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NEWS news (week of Mar 27) - Part 3

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  • Sunday, Apr 1 Noon

    • M: Bakayarou! I love you more!
      S: That’s Shige’s line!!
      K: Even though there’s an entrance to NEVERLAND, there is no exit.
      S: That’s also Shige’s line!! It’s copyrighted! It’s Shige’s! You need to ask Shige for permission!
      T: My blonde hair is also copyrighted.
      K: It must be tough for juniors to go blonde even if they want to.
      T: They call me to get permission.
      M: I wonder if it’s also tough to get my red hair.
      K: Didn’t you get it out of respect for London Boot’s Atsushi?
      M: Eh!? That’s difficult to answer!
      T: What about Fukase [from Sekai no Owari]?
      M: Wasn’t he after me? Hey, wait, don’t spread this around!
      T: Nice ‘Dragon Night♪’ [A popular SnO song]
      (Source 1 2 3)

    • Koyama saw that there was a bug on Tegoshi’s shoulder and when he told him about it, Tegoshi screamed and tried to tackle Koyama to get rid of the bug.
      K: Are you trying to squish it on me!? That’s gross!?
      M: Don’t squish one of our crew members...
      (Source 1 2)

    • K: Massu’s not afraid of bugs anymore! Just from visiting the Amazon.
      S: Did you watch Massu in the Amazon?
      K: ?!?! Whose program do you think it is!? I was in it!
      S: (laughing) Did you watch it?
      K: I did but..
      (Source 1 2)

    • A piece of confetti was stuck to Tegoshi’s chest.
      K: Tegoshi, there’s confetti stuck to your chest.
      T: Ah there is! There’s a single long hair on my chest
      S: Cut it out! Don’t talk about hair.
      K: Tegoshi goes to get his hair removed, right.
      T: It’s about time to go for my usual appointment.
      M: Who goes to get their hair removed?? (trying to get the audience to raise their hands)
      K: You! (laughing) Even I know you can’t do that.
      M: Ah you can’t?
      T: Eh, but girls talk about that together right? That’s what I imagine happens at all girls schools.
      K: Tegoshi-san, how much do you get removed?
      T: Me? Everything on my upper body.
      (Source 1 2)

    • K: Yesterday, all four of us went and ate sushi. We ate so much!
      Koyama said that usually Tegoshi and Shige head out first and about an hour later Koyama and Massu will join them. Massu said that Tegoshi would usually already have finished eating so he could go back to the hotel, but would usually wait till they all met up and all had a drink together. However, the night before Tegoshi was still eating when they got there. Shige usually stays to drink with everyone the whole time.
      (Source 1 2 3)

    • Massu tried to throw a ball to a kid but the ball flew in a completely different direction. He gestured sorry to the kid. (Source)

    • Tegoshi’s ending speech: “Since today’s April 1st, I’m sure that there are people here who are beginning a new stage in their life. You may be feeling anxious, but we are always here and on your side. If you’re having a difficult time please think of us.” (Source)

    • Koyama’s ending speech: “Were you able to forget all the unpleasant things? Let’s saving up lots of energy today and do our best tomorrow.” (Source)

  • Sunday, Apr 1 Evening

    • In the middle of a song Tegoshi came up behind Massu and hugged him. In revenge, Massu got really close to Tegoshi’s face and blew into his ear. (Source)

    • Koyama, Shige, and Tegoshi were talking about how they’ve all appeared on quiz shows recently and asked Massu if he’s been on one recently.
      M: VS Arashi!!! (Source)

    • When getting the audience to cheer:
      K: Men!!
      Men: (cheers)
      K: Kids!!
      Tegoshi: (Cheers) (Source)

    • S: I had a PHS since middle school, but it was because I went to cram school.
      T: I also went [to cram school] starting in 2nd grade of elementary.
      M: I went to cram school too (looking smug)
      T: Ok, then try saying an equation.
      K: Hey!
      T: How do you get the area of trapezoid?
      M: What’s a trapezoid again?
      Everyone: Ehhhhh!?
      K: Yikes.

    • Massu, who went to Sapporo a day earlier than the rest, sent a text saying “It’s cold if you come in a Tshirt and a thin jacket.” S: Obviously. (Source)

    • T: Sorry this is a conversation from the earlier performance, but I pulled out the hair that was on my chest! When Koyama told me that there was confetti on my chest, [I noticed that] there was a hair growing out of my chest. I plucked it!
      T: I forgot to tell Koyama about it, so I thought I’d make a bit of an announcement!
      K: Now isn’t the time [for that] (laughing) (Source)

    • S: ‘Are you falling for NEWS!?’ always gets everyone excited.
      K: Why are you getting all shy partway through. You should have just asked it then. Give it a try. They probably won’t react.
      S: Everyone, are you falling in love with NEWS?
      Some Fans: Yay!
      S: You’re not sure (laughing)
      S: You’re not supposed to [say yay!]. And then I’m supposed to say ‘Oi!!’ You can’t read the situation [lit. air]! Only when you’re in space!
      Fans: Oooh~
      M: Space meeting! Space meeting!
      S: You can’t read the situation [lit. air]! Only when you’re in space! Because there’s no air!
      M: Everyone, are you falling in love with NEWS?
      Fans: Yay!!
      K: Everyone, are you falling in love with NEWS?
      Fans: Yay!!
      S: Everyone, are you falling in love with NEWS?
      Fans: …
      S: Oi!!!!
      K&M: Thank you!
      (Source 1 2 3)

    • Apparently Tegoshi shows pictures of Emma to Shige saying, “Isn’t she cute!”
      S: I end up saying, ‘uh, yeah. Cute.’ but aren’t pictures of pets the hardest to react to!? I hate those kind of people.  (laughing) But if it’s Tegoshi, it’s ok. (Source)

    • M: Today’s April Fools.
      K:  Yeah. You’re not playing a prank on me, right?
      S: We’re not.
      K: I’ve been waiting.
      S: What do you mean you’ve been waiting for April Fools?
      M: We’re all just regular good people, so what do you mean?
      S: We simply had no energy left with 2 performances today.

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