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NEWS news (week of Apr 9th) - Part 2

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  • Shizuoka Apr 14

    • T: Concerts are so fun! When you ask your friends when you look the coolest, don’t they always say during concerts!

      M: I don’t ask my friends that sort of thing!!

      K&S: Yeah we don’t! (laughing)

      T: No way!

      T: Of course, you’re cool when you’re an author and when you’re a newscaster? But, of course at concerts is when you’re the most-

      M: Mention me too!!💢

      T: Sorry sorry (laughing)

      S: In what part of the concert am I cool? There are times when others are singing and you mouth along to the lyrics or when you’re waiting.

      M: ‘Waiting Shige’

      T: I wonder…

      K: Let’s say what we think is cool about Tegoshi!

      M: Nice! Let’s do it!🙋‍♂️

      S: Let’s let’s!🙋‍♂️

      T: Cut it out!

      M: Me me!🙋‍♂️ When he hits a really high note!

      K: Me me!🙋‍♂️ When he just naturally throws a kiss! What do you think Shige?

      S: Hmmm

      K&M: You don’t have anything? (laughing)

      S: Ah! He looks cool when he looks back over his shoulder!

      T: Ahh (embarrassed)

      K: Also, he always says something unexpectedly serious at the end!

      M: Things that make you cry!

      T: No, I don’t!

      M: Koyama and Tegoshi tend to go on longer than Shige and I.

      K: Also, he tends to braid his hair!

      T: But I leave my hair up to the stylists.

      M: Also, his choice of temporary tattoos is lame!

      K&S: That’s an insult (laughing)

      T: I also left that up to the stylist!

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    • Tegoshi took off his top so that he was wearing just a tank top to show his tattoos.

      K: Uwaa, tank tops don’t really suit you. But, Tegoshi’s cute.

      T: Clothes don’t really suit me. I think if Masuda-san wore my clothes it’d probably suit him.

      M: No, it’s lame so it wouldn’t suit me.

      S: But, once when you exchanged clothes with Koyama, they suited him.

      T: That’s why I say clothes don’t suit me.

      M: But they suit you more now than in the past right?

      T: Probably ‘-layer’ type clothes would suit me.

      S: ‘Layer’?

      T: Cosplayer like.

      S: No, I think you would suit things like a kindergarten cap.

      T: Hey, is it ok if I say something that sounds overly self confident? Even though clothes don’t suit me, I have a good face you know?

      K: It’d be fine if we said that, but for you…

      M: Go back to earth and bring some humbleness back with you.

      T: When I wore leopard print and skulls, I thought I looked cool and I really liked my clothes.

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    • K: Chu chu chu sounds like a Kismy song doesn’t? Like She Her Her. Do you know about Kismy?Do you know Yokoo?

      S: I do. The dog at my parent’s house, Nana-chan, is the child of Yokoo’s dog.

      M: I know Kismy too. Fujigaya entered the agency at the same time as me.

      K: What’s Busaiku?

      M: Ah, the really ugly [sugoi busaiku] ones in Kismy. Hm? What?

      K: The group name isn’t ‘sugoi busaiku’ you know.

      M: Ah, it’s Bussaiku, right? (putting extra emphasis)

      S: There’s no extra ‘S’!

      (Source 1 2)

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