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NEWS news (week of Jul 24) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Jul 22)

    • The first message was from a listener who talked about how Sorashige Book was covered in the magazine Television Zoom’s Johnny’s radio article and how they were happy to learn behind the scenes things they hadn’t known before. They had always been curious about when Shige read the listener mail, and in the article they mentioned that Shige reads them ahead of time. They also mentioned how they always assumed Shige picked letters that matched what he wanted to talk about so they were surprised to learn that he sometimes changed what he talked about to match the letters.

    • The next letter was from a listener who also wrote about the Television Zoom article. They mentioned how the article said that Shige reads all of the messages and spends more than half the recording time on checking the messages. They said that they were amazed to learn that he reads them all despite the large number the radio receives. They said that they live in Chiba so the concert venues they can go to are limited, but makes them happy to think that they can still have contact with Shige this way and hear him talk about things that he can’t usually here.

    • Shige said that it’s true that the article covered the behind the scenes of the radio that you don’t normally get to see, which made him feel a bit embarrassed but he was glad. He said he was thankful for all the messages he gets when they release anything, he said that this radio really is a ‘handmade’ radio show. He said thanks to everyone’s letters even when he doesn’t have a lot to say himself, he’ll have things to say about the letters.

    • ♪ Blue ♪

    • For music club this week, he talked about Mukai Taichi’s new EP ‘Love’. He said he’s been hooked on it recently, and he Mukai Taichi may be the artist he listened to this most this past year. He talked about how it seems like the style has changed a lot with this release and he talked about how tofu beats, another artist he’s played on the radio before, produced the song ‘Siren’ on the EP. He talked about the song for awhile and the lyrics, then played the song.

    • The next letter was from a listener who congratulated them on Blue taking first place on the oricon and billboard charts. They said they watched the Music Fair performance of Blue and wanted to know if there was any meaning behind the way they grab the mic in the beginning where they make a diagonal triangle.

    • Shige kind of laughed and said that if it looked like a diagonal triangle then he and NEWS need to relook over what they’re doing. He said that it’s supposed to be Blue’s ‘B’ and commented on how it’s hard to make the B when holding the mics and there’s also the issue that everyone in NEWS’ hands are quite stiff so they can’t make the B well. He said that in ‘Ikiro’ and in some of their other songs air:man has been adding initials in their choreography as well as other hidden meanings.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they heard their new song, ‘Ikiro’. They’re currently a college student and they talked about how it encourages them. They said that they are also looking forward to the drama.

    • The next letter was also about 'Ikiro'. The listener said that they saw their performance of it on The Music Day and thought that it was very powerful. It brought them to tears and made them think that they want to keep supporting NEWS.

    • Shige said that he was happy and that he thinks it’s timing in the drama is perfect. He talked about how the song is thanks to the drama, and he talked about how there are different approaches to making a drama theme song and he talked to the producer about the song. They wanted to make a very NEWS-like song, how NEWS can sing emotional songs from their hearts like with Fullswing, so they decided to go with that rather than a song that is seeped in the world of the drama. Though it’s the drama theme song, it also can encourage people when they’re having hard times, and though it’s weird to say they also can be encouraged while singing it. He said that he thinks it’s really a great song and thanked Heroism. He said that he thinks they’ll be able to perform it more in the future and told everyone to look forward to that.

    • The next letter was from a listener who mentioned how Shige is getting to act with Kato Ryo, who was in Shige’s play Naka no Hito, again for the first time in awhile. They wanted to know how the other cast members call them since they both have the last name Kato. They wondered if they go by Shige-kun and Ryo-kun. They also wanted to know what the filming was like.

    • Shige talked about how he knows some of the staff from Moumoku no Yoshinori-sensei, so they call him Shige-san, or they’ll also call him by his role name so they’ll call him Zero-san or Ukai-san. Though they stopped calling him Ukai-san because he didn’t react to it. In the end, they mostly call him Zero-san or Shige-san. Kato Ryo, and other people who are younger than him, also call him Shige-san~. He calls Kato Ryo, just Ryo though he thinks other staff call him Ryo-kun or Kato-san. Though he’ll also end up reacting to Kato-san, they’re referring to Kato Ryo.

