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NEWS news (Week of Jul 16) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Jul 15)

    • Shige mentioned at the start that he turned 31 years old and said that he had completely forgotten about his birthday. He also talked about how there are a lot of summer birthdays amongst the cast of Zero. They celebrated a lot in June.

    • The first message was from a new fan who said they recently became interested in news and started listening to Shige’s radio. (S: Ah! Thank you) They now listen every week, and brought up how Massu wrote in his jweb about Shige not giving him the shoes he had promised. They wanted to know if Shige had given him the shoes.
      Shige said that the shoes in question were ones he wore in concert last year, and Massu had asked him if he was planning on wearing them again and Shige said that since they were kind of flashy he probably wouldn’t wear them in private. So Massu asked for the shoes, and Shige said that was fine but he warned him that he wasn’t sure where they were, and that they might be a bit dirty from being worn in the concert. Shige said that recently he’s been spending a lot of time with Massu, and Massu would pester him about the shoes like ‘Hey…. hey….’. He said that he wants to believe that by the time this radio show airs that he’ll have given them to Massu. He ended with a message to Massu saying that he would give them to him soon.

    • ♪ Blue ♪

    • Shige said that since it’s summer now he wants to play a summer-like song and then read a letter from a listener who said that they tend to only listen to songs that they like so the repertoire of songs they know is pretty small. Recently, they began to think that this isn’t good so they began to borrow CDs from friends and coworkers to listen to. They said that Shige also introduces them to a lot of songs they didn’t know before, so they download and listen to the ones they like. They thanked him from his recommendations.
      Shige said that the letter made him happy, and he’s glad for all the responses he’s gotten to this corner. He said that he’s the same way, he tries to expand his sphere but doesn’t feel like it’s expanded much, he just plays the songs he likes for the radio. The amount of new music is neverending. He talked about the artist Yaffle and played the song ‘Summer’ and talked about how Yaffle for awhile and how their music sounds like western music.

    • The next message was from a 16 year old listener who said that from listening to Shige and the other members’ radio shows they realized that the level of Shige’s radio is really high. They said that they listen with a dictionary because Shige sometimes used words they don’t understand. They thanked him for teaching them things through his radio show.
      Shige apologized saying that the level of his radio isn’t high. He said he does try to make the radio so that 16 year olds, and even elementary schoolers can understand it. He said if he were to try to come up with an excuse it would be tha the himself enjoyed that kind of radio when he would listen to it as a highschool and college student. Listening to various experts talk, he would also look up the things they said. Since there was a dictionary on his cellphone he would use that, to look up to foreign loan words. Now he uses those words without thinking that he looked up then. Shige also talked about how it’s surprising to realize that more than 10 years have passed since he started listening to the radio. He said he would do his best to make the radio fun for everyone to listen to.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they were writing for the first time and that how they watched the pv from the Quartetto Album, and in the making Shige said how ‘plastic bags blown by the wind are kind of nice’ they said that to be honest they couldn’t understand what he meant by that. They wanted to know if he still thinks that and why it’s nice and if there’s anything else he thinks that about.
      Shige said that he remembers that and he does still like it. He talked about some of the things he drew in the making of the Quartetto pv making to make the sounds for the pv including the face of a character from Mad Max.
      He said there’s something unexpected about a plastic bag flying in the air, he said he felt like he’d seen such a scene somewhere but couldn’t remember where. [mod note: I think he might be thinking of the plastic bag in the movie American Beauty.] He talked about how they fly higher than you’d expect them to.
      He said that he just remembered how when talking with Masu they decided to make a tanka on a theme, and Shige has a feeling that the theme he picked was ‘plastic bag’. He feels like it’s something that happened in a book but he’s just forgotten.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they have to use a computer every day for work and they get stiff shoulders even though they try to stretch when they think of it. They said that they imagine Shige must experience the same thing when he writes and wanted to know if he had any good solutions. They mentioned how Shige showed this picture of tv before and wanted to know if he still used that item:

      Shige said he hasn’t recently, his shoulders have gotten less stiff lately. He said when he sits he has a bad posture. He talked about how he tries to be active during the day, and how he does kickboxing. The reason you get stiff shoulders is because your shoulders are tired, or because you’re straining them so it’s important to loosen up your body. Stretching is good, the only way to keep them from tightening up is to move your body.
      He talked about how he does get tired from standing all day while filming for the drama and probably also from nerves. He has a stretch pole that he uses called a ‘home roller’. He encouraged them to look up the phrase ‘kinmaku release’ which he said is essentially stretching but subtly different, and it helps. He does it and stretches when he has breaks in filming. He said he’s been enjoying that lately and seeing how his body changes.

