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NEWS news (week of Jul 30) - Part 1

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  • It was announced on Aug 5 that Tegoshi will be guesting in Zero from Ep5 (airing Aug 12) onwards, playing the role of a cruel quiz MC, Shiroyama Kotaro. Sexy Zone’s Matsushima Sou will also be appearing in the spin-off episode that’s available exclusively on Hulu Japan. (Source)

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  • NEWSRING (Aug 2)


    • It was Shige’s turn to update, and he started off by apologizing for being late with the post. He explained that it’s not that he’s slacking off, but that he’s been busy with the drama, preparing for the concert, and other work so days go by in a flash.
      He talked about how his manager who is newly married had to rush away from drama filming when his wife went into labor. He talked about how they talked about the baby being born on August 1st, and he talked about a rare last name ‘八月一日’ which is August 1st written in kanji and is read as ‘Hodzumi’. He talked about how much he liked it and hoped that the manager would name his daughter that. But when he asked the manager if he had already decided on a name he said he had.
      He said he would write about a certain someone who joined filming recently later.

  • Shigeaki no Cloud (Aug 2)


    • Shige posted a picture of him holding the sign that appearing in the Zero quiz corner and congratulated everyone who got this week’s zero riddle correct. He asked everyone to watch next week too.

  • So Good Day (Aug 6)

    • Matsushima Sou (Sexy Zone) updated his jweb to talk about Shige’s drama, Zero Ikkakusenkin Game, and how he will be appearing the second Hulu spinoff episode with Tegoshi. He said that his character’s name is Keisuke, and that when he first heard that he would be appearing he was shocked and overjoyed. He said that while he was nervously waiting in the dressing room, Tegoshi came in to talk to him and give him advice. He really helped him out and put him at ease. He said that he had a lot of fun and tried to act out his character’s sempai-kohai relationship with Tegoshi’s character naturally.
      He also said that he was really thankful to be able to appear in such a wonderful work with his sempai. He said he was looking forward to seeing how it turns out and asked everyone to watch.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Aug 7)


    • Masuda Takahisa’s Play

    • Massu apologized many times for not updating in a long time. He mentioned how the play was starting in Osaka and that he was looking forward to it. He also encouraged everyone to check out the goods and said thank you. He warned everyone to be careful of sunburn and heat stroke.

  • Made ni Omakase (Aug 7)

    • Tomioka Kento wrote about watching Massu’s play. He said it was really an amazing play, though he couldn’t share details since it’s not over. He said that he got goosebumps listening to and watching Massu’s powerful singing and dancing. He said that of course he knew all the songs, and there were even some he’d danced to before, so listening he was doing his best to keep his body from dancing along.

  • A reminder for everyone on the Best Jeanist award. Massu’s 5th for now (scroll down the page for mid-term results), please go place your vote before voting closes Aug 31.
    For instructions on how to vote and why this is related to Massu, refer to our earlier post here.

  • Only You updates

    • air:man went to watch on Aug 2, and tweeted to say “It was amazing! Too amazing!!” (Source)

    • Yamamoto announcer (the male announcer who sits on far left on PON!) went to watch the play on Aug 3. He tweeted to say he enjoyed the play to the very last bit and that Massu is a really great singer. Massu’s amazing in that he’s also really gentle and funny on PON!. Yamamoto ana also commented on how Massu sounded really sexy for the “ka” while singing the last line of “Orokamono”, and then said he just said something like Aoki ana would. (Source)

    • Jinnai Tomonori, who works with Massu on Netapare, also went to watch the play on Aug 3 (Source)

    • Tsuruno Takeshi went with Mitz Mangrove to watch the play on Aug 4 and Tsuruno tweeted that the play was amazing. (Source)

    • The Tokyo run ended on Aug 4, and the Osaka shows are up Aug 7-9.

    • On August 8th, Ishii Yuki tweeted about how the Osaka shows had begun without trouble. He asked if everyone who came to the show in Osaka had enjoyed it, and said that he would have fun and do his best until the last show. He also thanked everyone who came. (Source)

  • RAMMELLS, the group Shige talked about on the radio this week, tweeted about it and thanked him. (Source)

  • On August 7th, less than 48 hours after going on sale, it was announced on JE’s Ikiro 15th Anniversary Box page that they had sold out of the planned number of copies and were temporarily stopping orders. However, once they confirm additional product they will reopen orders. (Source)

  • According to fans who have contacted Billboard and Oricon, sales of the special anniversary box will count on Oricon’s charts but not Billboard. (Source 1 2)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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