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NEWS news (week of May 27) - Part 3

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  • Tegomass no Radio (May 30)

    • At the opening, they talked briefly about how it’s going to be a busy summer - “BLUE”, Tegoshi as the main caster for NTV’s World Cup coverage, the concert at Ajinomoto Stadium, Massu’s butai, Shige’s drama and them guesting.
      M: How about you, Sakura-chan?
      Sakura: (in a small voice) Well, it’s going to be like any other summer.
      T: You won’t be going to the beach, no?
      Sakura: Absolutely not.
      T: Festivals?
      Sakura: Nope.
      T: Fireworks festivals?
      Sakura: Probably not too.
      M: Why?
      Sakura: Eh?
      T: What do you do during summer? Go into a pupal state?
      Sakura said she usually tries staying indoors as much as possible, and Tegoshi went into the mode of telling her how she should go out and open up herself more, and started calling her “Sakura” instead of “Sakura-chan” as he usually does.
      M: Don’t trust someone who suddenly addresses you without any honorifics.
      Sakura: Yeah I shouldn’t trust anything he says, right.
      He then started telling her she should move her head around like midfielders on the field and more random stuff until they decided they should cut the crap short since they talked too much last week.

    • The request is week is for “TWINKLE STAR”. The Shizuoka concert was her first concert ever, together with her brother, who’s in his second grade of middle school. The brother had never really been interested in NEWS, and had only watched them on music programmes with the listener, but grew to like NEWS after the concert. The brother likes “TWINKLE STAR” very much for the sad lyrics and listens to it everyday.
      M: Thank you. Such a kind sister, to request for a song the brother likes.
      They talked about how they’re happy the siblings went for their first concert as the first will always be one you’d never forget.

    • ♪ TWINKLE STAR ♪

    • The second listener is someone who takes notices of how people hold their chopsticks, or how neat their handwriting is. It’s quite a disappointment for them if good-looking people turn out to be bad with chopsticks or handwriting. Do they take notice of these two things, and is there any particular action they like from the opposite gender? They first commented on how the listener had very nice handwriting, and that the listener chose to send in snail mail instead of email, so as to show how important handwriting is to them. They then talked about how they do look at handwriting, like on receipts etc. and it is somewhat disappointing when someone who looks cool has bad handwriting. Sakura shared how she thought the same way, until there was once when the males present all felt like it was an adorable gap in character when a very cute waitress had bad handwriting.
      T: Was she the super cute type? Or pretty type?
      Sakura: Cute. Like a model.
      T: So for us, it’d be like someone who’s pretty much our type or someone who have a positive impression of? With bad handwriting?
      M: Fufu. Who cares. Who cares if you prefer the cute type. Why are you talking as if everyone prefers cute girls over pretty girls.
      T: Ah my personal point of view took over.
      M: He totally talked as if we all belonged to the same category.
      T: ...if she had bad handwriting? What handwriting? As long as she’s my type, who cares. (laughter). Whatever! My type, cute, okay! That’s all.
      Sakura: It’s not about that!
      They then talked about how having good handwriting is a plus point, but it doesn’t work that much negatively, as long as that person is Tegoshi’s type. Might not apply if she isn’t though. Like, the fact that she’s cute outweighs her bad handwriting. He does look at handwriting though.
      Then talking about the way people hold chopsticks. Tegoshi said it bothers him more when people rest their elbows on the table.
      T: I can say this because it’s here, but there’s someone like that relatively close by whom I can’t bring myself to tell-off. Shige. He rests his elbows, doesn’t he.
      M: (half laughing) Shige eats really messily.
      Tegoshi said he’d definitely had told Shige off if he didn’t have a face like his. Because his appearance is put together, it gives him allowance to act that way. Like you can forgive Johnny Depp for being messy, but not any average person.
      T: Even though I don’t look like it, my parents have been really strict on me with such things.
      M: You liar!!!
      T: They were super strict.
      M: You liar!
      Tegoshi said his parents were really strict about all aspects of manners so he takes notices of all these things. Sakura suggested him to tell Shige and Massu said the soup gets splatters all over when Shige eats ramen. They wondered if it’s too late for Shige to change after behaving that way all 30 years of his life, though Koyama would probably correct himself in 2 seconds.
      Tegoshi shared how it was Nishikido Ryo who told him to correct the way he holds his chopsticks, about 2-3 years after NEWS was formed, that’s why he corrected himself. So he’s grateful to Nishikido Ryo as it saves him from embarrassment now. They then said right, maybe he should tell Shige. Tegoshi added that people who are popular tend to take care of all aspects of themselves. Massu said it’s not just about how they eat, but also how much? Like there are people who don’t eat much because they’re too bothered by eating neatly. So it might be a combination of all factors. It’s about the character, as it shows through the handwriting and how they carry themselves.

