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NEWS news (week of May 27) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (May 27)

    • Shige said that he had a lot to talk about this week and talked about ‘Blue’ and then The 15th Anniversary concert in Ajinomoto Stadium for awhile. He said that for the concert they want to do something different from Epcotia, do things that you can only do in an outdoors performance. He said that he thinks it’ll be hot but said ‘let’s sweat together’

    • The first message was from a listener who congratulated Shige on the paperback release of ‘Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa’ and said that  it reminded them of how amazing they thought it was that Shige was able to come up with so many different settings. They asked Shige what having his works reprinted in paperback means to him as an author.

      Shige said that he’s happy, publishing a hardcover costs more and it’s made really high quality so of course he wants people to read that version, but with paperbacks are cheaper and easier to carry around, so he knows that there are people who wait for it. He also talked about how the paperback version will include his homage short story ‘Oresama no Iu Toori’ that he wrote during ‘The Girl who Leapt Through Time.’

    • ♪ TWINKLE STAR ♪

    • For music club this week Shige said that there was a song that he felt that he has to talk about, it’s become a hot topic and he thinks he’ll regret it if he didn’t. The song is Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’. He said that he really liked his previous album "Awaken, My Love!" though he didn’t play it on the radio and how a song from it had been used in the film ‘Get Out’ which he may have talked about. He also talked about how he performed the song ‘Terrified’ at the Grammy’s. He talked about how ‘This is America’ talks about gun culture and racism against black people in America. He talked about the music video and warned listeners that’s pretty shocking and that the song is really well done. It’s a song that you can’t really make in Japan. He said that there’s a lot of analysis  on the song online and encouraged those who are curious to read them. He also talked about how Childish Gambino is Donald Glover and people may know him more as an actor and talked about him and how talented he is.

    • The next letter congratulated Shige both on ‘Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa’ and his drama. Saying having all the members appear in it is like a dream come true. They also talked about being concerned about how Shige is going to do all his work with his drama and writing.

      Shige said that he’s trying to write as much of ‘Miacis Symphony’ as possible before the drama starts and he’s writing it at the same time Tripper. Though he can’t take a break from writing, he also wants to focus on the drama and make it interesting. He talked about how being the lead is important and a dream of his so he wants to do his best. He talked about how it’ll overlap with Ajinomoto Stadium, but added that that’s his problem and those reading, or watching, or attending the concert shouldn’t worry about it. He’ll do his best with all of them. He also mentioned how the original work is really interesting, and though the overall big picture of the work will be the same in the drama they are changing things to make it interesting as a drama.

      He said that he’s really happy that the other members will be appearing. He said that he’s gotten a lot of messages thanking him saying that his jobs are leading to work for the other members, but he protested saying that it’s not like that he doesn’t think the others only got the work just because of him. He said that he’s really thankful to everyone who believed in them to make this happen, this has been a dream of his for a long time. He used to wonder why NEWS couldn’t do something like this seeing his sempai do it.

    • The next letter was from a listener who wrote in asking about the performance of his solo song Hyouon. They commented on how in the first few performances he was wearing sunglasses, but then he wasn’t in later performances and wanted to know why.

      Shige said that the sunglasses are the same model that Jean-Michel Basquiat, an American artist, wore. However, he’s been told that his solo is a bit hard to understand so he took them off because he didn’t want to lose the expression he could show with his eyes. He does hope to wear the glasses if gets the chance another time.

    • The next letter was from a listener who saw the show in Shizuoka, and they said that they like Blackhole. They asked if they’re told which songs they can play.

      Shige said they’re not, though they do decide where and when songs will be revealed for the first time, and when they’re allowed to play news songs. He said that he picks songs himself or based on listener requests.

    • ♪ AVALON ♪

  • Kchan NEWS

    • The guest this week was Massu.

    • They started out with talking about Massu’s play, and how it’s going to continue until right before the anniversary concerts. They also talked about their new single, ‘Blue’ and how busy Massu is going to be. Massu said he was thankful for all the work, and how this is the busiest he’s been with the concert, play, and drama all happening at the same time.

    • The first letter was from a listener who brought up the story of Koyama using Massu’s body lotion. They wanted to know what it smells like.

      They said they didn’t know what scent it was but that it smells really good, maybe floral. Koyama said that he started out only using 2~3 pumps worth but now he’s up to 6, and Massu asked if that means he was using 6 pumps worth a day and Koyama said he did. They both burst out laughing, and Massu said that he had thought that Koyama smelled good. They talked about how Koyama was using Massu’s shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. He was using all of Massu’s things.

    • ♪ UFO ♪

    • The listener said that they are 16 years old and have a younger brother who’s in 6th grade whose going through a rebellious period and whenever she asks if he’s done his homework they end up fighting lately. She asked them to share stories about their siblings since they both have older sisters.

      They said that she’s being a good older sister by trying to tell him to do his homework and stuff. They said once their younger brother grows up a bit they probably won’t fight as much and he’ll be able to appreciate it more so they told her just to wait.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that she likes large sized t-shirts but she tends to only wear them with damaged jeans and doesn’t know how to incorporate them into other outfits.

      Koyama asked Massu what the largest size of t-shirt he owns is and Massu said 4L and Koyama asked what that meant and they puzzled over the difference between that and XXXXL. Massu explained that it was probably just too small for Sorajiro to wear and he guessed that Sorajiro is probably size 6L or 8L. Massu said that he likes big sizes and he suggested not pairing it with wide jeans, saying that they go better with skinny pants. Koyama suggested wearing a jean jacket over it. They also talked about how girls look really cute in rock tees.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that their friend has a tendency to exaggerate about small things where the content of the conversation doesn’t really matter. They wanted to know what NEWS do when they know the person they’re talking to is exaggerating.

      Massu said that they tend to go along with it. Koyama said that this person might be the kind of who wants to entertain others, if it’s just over small things then it might not be a big deal. Koyama said that that they don’t really see it as a bad thing. They advised her to just understand that that’s the kind of person she is. Koyama and Massu added that as long as it’s not like she’s speaking badly of others or hurting anyone then it’s not a big deal.

    • ♪ Innocence ♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who said that at yakiniku they’re the type who doesn’t do the grilling, and a friend said to them that that kind of woman isn’t popular. They wanted to know if Koyama and Massu thought that a woman who actively tries not to grill is bad.

      First they were puzzled over her phrasing, but then Massu said that he actually doesn’t want [others] to do the grilling, he thinks that the person who picked yakiniku should do the grilling. Koyama said that he’s the person who always gets told to do the grilling. Massu said that for example if your sempai took you to a yakiniku place then they probably know how the meat grills and the best way to eat it.

      They started talking about the way the listerned worded her letter again and about yakiniku for awhile.

    • At the end they did promo for ‘Blue’ and talked about the segment shuffle that was announced last week.

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