    • He talked about how interesting he is and how both he and Mamiya have very strong faces.

    • ♪ Cascade ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Jul 24)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi.

    • They started out talking about summer and summer vacation, and Tegoshi said he wanted a summer vacation. Koyama commented on how Tegoshi seems like he does summer-y things every year and Tegoshi said he didn’t have time to do many last year. They also talked about how they both wanted to go see fireworks. Tegoshi talked about how he saw fireworks in Italy before when he was filming a movie, they paused filming and the crew all watch it together. He said it was really pretty with the Roman backdrop.

    • The first letter was from a listener who asked them what food makes them feel like it’s summer, and said that for them it’s soumen.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi if his mom makes him any and Tegoshi said Hiyashi Chuka and soba. They talked about soumen, and Koyama asked if you eat the cherries too. [probably referring to nagashi soumen, a summer activity where soumen and various things like cherries are put on a bamboo water slide and you try to catch them with chopsticks and eat them.]
      Tegoshi said he liked soumen, particularly the white soumen.

    • ♪ SUMMERTIME ♪

    • The next letter was from a college student who is currently in their last year of college, they said that since college, the period of time that’s often called the summer vacation of life, is almost over they’re thinking of going on a trip abroad. They asked Tegoshi, who goes abroad a lot, to share anything he knows and countries he thinks is good to travel to for a beginner.
      Koyama first asked Tegoshi to share any must need items, and Tegoshi said a portable washlet and and a box of tissues because tissues in most other countries are too rough. Koyama then asked him about places, and Tegoshi said that it depends on who she’s going with, and they speculated that since she’s a college senior that she’s probably going with friends. They said that no matter who you go with, Hawaii and Guam are fun.
      Tegoshi also suggested Europe- Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. Koyama said that he also thought Europe was good though he’s never been. Koyama asked Tegoshi which European country he thought would be best for sightseeing, and Tegoshi said that if you like seeing historical sites then Barcelona is good or Rome. But if you want to see a ‘near future’-like city, then Paris, Milan, or London is good. They also mentioned how you can easily see a bunch of different places by train. Tegoshi also mentioned Switzerland and Austria, and Koyama commented how it’s more rare to go to Switzerland. They both talked about how they want to go to Europe. Tegoshi added that Hawaii and Guam are good for beginners so Europe maybe be a more intermediate level.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi if he were go to Europe, which country should he go to first, so Tegoshi asked him what he likes and what he wants to do. Koyama said that he wanted to walk the town, take pictures while taking a walk, and drop by a place and eat pizza, that kind of feeling and Tegoshi said either Italy or France, though the food in Spain is good too.
      Koyama agreed that Italy sounded good, and Tegoshi said that he like the national characteristics of Italy, and when Koyama asked him what that was Tegoshi explained that they’re gentlemanly, and everyone are kind to women, but very passionate, and Spain is similar. They’re very active in both work and play, and the food and wine is delicious. They also talked about how people there are very cheerful.
      Tegoshi said that in contrast, French people are more stiff, for example because they have pride in being French, some people want to be approached in French even though they understand English.
      They said they’d like to hear how her trip goes, and Tegoshi warned her to be careful of pickpocketing. In downtown areas and tourist areas, don’t put things in your back pocket, and kids will approach you asking for donations and while you’re distracted someone will snatch your bag. He warned her because Japanese people aren’t used to that at all, since there’s hardly any pickpocketing and even if you lose something it’ll come back to you. He said you have to doubt everyone, they target tourist areas since rich people from all over the world gather there. They told her to be careful.

