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NEWS news (weeks of May 6 & 13) - Part 4

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  • Sorashige Book (May 6)

    • The first message was about Shige’s new novel serialization, the writer gave their thoughts and said they were happy to able to read more of Shige’s writing so soon. Shige responded to the letter and mentioned that he’s been getting lots of mail about it.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • For this weeks music club Shige talked about and played “Keep Us Alive” by AmPm.

    • The next message was about how though there are many who dislike spoilers, they’re the type who enjoys things more after seeing spoilers. They even read the end of a book first. They wanted to know what Shige thinks of this as an author, though their impression is that he thinks it’s not good.

      Shige said that it’s fine as long as you’re not spoiling it for others, it’s fine to enjoy books, movies, etc however you like. Those works belong to the consumers not he creators. However, in regards to reading the end of the book first he can’t say it makes him happy to hear, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not how he intended it to be consumed.

    • The next letter was from a 14 year old who said that they’re an only child and enjoy doing things on their own like going to yakiniku, movies and the zoo. They like going at their own pace, but their friends are surprised and asked if its weird for a middle schooler to do this and when Shige first began doing things on his own.

      Shige said that he was probably older than the letter writer before he started doing things on his own though he sympathises with them. In his work he doesn’t get much time alone, but this year he did hanami on his own. There aren’t many things he wouldn’t do on his own, though maybe not amusement parks. He talked about doing things on his own throughout the tour and told them not to worry about others not getting them doing thing on their own.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (May 8)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • They talked about how fast the tour is going, and that while it’s physically taxing they’re all doing well. They mentioned how their changing areas for the tour are next to each other and Tegoshi and Massu’s are a bit further away. They said that they both really encourage each other while they’re changing, telling each other that they did well. Koyama said that he feels good when Shige’s feeling good and how it’s important to support each other.

      They talked about how they have to get up early on days with 2 concerts and how Koyama looks forward to the hotel breakfasts. Shige talked about how one time he and Tegoshi got together with the jrs and since they didn’t have a concert the next day they stayed up fairly late talking, so the next morning they were both a bit groggy. Which is why he got annoyed seeing how chipper Koyama seemed.

      Koyama talked about how Tegoshi wrote about going out with the jrs on NEWS Ring, and Shige told him he should come but Koyama protested that he has work on Monday.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who told them about a good experience she had buying epcotia goods. When ordering she asked for Shige’s goods saying ‘Crew member Kato’s’ and the staff person told them to have a good trip with ‘crew member Kato’. They said it was a nice story, and said how the staff help create the theme of the concert.

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked what the hardest thing about being a jr was.

      Koyama said it was his fight with Shige and Shige laughed saying it’s the only time they’ve ever fought. Koyama added the time they had to wear heelys. Shige said that looking back at it now, being a jr was much easier than now. It’s completely different standing in the front. They also said they were lucky to debut so quickly, though they didn’t have so much experience once they debuted they often got yelled at by the choreographer. The jrs that follow them on tour now are much more put together, though they’re older than NEWS was when they debuted. They talked about how the jrs now have their own worries as they get older about what they should do and lately they’ve been consulting Shige. He says they’ve asked him how he was able to debut, but they agreed that it’s just luck so all he can tell them that if they do their best someone will watch.

      Shige talked about how when he and Tegoshi went out to eat with the jrs recently Tegoshi suddenly started a question time, and told the jrs to raise their hand if they had a question, and one asked Shige where he gets his ideas for his solos and Shige felt like what is this an interview??

      They talked about the way Shige came up with Hyouon as discussed before, and Koyama said that when he was getting dinner with Akiyama Taiga(MADE), there had been about 8 of them gathered for Koyama’s birthday at a sushi restaurant, just regular friends not Johnny’s, and they started talking about Hyouon and everyone exclaimed at how cool that was. Taiga also told Koyama about what they talked about when Shige and Tego went out with the jrs.

    • ♪ EPCOTIA ♪

    • Before reading the next letter Koyama told Shige to prepare his throat. The letter asked Shige if he prefers square or circular mochi.

      S: WHO CARES!!!

      He said that when eaten in zosui he prefers circular, but when grilled he like square. Koyama said that he’s only ever had square.

  • Tegomass no Radio (May 9)

    • At the opening, they were just starting to talk about how there were only 2 venues left to the tour when Massu asked what happened to Sakura’s thumb. It got cut by the slicer. They then talked about how Tegoshi’s blood type is T and it’s a new blood type that’s like metal.

      They then talked about Tegoshi’s mouth ulcers and how Shige is horrid in that he’d touch them during the concerts. Massu said Shige also does things like stuff his fist into his mouth so he must have a mouth related fetish. Tegoshi agreed.

      Moving on to the request. The first time they heard the song, it was really fresh for a NEWS song as it sounded like some stylish Western style song. But overtime, their voices blended with the song to become a new NEWS sound and is now a favourite.