    • ♪ Yoru yo Odore ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Jul 17)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi.

    • Koyama began by introducing Tegoshi saying that it was his first time on the show in 2 months.
      T: Domo-motaro! [A play off of the word ‘domo’ hello, and the folklore character Momotaro]
      K: Domo Tegonyan
      T: Domo domo
      K: It’s nice that you came.
      T: Yeah?
      K: I really miss the members.
      T: Cut that out!
      K: Huh?
      T: Cut it out with that subdued mood during Kchan NEWS.
      K: No no I’m not!
      T: Stop it.
      K: I got really excited when I came in and you were here in the booth.
      T: If you act like that then I don’t know but that’s what they want. You can’t do that.
      K: This is going to be hard to use. (laughing)
      T: Really, really. Doing it as you normally would is the best way. The fans will be happiest that way.
      They then talked about how Tegoshi just came back from Russia and Koyama asked him if it was fun or if it had been difficult. Tegoshi said that he had fun and he was also jealous of the supports for different teams who came from all over the world to drink and and have fun. He said if he had come in his private time he’d be the same way, holding the Japanese flag and cheering his team on. But he had to wear suits and interview the players, speaking to them formally when he usually talks casually with them because he’s friends with a number of them. He also talked about how for them the world cup is something the work towards that only comes once every 4 years, and he can really feel their passion for it when he’s with them especially because they’re friends. Koyama then asked him about how he heard that the atmosphere of the team has gotten a lot better since Nishino became the coach and wanted to know if Tegoshi felt that it had changed. Tegoshi talked about going on location to one of their games where they lost and they were really positive, and even though the new coach got lots of criticism, but he felt like there’s good communication between the coach and the players.
      Koyama commented on how Tegoshi can know that because he’s there on the ground with them, and Tegoshi agreed that you can’t really tell all that just by watching the matches. They talked about how in Russia they were a lot more Columbia supporters than Japanese, and Koyama asked how it was if it was hard for them to go out on the field in that situation. Tegoshi said that for him, when he was playing he’s the type to get more fired up because he wants to prove them wrong. He said Christian Ronaldo said he’s the same way, he gets more fired up at ‘away’ games than ‘home’ ones. If he gets booed he gets fired up wanting to shut them up, Tegoshi said he himself wouldn't go that far but he also prefers ‘away’.
      Koyama asked if there were people like that on the Japanese team and Tegoshi said that there must be. Tegoshi talked about how people didn’t have very high expectations of the Japanese team this year, and players definitely had the desire to produce a result that’ll  shut up everyone who criticized them. He said he was really moved. Koyama talked about how for the first time, he felt like he wanted to cry watching soccer, when he watched the match against Belgium when Japan lost. He talked about how their performance made him really feel that the Japanese team was strong.
      Tegoshi talked about how the outcome of the world cup really affects the popularity and attention soccer gets for the next four years until the next one. He said that he feels like the future of soccer for the next four years looks really bright. They talked about what might happen with the coach for a bit, and then Koyama introduced Blue.
      T: AO!!! [Blue in Japanese is Ao]