    • The next letter was from someone with the pen name ‘Koyama Yuki’
      T: Oh wow!
      K: Oh, I got married?
      T: You got married?
      They said that they work retail, and said that they spent a lot on clothes each month. They think that Koyama spends a lot on clothes each month, and so they wanted to know what he does with clothes he no longer needs. Tegoshi on the other hand doesn’t seem to buy much clothes, so they wanted to know what makes him want to buy a certain item of clothing.
      Tegoshi said that actually he wanted to ask the other three. When they went to New York, they went to an expensive brand store and the other three were all excited about it. Whereas Tegoshi got bored and took a walk somewhere rather than go in. Koyama said that the store was the flagship store for this brand and really big, so they were all excited about it but realized within 10 minutes that Tegoshi wasn’t with them anymore. Koyama asked Tegoshi if he really doesn’t have any interest in it and Tegoshi said that he didn’t. Tegoshi said that the picture of him with firefighters in the background is from that time when he was taking a walk and the other 3 were shopping.
      Koyama brought up how Tegoshi has said that he only buys clothes a few times a year and wanted to know what he considers when he buys them. Tegoshi said that sometimes people from shops where he used to shop often will send him pictures of things that they think would suit him since he doesn’t go in as often as he used it.
      He added that he’s not cheap or anything, but with certain things he can be stingy. He doesn’t mind at all paying If he goes out to eat with kohai, or to order a nice bottle of wine. But, some brand t shirts cost ¥30,000 and he finds that to be way too expensive.
      T: If you spill wine on it, then it’s all over!
      T: Isn’t even ¥10,000 too expensive? If you spill wine on it, then it’s all over! If you go out to eat or drink and eat kimchi and then get some on it- I don’t wear watches, but if you had an expensive watch and bang! Bashed it on something. I would get really upset about it.
      He said that he does dress to occasion, but he ends up just not caring about fashion that much [because he doesn’t want to spend that much on something because it would upset him if it got ruined].
      K: Do you really spill wine and kimchi that often!?
      Tegoshi said he doesn’t but he’s been drinking for about 10 years now, and about once or twice a year he’ll spill wine or soy sauce and ruin a piece of clothing. Also, as he’s said on TV, other people will try to pick out nice clothes and worry over outfits, but he’s popular no matter what he wears so he doesn’t care.
      Koyama said that Tegoshi was getting annoying, and Tegoshi insisted that it was true and that he could wear those brand-less white shirts they sell in convenience stores and still be popular.
      K: Shut up!
      (Staff and Tegoshi crack up)
      K: Sorry, I’m not really in a place to say this, but shut up.
      Tegoshi continued to clarify, saying that if he were to wear something really lame and wasn’t that popular, but then was when he wore something fashionable the next day then he would totally put effort into his clothes. A few years ago he would try to be cool and wear skulls and stuff, but then some years later he lost interest in clothes and just wears simple clothes and he’s much more popular now.
      K: Shut up!
      (Staff and Tegoshi crack up)
      K:....You’re just using up airtime, what you’re saying has no content.
      Koyama then introduced the next song, Blue.
      T: Haha how I’m feeling now.
      K: That’s my line!

    • ♪ Blue ♪

    • At the end Koyama read the ending information and did PR for Massu’s play and Shige’s drama and Tegoshi read out the time air time for the drama. Tegoshi joked that he was in every episode and Koyama said that if that’s the case then he’s not a guest anymore just a regular and Tegoshi agreed. Tegoshi kept joking around until Koyama told him to be quiet and again and complained that he was eating up all the air time. Tegoshi kept trying to talk as Koyama complained that they didn’t have any time left, until he shouted over him.
      K: I GET IT!! It’s ending!!
      And they finally were both able to sign off.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Jul 25)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’s the last summer of the Heisei era, since the Emperor is planning to abdicate his throne to his son in April next year. Sakura joked that the next era could be named “Tegoshi” and he said no, Japan will go down the pits.
      M: Ah, so you’re aware of that yourself too?
      T: Just one of me is enough.
      Sakura: Eh?
      T: If there were 2 or 3 of me, it’d probably be too much to bear. What happens if there were 100 million Tegoshis?
      Sakura: It’s not as if everyone’s name is going to get changed to “Tegoshi”.
      T: Ah, I see.
      Going back to the topic of how the Japanese era name is going to get changed, they talked about how they can only remember Heisei, since they were all born at the end of the previous era. So this is the first time they will be experiencing the change in Japanese era name. They then realised that the new era would begin on Koyama’s birthday, so the new era might be named Koyama! (T: The first year of Koyama! Everyone will become tall and lanky!)
      They stopped themselves from talking too much at the opening because they’re finally going to be able to do the debate today, so they should move on before they spend all the time on the opening again.

