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NEWS news (week of Apr 23) - Part 2

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  • Hiroshima (Apr 28)

    • Towards the fans who were heading to the bathroom during the MC
      K: Maybe they’re going to the bathroom. Safe trip!
      T: If you go to the bathroom, there’s zero gravity so be careful of things floating
      K: It’s ok to go to the bathroom.
      T: Be careful because things will float in zero gravity!
      S: That’s kind of gross! Saying it’ll float in zero gravity is gross!
      T: (laughing)
      T: But I wonder how do they go to the bathroom in space.
      K: They have some kind of bag, they go in there.
      T: How?!
      K: Like this. (bends over) Though I don’t know if they do it like this.
      T: I wonder how they do it. The seven wonders of space.
      M: The seven wonders of space♪
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    • While discussing how on every. Fujii has a rule that even when people close to you come on the show you have to address them with ‘san’.
      K: If Tegoshi [were to come], then it’d be Tegoshi-san, and if Shige
      S: Shige-san?
      K: No what, it’d be Kato-san. As you all know it wouldn’t be Shige-san!
      K: If Massu [came], it’d be Masuda-san. I couldn’t wear a suit and seriously call him ‘Massu!’
      M: Whyyyyy
      K: If you ask me so cutely…. I’ll end up calling [you Massu]!
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    • On the topic of how Tegoshi is actually quite serious
      K: Isn’t it about time you show your serious side?
      M: I mean, you’re just wearing “Tego-nyan” over you, aren’t you.
      S: Take that off.
      (ShigeMass proceeds to pretend to unzip Tegonyan)
      S: Hello! Black-haired Tegoshi-san!
      T: (tiny voice) What do I do...
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    • About Inochi no Uta
      T: We’re still in the meetings stage, but possibly the two of us (Tegoshige) might sing together
      K: Ah! In the past you two wrote a song together!
      T: We don’t know yet though.

      S: Tegoshi is the sub-MC. Before when we were asked to talk about a Hiroshima anecdote, Tegoshi told a much better story than me. I thought this isn’t good, and then of course this year he’s the sub-MC- or not the sub-MC, guest?
      M: Don’t mess that up!

      Koyama and Massu tried to get invites too:
      M: I didn’t say it [before], but I really like Hiroshima you know.
      K: Me too.
      M: I really like it.
      K: Me too.
      S: No, the way you ‘like’ it is flighty!
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    • On how NEWS is preparing a bunch of things for their 15th anniversary
      T: This is all we can say for now.
      S: Just about every week we have something to announce, right?
      K: He have a lot down our sleeves! This waiting isn’t so bad right?♡
      M: We’re hoping to create an opportunity to see [the fans].
      K: So working adults can easily come, on a weekend.
      T: Or on a weekday.
      S: Only NEETS could come.
      K: If it’s a weekday I couldn’t come either.
      T: If you came in a suit.
      M: If your opening costume was your every suit>
      K: Eeh? Wouldn’t it be the opposite? Not suits? Oh, no eh? huh?
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    • On Tegoshi’s love for the Sorajiro pouch
      S: Tegoshi-san walks around holding the Sorajiro pouch as if it were come cool looking clutch. The one with supplements? Or medicines in it.
      T: Because I like it!

    • For one of the songs when the penlights get switched off, some fans with the non-official penlights switched theirs off too. After the song was over, Massu clasped his hands together and said “Arigatou”.

    • Koyama’s final greetings:
      I’ve wanted to meet everyone so much today. I don’t have such a strong heart and depend very much on everyone’s support. Please continue supporting me too.

  • Hiroshima (Apr 29 - noon)

    • During a song when they all sit on the stage in the order of ShigeKoyaTegoMasu, they get close to each other and end up lying back down on the stage.
      K: Does everyone remember the dance for NEVERLAND? Scissors scissors scissors heart. We might wake up if you dance that.
      (fans start dancing)
      S: (jumps up) I can’t help being made of a physique that’s easily susceptible to magic!