    • ♪ Blue ♪

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they watched The Music Day and that Koyama’s energetic dance during the medley was really cool, and that Tegoshi’s smiley performance for Gamushara Koshinkyoku was really cute. (T: Thank you) They said they wanted to know what it was like with all the various Johnny’s gathered together. They said they would be going to the anniversary concert and is looking forward to seeing them.
      Koyama said that though Tegoshi wouldn’t say he really practiced hard for the medley and Tegoshi burst out laughing and told him to cut it out. Koyama added that he listened to the song over and over and practiced the dance. Tegoshi said of course he did because he has to memorized the lyrics and Koyama said that he really practiced hard too because they’ll be doing songs by other groups with the fans of those groups there so you have to do it properly and  Tegoshi agreed. Koyama repeated how much Tegoshi practiced and Tegoshi said that, though it’s obvious, there’s pressure because he had to be able to dance and sing at the same time in front of Kanjani8 fans. They talked about how they before the medley they went over things again with the members in their shuffle groups. Koyama said that Ken said that he practiced it so much he was get confused, they were all practicing together with their groups. Koyama said that he was nervous but had fun and Tegoshi agreed.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they saw Emma on Meringue no Kimochi and Gyoretsu and that they were glad to see video of Emma after only seeing pictures of her. She said that she wanted to know if Tegoshi was the one picking out Emma’s outfits.
      Koyama said that he saw both appearances, and how on Gyoretsu Watabe-san gave Emma clothes. He asked Tegoshi to cut it out with the ‘Shaka desu!’ gag, especially in the LPS pv. Tegoshi said that he’s always done popular gags, or gags a bit after the peak of their popularity because he’s late to trends, like how in the Summer Time PV he did ‘Sonna no Kankei nai’ gag. He said he didn’t do ‘Shaka desu’ purposefully but at the end he realized the LPS hand movement was similar and so his body just did it.
      Koyama said that while he was watching Gyoretsu he realized all over again how mentally strong Tegoshi must be to be able to do ‘Shaka desu’ like that in an one shot filming like that.
      Koyama also commented on how cute Emma was and how Tegoshi always ends up talking like that when she’s around and Tegoshi said he was actually holding back on the show. He said he always ends up talking like that to babies and animals.
      Koyama brought up how the day before in the NEWS group chat the four of them were messaging, and Massu was telling Shige and Tegoshi what he wanted for his birthday since Koyama had already given him his gift. Massu asked Tegoshi for a particularly expensive present, as a joke. Tegoshi said that he just said ‘Tegoshi, car’. Tegoshi said that if they were talking about the presents they all gave to Massu to a magazine and he said he gave him a car everyone would be taken aback, the world and the fans. After that Tegoshi sent about five pictures of Emma into the group chat at once of her playing with a cat plushy. Tegoshi explained that he had been about to head out for dinner and saw Emma biting the cat plushy and since she was sitting cutely so he took a picture and sent it to his mom. Then he sent them all into the group chat, and Koyama commented on how that derailed the conversation away from Massu’s birthday, and Massu gave up on it.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi if he bought Emma’s clothes or if his mom did, and Tegoshi said that his mom buys some and that though Emma usually lives with him, when he has to be away for work she stays with his mom.  His mom will take her of doggy meetups and the other moms there will buy her clothes. Koyama commented on how Emma has more clothes than Tegoshi and Tegoshi agreed saying he only buys new clothes about once a year. They said also that Emma was there today but outside the booth, and was wearing a white dress.
      Koyama said that time was almost up and Tegoshi complained that it was too little time, since he hasn’t been on in 2 months he has a lot to talk about, he said the show should be 2 hours.
      At the end Koyama did PR for Massu’s play and Shige’s drama, and Koyama told Tegoshi to share the day and time Shige’s drama airs. Tegoshi got it wrong saying it aired on Mondays at 10 instead of Sundays at 10:30 and Tegoshi noted how it was on a few shows after ItteQ.

    • ♪ 4+fan ♪

  • Tegomass no Radio (Jul 18)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’s already summer break for the students. Massu said how he would look forward to going back to school after the summer break when he was in middle school, as he could meet everyone and pretend to be a bit cooler than before. Tegoshi said he went to school more often for club activities. They also talked about using the pool and doing radio exercises. Massu asked if they knew the instructions are aired on radio every morning. (M: That’s why it’s called the “radio exercise”!) They didn’t, and thought it was played from a tape. Massu didn’t know before too and used to wonder why everyone had to gather to listen to a radio cassette but it turns out it was aired on the radio, and that’s why the time is fixed. They told the everyone to enjoy their summer break.