    • The third listener said they tend to get overtaken really fast when they walk at their usual speed and their friends complain they walk slowly too. Are the three of them fast or slow walkers? They said they’re both slow walkers, and about how they get overtaken by many people, for example, when they alight from the plane. They also wondered if the timings of the trains are planned such that they cater to the flight timings, but concluded it’s probably just luck as flights are prone to delays etc. They then said Osaka people tend to walk faster than Tokyo people. Tegoshi said Shige walks fast. (Sakura: Since earlier, Kato-san has been…) Tegoshi said he always gets left far behind when they alight from the plane for concerts, with the other 3 ahead of him, and KoyaShige leading the pack. Massu said it might be because Shige and Tegoshi don’t really think about matching the pace of other people (T: Nope, because I want to walk at my own pace). Like, the rest of them would probably start or stop with the rest of the group, while Tegoshi and Shige won’t be bothered and just move on their own. Koyama and Massu would likely ask why people don’t wait for them if they get left behind. Might be because of them having siblings, as they have been trained to run after their sisters since young. So someone who has younger siblings might tend to walk slower?
      M: So if Tegoshi has a younger sister...
      T: Even slower?
      M: ...probably slower…
      T: I’d become a turtle.

    • For “Tegomass no Debate” this week, the first question was if they’d rather have hot water for A: just the shower, or B: just the bathtub. They both chose A and said it’s obviously so.
      T: What, are you trying to imply everyone else outside of Japan doing the wrong thing? Since they don’t use bathtubs?
      Massu said he chose based on frequency, since he doesn’t need to soak in the bathtub everyday but he definitely needs the shower everyday. Sakura would have chosen the bathtub as she likes soaking in the tub very much.
      T: Seriously? What are you going to do when you go overseas?
      Sakura: That’s why I don’t….
      T: There we go. The person who lives on the island-country.

    • The second question was on how they’d keep in touch with their girlfriend in a long distance relationship. A: A few texts each day. B: A phone call each day.
      T: How far apart are we? Like, Japan and Brazil? How far?
      M: He’s looking for a debate on the extreme. There’re times when he comes on really strongly.
      Sakura: Stoic? Do you call this stoic?
      Tegoshi said he wants to respond to the mails seriously, as the listeners probably put in all their soul into the mails too.
      T: Like, “It doesn’t matter if it costs my life for just this one mail to ‘Tegomass no Radio’!”
      M: No no no that’s too heavy! You’re going to make less people want to write in! (laughter in studio)
      They both chose A for this question again. Massu explained that he chose based on the assumption of both options being short ones, and not unlimited. So if they’re limited to just 10 mins of either, he’d rather split up the 10 mins to send several texts over the day, like from “Morning~” to “Night”. Tegoshi agreed, and went back to his theory of how he doesn’t like phone calls as his precious time would get taken up. (M: Not even for your girlfriend?) Tegoshi said it’s okay, but he’d rather want to be able to send texts to and fro throughout the day than just one phone call. Or like, just send voice messages. (......)

    • The third question asked which is more important for someone they intend to marry. A: Someone with the same taste in food. B: Someone who shares the same humour. They both chose B. Massu said it was really hard for him to decide, as it’s nice if they can share the same taste in food. But for instance, if he goes, “Whoa check this out! What’s with this huge pizza!!!” and he’s laughing, but his marriage partner isn’t. Like when he’s getting all excited about the size of the pizza while the partner goes, “This it yummy.” He’d be like, “Okay, so our taste in food match, but…”
      Tegoshi said he’s similar. He feels people would probably try to accommodate each other’s tastes in food, but if their sense of humour didn’t match, they probably wouldn’t have started dating. He doesn’t even have any female friends who don’t share the same sense of humour. Massu then tried to be funny and called Sakura “Misamisa” instead of her usual nickname of “Miyamiya” and asked what she would have chosen. She chose sense of humour too. They asked Tegoshi what happens if the wife is a terrible cook. (T: Delivery, delivery!) Massu asked if he’d tell his wife the food is bad. He would, but in a positive way like, “I’d really rather eat the food that’s made with your love than eat out, so it’d be great if you could try to cook them closer to my palate.” It’s fine if the wife refuses to cook too, just eat out!
      They talked about how they matched for every question this week, maybe because the questions were relatively straightforward.

