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NEWS news (week of Aug 6) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Aug 5)

    • The first letter was from a listener who wrote in about Zero Ikkakusenkin Game and said that they found the drama really interesting. They said that they loved the gap in Zero between how cute and how smart he is. They also talked about Ikiro and how much they like it and the drama. They said they were looking forward to seeing Massu and Shine act together and wondered when we’d get to hear Ikiro in full and when it would get released.

    • Shige announced how ‘Ikiro’ is going to be released as NEWS’ 24th single. He said they’d already gotten to perform it a few times, and how having a song from his drama released as a NEWS single has been a dream of his so he’s really happy. He also talked about the anniversary box version and talked about the details of when it would go on sale as well as the details of the other versions.

    • ♪ 'Ikiro' ♪

    • For music club this week, Shige said that artist he’s talking about this week is already getting quite a bit of attention, but he wanted to talk about them anyway.  

    • He read a letter from a listener who said that they are also an amateur musician in Hamamatsu. When they saw Shige mention Sakiyama Soshi, who also is a musician in Hamamatsu who recently rose to fame, in a magazine they had to write in. They had always thought that Shige’s music was similar to his and thought that he would like his music. They talked about how there are a lot of music events in Hamamatsu, and how they participated in many events with Sakiyama. They said that they were really happy for him with his success but also would miss him thinking about how he probably wouldn’t be able to participate anymore.

      He talked about Sakiyama Soshi, and how he probably found out about him around the time many people did, from watching a performance on an online competition for high schoolers. He’s currently a freshman in high school. He said he thinks he watched at night in his hotel room during the tour, and got hooked on his music. He said he talked with a guy in NEWS’ music team, about if they had seen the video and he had commented on how he thought Shige would’ve watched it and they talked about how amazing it is and how he’ll definitely get popular. He talked about how the music plays to both his love of the Japanese language and of music. He talked about him for a while longer and how amazing he is and played his song ‘Samidare’. He talked about how the imperfection in the singing makes it even better, and that he got teary eyed listening to it. He also talked about how Sakiyama Soshi had apparently started playing guitar at 4 years old, and his mother was a fan of The Gazette, a visual kei band, and how he could see how maybe that influenced his style some. Though it’s also clear that he loves and is really good at guitar.

    • The next letter was from a listener who brought up how last week Shige posted ‘JIDORI’ [Jidori can mean both selfie (自撮り) and chicken (地鶏)] on his jweb. They said when they opened jweb and saw his jidori jidori, they burst out laughing. They wanted to know if the chicken mask was his or something from the drama set.

    • The next letter was also about the the JIDORI jweb, and they wondered if Shige always walked around with a chicken mask and if it was his.

      Shige talked about how since Johnny’s began able to show their faces on jweb, staff members have pointedly mentioned it to him since he hadn’t uploaded any yet. But since magazines take a lot of great and cool looking photos of him already he wanted to do something silly for jweb. He said he wanted to take a selfie wearing a chicken mask and the staff reacted like ‘eh?’ But he wanted to do one that’s a bit surreal. He also considered doing makeup to look like a chicken, but couldn’t find the time to do it and he had wanted to do it around his birthday or before the drama started. So he shopped around online for chicken masks and bought a few different ones, but the one he ended up using was one his manager bought him for his birthday because it was the most interesting one.

      In response to the question of if he always took it with him, he said that he does so that he can interesting pictures wherever he goes.  He said he understood the opinion of fans who complained that they can’t see his face, but he thinks this is fine.

    • The next letter was from a listener who talked about Zero Ikkakusenkin Game [mod’s note: spoilers ahead in this questions for those who haven’t seen the second episode yet.] And who was impressed by the shot of just Shige’s face and asked if it was hard to act using only his expression.

      Shige said that it was, and explained how in the quarter jump scene he has a hood placed over his head so he can’t see anything and to portray that they just show only his face which they filmed separately. He talked about how in Iron Man, when he’s fighting Robert Downey Jr wears a mask and they use a similar technique, and so staff were calling that scene the ‘Iron Man cut’.

      He said it was hard because you have to match your expressions to the voice over of the character’s inner thoughts. Or rather than hard, it was hard to know what is ‘right’. He said he got a lot of mail about it and was glad that people seemed to find it amusing.