    • The request this week was for “Hanabi”. The listener was someone who fell in love with someone younger than her four years ago. Even though the guy was already attached, he asked her to go see fireworks together (T: Sounds like a date! M: Even though he had a girlfriend?) and she went, in the full yukata get up. While her love for him has ended since, she recalls the memories from that time each time she hears “Hanabi” (Fireworks) so she’d like to hear this song. (M: This can be made into a drama. T: It is one.) They talked a little about the letter, if they did get together at all, and why the guy asked her out even when he had a girlfriend, but you wouldn’t go see fireworks with someone you’re not interested in, would you.
      T: Yeah you know sometimes I talk about these things with my stylist etc., maybe we’re the only ones who feel this way?
      M: You have a stylist?
      T: I DO. For costumes! So if you think the clothes I wear on TV are lame it means you think the ones the stylist put together for me are. Oei oei oei.
      M: Ah I got a shock. Sorry.
      Tegoshi explained what he meant - because they’re working as what they are, he doesn’t just go out with anyone since that can invite misunderstandings. (T: I think twice about letting my mum take the seat in the car beside me even!) So it might really just be people like them who choose to go out only with people they like. Sakura said it’s okay to go to cafes and stuff but not fireworks.
      M: Yeah going for fireworks together takes on more meaning than like going to the theme park or something.
      Sakura: Yeah.
      M: That guy doesn’t have a sense for such things.
      Sakura: Ah I see. That’s sad.
      T: What are you saying about my sense for these things!
      M: I’m saying it’s terrible.
      Going back, they said it has to be like a date, since it takes a lot of effort, especially for the female, to put together the outfit for a fireworks date. And the physical distance would be close since it’ll be crowded. Tegoshi offered 3 possible scenarios of why he asked her out - for a change from his girlfriend, because he’s interested, or just for ulterior motives. Massu said maybe he didn’t have a girlfriend since she never heard from him directly did she.
      T, Sakura: Ah this is starting to turn into a soap opera.
      M: So let’s call him to find out.
      T: Wait, this isn’t a telephone call-out segment.
      M: So where’s the telephone call-out segment?
      T: There isn’t. We did want to do something for the 350th episode and we didn’t, but no. We’re not doing anything today.
      M: By the way, this is the request segment. (Sakura: Ah.) We talked too much.
      T: AH CRAP! THAT’S RIGHT! I totally thought this was the mail segment. Crap. Sorry sorry.

    • ♪ Hanabi ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener whose class just did a seat change. The person sitting diagonally across the listener talks a lot to themselves and it took a while before the listener could figure out when to reply and when not to, and it bothers them. As Tegoshi seems to talk a lot to himself while gaming, do the rest of NEWS react to him? Tegoshi said he usually doesn’t talk to himself (M: They’re not asking about “usually”). They talked a little on how to define “talking to oneself”, that it’s not just saying stuff like “Seriously!” but saying proper sentences. Tegoshi said how there are some people who can’t do silent reading. Like how Koyama used to be like. He’d be reading out loud the texts he typed before sending them out.
      Going back to when Tegoshi’s gaming, he says he probably doesn’t talk when he’s all alone, except maybe to Emma when he gets shot in the game, like, “Emma, Papa got shot~” But that doesn’t count as talking to himself since Emma is around. And when staff or members are around he might go, “Eh hey hey~” but not when he’s alone.
      Sakura: In the spirit of service.
      T: Yeah the members get happy when I do stuff like that.
      M: Nono. It’s a nuisance.
      T: Hmm?
      M: Let’s make that clear. It’s noisy. It’s just noise.
      Tegoshi said because he’s an only child he tends to get lonely and would want to speak if someone’s around. But not when he’s alone. Massu said it’s like handing a child a game and hoping they’d keep quiet with that, but they end up getting noisier.
      They suggested the listener to just react to the person, like, “Eh?” “What?” so the person knows people can hear them, as they might have just voiced out their thoughts unconsciously. (M: Or a soundproof wall. T: That’s going to be expensive!)

