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NEWS news (week of Apr 9th) - Part 4

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  • Sorashige Book (Apr 8)

    • The first message was from a listener who said that the album they’ve been looking forward to so much is finally on sale. They said that they looked forward to Shige’s solo in particular. They wanted to know how Shige wrote it. They said that they heard an author say once that they shut themselves in up at home while writing and wanted to know if Shige was the same way.

      S: Is there another way to write?

      Shige said that this time with Hyouon, he might have written in various places. He’ll write down what he’s thinking at various places. At home he has a keyboard for his computer at home that he’ll use while writing. He’ll kind of randomly play around with sounds and words to find a melody. For Hyouon, he became hooked on the phrase ‘Don’t believe in me’.

      In general he tends to make things at home, songs, novels, rakugo, etc. He has a lot of random things at home, and he needs somewhere with a stable internet. Maybe next week he’ll talk more about his solo once he’s gotten more letters.

    • ♪ Koi Suru Wakusei ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that there’s a music festival that’s held in her home town called Sanuki Rock. She went and saw a group called King Gnu. They’ve played Fuji Rock too. She explained how much she liked them and said that since she lacks the vocabulary, she’d like it if Shige were to talk about them.

      Shige commented on how Fuji Rock for this year has been announced, and he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to go again this year. He said that he had first heard of this group at the start of the year and talked about the group for awhile and said that he’s only listened to their first album and hasn’t seen them perform. He played their song “Vinyl” and talked about the title and records for awhile.

    • Shige talked about how his essay in Tripper came out recently and how he’s gotten a lot of mail about it. He said that he reads them all, though he can only read one on the radio.

      The next letter was from a 16 year old, and Shige was surprised that they were reading Tripper. The listener said that the content of his essay made them think a lot. They said that like Shige, wondered why a law had to be passed about something so obvious when they first learned about The Gender Equality in Employment Act, and had similar experience with ‘reverse discrimination’ when a male friend came to them questioning things like how it’s unfair that there are women only cars but no men only cars. She was able to really sympathise with the suffocating feeling that Shige wrote about in his essay. Sometimes she gets really sad thinking about how it feels impossible to completely rid the world of  things like LGBT discrimination. They want to believe in the possibility of a shining future that Shige mentioned, too. It really made them think.

      Shige thanked them and said he was really happy that the essay resonated so much with someone who is 16 years old. Shige thought it might be difficult to talk about this sort of thing without generalizing or idealising, but recently has been feeling all over again that it’s important to talk about your ideals unabashedly, even though it’s hard. There are a lot of problems that are difficult but important to think about. He wants to dream of and live in a society where everyone can live freely.He repeated that he was happy that even though she’s only 16 years old that she read his essay.

    • The next letter was from a listener who wrote in about the album and how they heard that in this album too, there’ll be a song from m-flo. They became interested in m-flo after listening to ‘Brightest’ from the Neverland album. Now they listen to m-flo daily and are happy that NEWS and m-flo will be collaborating again.

      Shige said he was happy to hear that. He said that m-flo really participated a lot in this album, both with AVALON and IT’S YOU as well as in the interludes. He talked about how it started with when m-flo came on SCP and though he doesn’t work with them directly, that they’ve created a good relationship. It’s a genre of music they haven’t really done up until now. He talked about how Koyama and Massu have said in various interviews that they really like m-flo, and although he hasn’t really said it in the same way he also really likes m-flo and is glad that they’re able to work together. He thinks that fans of m-flo, both, or just NEWS can all enjoy the songs.

    • The next letter was from a listener who will become a college student and begin living on their own in April. They’ve never really cooked before, and so before moving out on their own were thinking that they should practice. So they tried to make curry with their dad, who live with just the 2 of them, they made 2 servings and it was an odd amount so they decided to make 4 servings. Their dad said that it’s always difficult to make just enough for 2 people, so they wondered what’s good to make for 1 person. Since Shige lives on his own, they wanted to know what he would recommend.

      Shige recommended noodle dishes, udon, soba, soumen, pasta saying that it’s convenient. It’s pretty easy to make and you can just make the amount of noodles that you can eat. Though he doesn’t know how much would be good for women, 100g of pasta would probably be fine for one person. If you’re a guy who eats a lot maybe you could go up to 150g. It’s easy because you can just change it up with the sauce.

    • ♪ IT’S YOU ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Apr 10)

    • The guest this week was Massu.

    • They talked about how the tour has started, and at the time of this radio airing they’ll have finished the second stop on the tour in Sendai. They completed the first day of the tour, and they talked about how they had fun. They made some changes and they might make some changes in the future too. Koyama talked about how after the concerts, Koyama and Massu sat together at the same table in silence for about an hour. It took up all their energy just to sit there, they couldn’t move at all.

      They said that they’re putting all their energy into the concerts so they hope that everyone enjoys themselves.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that when they saw the goods there were a lot of things that surprised them. They wanted to know whose idea the compass was. They also asked for any behind the scenes stories about the goods.

      They said that Massu has been wanting to do a compass for a long time. Massu questioned what was so surprising about the goods.