      T: Ah, happy to hear that.

      Sakura: (starts coughing)

      M: OEI!

      T, M: Oei oei oei…

      M: Did you laugh?

      T: Are you making fun of us? Making fun of “TWINKLE STAR”?

      Sakura: No!

      M: Like, “This song?? What do you mean, a Western style song”

      Sakura protested and said she choked on her saliva. Massu said they’re not worried though. Sakura went back to reading the mail on the parts of the songs the listener liked about Massu’s & Tegoshi’s singing. She tripped on Massu’s part and he picked that out and Sakura said he should have let that go. Tegoshi joked about how they won’t play the song since they want to finish with the opening sooner and Massu said he wanted to play “Thunder” instead. Tegoshi then threw out “Hyouon” (M: That’s not your solo song!”) Sakura said they needed to move on or they’ll waste more time and Tegoshi said again how it’s hard to keep it to 30 minutes and he wants it to last forever.

    • ♪ TWINKLE STAR ♪

    • Sakura: Emergency Project! To help Tegomass tell the difference between bean paste and tofu!!!!

      T, M: ...Mmm??

      Sakura explained that since they couldn’t tell the difference between the variations of those two items the previous time, this project was to help them find out, since they’re no longer of an age when they can just act cute to cover up the ignorance.

      T: But who cares? There’s no loss in my life whether or not I can tell the difference.

      Sakura: There might not be a loss, but if you find out now, you might level up as a man.

      T: I won’t.

      Massu said it’s not that he doesn’t know the difference, but he’s never really paid attention to that. They were to be given tofu to eat, and tell which type it was. While the tofu was getting prepared, Tegoshi showed his nipples, saying no one can tell the difference between his left and right nipples, and nobody really cares if they are.

      M: No, the right one is slightly better.

      T: No way.

      M: The left one is...I don’t like it.

      Sakura: The heights and sizes of them are different.

      M: You’re looking embarrassed, aren’t you?

      (studio laughs)

      Tegoshi said the condition of his nipples wasn’t what he’s expected. So they ate the tofu and were asked which type it was. Tegoshi guessed it right, the silky type. And Massu asked for the firm type too. When the firm type came, they started talking about how the appearance is different and they don’t see these as often. After tasting they said the tofus taste completely different too. They both prefer the silky type.

      M: If I were asked the same question next week I probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

      Sakura: Stop it…remember!

      T: Look, we’re the type who take two steps backward after taking three steps forward.

      Sakura: Don’t go backwards! You’re idols! Move forward!

    • They then moved on to bean paste. It was the same procedure, where they brought out one type first for them to taste and to guess. Tegoshi got it right again, the mashed bean paste. They were then given the smooth bean paste. Again, they said they are completely different. Tegoshi prefers the smooth bean paste while Massu prefers mashed bean paste. To make sure they really can tell the different, they were given bean paste buns to eat and tell which paste is used. They both got it right, that it was smooth bean paste inside. They thanked the staff for preparing all that for them, and Tegoshi said this is more useful than anything any of the Johnny’s sempais taught them. (Sakura: You definitely don’t think that!)

      T: So, what. If we can tell the difference when we go out for meals with people, can we become heroes?

      Sakura: No. You just moved a step closer to the average person.

      T, M: No way. Everyone knows?

      Sakura: It’s general knowledge.

      They then joked if the staff were trying to imply they are ignorant because they joined Johnny’s too early and have no general knowledge. (M: There must be lots Sakura-chan doesn’t know too, since she only just found out the difference between Tegoshi and Massu of Tegomass. T: Tegomass, Yuzu, Kobukuro. You don’t know one from the other, do you!)

    • Moving on to the questions from listeners, Sakura stumbled over “EPCOTIA” while reading the mail from someone who went to the afternoon Shizuoka show on Sunday. They said they heard Tegoshi’s laughter between Shige’s solo and the following song and wanted to know what happened. Tegoshi couldn’t remember what happened and said he must have been standing on stage in preparation already but Massu said he heard the laughter too. Tegoshi then said when he has time to spare after changing, he talks to the staff etc. backstage and they were probably talking about something funny. That’s all. Massu said Tegoshi must have been playing a prank on Shige as he could hear his laughter too.

      T: It must have been someone sitting real close.

      M: No no no. Tegoshi’s loud even without the microphone.

      Tegoshi admitted that he disturbs Shige after he comes backstage from his solo, even when he’s in a rush to get changed. He apologised and will be more careful from then.

    • The next question asked if they have rehearsals between shows for concerts, like on weekdays, since the concerts this time are every weekend. Tegoshi first joked that they didn’t have a single rehearsal this time, they just manage to do it. (M: Even if you didn’t have any, the rest of us had plenty!) They have rehearsals between concerts too, to refine their singing, dancing etc. That usually happens on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons, at the venue when the juniors and choreographer join them too. They can’t practise on other days as they all have other work and can’t gather. They’ve never heard of anyone going to the studio to practise singing during the tour so far, and said that would be wrong, as they really should have been perfect from the first show. The ideal would be to be in the same condition from day 1 till the final show, without getting better nor worse. They make minor adjustments to the show along the way though, like to lighting etc.