    • ♪ BEACH ANGEL ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Aug 7)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • They talked about how hot it is, and Koyama asked Shige if the heat was having any effect on filming and Shige said that they film in a studio and that the latest game was one to do with water and Koyama said that he saw it. Shige said that it’s not exactly warm water, it’s about room temperature and the air conditioner was on so when he got out he was really cold.

      He said dramas are tough, and Koyama agreed that it must be tough to be the lead actor. Shige said that it made him really respect everyone that do lead roles, and Koyama agreed saying that some people do them multiple seasons. Shige said that he’s realized a lot of things through this role, though it’s not even over yet.

      Koyama talked about how they have a chat group with all the members and managers, and they recently had to confirm something in the chat. They were asked if a certain item was good to give to a certain person as a present from NEWS. Koyama and Massu both replied that they thought it was fine, and Tegoshi probably also saw it. Shige usually replies, but he wasn’t replying. So then the manager sent a confusing message in the chat explaining that ‘Kato-san is in a water tank right now’.

      Shige said that that manager often does things like that, when it would be sufficient to say just that he’s in the middle of filming. Koyama agreed saying that he didn’t understand what he meant by saying Shige ‘was in a water tank’. Koyama thought that he must have been joking and replied telling him to go ask Shige.

      Koyama then asked the manager (who seems to be with them in the studio) if it was a joke or if he had been serious, and he apparently replied that it was a joke.

      They then talked about how thanks to all the fans, they would be having their 15th anniversary concert soon. He said that preparations are going well, and he thinks that they’ll be able to do a lot of songs that will make the fans happy.

      Shige said that he did a bit of the footage for this concert too, but most of it was done by the person who photographed them for the pamphlet. Shige said that he asked them directly, and it’s nice that the pamphlet and concert will seem united.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that the first time they saw the anniversary tour mascot they yelled out loud because it was so cute. They said that looking at it they can come up with a bunch of different meanings, but wanted to know what concretely what the meaning behind it is.

      Shige explained that there’s the fact that strawberry in Japanese is ichigo, and ichi go also mean one and five, so ichigo means both strawberry and 15, and Koyama mentioned how the member colors are included in a marble pattern. Shige said that there a lot of meanings you come up with but the encouraged everyone to think and feel those meanings freely.

      They also said that they thought the design was really cute and that it’s used a lot in the goods. They said that since everyone seems to like the logo a lot they’ll probably also like the goods and that they included a lot of interesting items.

      They also commented how dangerous the heat is, and that they happy to have everyone get excited and enjoy the concert with them but they want every to stay hydrated and to prepare properly so that they can enjoy the concert. They encouraged everyone to pay attention to how they’re feeling and to not hold back in drinking lots of water because you don’t want to have to leave to use the restroom. They said that they also have to be careful.

      They said that they wished they could have the goods reach even those who can’t make it to the concerts.

    • ♪ Ikiro ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who wanted to know what hiragana character they like the most. They said that their favorite is Su (す).

      S: Who cares!!

      Shige said that when he’s drinking with his male friends a game they often play is ‘What hiragana character would make the best weapon?’. For instance, if you got stabbed with a KA!! (か!!) it would definitely hurt, but [it wouldn’t hurt] even if you got hit with No (の).

      K: ME!! (め)

      S: Me is easy to hold, but doesn’t it’s attack power seem low?

      Koyama said that then he wanted to know what hiragana would be the most refreshing to yell in summer. The one you want to shout out loud. Shige said Ke (け) or Pe (ぺ). He also said he also liked small tsu (っ), he also encouraged Koyama to say it with A (あ) [Small tsu can’t be pronounced by itself, it just indicates a glottal stop]. Koyama said that small tsu doesn’t count because you can’t say it. They talked about it for a while longer before questioning what they were even talking about.

      Shige then asked what hiragana you’d want to eat in summer.

      K: What’s with this question, I’ve never been asked this before.

      Shige asked if all the hiragana were on a menu which one would he eat. Koyama said that he liked to eat heavy things like yakisoba, so he’d go with one of the T-hiaraga, ta te tsu te to (たてつてと) and Shige asked if the T ones were heavy, if they had a lot of sauce because it seemed like they would.

      K: Maybe to (と)

      S: Ahh to seems like it’d be delicious!!