    • The request this week was for “Yoruyo Odore”. The listener wanted to find out how they manage to say lines in the songs, like Shige’s “kimi no, kimi no bibou ga boku wo kuruwaseta”  in this song and Massu’s “motto kanjisasete yaruyo” in “Bambina” when they always end up embarrassed and can’t say such lines in real life. (M: I was just made to do it.) What were they thinking of when they sing the lines?
      T: Well, the line in “Bambina” was originally Yamapi’s. But this time for “Yoruyo Odore”, it’s Shige. Kato-san. That we decided upon.
      M: It was all decided upon.
      They talked again of how they discussed how to split the lines for the older songs when they first became 4, together with the producers. It was decided by the producers that Massu should do that line. Massu shared how, although he probably felt the most strongly out of everyone about inheriting the lines, he didn’t want to inherit this one. That was the only one he turned down, but the producers said it HAD to be Massu.
      M: I was like, “Seriously…” and did it.
      T: Yeah yeah yeah yeah…. I remember that. I remember that exchange.
      For this song, it was decided that it would be Shige’s line from the start. They don’t have that many spoken lines in their songs anyway, but the mood of “Yoruyo Odore” just fits speaking lines. They have two producers they usually work with, one who works with them on the usual stuff, like the one who came up with the concept for “EPCOTIA”, but this song was by the same producer who produced “madoromi”. They talked about how the characters of producers show up in songs, and how they produce their own solo songs. “Yoruyo Odore” feels like a song that will help them grow to the next level, and is a tough song to sing. The best way to present it is probably to just have 4 standing mics and them sing, since it’s a song that’s best enjoyed through listening.
      M: It’s super cool. SUPER cool. I’m saying it as if there’s something funny coming up after, but there isn’t. It’s a SUPER cool song that will exceed your expectations.

    • ♪ Yoruyo Odore ♪

    • The second listener wrote in to thank Tegoshi and Emma. They’re in their first year in high school and have been torn between becoming a pet trimmer or zookeeper, and made up their mind after seeing cute Emma in BLUE’s making-of. If not for Tegoshi bringing Emma on screen, they might not have decided on their dream, so thank you.
      T: ...Thank you so much. Please bring Emma along for TV appearances again.
      M: Okay, onto the next mail…
      T: No wait. (baby voice) That was a mail for me.
      Sakura: It’s not as if Emma-chan is saying anything. She isn’t.
      Emma was there with them again today. Tegoshi said trimmers to him are probably people who work in the bakery to Massu. That the pet trimmer takes so much care to trim and blowdry the pets…
      M: Ah they do blowdrying too?
      T: They do. Of course they do! These are dogs!
      Sakura: “These are dogs” is wrong.
      Tegoshi continued his story, saying how the trimmers always have gentle expressions when they do that and that’s good. He likes people who love pets. (T: You get it?) It’s the same as people from the opposite sex who find children cute. (T: You get it?)
      Sakura: Yeah we do.
      T: Is there a need for this lack of agreement?
      Sakura: Yeah we get it. It’s just that everyone were listening, and thinking this is usual behaviour.
      T: Ah really.
      M: Like, you mean you only realised it now? We wanted to hear something new.
      T: It’s the same as carrying out freshly baked bread isn’t it. It makes your heart skip a beat.
      M: No that’s not quite the same. Massu isn’t someone who’d like every new face he sees.
      Tegoshi then said how it’s tough to be a pet trimmer as not all pets are willing to sit still for that trim, like humans for their haircuts. Though Emma loves hers. And they appeared together for “Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodansho” and “Merenge no Kimochi”. Massu said he heard Emma had Emma’s costumes made. Tegoshi said they custom-made the same ones as his for her.
      T: It was a present from Watabe-san at “Gyoretsu”.
      M: No. They didn’t ask for permission.
      T: Who cares…
      Sakura: Right, Masuda-san was the one who designed them.
      T: It’s for the dog.
      M: Permission.
      T: For the dog, for the dog. It’s a present from Watabe-san, so tell him.
      M: They probably should have needed to ask for permission, right?
      T: Well since it’s a present from Watabe-san, I received it gratefully, and my mum was really excited when she saw it too.
      M: Did you tell your mum? That they probably didn’t ask Massu for permission?
      T: Sorry, zero mention of that.
      M: You didn’t huh. But well, that’s the Tegoshi family.

