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NEWS news (week of Apr 3) - Part 4

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  • Tegomass no Radio (Apr 4)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’s April and that an additional radio station, MRO in the Ishikawa Prefecture, has started airing the programme from that day onwards. They started talking about some of the famous places there, including Kenrokuen, one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, and it turns out that Tegoshi had no idea what that was. But insisted that he knew the name and its existence, just not sure of what it really was. Like how there are plenty of places around the world you’ve heard but not sure what they are.

      T: Okay, so what’s the Mont Saint-Michel? M: It’s a dessert, isn’t it. T: NO! You think it’s a mont blanc cake? M: Something like a cookie?

      Going back to how Kenrokuen was one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, the staff named the other two, and said how now 5 stations (in 5 prefectures) are airing the programme and it’s just a step to a national broadcast. (T: What, Japan only has 7 prefectures?)

    • Going on to talk about the concert, they said how they will be at Miyagi that weekend. While they won’t be talking about the content of the concert, they’ll share stories along the way, like if they went for meals together. Though the opening song’s going to be “U R not alone”.

      Sakura: That’s from last week and a lie, isn’t it.

      T: No it’s true. It’s true. People who already came know. People from Sapporo are going, “Ah yes! It was ‘U R not alone’!”

      They cut the crap short as they didn’t manage to do the battle last week, so they need to move faster this week. It’s not a request this week either, and one of the songs from the album.

    • ♪ TWINKLE STAR ♪

    • Coming back from the song, Tegoshi started reading the title of the segment by himself, then stopped halfway through and started apologising, saying he was looking down.

      Sakura: Masuda-san’s crying!  M: (crying sounds) T: Sorry sorry sorry...  M: (crying sounds) …..The mail segment! YEAH. T: It’s because we do such things that we run out of time! Sakura: Exactly. You are not elementary school students! T: So it’s okay? It’s okay for us to not do such things and just follow the script seriously? Is that going to be interesting? Sakura-chan? Is this what the listeners are looking for from Tegomass no Radio? EH?? Sakura: Let’s do it. Can’t be help.

    • Going back to the mail, it’s the listener’s dream to see aurora before they pass away. What would they like to experience within their lifetime? Talking about aurora, Tegoshi said while there’s been quite a few times ItteQ did aurora projects, he hasn’t had the chance to do one yet. He continued to say how since he’s a Japanese, he’d like to travel to every prefecture in Japan.

      M: That’s something I said before. T: You DIDN’T. Ahhhh here we go again...the whole “You stole my line” scam. You’ve never said anything like that. Sakura: He takes them all. T: I’ve always wanted to do this. M: He always makes everything his immediately. Sakura: Uh huh… T: Ah… it’s...mine. Mine.

      He said he really feels that way, like Kenrokuen, and the other two gardens in the Ibaraki and Okayama Prefectures. Tegoshi has been to Ibaraki but not Okayama.

      M: I have. A really long time ago. T: Serious! M: For a drama shoot. At a place where there’s this amazing sakura, Daigozakura. Sakura: Did you have kibidango? M: Hmmm… T: He didn’t.

      They talked about how since it was for a shoot, there must not have been a lot of time for sightseeing. Massu said he’d like to try doing a tour around the world on a cruise. Tegoshi said he sometimes see the cruise docked at Minato Mirai.

      M: Around Japan. That’s what I think, too. T: (snorting sounds) M: And around the world. How about you? Sakura: For me, I’d like to try controlling a robot once. M: Hmm? T: Huh?? Sakura: Nonono… T: What are you talking about? What are you saying in front of the Ishikawa people listening for the first time!

      It turns out that she wanted to control one of those ranger robots, when 5 of them come together to form a huge robot. And with AI and all, it’s not completely impossible so they hope technology would progress in time.

    • The next mail was from someone whose feet are slightly under size 20 and always have problems buying shoes. Do they have any issues with a particular part of their body? Tegoshi said his feet are small too, as he’s a size 25. (M: It’s a pain looking for costumes) He can never find shoes his size overseas, so he shares the same problem. Though it’s not really a problem to him, just that it can feel troublesome sometimes. Massu said his was how his legs are short in comparison to his waist (studio laughs). While he probably should be an L, the length’s too long for him and his legs are probably an XS.

      M: OEI! T: I haven’t said a single word at all, which is really rare. M: You were laughing as you looked over at me. You were probably bursting out in laughter inside your heart, weren’t you. T: Well, I just thought, “Yeah that’s true.”

      Tegoshi said his thighs are huge in comparison to his waist too, due to soccer training. So it’s either his waist fits or the thighs fits, so the stylists usually brings a belt for him, and he usually needs an additional hole punched into the belt.

      M: I get told, “Masuda-san, it’s three-quarter length pants today” and they end up like the usual full length pants. T: HAHAHAHAH! That’s nice. So it ends up slightly cropped? M: Not cropped. Full. T: Serious! That’s amazing. M: It’s Masuda-length.