    • At the ending, they promoted the tour and said how Koyama is starting to feel overly gross with his member love, announcing his luck on NnK and gushing over the members. It won’t be surprising if news breaks out that he starts dating one of the members. (Sakura: Who will he choose…)

      T: Please play not just one, but all the members in “NEWS ni Koishite”.

      M: It’s fine to just play me.

      T: Shut up. Play everyone.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (May 11)

    • At the opening, he talked about how it’s “Mother’s Day” the day after, and it’s a day when it’s easier to convey your feelings of appreciation, so he’d like to try doing that too. He then talked about how there are only 2 cities left to the tour, and it’s the first time they performed every week and it feels shorter than usual. To those who will be coming, please look forward to it.

    • The first listener wanted to know if Massu has started eating hiyashi chuka (cold Chinese-style noodles). He shared how he doesn’t like having cucumbers in noodles. He likes cucumbers on their own or other things, but doesn’t understand why they need to be in noodles. He’ll probably start eating them soon.

    • ♪ EPCOTIA ♪

    • The second listener was someone who went to the NEVERLAND exhibit and how they were touched by Massu’s love for costumes. It was a rare experience to be able to see the costumes up close and they thanked Massu for this, despite their busy schedules amidst the tour. He shared again about how his mother didn’t hit for the exhibit, and also apologised to those who didn’t hit as well. He will try to find a way to show everyone, even for just a bit, how the exhibit looks like, in the form of photos or videos. It’s been his dream to have a costumes exhibit since he’s always been given the task of designing them and he’s developed a love for them. He hopes to be able to continue doing something similar, even if it’s in a different form.

    • The third listener was from someone who went to the HIroshima concert and wanted to know if they ate anything yummy there and if there are any episodes to share. He said there was meal gathering with the heads of the respective sections of the concert (e.g lighting, costumes) and as there aren’t that many chances to do something like that with a smaller group like this. It was great to have the time to properly speak to them and he was happy for that. There are those he’s worked with since junior days, and also those from NEWS, or even just the recent 3 - 4 years. So there are people who’s known them since they were young and the ones they discuss the concert they want to create each time.

    • The fourth listener is a male fan in his 3rd grade of middle school. They need to perform the rock soran across the entire grade at their sports festival, and are practising everyday now. However, they can’t seem to do it well and ask how much Massu practises for concerts each day. He said he did the soran for Kinpachi Sensei and asked if this is the rock soran. It’s really tough since it was adapted from fishing, so there are movements like throwing out the net and all, which gives muscle aches all over the body. While they don’t have rehearsals for concerts everyday, they usually do it in the style of holding a month of meetings then a month of rehearsals. There aren’t fixed hours to how much they rehearse each day. To him it’s not about just doing the same action many many times, but more about incorporating the dance (same goes for lyrics) such that the body moves on its own once the song plays. He said to take care to not overwork the body and to practise till they are happy with the results

    • The fifth listener bought a hamster, and wanted Massu to name her. She’s brown and grey and tiny. He suggested “Thunder”.

    • The sixth listener referred to the RING entry when Koyama said he bought the same body cream as Massu and was curious about it. He said he has dry skin so he brought body cream along as part of the items for the holding room. Koyama asked to use it so he let him, and before he knew it, Koyama bought the same thing as he felt bad about using so much of Massu’s. He bought it because he liked the scent, so now Koyama smells nice too. Though it isn’t a good thing for the members to like the same fragrances as staff will think they smell the same. He hopes Koyama will stop using that...though it’s okay. He also shared how it was Koyama’s birthday recently, and how he kept talking about wanting sneakers, asking Massu which are nice etc. So Massu bought a pair for him for his birthday. Since he got copied for the body cream, and bought stylish sneakers for Koyama, it’s only right to expect the favour to be returned in volumes (he used the famous line from “Hanzawa Naoki”, “Baigaeshi da!”)  in July when it’s his birthday.

    • ♪ KINGDOM ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Happy Ending”. He talked about how this is the last song in EPCOTIA. While “U R not alone” for the previous album had the message of one being not alone, “Happy Ending” conveys the message of not thinking one is alone. It’s a song that allows him to think about a lot of things when he sings it and he wants to sing it with care each time. Everyone probably goes to concerts with different thoughts and emotions, but he hopes everyone could think that when they go to concerts, NEWS is there for them, as well as everyone else who also supports NEWS. No one is alone, and he hopes to be able to convey that important message. He likes this song very much, just as he likes “U R not alone”.

    • At the ending, he promoted the tour.

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