    • Moving on to the next mail, the person has the problem of always being mistaken for someone else. Once, they got mistaken for someone else twice in a day. While Tegomass and Sakura probably don’t get mistaken for other people since they’re celebrities, have they met anyone who looks like them? Massu shared how there’ve been people who go up wondering if he’s “Masuda-kun” and then decide they got the wrong person. Tegoshi started saying how it’s tough to be female, since they might want to let their skin rest on day-offs and go out without makeup, but if people run into them on the streets and ask for photos, people might comment on how they look completely different from TV. Sakura said it’s not just for celebrities, but for everyone, like how you might decide to go out without makeup and run into your ex-classmate or something.
      M: Like, “Tegoshi’s clothes were so lame”.
      T: Shut up. Doesn’t matter if they’re lame as long as I am popular! I’ll tell that to each one of them.
      M: To each one of them?
      T: Yeah to each one of them. “I am more popular than you!” Oei! And make them lineup, even give out queue numbers so I can tell them one-by-one.
      Tegoshi and Sakura both haven’t been mistaken for anyone, and Sakura was about to start on something when
      M: But well, we’ve always been working on this together with Aracchi. (NOTE: For the newer ones to Tegomass no Radio, Aracchi refers to Arai Chisato, who worked with them from the start till May 2014, when she got married and quit)
      Sakura: You little… that’s not mistaking me for someone else.
      T: How’s the married life with Amano-san?
      Sakura: That’s not about looking alike.
      T: To have you around since the start of “Tegomass no Radio”, though your quality seems to have dropped sometime along the way…
      M: Hurhurhurhurhur!
      Sakura: Ah, really! I guess I got found out.
      M: So you did get mistaken for someone else.
      Sakura: You two! This is really rude!
      T: But you know, it always helps us to have this atmosphere that only Sakura-chan can create.
      Sakura: It’s too late to say such things. All too late!
      The two of them then started pretending to be cute and saying nice things about Sakura.

    • They realised when they were going to move on to the next mail that they probably wouldn’t have time for the debate again this week, and decided to at least do another mail. The final listener for this week asked when they first got the keys to their homes. The listener never had to carry home keys till they got married as there was always someone home. Massu said he was relatively slow in getting his own key and went through a period of really wanting to have one. Tegoshi said he probably was slow in getting his too, as he got locked out pretty often, by missing his curfews.
      T: Come to think of it, I used to shout at a crazily loud voice each time.
      Sakura: Even though you were the one at fault?
      T: My head moves too fast for my good. I figured the fastest way to get them to open the door was to create a din, as that’d trouble the neighbours and my mum wouldn’t want that. I guess that helped train my vocals.
      So he probably didn’t own a key then since he couldn’t let himself in then. They tried to figure out when they started carrying their own key. They didn’t own mobile phones then either. Tegoshi said how there were friends who’d put the keys into the mailbox or some hidden place, and Massu said he’s got this crisis mentality since he was an elementary schooler, so he would never do that. It’s fine if it’s just between family, but to let friends know about that… no. They then went slightly off topic, saying how the houses in “Sazae-san” and “Doraemon” never seemed to be locked, probably because of Japan’s culture in the past. And then moved on to discuss the evolution of keys and locks, from just a wooden bar across the doors to pin tumbler to the current dimple keys to card keys.
      M: Soon we might be able to open them with just our phones isn’t it.
      T: Probably. The other day, Shige was just saying something about this. Shige was talking to Koyama in the dressing room, about how everything, what was it. How everything is going to be dependent upon something.
      Sakura: Something?
      T: Eh, what was it.
      Sakura: So sloppy!
      T: I thought it was cool! What was it.
      Tegoshi said there’s this thing that you can control the curtains, the bath, the TV recorder settings etc. Shige had everything set in this thing, and Koyama was asking Shige how he does that the entire time in NHK’s dressing room. Massu commented how Shige would talk even less to people now once he’s started on such things. They then talked about how Shige started cooking because he couldn’t order delivery, and then on to about how some programmes like Shabekuri invite friends to appear. What if a smartphone appears as Shige’s friend? Or a robot.
      Sakura: Please appear for him.
      T: Yeah I will, happy to.
      M: If there’s no one else.
      T: But Shige might insist that the smartphone’s his best friend. Can’t help that.
      M: We’ll probably lose to the mobile phone.
      M: He faces the phone more than us.
      T: Or the laptop.
      M: The laptop huh.
      Sakura: Work harder then, as humans.
      They found out they had run out of time again and said they would try to do the debate next week.

