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NEWS news (week of Apr 3) - Part 3

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  • Sorashige Book (Apr 1)

    • Shige commented on how ‘Tabisuru Rakugo’ aired the same day as the radio. He said that it was difficult and though he hasn’t gotten any messages about it yet, he’d like to talk about it.

    • The first message was from a listener who wrote about how the tour would be starting soon (though by the time he read it, the tour has already started). They wanted to know how nervous he gets in the period leading up to, and on the first day of the tour. They said that they get so nervous that they lose their appetite even though they’re just going to the concert. For Neverland, they were so nervous they couldn’t eat anything. They said that they read that Koyama said in a magazine that Shige is really manly and eats a lot even before a concert. They wanted to know how he combats nervousness.

      Shige said he did get really nervous for performing rakugo, but he doesn’t actually get that nervous before concerts. He said on the first day he is focused and does his best not to make mistakes, though there are things you can’t know until you try. It’s not failures, but there are things that are unique to the first day. Same for plays, too. Though his feeling of not wanting to mess up and make mistakes can turn to nervousness.

      He also loses his appetite when he’s nervous, but with concerts you need physical endurance so you have to eat or you won’t have the strength.

      He said that before doing rakugo he was only able to eat tangerine. If he had eaten curry, then it would have stressed him out to smell the curry on his breath as he was performing. He understands the feeling of not wanting to eat. He said you just have to mentally prepare and enjoy the performance, that there’s no way to escape nerves. He said that those who come to watch shouldn’t be nervous, just simply enjoy the show.

    • ♪ Kingdom ♪

    • For music club this week, he talked about the indie rock band, The fin. He said that he thinks that they’re fairly famous, since he sees their name around a lot. The recently came out with their second album. He talked about the group for a while and played their song ‘Shedding’.

    • The next message was from before Epcotia was released. They asked if the voiceover in the CM was Sawashiro Miyuki, and if so that was amazing. They wondered if the CD would have another character like Mr.Impossible from Neverland. They said that if so that had been thinking that they hope it’s Sawashiro Miyuki. They asked if they built a relationship from NEWS Na Futari.

    • Shige confirmed that it was true, saying that he wasn’t sure if it was ok to say the name of the person who did the voice so openly, but it’s true.

      S: This time with Coti- Epu, Coti… Epcoti….? Hahah…

      Shige talked about how she did the voice of the captain and how Sawashiro Miyuki is very popular and is currently doing Fujiko Mine’s voice from Lupin III. She didn’t do it because of the NEWS Na Futari connection, but probably because of the producer’s preference. Shige said that when the producer told him they were going to have her do the voice, he was surprised and when he told the producer that she works on NEWS Na Futari he was surprised. He praised her voice and said that it moved him. He he hinted that maybe you’ll be able to hear her voice at the concert too.

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked if he had seen R-1 Grand Prix comedy competition and said that she wanted to hear his thoughts on it.

      Shige said that of course he’d seen it and talked about his thoughts on it for awhile and how interesting he found it.

    • The next message was from a listener who lost their uncle recently, and it’s the first time they’ve lost someone close to them as an adult and couldn’t stop crying. However, when they talked to one of their male friends about it, he told them that if they shouldn’t cry, because that person lived a happy life. Crying is rude towards their uncle. They understand the point their friend is making, but when they think of their uncle, they end up crying and thinking how they wish they had talked more. They wanted to know what Shige thought.

      Shige said that he didn’t think it was rude to cry. He said that personally, he has a quote he likes which was said by Queen Elizabeth, “Grief is the price we pay for love.” He said he read them in an article about half a year ago, she said it following the 9.11 terrorist attack in NYC. He talked about how it means that the more you love someone, the greater the grief is in losing them, so that way Shige sees it, the tears that they’ve shed is proof of how much they loved their uncle. It also doesn’t mean though that once you stop crying or if you can’t cry that you don’t love them. When Shige lost his grandfather he said that he didn’t cry. He thinks that you can love people after death. He said that he doesn’t think whether or not you cry is important. He doesn’t think anyone is better or worse whether or not they cry.

      He said that he himself is a bit of cry baby, he cries watching dramas and movies.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that Shige often talks about the things and artists he likes on the radio. They said that personally they don’t like talking about the things they like to friends and then having the friend start to like it too. It feels a bit like the thing they like is being taken away. They said that they know it’s childish, but wondered if this feeling would go away when they become as adult.

      Shige said that if for instance you had a small ramen shop that you really love, and didn’t tell people about it because you didn’t want it to get big and to have to wait in lines, then in the end there’s the possibility that the ramen shop would go out of business. If you want to continue to be able to enjoy the ramen shop for a long time, the only thing you can do is continue to love it.

      If you don’t tell others to listen to artists you love because you want to keep them to yourself then they might end up breaking up. He always feels that he wants as many people as possible to see the things he likes. He only wants to talk about the things he likes. He said that he thought they might feel better if they can get used to this way of thinking.

    • ♪ TWINKLE STAR ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Apr 3)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi again.

    • Koyama asked Tegoshi if he’d gone to hanami, and Tegoshi said that he wanted to go but with the tour starting. They talked about how it’s a little cold for hanami season. Koyama said that though they can’t do hanami they get to eat a lot of food on tour and grow closer as a group.

