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NEWS news (weeks of May 6 & 13) - Part 5

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  • Sorashige Book (May 13)

    • The first message was from a listener who congratulated Shige on Inochi no Uta, and said that they were looking forward to his and Tegoshi’s interactions on the program.

      The next message was also about Inochi no Uta, saying that they watched last year and are looking forward to it this year too and that it’s a lovely program.

      Shige talked about how the program left a big impression on him last year and he’s looking forward to doing it again this year. He talked about how it’s a unique experience, and he didn’t expect to be asked again this year but is really happy about it. He talked about how Tegoshi will likely also go out on locations, and how he’d like to sing something with him. He said he’s happy that he’s able to do this kind of work with him, and that he’d do his best.

    • Shige also talked about the upcoming drama and how he’s happy that the other members will be making appearances too. He commented on how this year is really busy.

    • ♪ Sweet Martini ♪

    • For music club this week Shige talked about Janelle Monáe and her album ‘Dirty Computer’ for awhile. He played the single ‘Make Me Feel’.

    • The next letter was from a listener who shared their worries about picking law as their subject of study in higher education, saying they picked without a solid reason, and asked Shige why he chose to study law.

      Shige said that he thought that that was fine, and he picked law because it sounded the coolest. He thinks that you learn a lot studying law, and that it makes you think about a variety of things, and will come in handy. He gave the listener advice on college life and encouraged them to do their best.

    • The next letter was also from a listener who wanted advice saying that they are unable feel like they’re working hard and unable to indulge themselves. They have a tendency to take things too seriously and are unable to enjoy things that are supposed to be fun.

      Shige said that he thinks it’s hardest for perfectionists to recover from missteps. He said that he’s lucky that those around him praise him, but when it seems like they’re going to praise him he tries to escape. It’s important to spoil yourself sometimes. He said that it doesn’t feel like he’s working hard, when things are difficult he tried to enjoy himself, and when unpleasant things happen he complains. If you feel suffocated by things, it’s ok to take a step back.

      He talked about how he’s going to the gym 3 times a week since before Green Mile.

      When you’re tired, it’s easier when you keep moving and becomes more exhausting to stop. It’s good to ‘active rest’, rather than completely stopping it’s ok to slow down.

      S: When you can’t run anymore it’s ok to walk slowly.

      Shige said that he’s healthiest when he’s busy, when he’s bored he tends to put things off and laze around.

    • ♪ Megalomania ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (May 15)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • They started talking about Inochi no Uta and Koyama congratulated him and mentioned how Tego-chan was also appearing. They also discussed the drama and how all the members would be appearing. Koyama said that he had started to read the manga, and that it was really interesting. They said that they don’t know how much the other members will be appearing yet but it’s more than just one scene or as an extra. They talked about how they’re thankful and how busy Shige is with Inochi no Uta, the drama, and writing. Shige complained about how he was writing on the way to venues, and Koyama will read over his shoulder and then repeat those lines later. He accused Koyama of sneakily reading while pretending to sleep with sunglasses on.

    • ♪ EPCOTIA ♪

    • The first letter was from a listener who was going to start working as a pharmacist. Remembering how Shige said that he likes seeing pharmacists go on break with just their wallet on Music Station, gave them motivation to study. They’re working at a hospital now though so they eat in the cafeteria and don’t go out to buy lunch. They asked him for any other situations with pharmacists he likes to give them motivation at work.

      Koyama and Shige both said that they like when pharmacist layout all the pills and explain what they are and how to take them. They like the kind tone and like the phrases ‘take this 3 times a day’ or ‘have you ever had this medicine before?’ They both got pretty excited talking about pharmacists, and how it’s fun to imagine what they look like behind the masks. Koyama said that he found masks and the action of taking them off sexy.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they recently went and bought NEWS’ photos from the Johnny’s shop. As she puts the photos away, she tends to say out loud to them things like ‘So cool!’ and ‘Your face is genius!’ She said that she’s sure that they must check their photos from photo shoots and wanted to know if they ever think that they look cool.

      Koyama said that more than himself he tends to look at the other members and they all look really cool, Shige protested that they just have good photographers.

      K: No. Kato-san, you’re cool.