      K: Yeah!

      S: What does to taste like? My to is fairly light.

      K: Really? My to has a lot of sauce on it.

      They eventually cracked themselves up and decided to end the conversation and go on to the song.

    • ♪ Orihime ♪

    • At the end they talked about the release of ‘Ikiro’. Shige said he was happy and brought up how they’ve already had opportunities to perform it.Koyama also did PR for Massu’s play and Shige’s drama.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Aug 8)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it was going to be the anniversary concert that weekend.

      T: PO PO PO PO POOOO! It’s the first Po in a long time!

      Sakura: That’s true.

      T: On the contrary, sorry. Sorry to all the “Po” fans amongst the listeners of Tegomass no Radio.

      Sakura: There probably aren’t any, so it’s okay.

      M: I’d like to see the faces of those who actually are fans of something like this.

      T: There are. Plenty.

      Sakura: I feel we should go apologise to them.

      M: On the contrary, they should apologise to us. “Sorry for liking this.”

      Going back to the concert, Tegoshi said the concert theme was “Strawberry” and started using baby voice to say “Ichigo-chan” (ichigo = strawberry in Japanese).

      T: Ready, go. (the next line in English) Repeat after me. Ichigo-chan

      Sakura: Ichigo-chan.

      M: Use your cutest voice

      T: Say it cutely.

      Sakura: Eh? (pause) Ichigo-chan!


      Sakura: Eh why do I have to do this! This is tough on my heart.

      M: I guess that killed all your chances of getting voice acting jobs.

      Sakura: That’d be awful.

      They made Sakura try again, by giving her the situation of acting out a strawberry character in a super cute anime, who refers to herself as “Ichigo-chan”.

      Sakura: Iiichigo-chan!

      She did better than they expected and they told her not to do so well. She said the professional spirit came out. Massu then tried doing a cute male strawberry character.

      M: Ichigo-chAN!

      (slight silence) and Tegoshi asked to have his turn.

      Sakura: The most popular strawberry in the world.

      M: Ahhh that’s nice. DON’T LOOK SO HAPPY!


      M: Stop or we won’t let you do it.

      They let him do it anyway, and he said, in a low voice, “Ichigo-chan”. They said he did it normally, and with some elements of Fukuhara Masaharu. Concluding they all did well, they moved on to talk about Massu’s play and how he’s in the midst of the Osaka shows.

      M: Yeah exactly. Let me rest my throat a bit!

      T: HAHHHA. I get it I get it.

      Massu then said they should talk about the concert since all they said was the title. Massu explained how since it’s the 15th anniversary and a one-off concert, he wanted to do something that played with 15 and Strawberry (they sound similar in Japanese pronunciation). He also wanted to make the logo cute and stylish, so it can be left behind like an icon. They weren’t really particular about the logo for the 10th anniversary, but the strawberry logo is something easy to keep and something that can help everyone remember it by.

      T: Yup, please look forward to it!

      M: Are we doing the ending next? We’re out of time, aren’t we?

      Sakura: We are far from being out of time.

      T: “One line actors” next, right?

      Sakura: No no no no… What you guys are doing is digressing.

      They finally got around to saying that they can start playing “Ikiro” that day.

      M: But as for whether or not we’re going to play it…

      T: Hmm….nope!

      Sakura: No, play it! (kakero!) I just made it sound like “ikiro”.

      M: Say it again!

      Sakura: Kakero!

      T: So cool!

      M: Well let’s listen to, “Kakero”.

      Sakura: Nonono, “Ikiro”!

      T: Amazing~

      Sakura: Please play it.

      M: Itterasshai! (safe trip!)

      T: No no no! It’s your line!

      M: Ah. Please listen to NEWS’...

      T, M: ...Ikiro!

    • ♪ Ikiro ♪

    • The first message was from a listener who wanted to know if the members look on while they are getting solo shots done, as the listener feels shy about being looked at while having their solo shots taken. Massu shared how he didn’t like it when members looked on while having his turn at recording TV liners, like “Please watch xx at xx on xx!” He’s okay with it now, but there used to be times when, for example, he needs to keep the comment within 15 seconds, but ends up doing it in 18 seconds, and the members would laugh at him for exceeding the time limit by 3 seconds. That makes him feel frustrated at himself, like maybe how announcers might feel when they fail to make comments that fits the given time perfectly. Tegoshi said he feels embarrassed when people watch him act. He usually just behaves the way he is for work, be it radio or whatever. So when he has to take on the role of someone else, and sound different etc., it embarrasses him.