      They talked about how good and cute the tour goods are, though Massu said he wasn’t sure if they would be popular across generations. Koyama said that they tried to make goods that are like the souvenirs you buy when traveling, like the T shirt and the hat. They said that they both really like this tour’s goods, and Massu said that maybe he shouldn’t say it, but that this tour’s goods are his favorite so far. Koyama said that he understood, because they’re simple and match the concept well.

      Massu said that he’d always really wanted to make a compass, but everyone else always countered that you don’t need one. He said that he wanted to make it because it’s something that only NEWS can make. Massu was also particular about picking out the carabiner and the colors. Massu said that he’s thinking of buying 10 of them he likes them so much.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they’re really bad at picking up and that their house gets messy quickly. They clean up every weekend and try to keep it clean in between, but by Thursday of every week, their desk becomes too cluttered to see, and their floor becomes litterer with obstacles. They wanted to know how they keep their places clean.

      Koyama asked Massu what he does to keep his apartment clean, and Massu questioned how it is that the listener’s place gets dirty so fast. Massu said that with clothes that he won’t wash after he just wore once, he sometimes will leave them out, but he doesn’t know what gets left all over their floors.

      Koyama said that when he gets stuff out he always puts them away again. If he takes something out and it’s not in its place, he won’t know where it is. Massu commented on how his house must be like a model house and Koyama agreed saying that he likes his place not having a lived in feel.

      Massu said that he wanted to point out that Koyama is definitely more of a neat freak than him. Massu said that he’s not that bad. Koyama brought up how Massu said that he’ll leave his clothes out that don’t need washing right away and Koyama said he would never do that, they either go in the laundry or in the bag to take to the dry cleaners. Clothes he really doesn’t want to chance getting messed up he’ll take to the cleaners.

      Massu said that he doesn’t really wear clothes that would need to be dry cleaned, which surprised Koyama and Massu amended that he takes his jackets. Koyama said that he cleans every day, so that it’s all clean because he doesn’t like coming home to a dirty house after work. They both said that items have a set place in the house, if something isn’t in its place then it’ll feel off. Koyama said that maybe if the listener pick a place for everything to go then things wouldn’t get messy.

      Massu asked how it worked with Milk, and Koyama said that he lets her go where she wants freely. Massu wondered if he went to Koyama’s place that it’d be very obvious that he has a cat, and Koyama said that you can’t really tell. It doesn’t smell, and she doesn’t scratch things because he has a cat post and toys for her to play with.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that she’s close with her mother, they go to NEWS concerts, Disney, and karaoke together.  Her mother got married at 20 and had kids young so she didn’t get to have a lot of fun young, so she has fun hanging out with her daughter. They wanted to know if NEWS go place with their mothers.

      Koyama asked Massu, and he said that he does. They go out shopping and he buys her clothes, which made Koyama exclaim at what a good son Massu is. Massu said that they don’t go super often, but when they do they’ll go to a department store or clothes shop that Massu likes and he’ll get her a whole outfit. Koyama asked if his mother isn’t at all opposed to wearing clothes picked out by her son. Massu said that he took her to a shop he really likes and picked something out asking her what she thought and she said “Eh, I can’t wear something like that” and Massu replied, “That’s rude! Don’t say ‘something like that’.” Koyama laughed and said she might have felt awkward and Massu said that it was a normal piece of clothing.

      Massu said that they also occasionally go out to eat. Koyama said that last year he went to Hawaii with his mother. Koyama said that once you reach this age you should pay them back for everything they spent on you.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they don’t have any hobbies. They like shopping, but that takes money so they asked for recommendation of a hobby that doesn’t cost money.

      Massu asked Koyama what his hobby is and Koyama said house plants. Massu questioned whether that was a hobby, and Koyama was that in his free time he goes to shops to look at various plants to decide what to get next. Koyama said that he has 2 now, and is looking for what to get next. It can get expensive when you pick out the pots too.

      Koyama asked Massu what his hobby would be if you eliminated clothes shopping and Massu said he didn’t have any… except ‘entertainment’. He goes to watch concerts. All his hobbies are connected to his work. Massu jokingly apologized for saying something ‘cool’, that he lives for his work.

      Massu suggested coffee and Koyama said that was good, visiting various cafes. Massu commented on how it’s unexpectedly hard to make your own coffee. Koyama said that he hopes that she finds a hobby, though you can live on without one.

    • ♪ Koi suru Wakusei ♪

    • The last message was from a listener who said that their friend said that they can’t forgive people who take sweet buns out of the paper bag and put them on top of the bag to eat them because it seems dirty. The listener said that they themselves don’t really care about that sort of thing, and wanted to know what NEWS thought.

      Koyama and Massu both immediately said that doing that is unthinkable. They both questioned why you would do that. Koyama said that the purpose of the paper is too keep it clean. Massu said it’s like if during school lunch you ate the curry right off the tray, it’s not that the tray is dirty but it’s just not right.

      Koyama noted how Shige and Tegoshi would both probably be fine with it, but Koyama and Massu both wouldn’t do it. Koyama said that he’s seriously glad that he and Massu share a table during tours. Massu said that during concerts, you’re a little strained so you’re bothered by the little things more, for instance the direction the tissues are facing. He and Koyama have a certain way to place the tissues, and if they get slightly out of place they’ll fix it.

    • They commented on how next weekend are the Shizuoka concerts, and how this is the first tour where they have concerts every weekend. Koyama told Massu to do his best on Pon!

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