      S: (bursts out laughing)

      They talked about how the photos in the Johnny’s shop are off shots so they actually don’t check them so they’re glad that the listener thinks they’re cool looking. Koyama said that he likes the shots with all 4 of them.

      They talked about the photos in NEWS ni Koi shite, and Koyama said that on his birthday he got daikichi, the best fortune, and the picture of Shige was really smiling as if he were saying ‘Happy Birthday’.

    • The next letter was from a listener who wanted to know if they like moving or not and if they have any tips.

      They both said that it was fun and they like it though Shige noted that it’s troublesome the day of. It’s fun to go somewhere new though, and Koyama said that it’s nice to be able to go through all your things and you may find things. They said the beginning is important with where you put things.

    • ♪ IT’S YOU ♪

    • The last message was from a listener who asked what they would answer in shiritori if they got ‘ri’.

      Shige said ‘Ryokuoushoku Yasai’ which means green and yellow vegetables. Koyama answered ‘ritomasu shi’ meaning litmus paper. They spent some time coming up with a few others, and at the end they had a lot of fun playing a few rounds. They also mentioned going to see Bruno Mars.

  • Tegomass no Radio (May 16)

    • At the opening, Tegoshi started laughing halfway through his usual “Konbanwa! Tegomass no Tegoshi Yuya desu” and they told him to not mess up right from the start. He explained how he was getting all hyped up to the tune played at the start, and happened to see Imai Taro, the writer, swaying his body slightly too and decided to raise the volume. He apologised and they talked about their respective impressions of Saitama Super Arena. It’s the first time for Tegoshi to stand on the stage as he’s only been there for the annual futsal match. Massu has been on the stage before backdancing for seniors, but it’s more like a place where he goes to watch the performances of others. Since it was more or less already decided they’d be holding the concert there from about late last year, it was the first time Tegoshi went for futsal thinking they’d be performing there. It’s probably the largest arena venue and they’re looking forward to it.

    • The request this week was for “Hoshi ni Negai wo”, their favourite song from the album (M: Over “Thunder”? Sakura: I’m just starting on the best part, Masuda-san. M: Sorry.) It’s the first time the listener is joining the concert with their entire family, their parents and their brother. So they’re listening to the album as a family in preparation. Tegomass said they’re really happy about that and guessed for a while which show they were going to. They hope their songs appeal to various age groups and hope the family enjoys their time.

    • ♪ Hoshi ni Negai wo ♪

    • The second listener was someone who owns a dog and shared how they grabbed an insect when they thought they were removing dust from the dog, and they felt gross after that since they hate insects. Can Tegoshi remove bugs from Emma? He said he totally would, since it’s on something he loves.

      M: What if it’s a spider the same size as Emma?

      T: No way, something like that exists?

      Sakura: Hahhhaaha

      T: That’d be the discovery of a new specie! I’d call the Japanese Insect Federation immediately since it’s an amazing discovery.

      M: Before removing it? Even if it’s on top of Emma?

      T: She’s bold, so she’d probably just think, “Ah, there’s something on me.” So I’ll call. Like, “Please come!”

      They then talked about which bugs Tegoshi hates most - those with lots of legs like spiders and centipedes. He also hates how spiders inconvenient Man since their webs get in the way. Not like they can devour Man.

      They shared how there was a bug during the MC at one of the venues, flying around Tegoshi the entire time. (T, to the bug: You sure you properly joined the FC? There’s no seat on the stage! And there was so much body touching!)

      They moved on to talking about how things they dislike would get near them, like crows. Massu said he ever had the experience of a crow swooping down and trying take him away by the head. If he were any lighter they might have succeeded. Sakura wondered why that happens and they said that’s because crows are smart, and are said to have the intelligence of about a 3-year-old.

      T: That’s above Sakura-chan.

      Sakura: No no, hang on. I’m like 10 times better.

      T: I mean, you only managed to learn to speak recently, didn’t you. Before you were just going “BABU!” all the time.

      Sakura: Hey, I’m an announcer!

