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NEWS news (weeks of May 6 & 13) - Part 2

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Some of the mods attended the Nagoya shows, so some of the reports are from recollection which is why there are less sources. Also, just a heads up that since the tour is now finished, we’ve included some song titles in the reports.

  • Nagoya (May 12)

    • Matsumoto Kouta (Uchuu Six) came to see the show because he couldn’t make it to the Saitama dates. NEWS talked to him during the MC, and he stood up and waved. At one point he shouted out to them without a mic:

      MK: (shouting something to the stage)

      M: What was that? Did you say Masuda is cool?

      MK: (shouting something to the stage)

      M: Masuda is the best?

      This led to them talking about how some kansai jrs came to see them in Osaka, and the started to talk about how well mannered they were and that they brought refreshments for the dressing room. This led to them teasing Matsumoto because he didn’t bring anything. He tried to protest saying he would get them something later.

      It came up that Massu went to Takizawa Kabuki

      K: What did you bring?

      M: Nothing!

      K: But you got stuff from the kansai jrs!

      M: I should have brought that…

      K&S: That’s the worst

      (Source 1 2 3)

    • At the start of the MC the members called out for different groups of people to respond. They went through the members’ last names.

      K: People whose last name is Tegoshi!

      Fans: Yes~!

      K: Liars!

      M: People who want the last name Tegoshi?

      Fans & Koyama: Yes~!!🙋‍♂️

      M: I don’t want two Tegoshis among the members.


    • During the MC Koyama suddenly asked Tegoshi how his stomach was feeling Tegoshi said he was fine. It turns out Tegoshi had been abroad for work since the day after the Osaka concert until the day before the Nagoya concert, and got food poisoning probably from the inflight meal on the way there.

      T: The first day, I got a 38°C fever for the first time in awhile, and got a drip at a local hospital. Haha

      K: It’s not a laughing matter… are you ok?

      T: I’m about 80% ok!

      They talked about how it was a miracle that Tegoshi recovered enough in time for the concert.

      K: But if you really need to it’s ok to leave the stage.

      T: If I leave in the middle of a song in the latter half please know that that’s why.

      (Source 1 2)

    • On the topic of Shige’s drama and how the others will be appearing in it too:

      T: Shige, since we’ll be appearing too, are you going to provide yakiniku and sushi refreshments!!

      S: You’re the one who’s supposed to bring refreshments!!


    • When talking about his drama, Shige mentioned that it would be starting in July.

      M: Also in July…. Is my birthday!

      S: Then should I say it? In July, I also have my birthday!

      K: In July…. Milk will turn 1 years old!

      Everyone turned to Tegoshi expectantly.

      K: Tegoshi, you have something in July too right?

      T: In July? I will grow to be 190 cm tall.

      K: You’re cute at that size.

      T: I get that a lot ♡

      (Source 1 2 3)

    • Captain Coati commanded that Shige explain to aliens what’s good about the Earth, so Shige told Tegoshi to act out the alien. Tegoshi started to do all sort of weird movements and noises, and threw in an impression from Princess Mononoke

      T: Humans, go away.

      Eventually Massu and Koyama joined in which somehow led to them trying to recreate a pose often done during elementary school sports days. With Massu in the middle and Koyama and Tegoshi on the sides, but Koyama was too tall so they tried again with Koyama in the middle.

      (Source 1 2)

  • Nagoya (May 13 - afternoon)

    • They have a spinning camera in the middle of the stage for “Chankapana”, where they spin the camera around and take turns to take selfies for their singing parts. For this show, they refused to pass it to Shige and he went, “Shige wa?? Shige wa?”. When he finally got his turn, he hogged it such that Massu didn’t manage to say his “Yakusoku suru yo”. Massu then started sulking at one corner, but Koyama nudged him forward (while apologising to Shige) after Tegoshi was done with the solo lines for the bridge and Massu said his “Yakusoku suru yo” beaming.


    • “Negai kakete~”

      K: That was really good, sing again, I want to hear.

      M: Negai Ka-

      T: (disrupts) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

      M: !!! (cries)

    • During a song where the members sit side by side, Tegoshi tried to shove flower petals into Koyama’s mouth just as he was going to sing his line. Then at the end of the song Koyama and Massu and then Shige all leaned onto Tegoshi so that he ended up on his back. Shige and Massu then lifted his legs up and began to smack his butt, while he yelled for them to stop. Koyama was also trapped on top of Tegoshi and complained that it wasn’t pleasant for him either.

      When they finally managed to get up,

      K: Massu, shoving flower petals into my mouth when I’m singing is not okay!

      M: I didn’t do anything.

      K: Ah, I said Massu? Oh man, I’m afraid of myself.

    • On splitting the crowd up to cheer

      Koyama was slightly hoarse when he started giving cues to the audience, and they laughed at him. He started breaking down the audience really specifically, like going “Grade 1 of elementary school!” then “Grade 2 of elementary school!”. Massu stopped him saying that’ll take forever to finish. And what, should they ask, “First year as a housewife?” They then asked if there were housewives who came secretly without letting their husbands know (there were) and Tegoshi said that’s somewhat erotic. The rest then asked if there were husbands who came with their wives (there were too). Koyama spotted one holding his uchiwa, and asked him not to look so unhappy.

