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Tegoshi to be NTV's main caster for World Cup 2018!


Another piece of news that can't wait till we get back with the weekly summaries - Tegoshi's going to be main caster for World Cup 2018 on NTV, with NEWS providing the theme song!

It was finally officially announced on May 17 that Tegoshi will be the main caster for all World Cup 2018 coverage on NTV. It is also part of the plans for him to head to Russia as part of the coverage. At the same time, it was announced the official theme song for World Cup 2018 for the station would be "BLUE", by NEWS. "BLUE" is to represent the earth's blue, as well as the colour for the Japanese soccer team.

He commented that it is his honour to be able to continue being the main caster for World Cup the second time, after the previous one at Brazil. FIFA World Cup is a festival that excites the world once every four years. He continued, saying one can get immersed in the super plays from the super star players across the world, it's fun to seek out good-looking players too. He's really looking forward to it, and hopes he can convey the passion from the festival named "FIFA World Cup".

The official page for World Cup for NTV is also up, including a really short PR message from Tegoshi, saying to watch World Cup on NTV, in promo video on the page.

They also appeared on ZIP! the same morning, with them talking about how "BLUE" opens with the support song for soccer in Japan, the triumphal march from Aida. A short preview of the song can be heard in the background. They also made TegoShige sing the tune from Aida, and you can view the clip here.

Tegoshi will also be appearing on the May 25 episode of "Horeba Horuhodo Sugoi Hito", likely to promote World Cup.

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