      Sakura said Massu’s already getting bored and removing dirt from his shoes so they asked if Sakura had any experience with bugs. She said there was once a caterpillar was dangling around her chest and because she couldn’t touch it she brushed it against the wall to remove it. Massu said she was off topic as the listener was asking if she could remove bugs from her dog if she owned one. Everyone’s dislike for bugs is the same. Tegoshi started saying if caterpillars can attach themselves to females’ chests, maybe he’ll hope to turn into one his next life, rather than hoping to be an idol again. (M: I’ll be sure to step on you!) Massu said he has no idea since he doesn’t own a dog.

    • The following listener said they’re in high school and are told they have very little in their pencil case. They wanted to know if the three of them bring the bare minimum or are the “just-in-case” type who brings many things along. The listener ended with “I love Masuda-kun”, to which Massu said he loves them too and Tegoshi said he’s not going there since it’s troublesome. Massu said he feels Tegoshi belongs to the latter, and shared how Tegoshi has a pill case with four compartments. Tegoshi takes 3 pills each time, thrice a day. He has to refill the case almost once a day since he can only bring a maximum of 4 doses along, and has been doing the same for almost 10 years. Recently, Massu suggested for him to just put lots of pills of each type into each compartment of the pill case, and just shake out one pill each serving. And Tegoshi made this HUGE revelation going, “OMG! WHAT’S THAT! YOU’RE RIGHT!”

      Sakura: Tegoshi-san’s in a worse condition than I thought.

      T: No, you mean everyone would think of that?

      Sakura: Yeah.

      T: Life’s been SO much easier since.

      Massu added to say the pill case is fairly large one where each compartment can hold more than 10 pills, and Tegoshi had only been putting 3 in each. Sakura said Tegoshi’s not really bright in some ways. They had Tegoshi share the other items he brings along - toner, dental floss…

      T: Because I need to insert it every night.

      M: “Insert”? What do you mean by “insert” floss???

      Continuing with Tegoshi’s items - lip cream, moisturizer, pimple cream (2 of that). They then talked about how Tegoshi “inserts” floss for a while. Massu is the opposite with really little things, like how he brought nothing along that day.

      Tegoshi brought out his backpack, (M: What do you think you were doing today! It’s radio!) and shared even more items in his bag. Accessories (since he had a mag interview before), tablet, lozenges, English vocabulary notebook, wallet, random items like used tickets, eye masks, masks… he brings everything along because it’s troublesome to repack each time. He also has a credit card stored with his phone so he’s good to go as long as he has that.

    • For “Quiz! Tegomass ni Oshiete” this week, it was first a riddle. What is it that the younger brother (ototo) has 2 of that the younger sister (imoto) only has one of. Tegoshi got it right pretty quick - “to”.

    • The second one was also a riddle - what is something that doesn’t get heavier nor lighter no matter how much more you gain of it? They took quite some time at it before Tegoshi got it right - age. Tegoshi apparently gave a really annoying look and they talked about how annoying he was.

    • The third one was a fill in the blank - “o”, “hi” _ “ku” “ko”. Give the hiragana character that should go into the blank. Massu got it right, “na”. As it was for the first characters for the words referring to fingers.

    • They talked about how they’re both getting better at riddles and Tegoshi shared how he thought he’d never beat the regulars at “Nazotore” when he appeared with Shige as it’s not about intelligence, but if you’re used to riddles.

      M: You know there’s something wrong when I don’t get to appear on that.

      T: Huh?

      Tegoshi said Massu would just end up showing his bad side to the entire nation.

    • At the ending, they promoted the album and the tour.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Masterhits (May 18)

    • At the opening, he talked Saitama Super Arena - how he had been on the stage before for V6’s concert and have been there several times for foreign artistes’ concerts. It’s the first time NEWS will be there and he’s looking forward to it. There’re probably many listeners of MH going for the show and he hopes they enjoy it.

    • The first listener asked if Massu prefers thick curry rice or watery curry rice. He prefers watery curry rice, the ones when the ingredients are all cooked till they are melted into the curry. He said this means he doesn’t match with the listener who prefers the later but then said he meant it as a joke. He likes both, but prefers the watery type.

    • ♪ EPCOTIA ♪

    • The second listener asked how they spend the time between the first and second concerts on Sundays. He said they’d change out of costumes, and take a shower, grab some food. Then do some stretches or massages. He said he’s always wondering what’s best for their bodies, as sports people tend to do some icing to cool their bodies down, but he’s not sure of what’s best. So he eats, showers, and by then Koyama is almost always already starting on his makeup, and Massu usually goes next. There isn’t really the image of resting between shows. Other things he does includes talking to the juniors, having local delicacies catered in, taking photos for PON!... something like that. They’re usually in rushing around between shows.

