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NEWS news (week of Mar 27) - Part 4

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  • Sorashige Book (Mar 25)

    • The first message was from a listener who said that when the are alone at home cooking or cleaning they want BGM. They often listen to music or put the TV or radio on. They asked Shige if he prefers silence.

      Shige he said not in particular, he has having nothing to do so he’s someone that always has to be doing something. So he’ll listen to things when he’s writing too. He then encouraged her to listen to the album.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they were lucky enough to be able to go to Epcotia. While they’ve gone to many different concerts before this is the first time that they’re going to be going on their birthday so they’re looking forward to it.

      Shige commented on how the tour is starting this weekend in Sapporo and told people who are coming to have fun.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • For music club this week Shige said he wanted to talk about an interesting artist he discovered recently, PAELLAS. Last year their mini album, ‘Dreams’, got a lot of attention and their videos got a lot play online. Shige didn’t know about them then, but their video showed up in his related videos and he ended up really liking the song. He said that people who listen to this radio will probably be like yeah yeah it seems like something Shige would like. He talked about the group for awhile giving some basic info and his impression of them. He played their song ‘Echo’.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they got into their first choice college and in the spring they’ll be moving out on their own. Though they’ve been telling their family and friends that they’re not worried at all, they are actually are really worried. What will they do if a cockroach or ghost appears? Though it’s all small things, they’re anxious about living on their own. They asked Shige to share any stories he has in relation to living on his own.

      Shige said that he started living on his own right after turning 20. He had wanted to start right when starting college but those around him told him to wait until he turned 20 so he did. So it’s been 10 years since he started living on his own. He was in a drama called Kakure Karakuri, and after that the team from the drama, co-stars and staff, rented a big van and helped him move. It was his first place, so he didn’t have a lot of stuff though it was mostly clothes. He remembers how he didn’t have a lot of furniture at the time so he would by turning over a cardboard box or a plastic box.

      He told the listener that it’s fine to go out on your own and that if a ghost comes out there’s nothing you can do so just give up on that front. He said that as for cockroaches, he’s probably better at dealing with them than most people. When one does appear he ends up being like, ‘Oh! Really!’ And how they’ll fly around if you try to get them, so it is pretty shocking. He told them they should buy bug spray, the kind that freezes the bug instantly.

    • The next letter was from a listener who would be turning 20 soon. They asked Shige when he thought, ‘Ah, I’ve become an adult’ and what he thinks you should do while you’re in your teens.

      Shige said that he’s never really had the thought of, ‘Ah I’ve become an adult!’ even now. When he looks back he’s been through a lot. One thing he’s noticed is that now that he’s in his 30s, there times when he’ll think ah it’s ok to take it easy, but when he was 20 he was doing all kinds of things. Like when he was writing Pink and Grey, he thought so at the time too, but at that age he really was able to work really hard. There will only be a few times that you can work that hard, being able to write Pink and Grey when he was 23 years old has become a fortune to for him now. He encouraged them to try and fail at many things while they’re young. There’s no ‘way to succeed’. It’s better to learn how to fail and get back up after because that’s what’s connected to success.

      He said people who have a dream so try and go for it, because if you try and fail while you’re young you can recover from it. He encouraged everyone to experience a lot of failure in their teens and 20s, though of course it’s also fine to fail ones you’re older too.

    • The next letter was from a 5th grader in elementary school. The listener said that no matter what they do nothing goes right. They can’t get along with their homeroom teacher, if they can’t solve a problem the teacher gets mad at them and they don’t want to go to school. They play sports but also cannot improve there. They don’t know what to do and asked Shige to help them. They only thing that supports them is Shige’s smile.

      Shige said that he was happy for them to say so, but that unfortunately no matter how much they wait help won’t come. Even if it’s tough, the only thing they can do is fight it out themselves. He said that even though he was just talking about how you need to fail when you’re in your 20s, the writer is probably 9 years old. He told her that she has to fail. To challenge herself, though she shouldn’t just worry on her own. He told her talk to her friends, and mostly her family about her feelings, or her teachers. He’s sure that there’s lots of people she can talk to. He told her it might be hard, but that if she pushes through there’s lot of fun to be had in her 20s and 30s waiting for her. He told her, and all the listeners, to do their best.

    • ♪ Avalon ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Mar 27)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi.

    • Koyama started out by noting that they tour would be starting soon and then introduced Tegoshi who immediately began baby talking to Emma.

      T: Yah~ Papa’s working hard Emma. Wait. for. me. ok? Emma, Wait. ok?

      K: Where is Emma now? (mimicking Tegoshi’s weird voice)

      T: She’s at home. Papa is cold!!

      Koyama commented on how Emma wasn’t there that day, but someone like Emma was. Tegoshi keep rambling on using his baby voice, and threw in there something about doing a mud mask earlier. Koyama laughed and asked him about it asking if he’d done a mud face mask and Tegoshi corrected him saying that it was Emma who’d done one. Koyama was surprised and Tegoshi said that it was when he took her to the trimmer’s. Koyama asked him if those really exist and Tegoshi said that they did and were quite expensive. Koyama asked if it made her skin smooth and Tegoshi explained that it make her fur fluffy and was probably good for her nose too. They commented on how overprotective Tegosh is of her.

      K: You’re overprotective.

      T: Yeah, she’s cute.

      K: She is~

      T: Emma is CUTTTTE!!

