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NEWS news (week of Apr 9th) - Part 5

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  • Tegomass no Radio (Apr 11)

    • At the opening, they talked about how the tour has started and Sapporo was still really cold at night. Massu went in just a Tshirt and a outerwear in Tshirt material and it was super cold.

      M: Tokyo felt cold too, when I came back in that get up. Sakura: Why did you go in that? M: I made a mistake.

      Tegoshi was about to move on to how the first show started without issues, but Massu cut in, saying he’s got something to say. So apparently Tegomass reached Sapporo before KoyaShige, and had rehearsals, with Tegoshi doing his solo rehearsal before Massu. When Massu was done with his, he went back to the holding room to find nobody left - no Tegoshi, none of the concert staff (who weren’t involved in rehearsals). Turns out that Tegoshi had already left for sushi with some of the staff, like the CEO of the concert company etc. without waiting for Massu. It’s hard to join in for sushi midway, and it didn’t seem like they even had the thought of waiting for him. Apparently Tegoshi had the “Like I’d wait for you” face when Massu was telling the story. Tegoshi then tried defending himself, saying he probably finished his solo rehearsal at around 8 or 8:30pm, and the sushi place they were going to was one the stage director recommends, and closes at 10pm. They’d have wanted to wait for Masuda-san if they could, but these were staff they’d worked with a few times, and everyone knew how long Massu takes with his solo rehearsals. If they’d waited, the shop would close!

      M: Hang on hang on...I don’t take that long. I might take longer than Tegoshi, but Shige or Koyama takes longer. T: Ah really. M: They take way longer! T: They do? M: Shige probably needs the most time this time, isn’t it? T: Ah...I see.

      Going back to his defense, they decided to go ahead first, and Massu could join if he could. But as expected, they only got contacted at around 9:30pm that Massu was done, and there’s no way of coming in just 30 minutes, so it was just too bad. Sakura said it must definitely have been Tegoshi who suggested leaving without Massu but he said no, it was a consensus among all of them that Massu wouldn’t make it. (M: No love from anyone at all…) Massu also went for sushi with the manager in the end (probably what he wrote in Marumaru) and all 4 of them went for sushi again too on the first night of the concert.

    • The request this week was from someone who went for the first show and praised Tegoshi for looking really good, and thanked Massu for the great costumes.

      T: This is going to be a spoiler for people going for the upcoming concerts, but we don’t sing any song other than the ones within the first 5 years of our debut. Sakura: Eh, that was pretty hard Japanese to understand. M: Why do you lie? T: We only sing the songs from our first 5 years at EPCOTIA. Sakura: You’re starting to master the art of lying without even blinking an eye. T: Stop that.

    • ♪ TWINKLE STAR ♪

    • Tegoshi read the segment name on his own, (with laughter in the background) but explained that it wasn’t that he went ahead again, but it was Massu who didn’t make it in time because he was eating gyoza. (M: I’m sorry. T: It reeks of leek, as usual.)

      The first mail was from someone who asked about NEWS ni Koishite, saying it’s their first time playing such a game, and wanted to know if the three of them have tried playing too. Tegoshi said he heard, from the concert MC, that Koyama has been putting money into Tegoshi.

      T: Koyama-san is such baka. We’re fellow members? His love is amazing. M: He must have put in a lot of preparation just so he could say he’s playing Tegoshi.

      They asked if Sakura was playing, and she said she made it to the top page, but stopped there because she couldn’t choose. They told her to buy two phones, and she asked them who she should choose and they both said themselves. Sakura asked Imai-san, and he was in the same boat - stuck at the top page and unable to choose. Massu suggested them to play one member each and decide through rock, paper, scissors.

      T, M: Do it now. T: Eh, who’s it going to be then for the winner? Me, me. Sakura: The winner plays Tegoshi-san. M: Why. (laughter) WHY. (laughter) Why. It’s fine, but why is it Massu for the loser…

      Imai-san won, so he plays Tegoshi and Sakura’s playing Massu. Massu said he started playing when he was outside and there’s the music and all isn’t it. He didn’t want people around him to find out he’s playing his own game and choosing himself, so he only progressed a little past the stage of picking himself. Tegoshi said many of his close friends got mad at him, saying they send him screenshots of the game and say they don’t seem to be progressing well when they pick answers based on what they know of him. Massu said his friends are all playing with him too.

      M: Please, please pick Tegomass and not KoyaShige. T: Please!