      T: Well, including tour rehearsals, we spend a lot of time together.

      K: Yeah we do.

      T: Now when the four of us meet we kiss right?

      K: ...Really? Should we?

      T: Yeah, instead of ‘Yay’ or ‘Good morning’ we kiss without saying anything.

      K: Seriously?

      T: You didn’t know?

      K: No no…

      T: We all do.

      K: Everyone- Well.. yeah, we do. Tegoshi and I french kiss.

    • The first message was from a listener who just graduated from high school and are going to go to college. They’re considering dyeing their hair for the first time. They wanted to know what colors they think are cute.

      T: The color I think is cute is blue!

      K: Cut that out!

      T: What? (laughing)

      K: Stop it with ‘blue’. Don’t go straight to blue, we need a bit more of a cushion…

      T: Got it got it. Green!

      K: Green??.... Ahh, Kato-san.

      T: Haha From Nishikido Ryo to Kato Shigeaki. Although with Nishikido Ryo-san, you have to add an ‘Ex-’. Ryo-kun!!

      They said that dyeing it just a little at first would be good, not blonde but brown. They told her to enjoy college.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who will enter high school this year. Even at this age, they still sleep in a big bed with their mom and dad. (T: How nice!) When they asked their friend if that was weird, the friend said it was unthinkable. They want to know what Koyama and Tegoshi thought. Is it strange? Also, once they have kids, how long will they let the kids sleep with them?

      Tegoshi said that he didn’t think it was strange, but if their parents say that it’s strange then she can come sleep in his bed. Koyama quickly moved on to the next question.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that on days when they plan to go out and do something they often end up just laying around at home. They wanted to know what NEWS does when they’re just hanging out at home.

      Tegoshi said that he plays video games. Koyama agreed saying that Tegoshi’s been playing games a lot. Tegoshi said that the area to the left of his neck is crazy stiff due to playing games. Koyama said that Tegoshi’s been going to sleep in the morning and Tegoshi agreed saying that he’s been staying up til 5 or 6am because he stays up playing games.

      T: I have no idea if it’s healthy or not. My liver is healthy, but the amount of sleep I get is off.

      Koyama noted how it’s true that Tegoshi hasn’t talked about going out for drinks lately. Tegoshi said that he’s been playing a certain game a lot recently, and he and all his friends who play it will get together in a private room at a bar and play while having a few drinks. Koyama said that it’s a game where you can play in teams online, and by chance his hair stylist is on Tegoshi’s team. Koyama heard from him that Tegoshi’s really good. Tegoshi said that other people ask him to teach them, so he’s organized a class. At the same bar, he doesn’t drink at all and teaches them how to play better. Tegoshi says that he plays with top professional gamers for that game.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that the watch Shonen Club Premium and asked what the funnest thing in Shanghai was and why.

      Koyama asked Tegoshi said that meeting with the fans was fun. Tegoshi said that he had really wanted to do a concert, even if it was just at a small venue or as a surprise. Koyama said that he heard from the staff that after the aired, they got the most responses from Taiwan. Also messages asking them to come to Hong Kong. Tegoshi said that that he’s gone to Hong Kong and other places for ItteQ, and since information travels so fast now, there’ll be fans waiting for him at the airport as he’s leaving. Koyama said that they’re not able to go much because of their schedule, but he’d like for them to be able to go to various place in Asia when they can and Tegoshi agreed. Koyama commented on how Tegoshi has been saying that he wants to go a Asia tour and he hopes that that can come true sometime. They said that they’re glad they were able to go to China thanks to SCP.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that wanted advice from Tegoshi, the ‘love master’. She said that there’s someone that they’ve had a one-sided crush on. However, she was shocked to discover that she’s the exact opposite of his type, which is someone who wears cute and ‘fluffy’ clothes. Should she change the way she dresses to get him to look at her? She really likes fashion though so she’s hesitant to wear clothes she doesn’t like.

      Tegoshi said that there’s one condition to his advice, and that’s that she should become friends with him wearing the fashion that she normally would. Go out to eat with him either alone or as a group. As soon as she reaches the point where she’s a bit more than a friend to him, then on their next date she should try wearing the kind of clothes he likes and tell him that she heard that he likes this kind of fashion so she bought this outfit to look cute for him and ask him if he thinks it suits her.

      Koyama said that that would definitely make him fall for her and that Tegoshi should write a book. Tegoshi said he really could, one book that is geared towards men telling them what women are thinking and how to be popular, and one geared towards women from the men’s perspective.

    • ♪ Erotica ♪

    • Sakura Girl started to play and continued as Koyama read the last message. The letter asked them what favorite items they’ve been using for a long time.

      Koyama said Tshirt and underwear and Tegoshi said he has pouch that he keeps his charger in that has ‘Tegoshi’ written in hiragana on it and he’s had it since elementary school. Tegoshi said he’s actually good about keep his things in good condition.

      Tegoshi said that as a gamer he’s really happy that NEWS has been made into a video game.

    • At the end they did PR for the tour noting that by the time this airs, the Hokkaido performance will have already happened. Tegoshi wondered if there’d been any mistakes. Koyama agreed saying that since it’s the first stop it seems likely, including with the lyrics. Tegoshi said he apologizes is he messed up the lyrics. They said they are practicing hard, but sometimes there are times when they forget.

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