    • At the ending, they promoted “BLUE”, Massu’s play and the anniversary concert.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Jul 27)

    • At the opening, he talked about the pens he uses on PON! - that they are actually the Master Hits pens. There are 6 - 7 colours, mostly red/ orange though. He said that when he uses those pens on PON!, it’s like a collaboration between Master Hits and PON!, which makes it “MasterPON!”.

    • The first message was from someone who wanted to know if Massu prefers konpeito or cotton candy. He prefers cotton candy.

    • ♪ BLUE ♪

    • The second message was from someone who wanted to know the ramen Massu likes, and that they’d go eat that with their friends the next time they met. Massu said he really likes ramen, and his favourite dishes that can standalone/ are complete on their own would be gyoza and ramen. He likes yakitori too, but that’s made up of various things. He might even like ramen more than gyoza, since he also likes all sorts of variations of ramen, such as instant cup noodles and those you eat at festivals. His favourite ramen would be tonkotsu ramen, with the egg and seaweed.

    • The third message came from someone who’s been a fan since Massu’s pre-debut days and loved Massu on roller blades. They wanted to see him singing and blading again. He thanked the listener and shared how he started blading in Johnny’s. He only really bladed casually, but one day they asked if anyone could blade, so he said he could, and got asked to perform for Kinki Kids’ concert. The choreographer thought he was good and got him to blade holding the flag. After which, he also started roller skating and that’s how he became part of the base group of Kis-my-ft2. On if he would skate again, he said he totally would if there was a chance to, though it’d be weird if he was the only one skating on stage. He used to for the times when they were volleyball supporters though. It’s not as if he doesn’t want to do it anymore, and he would if there’s a chance to. Maybe when the 3 of them are singing or something.

    • The fourth listener wanted to know if he moves his hands when he speaks. He doesn’t move his hands for radio, and usually have his hands placed on the table, with his elbows touching the table, with his hands clasped and slightly raised above the table. (M: Like the organisers for an audition.) When he’s reading the mails, he’d be holding the mails with both hands. So he doesn’t move his hands very much, except when he’s explaining stuff. He also bows when he apologises over the phone.

    • The fifth listener likes the sound of Massu’s finger snapping very much. They can’t do it, and have asked other people to snap their fingers for them, but they still like Massu’s best. Would he please snap his fingers? He wondered if there’s a difference in the sounds of different people snapping their fingers, then thanked the listener for liking his. And moved on to the next mail.

    • Which was from someone who enjoys watching construction sites and would like to obtain the license to operate the machines if they could. Does Massu like construction sites? He said he could understand what the listener was trying to say. Like when something new gets constructed, and the bone structure is complete, you can start guessing how it’s going to turn out to be like and it’s fun. Or when you see a crane at the top of a skyscraper and wonder how it’s going to get back down to ground. While he also likes looking at nature, he really likes looking at manmade stuff, like architecture and night scenery.

    • ♪ NEWS Nippon - Represent NEWS mix - ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was why the bottoms of paper cups are slightly elevated. He made a few wrong guesses like to make it easier to make string telephones before guessing that it to make the cups easier to take from the stack. But he wasn’t quite convinced.

    • ♪ Stand Up - Represent NEWS mix - ♪

    • At the ending, he referred back to the mail about snapping his fingers. He had wanted to snap his fingers while reading the following mail, but forgot to and now it’s already the ending.
      M: So now… will I do it? Or will I not do it?? Hurhur! But I won’t do it...hurhur.
      He then moved on to read the usual ending lines, the address and stuff before snapping his fingers several times after he said “bye bye!”.
      Still no ending song this week.

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