    • When sharing episodes on the juniors, they decided to ask all of them to come up.
      M: Juniors, come on up~ Within one minute!
      (when the juniors appear, already changed into the next set of costumes)
      M: Don’t come in spoilers! Come in just your underwear!
      When reeacting their greetings at the meal,
      Taiga: Us 12 juniors will do what we can to support NEWS, but will not lose out to NEWS with regards to doing our best for the concert.
      (Massu starts gesturing for him to hurry up)
      S: This actually happened too.
      M: Inaba next!
      Inaba does his “100 person” gag again, and followed immediately with: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
      M: That’s fast.
      Inaba: (mouths) I’m scared of the silence in between.
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    • On Tegoshi’s mouth sore
      T: I need vitamins.
      K: Don’t you have my supplements.
      T: I’ve been taking them 3 times a day.
      K: It’d be fine once you take my good supplements.
      T: Do they work for mouth sores?
      S: Hold this conversation in the dressing room!

    • On Kinpachi Sensei
      M: Remember the brown parka I wore in Kinpachi?
      S: I do, it looked great on you.
      M: Even after growing up, Shige says he has a strong impression of me in the brown parka, so I bought one. I mean, you like it when I wear brown parkas, right?

    • On Shige’s photo(s) being printed on one of the costumes
      S: It’s fine to talk about it already, isn’t it?
      M: Actually, there’s this set of costumes that has Shige’s photo(s) printed somewhere. I asked Tegoshi and Koyama too for photos, but Shige was the only one who got back.
      K: I mean, I only have photos of cats.

  • Hiroshima (Apr 29 - evening)

    • Koyama asked Tegoshi how he wants to get the audience to cheer, and Tegoshi whispered in his ear.
      K: Hey hahaha saying a dirty joke like that this close.
      Massu wanted to hear what it was so Tegoshi whispered it to him too and he burst out laughing. When he whispered it to Shige, Shige fell down laughing.
      To the fans who wanted to know what Tegoshi said.
      K: I can’t say it (laughing)
      Fans: Ehhhh
      K: I can’t! I can’t say it.
      Then, saying it like they do when getting different groups of fans to cheer:
      K: Perverts?
      Fans: Yes!!
      M: Whoa, there are a lot of them! (laughing)
      K: We have a lot of fellow [perverts].
      They changed spots on stage and asked again.
      M: Koyama! There are a lot of perverts here too!
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    • The cold sore Tegoshi had before healed, but a new one formed in a different location so he’s been eating Shige’s umeboshi to try and cure it with vitamin c.
      M: Shige was so happy, like ‘Tegoshi, just how many umeboshi are you going to eat~’
      Shige poked Tegoshi’s mouth sore causing Tegoshi to throw his head back in pain and headbutt Koyama who was behind him, hitting him directly on the nose.
      T: Sorry. You might get a nose bleed while on every. Say that you were headbutted by Tegoshi.
      K: Can I say, ‘I was headbutted by Tegoshi’? (laughing)
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    • On the topic of how they’d like to do a concert where they do only solos. They talked about how they could do each other’s solos, and everyone do one person’s solo, etc.
      K: What about Ayame?
      S: You already did Ayame!
      M: Like when we debuted, we could do Ayame in the opening, and once again at the peak ‘Next is Ayame!’, and then ‘Last is Ayame!’
      They talked about when it was that they figured out each other’s solo performances.
      T: Shige and I were together a lot at rehearsals, so I saw Shige’s Ayame and he saw how I used the bed.
      K&S: How you used the bed!?
      They started talking about what if the 4 of them did ‘I’m coming’, and the four of them lay down on the stage next to each other.
      T: All four of us are going to frolic on the bed?
      Massu was the first to lay down.
      M: It’s a single bed right.
      T: Isn’t that too small?
      Massu and Shige lay down next to each other, and then Koyama wedged himself in between them. Then Tegoshi straddled each of them one by one while singing.
      T: Ike! [Come!]
      M: Don’t come!
      S: No!
      K: It’s ‘We are coming’
      K: The view from the side of the bed is yabai
      M: Gross!
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    • When breaking the audience down into groups to get them to shout,
      K: Boys! Girls! …..
      K: Idol!
      M: YES! ✋🏻

    • On Inochi no Uta again
      M: I’m free.
      K: Me too.
      M: When’s the recording?
      S: July 5.
      K: Thursday huh...cries. Even if I don’t get invited I’ll be cheering you on from the audience!
      M: Yeah from the audience!

    • T: Whether it’s your precious day off, or you took time of from work, thank you for using your time on us.

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