      Sakura said her last finger is extremely short, and it’s shorter than even the first joint of her ring finger. They first thought that wouldn’t cause any inconvenience, but she shared how she can’t do golf as she can’t grip properly, and can’t play instruments like the piano or guitar. They said everyone has some sort of issue or complex somewhere, so the listener shouldn’t care about it too much.

    • The following mail first apologised for sending in a dark message, but she found out that her husband cheated on her once, about a year back. Her husband probably doesn’t know she has found out, and while she tried acting like nothing was wrong, but this sense of emptiness hits her and she starts crying. But she doesn’t want to take the father away from the child, so what should she do. They talked about how it’s hard as it’s a year ago, and they’re not fully sure of the situation. It sounds like the husband cheated only that one time, and everything’s over. Plus it depends on how the listener feels towards the husband too. Tegoshi said if he was still very much in love with his partner in spite of being cheated on, he’d say out straight that he found out and he’s hurt, that’s all. Not to be confrontational or anything, just to share how he feels. Massu tried to think from the point of view from the wife, and feels he probably wouldn’t be able to say anything about it. For Sakura, if it’s just an one-off, she might say, in a strong manner that look, she found out, but the husband decided to come back huh. To look as if she’s okay with it all. They said to find something good out of it, that it was an one-off, and not a long running affair. They said it’s just their opinions, and she could decide what works best for her, and write in if she needs advice again.

    • Massu rushed into the title for “Tegomass no Debate”, likely to pay Tegoshi back for the previous corner introduction. The first debate asked which they’d choose for a holiday - A: Hokkaido for a month; B: Hawaii for a night. Tegoshi picked Hokkaido while Massu picked Hawaii. Tegoshi said the day in Hawaii would be spent getting over jetlag, but Hokkaido is so huge, a month is perfectly fine and he doesn’t think he’d get bored. The food’s good too. Massu said he felt the question was asking which he feels like going to now. So a month in Hokkaido feels something like going for a shoot, and Hawaii feels more like a holiday. That’s all it was, not so much about which he prefers to go to.

      T: You know, I think this means I won. M: It’s not about which place you like better, but about a holiday? If it’s just for a quick trip for shopping and all, Hawaii is better. Sakura: Eh...Tegoshi-san. T: Right. M: (sobbing sounds) Why? T: To shop? What about the airfare?

    • The next debate question was, which would trouble them more if the item disappeared? A: Their own car; B: Taxi. They split on this one again, with Tegoshi picking B and Massu A. Before they announced their choice, Tegoshi got all excited again and talked about how he always gets tired/ heated up for the radio. Massu explained first, saying he picked which he likes better, and that would be his own car.

      T: Hang on. Hang on. I haven’t said anything at all, but I probably already won. M: This is a debate, isn’t it? So you need to win with your words. Sakura: Masuda-san’s choice is? M: A, my own car. T: Shall we just end this already? M: Eh? Hang on! What would trouble me if it disappeared? T, Sakura: Uh huh. M: Nono, as I like my own car, if it’s gone- hmm? It’s right. T: Why are you freaking yourself out? M: Hurhurhurhur. T: Why are you getting all anxious there. Sakura: That’s rare! M: Sorry, my cute side came out. “Pure Massu” appeared.

      Tegoshi said while he loves driving and all, what happens when he goes drinking? He can’t drink-drive and that means he has to wait for the first train. Plus how their work can get really late, especially for this tour, since rehearsals mostly begin after Koyama’s done with every. So what, he has to stay overnight at the rehearsal studio each time? That’d be hell. Like how the average salaryman would lose a mean of transport if they missed the last train. They asked what Massu thought of that, and he came up with feeble arguments, like asking whoever they went drinking with to send them home, or someone would come take them home. Obviously Tegoshi won this round too.

    • At the ending, they promoted the tour, NEWS ni Koishite and NEVERLAND exhibit. Massu said he half-joked to the Johnny’s staff that he wanted to check each venue to see how the exhibit looks at each of them, and was told it’s impossible.

      M: But you’d want to go if you could, wouldn’t you? T: Ah yes of course I would. I really would I would, I’d go immediately! M: You better make sure you go! For sure! I’ll speak to the agency! T: Why! Don’t push it down on me as work! M: I’ll have them put it into your schedule and take you there!