    • The following listener asked if they are more nervous or excited on the first day of the tour and if they can sleep well the night before. Tegoshi said he doesn’t get nervous, and he’s probably just 10% nervous and 90% excited for the first day. Rather than nervous, he’s more worried, as there are songs that he’s performing before fans the first time. Especially for this tour, since the album was only completely right at the very end and rehearsals were on a tight schedule too. Massu isn’t very sure how to put it, but it’s probably not the same nervousness as having to do a speech in front of people, for example. He doesn’t feel that, but does feel uncertainty about whether he can perform as rehearsed. Tegoshi added that he was somewhat nervous on the first day of the tour when he did “Anata” for his solo. He had to play the piano while singing and it’d be obvious if he played even one wrong note. Massu joked that there was once when Tegoshi got so nervous no sound came out, but Tegoshi shot back that there were technical problems. Sakura said that people often say that it’s with smaller numbers, maybe before 10 odd people that one tends to feel more nervous. Massu agreed, saying that he might actually feel more nervous about singing when going to karaoke with friends he’s not that close with. They wondered if they’d feel nervous about having to sing at music festivals, and talked about how Tegoshi forgot the lyrics when they appeared at a TV Asahi festival (NOTE: Likely referring to the Dream Festival back in 2012 when they appeared as Tegomass). He messed up so much that Massu got affected and messed up the lyrics too, but people who didn’t know the song would probably find Massu’s mistakes more obvious.

      Massu then asked if Tegoshi felt nervous during the collaboration with CHEMISTRY, and he said he had so much fun and was so happy as they’re people he looks up to. He’s also super confident about his ability to sing their songs and talked about how he’s more CHEMISTRY than CHEMISTRY again as he sings their songs all the time in private.

      Sakura doesn’t get nervous very much either. Tegoshi asked if Sakura had to do the introductions for variety programmes, and both Sakura and Massu said yeah of course, since she’s an announcer. Tegoshi then asked if she could do promotions for programmes, and she sounded a little miffed at why he asked, since that’s the job of an announcer. Tegoshi made her introduce Tegomass no Radio on the spot and she did a great job. Tegoshi said how he likes how she used her own words, and how he doesn’t like people who go according to the script.

      M: You sound like you can become an announcer, why don’t you become one? Sakura: I am one. T: Try going for auditions at agencies. Sakura: I am with Watanabe Entertainment! And in my 9th year! T: Who’s more sempai, you or Imoto? Ah but ItteQ is in its 11th year so Imoto is more sempai.

    • They went into the ending as they spoke too much about CHEMISTRY and all, though they were supposed to have done “Quiz Tegomass ni Oshiete” but they ran out of time. They also advertised the tour, and how the programme can now be listened to on the premium account of Radiko nationwide. They teased Sakura a little saying how the programme is only possible with her presence, and the name should be changed to “Miyajima no Radio”, “Sakura no Radio”, or “Tegomass no Miyajima”. They then also advertised “NEWS ni Koishite” and “NEWCoupleS”.

      When Sakura was reading the address this week, they started looking at “News na Karada”, a photobook Sakura released in 2011. She squealed for a bit before going back to the address, and when she was done, she asked why the book was there and in a MBS radio paperbag, and that it’s hard for her to make any comments.

      Sakura: Eh? Why? Why Why Why? Why now? Why? T: It’s sexy, everyone got excited. Sakura: Shut up shut up. T: Everyone in the booth got so excited. M: So sexy, beautiful, cho kawaii! T: Ah here comes, yeah, Blackhole!

      Sakura asked why it was in a MBS bag again, and Massu said it’s the treasure of someone from MBS.

      T: Don’t think the staff here are all on your side. (laughter in studio) It’s filled with spies. Seriously. Don’t let your guard down. M: By the way, this was brought here by the staff, who told us to take it out at the end when you’re reading the address. T: We did our best to hide it just before you came into the booth. M: Yeah. But it was great. (mimicking Sakura) Tegomass @ (ATTTTT mark)... it was the best you ever read the address. ATTTTT mark…

      They continued to make fun of her, saying that must be why she always came in swimsuits. Sakura: Stop lying! Just end it already we’re just losing time. T: (at when he’s supposed to say “This was Tegomass no radio”) This was Sakura’s gravure! Sakura: Stop it!

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Apr 14)

    • At the opening, he talked about how he had the juniors over as guests over the past two weeks and 12 guests were really the most number any bayfm programme ever had. The juniors looked like that had fun too, and he thanked them. As with TM radio, he talked about how Master Hits is now available on Radiko nationwide, so it’s not limited to just Kanto area anymore. He also promoted EPCOTIA tour (M: We’ll be singing EPCOTIA from the EPCOTIA album at the Ecopa Arena).

    • The first mail was from someone who wanted to know if Massu prefers veggie smoothies or veggie juices. He prefers veggie juices.

    • ♪ EPCOTIA ♪

    • The second mail was from someone who watched PON! and asked Massu to take care of himself since he appears on Mondays, the day after the concerts. He said he received a lot of mails on PON! and shared how it’s always been his dream to appear on the daytime infotainment programmes so he’s really happy. Especially since how PON! And Hirunandesu are programmes he watches everyday and while it feels strange to be on a programme he watches everyday, he’s really happy. Though he’s ever been invited a few times as a guest, now that he’s a regular, he wants to try his best to think of how to convey what he can. Please watch him on the programme on Monday each week.