    • The third listener asked if Massu likes spicy ramen. To be honest, he doesn’t understand the need for spicy ramen, and that he doesn’t like extremes, like super sour or something. Everything should be in moderation. His maximum for tolerance for spiciness is probably about kimchi, and for sweetness, condensed milk. (M: Ah there aren’t many things sweeter than condensed milk huh. So I can take pretty sweet stuff) He shared that he does enjoy spicy cup ramen produced by the ramen shops for spicy ramen, though he can’t quite finish the soup.

    • The fourth listener started staying by themselves alone and started making their own pickles, in the attempt of remaking the taste of their grandma. While the ingredients and procedures are exactly the same ones as their grandma, they can’t seem to reproduce the taste. Is there any dish by Massu’s mother or grandma that he can’t help but feel like eating? He first said the listener probably needs to become a grandmother before they can recreate the taste. Like build life experiences etc. Answering the question seriously, he said it might have to do with the salt and fermented rice bran mix used to make the pickles, as that usually needs to be preserved overtime. So it might be the difference in time. He shared that he likes his grandma’s omelettes, with minced vegetables inside. Whenever his grandma asks what he likes to eat, he’d reply, “Omelettes” and his grandma would go, “Taka, you remember Grandma’s omelettes!”. He’s been giving the same reply so he’s only had omelettes for the past few years. He doesn’t remember his grandma nor his mother making pickles though. For his mother, it’d be gyoza. He hopes the listener does their best at recreating their grandma’s taste.

    • The following few mails are all about NEWS ni Koishite. The first one is from someone who’s finished a round of Massu and on their second. They wanted to know if there were interviews conducted for the creation of the game, on top of photo shoots, and if there are any episodes to share. He said he’s really happy about the game and said GREE did a LOT of research on them. They also do plenty of checks with them, and allow them to change the phrasing of their lines, such that it sounds more real. He’s happy the listener is playing the second round and that there’ll be more coming up.

    • The next listener wrote to say she has two mobile phones. While she focussed on just Massu for the first round, she decided to start on Tegoshi too on the other phone while playing Massu the second round. She’s been a Massu fan since Kinpachi Sensei, but somehow she seem to score better with Tegoshi in the game. Is this considered cheating or two-timing?

      M: Eh, what we have here. Arisa-chan. Two mobile phones, so she’s dating both Tegoshi and I. This is cheating. Yes. Cheating, certified. BOM! There goes the “Cheating” stamp.

      He recommends playing him on both phones. He thanked the listener for being a fan since Kinpachi and said they’ll do their best so everyone can enjoy the game.

    • Another listener who wrote in about NnK was someone who got into NEWS through the game. It’s the first time they ever wrote in to radio and they can’t bring themselves to call him “Massu” naturally yet. They are still unfamiliar to NEWS’ songs and asked for recommendations for songs that are supportive/ encouraging. He’s happy that the listener is trying to get to know NEWS through the game. As for the song recommendation…

      M: Well we basically hope to sing such songs, so all of them? Even if I were to choose...all of them?

      He then threw out “Gan gan ganbatte”, but since the listener wrote in to Masterhits for a recommendation, he picked this song.

    • ♪  Let’s Go to the Planets ♪

      He said this is a song that Masterhits somehow tends to recommend, and even if people were to ask why he likes recommending this song so much, he can’t come up with any specific reasons. He just likes the perfect tempo, the perfect atmosphere of the song.

      M: It’s probably the song Masterhits plays most hurhurhur…

      It’s a special song for Masterhits listeners and he hopes the listener would listen to this song from now on too.

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “AVALON”. He talked about how this song is really cool, and is made by the same team who created his solo song, “Thunder”. This is a song that he feels differently about each time he sings this at the concert, and each time he hears it he thinks about how cool it is. Like the “Ah ah ah ah ah” part of the rap he gets to do, it’s really cool. Though it sounds like he’s praising himself, it’s a great song they received and he’s grateful.

    • At the ending, he promoted the tour.

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