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Apr 6)

    • As he said during the previous week, he had the remaining 8 juniors back dancing for them this tour as guests this week. MADE were around too. He told MADE to help follow up if necessary, as there were a few juniors whom he’s not that familiar with. The juniors were, Nozawa Yuki, Ogino Myuji, Takahashi Shion, Morinaga Yuji, Nishimura Kou, Konno Takayuki, Shindo Itsuki and Ueda Sho. They talked a little about their relationships with Massu, how Morinaga is pretty new to NEWS, Massu goes out for meals with Nozawa, Ueda and Inaba (MADE), and they should just exclude Inaba next time. And Ueda appeared on Master Hits 3 years ago for WHITE tour. Massu’s been to a meal with just Shindo before, with Massu’s friend joining in halfway. On what they talk about, Shindo said clothes as he likes clothes too, then also on all the shows Massu appears on, as Shindo watches all of them and always sends his comments to Massu. Massu shared how Shindo can’t seem to decide what to call Massu, from “Massu-kun” to “Takahisa sempai”, and once he ever called him “Takahisa”. Since Massu already knew he was trying to figure out what to call him, he was okay, but about 2-3 hours later, Shindo texted him again to apologise for that. Since Shindo listens to all of Master Hits, he was asked which was most interesting. He said the previous episode with MADE and they talked quite a bit. Massu stopped them saying the other juniors won’t get to talk if they kept talking.

      They then moved on to juniors Massu was less familiar with, beginning with Konno. He started following NEWS from NEVERLAND, and during one of the introductions for the previous tour, he thought he left quite a deep impression, only to be labelled as one of the juniors Massu wasn’t that familiar with… The other juniors said how they don’t remember either. He happened to have pollen allergy that day and said his eyes are really red and nose is stuffy, so if fans would remember him as the “Pollen allergy Takayuki Konno” he’d be happy. This also isn’t his usual voice, and it’s usually more manly (M: Shut up).

      The next junior was Nishimura, whom Massu said has the image of being bullied by Koyama all the time. He agreed, saying EVERYONE tells him he’s got a long chin. It’s not his chin, just how the bones are structured. Moving onto to Shion, who also started with NEWS from NEVERLAND, and he used to follow Sexy Zone before. He’s also the youngest, plus newest to Johnny’s of all the juniors this time. He joined Johnny’s when he was 12, same as Massu and some of the other juniors. They tried to lighten up the mood, and Myuji said he was so nervous he doesn’t know how he should look. The rest told him it didn’t matter since it’s radio. Myuji started from QUARTETTO and fans might know him as the tallest junior. Massu said his height makes Massu feels looked down upon sometimes but that height helps his dance look good too. Myuji claims he positions himself as the sexy member, and they made him do something in the studio. He apparently blew a kiss, then got embarrassed and covered himself with a muffler.

      Massu asked if any of the juniors love anything more than dance and Ueda said sneakers. The juniors said they’re jealous as Ueda’s received sneakers from Massu quite a few times, while some of them can’t, because their size doesn’t match. Inaba apparently went in a jacket and shoes Massu gave him. (M: Stop it) They talked about how rare sneakers should be worn (M: They’ve given you permission to wear them) and everyone laughed at Massu’s lame attempt at joking.

    • ♪ EPCOTIA ♪

    • Massu asked the juniors if there’s anything they’d like people to focus on for the tour, and Konno said it’s a place where he gets to learn a lot, from everyone like air:man, Taiga (MADE) etc.

    • They moved on to a mail, from a listener who asked how often they have the bath towels changed. Konna changes after each use as he’s a neat freak. He also claims he’s really good at housework and Massu said to please take care of their tour costumes. Nozawa changes his once every two days. When asked, Massu refused to answer, saying he’s an idol.

    • The next question wanted to know if they prefer side-swept fringe or straight bangs. Massu said side-swept. Ueda said there are fashionable straight bangs too, so it depends on the preference. Myuji likes straight bangs as he likes neat looking people.

      M: So if you see someone like that during the concert…

      Myuji apparently did his sexy pose again, but got embarrassed again and covered his face again. Shion prefers side swept fringe too as he likes ponytails.

    • The following mail was from someone who loves the pink and black costumes for “Silent Love”, thinking the costumes Massu designs are best. Does he design the ones for juniors too? He does. They shared how they first had 2 samples made for the opening set for NEVERLAND, the train uniform. Taiga wore it perfectly well, but Nishimura looked terrible in it. So while designing the juniors’ design, Massu kept Nishumura in mind this time.

    • At the ending, they let Nishimura, Shindo and Nozawa speak, with Nishimura saying he hopes to grow each year. Shindo danced for ORIHIME the previous tour and SCP. While he tries to dance well and perform fan service, he can’t help but look at Takahisa-kun. So he’d like to do his best while looking at Takahisa-kun.

      M: Thanks. I’ll do my best while looking at you too. Juniors: Masuda-kun, please look at the entire thing. Look at the fans. Do fan service.

      Nozawa said he hopes to show everyone a power up-ed version of Johnny’s Junior this time.

      Massu told them to come when they can, as it’s important to experience different types of jobs and hear their own voices too. They’re probably the largest number of guests for any bayfm show. They went a round again for the juniors to say their own names and ended.

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