    • The third listener asked if they are better listeners or better speakers, and if people ask them for advice.Their impression of the three of them is Massu is a good listener, Tegoshi is a good speaker, and Sakura is good at both. What is it like, really?
      M: So Sakura is at the top, level-wise?
      Sakura: Yeah, this person understands. I can act as both a pitcher and batter.
      M: She’s got zero humility.
      Sakura: (laughs)
      T: She can also play the closing pitcher, bat…
      Sakura: And run, too. I can do them all.
      M: But you have bad reflexes, don’t you.
      Sakura: That’s right. I can’t do any of that.
      Tegoshi said there’s a difference between being asked for advice and being a good listener. He usually gets asked for advice, and he doesn’t ask anyone for advice. He’s really good at giving advice and likes being depended upon.
      T: But how I am usually like? Am I the type who talks more?
      Sakura: But you do talk. That’s amazing.
      T: I like getting people to talk about themselves too.
      M: He talks more than we need him to.
      Sakura: Yeah.
      M: Rather than being a good speaker, it’s more like he talks a lot.
      T: But I like getting people to talk about themselves too, so i like MC-ing.
      Massu said since they’re in this industry, they need to be able to do both. Tegoshi said well, he can go both ways. Maybe even three or four ways. When the other two asked him what else he has, he couldn’t answer and it’s like he started running without thinking and ended up falling flat on the floor. Tegoshi then suddenly said he’s listening and asked them to go ahead, to which they laughed at him for being bad at speaking too.
      Massu said he doesn’t ask people for advice too, and said while it depends on the genre, he does give advice to juniors who ask him for them. Even though that junior ends up being super close to Shige after. As if he’s just a pathway to Shige. As for whether he listens or speaks better…
      M: Speaking, well, you know, I’m not that good at it.
      Sakura: Not so good? (while laughing) Ah not at all.
      M: But look at how happily you’re laughing!
      M: Look how this person’s laughing so hard. What happened.
      T: OEI. He’s been doing radio alone since forever! OEI!
      Sakura: Masuda-san’s good, he is.
      M: I guess I might be better at speaking to myself. Ufufu.
      Massu said as they grow up, they tend to become better at both. If you don’t talk about yourself, you can’t get people to talk about themselves too, so it’s just a matter of how good the balance gets. Everyone can go both ways.
      T: I can go three or four ways though.
      Sakura: What else do you have.
      M: Don’t you try overtaking everyone!
      T: And that was the mail segment!
      S, M: (laughing) He didn’t manage to come up anything.

    • For “One-line actors” this week, Massu went first, having to say “I’m hungry” while being chased by a dinosaur. (M: Ahh...like on the contrary? I am the hungry one?) And when it was time for him to go, he said, in a high pitched voice, “ON THE CONTRARY!” (1 second of silence, then awkward laughter from Massu. This is it. I’ll go with this.) Tegoshi protested, saying he didn’t say the line. Sakura said that’s not allowed too. Massu chose not to redo, but said he’d do better for the next one. Tegoshi might even do worse though.
      Tegoshi then said “Sorry, could you pick up the eraser for me?” while acting cute. He said it in a whiny voice and said that it’s good after he was done, but Massu said that was gross. Sakura asked if his definition of “cute” was a bit off.
      Sakura: You’re supposed to be cute. Cute.
      M: That was just some weird dude just now (studio laughs).
      Sakura decided Massu won this round. Tegoshi said it’s wrong! It’s as if someone beat his breast stroke with a crawl. Sakura justified saying Massu painted a better picture with his acting, so he won on that count.

    • For the next line, Tegoshi went first, saying “The world’s small” in slow motion. He apparently started moving slowly in preparation of his line and ended up saying it in some weird slowness.
      M: No wait, isn’t he looking somewhat embarrassed?
      T: This sucks! This segment sucks! It makes you mentally weak. I’m now scared of “deh deh deh” (the sound effect to signal the start).
      Massu then had to say “Here’s your receipt and your change of 10 yen.” while holding heavy dumbbells. Massu obviously screwed up as he said this in a really high-pitched and fast tone.
      M: Ah I messed up. Stop stop, don’t play this.
      T: Shut up. Why.
      M: Don’t play this. Don’t!
      T: What is this. What IS this.
      M: (half sobbing) Sorry. Don’t play this~ hurhurhur.
      Tegoshi won this round. Massu apparently tried to do it Yanagihara Kanako style, but failed, and didn’t even manage to at least sound macho with dumbbells. He just fell flat.