    • The third mail asked about the shoe fetish Massu mentioned on PON! recently. They wanted to know how the insides of Massu’s shoes are like, and if he has any other fetish that’s on a rougher side. He talked about how they were asked to say if they had any fetishes for the things women do. So the other members were saying stuff like tying their hair, or removing earphones, and he was last. So he thought it wouldn’t be nice to just say the usual stuff. What popped into mind was how he tends to look at the insides of their shoes. Almost all of the “NEWS ni Koishite” staff and NTV staff got turned off by what he said, asking why and saying that’s gross. He explained how there are times when you walk around indoors with your socks, and go on to wear your shoes. So it’s highly possible for dust and hair to be stuck to your soles and then moved to your shoes. He hates that so he likes females who have clean insides (of the shoes). He also shared how the studios where they have photo shoots usually ban shoes, so as to keep the backdrop clean, which means the makeup artistes usually have to remove their shoes to get to them. It must be tough for them to keep the inside of their shoes clean, though the same applies to everyone. He’s reflecting over how what he said got people thinking that Masuda is difficult. Well as it is hard to keep the insides clean, it makes him wonder how people with clean shoes do that. Though that’s not all he looks at, of course. As for other fetishes, he likes it when females apply hand cream - it’s nice that they carry hand cream and handkerchiefs around with them. There are probably more, but nothing comes to mind now so he’ll think about it.

    • The fourth mail was from someone who wrote in for the first time and wanted to know what comes to mind when someone mentions Shizuoka (since they are going there for the tour). He thanked them for writing in, and said ocha and Mt Fuji, as the listener mentioned. It’s nice how you can see Mt Fuji from the Shinkansen when passing by Shizuoka. He also wants to try going to Hamamatsu specially for gyoza someday. There are still lots he doesn’t know about Shizuoka, and hopes he manages to find time to talk a walk around during the tour. Please send in recommendations if there are any.

    • The fifth mail was from a listener who realised that men who look good in white mufflers/ sweaters are cool. What are the clothes Massu find men cool in? He said white mufflers/ sweaters remind him of winter scenes from dramas, where someone would appear in high-necked knits. While males don’t wear white knitted stuff very much, as with white pants, people who can pull that off are cool. In that they must be very self-confident to wear such items. He said people who can pull off the average denims and plain white tees with sneakers are cool. Sharing how when he was still a junior or when he just became part of NEWS, Nagase (from TOKIO) walked in wearing white tee, second-hand jeans hanging from his hip with low-cut sneakers. He thought, “He’s so cool!” and that memory had always stayed in his mind. When he was in middle school, there are sempais who would wear their pants hanging low on their hips, but still not look untidy. He liked that, but didn’t manage to do anything like that, as his uniforms were bought slightly large since they thought he was going to grow bigger along the way but he never did so they stayed large all the way. He doesn’t have any memories of him looking good in the uniform, so to him, rather than flamboyant clothes, it’s the people who look good in uniforms or denims who are cool. Same goes for suits. He feels he doesn’t look good in suits as he aren’t used to them. He’d pick “denims” for his answer.

    • The sixth mail came from a listener who is playing Massu on “NEWS ni Koishite”. Their hearts race from the sweet lines from Massu, who doesn’t usually say such things and they wish it’d happen in real life. What is something that was toughest for Massu while creating this game? He first said he’s happy as he’d never imagined himself to turn into a game. He also shared how he’s playing himself, and the Master Hits staff told him when he reached the studio that day that he’d just called them. He got confused initially as he thought he pressed the buttons by accident (in real life). This isn’t something that’s tough, but he talked about how they had to make varying degrees of the same expression, like even a smile isn’t just a smile, he had to give like super happy smiles, slight smiles etc. He doesn’t know how the photos are used, and is looking forward to find out as he proceeds in the game. He asked everyone to please definitely play the game.


    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “BLACKHOLE”. He talked about how there’s a lot of rapping at the start and in the middle.

      M: Kakkoii desu ne...boku desu ne… (It’s real cool...and it’s me)

      He said how it was Staxx who wrote the rap lyrics, and also Staxx who sang the demo and he first absorbed Staxx into himself, then sang while putting in his own personality. It’s a song that draws out each member’s strengths and characteristics, and he’s very happy they managed to challenge themselves to a song like this. It’s an extremely cool performance they’re putting up at the concert for this song, together with the juniors, so he hopes everyone coming to the concert would look forward to it. Do remember the lyrics for this song and have fun together.

    • At the end, he promoted the tour, repeating the “EPCOTIA”/ “Ecopa” joke again.

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