he’s telling a rakugo story.

      Shige talked about how at the hotel in Shanghai Koyama seemed super used to the breakfast buffet. First he toasts a croissant, and has the chef make him an omelette, and while waiting for that pours himself some soup. (Koyama is cracking up throughout this story). Koyama commented on how good Shige is at telling these kinds of stories.

      Shige also talked about how Koyama has started drinking coffee, though it was a bit cute how Koyama used to drink milk tea. Recently it’s made him seem more like an adult man. And yet he still uses the hyperbaric chamber and Koyama protested that that was unrelated.

      K: Okay let’s move on to a NEWS song-

      S: I’m saying, you’re going to wake up and then go right back to sleep!?

      K: I’m moving on to the song (laughing)

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • Shige talked about how he has to come up with rakugo stories, every day he thinks about them when he gets home. While everyone else is memorizing Epcotia choreography he’s working on rakugo. He said that while he’s liked it, he’s not super knowledgeable about it. At night he’s been using his computer’s camera to practice rakugo on his on at night trying to figure out how to tell it interestingly. They did PR for the album tour, and once Shige reminded Koyama, for Otasuke Japan. They talked about how Massu went to Peru and how everyone’s going abroad this year.

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