    • At the ending, they promoted their various upcoming work again. At the end, Massu attempted to start talking about the pen again (one of the NG words for him in TM radio) and Tegoshi and Sakura went “AHHHH”, after which Tegoshi baby talked to Emma to apologise for scaring her. M: Treat me with the same gentleness too!

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Jun 1)

    • At the opening, he talked about how it’s June and most schools tend to allow students to swop their winter uniforms for the summer ones from June 1st onwards. Massu said he continued wearing long sleeved shirts as he thought the short sleeved ones looked like they were for kids.
      He then started on the work promotions - “BLUE”, “Only You ~Bokura no Romeo & Juliet~”, and the Ajinomoto Stadium concert.

    • The first mail was from someone who prefers fruits on the hard side than the really ripe ones. He said he pays attention to the taste, like sweetness, more than the hardness. Like if the bananas would taste better if left out a couple of days more, he would.

    • ♪ WORLD QUEST ♪

    • The second mail was from someone who responded to how Massu said he doesn’t like cucumbers in Hiyashi chuka (cold ramen) in a previous episode of Master Hits. They don’t like cucumbers in hiyashi chuka too but can accept them in other noodles like noodle salands and jajangmyeon. What about Massu? He said yeah, he’d usually eat the cucumbers in hiyashi chuka up before starting on the rest as he doesn’t like them in there. It’s probably the same for other noodles too. It’s not that he dislikes cucumbers, he just prefers them pickled, with miso paste or in salads. He said he might try to challenge eating them in different noodles, but as of now, he doesn’t quite enjoy having them in noodles.

    • The third mail was from a listener who is bad at cleaning their room, and can’t finish even if they had a day. How does Massu usually clean his? He thinks it’s great they set a day aside for tidying their room. He says there are those who decide on an “address” for each item, in that each item has its place to be returned to after they’re used, and their rooms are likely kept tidy. But belongings increase over time and that doesn’t work sometimes. He feels cleaning up bit by bit is a great way, and deciding on which areas to clean might help too. As for how he usually cleans his room… while there are times when he decides on a particular spot to clean thoroughly, there are also times when he just cleans lightly generally. He also belongs to the type who don’t progress well with cleaning so he tries not to mess him room up.

    • The fourth listener wanted to know who Massu likes best of all the Disney Princesses. They like Jasmine best. He said they’re all good, and listed a few - Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel… and Sleeping Beauty is Aurora. Beauty and the Beast, Belle. Aladdin, Jasmine. Frozen, Anna and Elsa. He then imitated Anna a bit for the “Do you wanna build a snowman~” scene. He repeated again that they’re all good in their ways, but he chose Emma Watson in “Beauty and the Beast” again.

    • The fifth listener would purposely work extra hours so they can listen to Master Hits in the car on the way home. They manage a small shop selling clothes and knick-knacks. While it’s mostly targeted at females, they’ve started merchandising male products. What kind of products would Massu be interested in? He said this is the kind of shop he likes best, where there are clothes along with other knick-knacks. He said the most common products would be aroma related stuff, key chains, accessories etc. He shared how he likes the things merchandisers bring back for him as souvenirs from Paris. While it doesn’t have to be Paris, items from other countries that are representative of the countries might be nice. Though it might really be best to have the items match the theme of the clothes, so people who like the clothes would like the items too - producing the entire lifestyle of those who visit their shop. He concluded by suggesting souvenirs from somewhere.

    • The sixth mail was from someone who listens to “EPCOTIA” everyday and likes “Thunder” best. They wanted to know what Massu feels is an “uncool adult”, from the lyrics of “Thunder”. On the contrary, what would make a cool adult? He said he doesn’t have a definition, it’s just a feeling. There are plenty of cool adults around him, like his sempais. To be able to live like himself, to experience a lot so as to be able to empathise with people more… He’s always wondered when he’d finally become an adult, and he might still feel like a kid when he’s 40 or 50. Though that might be cool in a sense, in that there’s always the feeling of wanting to become matter regardless of how old he becomes. He hopes to do his best everyday to become a cool adult.

    • ♪ Thunder ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Koisuru Wakusei”. He said they sang this at the concert too, and each time they sing this song their hearts feel pure. It’s a cute song and they got everyone to dance together with the juniors, which was fun. There were more songs on the cool side for this album, and this song helped to widen the spectrum of songs included in the album.

    • At the ending, he promoted his butai, “BLUE” and the anniversary concert.

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