      Tegoshi then asked if there were fans from outside of Japan. Obviously there were, and there was this girl who was yelling really excitedly and loudly by herself. They were like, “Whoa whoa” following which Massu went, “Welcome to Japan”, “I Love You” and then “Wo Ai Ni” (I love you in Chinese Mandarin). Tegoshi then joined in to say “Saranghaeyo”.

    • The members took turns saying Shige’s usual line, ‘Bakayarou, Ore no Hou ga Aishiteru’(Idiot, I love you more). Tegoshi was last, but when it came to his turn he kissed Koyama on the cheek instead.

    • When they finally got to the centre stage for MC, they tried to get Shige to talk on this own to fill the time, but he couldn’t. Massu said at this rate he will never be able to fill up the MC for his solo concert, since he’s so depended on the members.

      S: I’ll always be with you guys, I won’t do solo concerts.

      Massu then said they’d guest his solo con, Koyama joined in to say it’d be a Shige solo con, featuring the other 3 from the first song to the last. Massu then very nicely linked to Shige’s drama (M: Speaking of guesting…) and they promoted it a bit.

    • Koyama sniffed Tegoshi’s boot again, sticking his whole face in the boot. Tegoshi made him do a breathing technique before he stuck his head in going ‘Hi hi fu’ (breathing in twice and then out). After confirming that Tegoshi’s boot didn’t stink, he sniffed Massu’s too. He said it also didn’t stink to which the fans reacted by going ‘Ehhh!’ and Massu was offended that they had assumed that his would stink.

      M: Massu’s going to be mad for the second half!

      K: The insides of your shoes are really clean! As expected of someone with the “inside-of-shoe” fetish

      T: Hentai boy!

      Koyama then made Shige smell Tegoshi’s boot too, and Tegoshi changed up the breathing technique to ‘Hi-fu-mi’ (the name of a retired shogi player that’s been popular on tv recently).

      S: (makes a face) It smells of Tegoshi.

      K: Don’t make that face!

      Koyama said that he could sleep using Tegoshi’s boot as a pillow.

    • Koyama started to tell a story about Tegoshi involving garlic rice from the previous night, and Shige and Massu protested that he shouldn’t tell it. Koyama tried to continue the story anyway, but a little boy from the audience started crying and he stopped to address that. Massu started waving to the boy as Tegoshi continued the story, and Tegoshi said no one was listening to him. The boy stopped crying so Koyama said he should do the Massu-nichan song (from Hen Lab) for his solo, but Massu said he’d look like he has split personality disorder if he did that song after doing “Thunder”. They never got to finish the garlic rice story.

    • When Captain Coati asked Tegoshi to leave, he refused to, and shouted up saying he doesn’t want to.

      M: She’s not up there.

      Tegoshi then shouted downwards.

      M: She’s not down there either.

      T: Where’s NEVERLAND’s occhan (old man)!

      K: HE’S NOT JUST ANY OLD MAN! Stop being rude!

    • On people going to the WC

      S: Water closet.

      K: Eh, you mean that’s what WC stood for?

      S, M: You didn’t know?

      K: Eh? Should I have?

      S: What did you think it was then?

      K: Water….cleaner?

      M: It could also mean a brand. Wakatsuki Chinatsu’s brand. (smug look)

  • Nagoya (May 13 - evening)

    • K: Does everyone love NEWS?

      M: Does everyone love gyoza…? Stupid, I love gyoza more.

      T: Stupid! I...ahaha

      M: You do the “Koneko-chan” thing all the time so don’t get embarrassed!

      K: How cute♡

      M: You can’t do it?♡

      K: Do you love NEWS???

      T: Koneko chaaaan! Let’s go lovey-dovey together!

      M: No no! What about the “stupid” thing? Shige’s “stupid”?

      K: I want to do koneko-chan too!

      K: Do you love NEWS?

      M: Everyone~ Koneko-chan~♡

      K: It won’t look as good to say koneko-chan another time after you!

      M: What about big neko-chan?

      K: Let’s quit using cats?

      M: Bears~~ ♡

      S: Iguana-chan~~ ♡

      S: Beetles~ (kabutomushi)

      T: (sings to aiko’s song titled the same name, with his right hand raised up, imitating beetles) Sukoshi se no takai♪

      M: That’s not “Kabutomushi”!

      K: We don’t get the koneko-chan in the end?

      (Source 1 2 3 4)

    • When Tegoshi refused to leave the stage when it was his cue to…

      Captain Coati: Don’t be willful.

      M: Ah I want to be told that too! I’m going to sit down here forever!

      Captain Coati: Don’t be willful.

      K: I won’t wear my shoes anymore.

      Captain Coati: Oh, really.


    • M: Tegoshi do ‘paper’ with your left hand. Stay like that

      T: ✋…?

      M: You have sakura stuck to you♡

      K&S&M: Cuteee♡



      S: No thanks.

      M: Stand up 2018

      K: And… Kiseki wo okose! Ganbatte ato sukoshi♪

      M: Chance wo ikasou Everybody’s gonna get Good News!

      T: 😐

      S: Tegoshi doesn’t remember it.



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