    • At the ending, they promoted “BLUE”, Massu’s butai, and the anniversary concert. They drew a situation for Sakura to do while reading the address this week and then said how there was a broadcast disaster at the end.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Jul 20)

    • At the opening, he talked about something that’s troubling him recently. His robot vacuum cleaner has always been cleaning the house on its own, ramming into walls and knocking all sorts of things over, then returning back to its place after doing its job. But recently, it’d go back to its place in about 2-3 minutes to start charging itself. He suspects the battery life has gotten worn out and that troubles him. He’s now wondering if he should just try to have the battery replaced, or buy another one and place it beside the current one so they can work hard together. He did try to tell the current one that there’re still many places it hasn’t covered, but it just wouldn’t listen to him.

    • The first mail asked if Massu would prefer to add milk or butter into coffee. He said he’s never added butter into coffee before, so it would be milk. Though he tends to drink coffee black. Soy milk’s good too. He’ll try adding butter next time.

    • ♪ BLUE ♪   

    • The second listener wanted to know how Massu likes his stew cooked, since he ever mentioned he likes curry simmered to the extent that the carrots and potatoes are mostly dissolved. It’s okay for the ingredients to be still somewhat chunky, as if they disappear into the stew, it wouldn’t feel like stew anymore. (M: I’m surprisingly particular~)

    • The third listener is from someone who loves flowers. They wanted to know if Massu likes flowers and if he decorates his room with flowers or wears items of flower-prints. He said he often receives flowers, and when he does, he places them in his room. He also buys flowers on his own, like just 2 stalks or something, from the random flower shop he passes by on his way home. While he doesn’t have flowers in his house all the time, he does want to have them around. As for whether he wears items of flower-prints… is there a relation between flower-prints and if you liked flowers? In any case, he does like flower-prints, but he didn’t feel it’s because he likes flowers. Though that might be true. While he doesn’t go out in a full flower-print get-up, he does have quite a few of those items, and would wear them out separately, like just bottoms or shirts.

    • The fourth listener loves Massu so much they want to marry him. They are really bad at cleaning, but would like to stay in a clean house. Which is why their ideal man is someone who’s a neat freak, like “Takahisa-kun”. Can he live with someone who’s bad at cleaning? Or do people like that get eliminated from the game immediately? He first laughs, saying it’s a cute mail and thanked them. (M: They want to marry me because then they get to stay in a clean house? Hurhurhur!) He feels he’s the type who doesn’t mind doing all the cleaning on his own. He then went a bit off tangent, talking about how some detergent ads have kids coming home with dirty socks from soccer practice, but the root cause is really the education - they shouldn’t have been walking around mud in their socks to begin with. (translator note: Oh man Massu...) So when he sees ads like these, he gets turned off and wouldn’t like that. What were they talking about again…? He said it’s fine not to like cleaning, as long as the person can cook. But then again, it doesn’t make sense for someone who cooks to not be able to clean. That sounds like a potential ad though. It’s better to be clean than untidy, so try their best at it and stay in a clean house.

    • The fifth listener wanted to know if he uses the eraser at the back of a mechanical pencil. He said he belongs to the generation who grew up without using mechanical pencils very much, but it’s true he didn’t use that eraser when he was still in school. He loses a bit of love for the mechanical pencil once the eraser gets used, like how he likes his new phone a little less after dropping it once. He feels like he’s read a similar mail before, so this must be a common problem. It’d be nice if the erasers are sold separately. He joked that he used to think about the eraser the entire time when he was in school, and didn’t listen in class at all. He ended by saying the eraser is designed such that the words can be erased with when you happen not to have an eraser, so it’s okay to use it.

    • The sixth listener has been a NEWS fan since they were in first grade, and they’re not a senior in college. While they’d always thought NEWS were cool older brothers, they have now grown to the age of NEWS then, and were surprised when they realised. He said he’s happy and thanked the listener for having watched NEWS then and for still watching NEWS now. Like how when he joined Johnny’s at 12 years old, someone 32 years old (his age now) would have felt a lot older. They’d also continue evolving to become better, such that they will always remain “cool older brothers” no matter when it is.

    • ♪ Cascade ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B.

    • At the ending, he promoted Shige’s drama as well as the spin-off episode for his character on Hulu Japan.

    • Still no ending song this week.

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