    • The first message was from a listener who said that she watch Shonen Club Premium, and they felt bad for Koyama because when they went to eat Koyama was the only one who didn’t get any colorful xiaolongbao. They’re really curious if Koyama ever got to eat any of the colorful xiaolongbao and asked them to share any behind the scenes stories.

      Koyama reminded Tegoshi of how he had taken his red spicy one, and Tegoshi said how delicious it had been. Koyama said that for that trip he and Tegoshi had wanted to eat spicy food. After filming they ordered a set of just the red xiaolongbao and Koyama told the listener not to worry he got to eat a lot.

    • ♪ JUMP AROUND ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that after graduating from high school she got a part time job at a cake shop. When they confirm that the cake is what the customer ordered, they say ‘kochira de daijoubu desu ka?’ (Is this ok?) but they accidentally asked ‘kochira de okay! desu ka?’ (Is this ok?) like Tegoshi usually talks which surprised the customer. They said that they were embarrassed for the rest of the day and couldn’t concentrate on work. They’ll be careful to make sure that their ‘Tegoshi sickness’ doesn’t make another appearance. They asked Tegoshi to come and buy a cake.

      Koyama and Tegoshi did a brief reenactment of what it would be like if Tegoshi went there to buy a cake and then Koyama asked Tegoshi if he likes cake. Tegoshi said that he does and explained that he actually used to have a sweet tooth.

      K: Eh, who are you talking to.

      T: (laughing)

      K: Stop talking at the wall!

      Tegoshi went on to explain that once he started to drink he would get his sugar intake from wine and so he doesn't eat sweets anymore. However when he has had any wine for about 3 days or so, for instance when he has an important job coming up, he does end up eating sweets because his body craves the sugar. Tegoshi said that he likes Mon Blanc cake because he likes sweets that have alcohol in them. He also said that one time his mom got tipsy from eating one because she doesn’t drink and Koyama said that his mother also doesn’t drink.

      Tegoshi told a story from when he used to live at home. His mother had told him that she was having trouble sleeping so he bought her some nice kahlua and told her to drink some of it with milk. When he got back from work his mother wasn’t there to greet him like she always did and then he heard her in the toilet throwing up. He asked her what was wrong and she explained that it was the kahlua and it was there on the living room table but only a little bit was gone, she hadn’t drank much of it.

      Koyama commented on how Tegoshi has become able to drink even though his mom is a lightweight. Tegoshi said that when he first turned 20, he was glad to be able to drink and tended to over do it and often ended up throwing up. Koyama commented on how that must have increased his tolerance and Tegoshi agreed comparing it to weight lifting.

    • The next message was from a listener who asked what they thought of college students wearing (school) uniforms. They’ll soon be a sophomore in college, but they still like uniforms although there’s not much chance to wear them. They know that Tegoshi likes uniforms so they were thinking of wearing one to the concert and wanted to know if they thought that college students could get away with it.

      Tegoshi talked about how at places like theme parks there are a lot of different kinds of uniforms that are popular now, and none of them are real uniforms. It’s totally fine. Koyama said that recently he Tegoshi and their manager were together in the car in Shibuya when Tegoshi rolled the window all the way down and called out “Is there any [one wearing] uniforms here? Any highschool girls here?” in a super high pitched voice. Right in Harajuku he stuck his head out.

      Koyama said it was scary and Tegoshi asked him why he was putting down other people’s preferences like that.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi whether he preferred sailor uniforms or blazers and Tegoshi said that he didn’t care it depended on what suited the person wearing it.

    • The next letter from a listener who said that since they love NEWS they had decided to not fall for anyone else, but recently they may have started to like a boy in their class. They sit next to each other in class and talk a fair amount, and joke around during breaks. They have a lot of fun talking with him and asked if it is love.

      Koyama and Tegoshi both said that it sounded like love. They guessed that if she’s 13 years old then she must be in junior high. Tegoshi said that it can’t be helped, you can’t control who you like. No matter if you’re the prime minister, a police officer, idol, or actor, everyone falls in love. They (NEWS) don’t have any right to say ‘Why! Didn’t you say you were only going to be watching us!’ He said that he did hope that even if she falls in love with him, that she doesn’t forget NEWS and that she’ll listen to NEWS with her boyfriend and come to concerts together. Koyama agreed and Tegoshi encouraged her to share with her boyfriend what she loves about NEWS.

      Koyama clarified that Tegoshi’s advice to her would be that if they end up going out that they support NEWS together. Tegoshi agreed and said that they could go to karaoke together and sing NEWS songs together splitting the high and low parts.

      Tegoshi said he was excited, how other people’s happy stories make him excited. Koyama and Tegoshi ran through how a first date could go, with holding hands, watching night scenery, riding the train. They talked about how you only get those feelings of first love that you experience in middle school once.

      K: Let’s go on to the song.

      T: Ah~

      K: NEWS, Epcotia

      T: Ah ha ha ha ha space

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • They talked about how the tour is starting soon and that they’re looking forward to it despite not having a lot of time to prepare. Tegoshi said that he says this every time but he thinks they should enter rehearsal earlier, even from January.  In a day or two’s time, he’s been learning the choreography for 4 songs. Koyama commented that Tegoshi’s been really focused and Tegoshi said it’s because he’s a professional and if he didn’t do that then he wouldn’t learn it all in time, but he still wishes he had more time. This tour he did a lot of practicing on his own and Koyama agreed that everyone’s been having to do that this time. They encouraged everyone to look forward to the tour.

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