      Sakura: Did you not want to do “ichigo-chan” too?

      T: Ah, I like fooling around.

      He explained that he’s fine with doing roles like flashy characters, but when it’s something that’s fiction yet non-fiction-y, like a top student loving someone… it’s embarrassing. Though he was okay with “Dream Boys”. It’s also embarrassing to have to act with members, like with Shige this time, and he wondered if he’ll be okay once he’s on set. Massu said he didn’t feel anything at all. While he exchanged greetings with Shige, of course, it was just as they always did, with nothing special just because they were NEWS.

      M: Well, I guess it’s because I went in my actor-mode?

      T: Here we go, here we go…

      M: So I didn’t show my emotions. Something like that.

      Sakura: Ah, he’s done. He’s surprisingly fast.

      T: I think he’s probably tired from the stage play.

      M: Fufu. Stop it!

      Sakura: Are you sleepy?

      T: Fooling around uses up a surprisingly huge amount of energy, so he probably wants to rest his throat.

      M: Yeah, so just short jokes. Going to keep responses sharp too.

      They asked Sakura for how she feels, touching on the gravure book she released a long time ago, of course. She said things like that are embarrassing, and even if she gets offered to do another gravure shoot, she’d reject the offer. No swimsuit shoots as well.

      T: What if it’s a cover shoot for Anan? Almost nude?

      Sakura: Ah! (looks towards manager) Do we? We do!

      T: You don’t have to ask your manager standing outside!

      Tegoshi said it’s an honour to do something like that, since only well-known people have been on covers. Sakura agreed, and added that it’s possible to cover up some, while for swimsuits she’s just exposed. She’s also not confident about her figure. (T: It’s not as if people get chosen just because they’re well endowed. Sakura: That’s true.) Massu then asked if she feels embarrassed when she gets looked upon by fellow announcers. She wouldn’t, if everyone was in the same situation. If it’s just her in a different get up, she would. Like for thrill rides, she’s okay with riding with someone who’d be scared and scream together, but not with someone who’s cool with such rides.

      Massu then suddenly threw the topic to Imai-san (the writer for the programme), who was surprised. He said when he has to take on the position of someone in power, like producing. And he feels embarrassed when his seniors watch him at it. Or when he’s giving advice to other people. Tegoshi then suddenly got loud, and Imai-san got a shock, and went, “Yaba!” (short of yabai, which can mean a variety of things, but in this case the closest translation would likely be “crap!”). They asked Tegoshi not to shock Imai-san like that, as he’d end up being able to say “yaba!” “sugo!” (sugoi = amazing) “hido!” (hidoi = awful!). And maybe even listeners will start to be able to micmic how he sounds.

    • For Tegomass no Debate this week, the first question was if they’d rather A: be able to change their hairstyles but be stuck with black hair forever, or B: be able to change hair colours but be stuck with the same hairstyle. Massu chose A, Tegoshi chose B.

      M: Seriously? …You’re good with that?

      T: Yeah I am.

      M: Hurhurhur…forever?

      Sakura: You’d rather be able to change hair colours?

      T: Yeah.

      M: Rather than change, you’d rather stay as blonde?

      T: Yes.

      Tegoshi said he’d want to change his hair colour freely, as he hates being the same as other people. And there won’t be a need to worry about getting out of fashion, right?

      M: We don’t know about that, it might get out of fashion.

      T: No, as in assuming I’ll just stay like this. Like this. Forever. As in excluding the possibility of hair loss or getting bald, right?

      The other two said nope. If he experiences hair loss, he does, and that’s his problem. He said he’d rather be able to play around with colours anyway, since there aren’t that many hairstyle variations anyway as they don’t get to play around with lengths as much as females can. So it’s easier to make image changes by changing hair colours. Sakura then asked Massu for his stand.

      M: Well, in the end it’s definitely black for men, isn’t it.

      T: I can’t believe you said that. I would still accept it if Shige or Koyama said that, but for a guy who’s always red or grey or whatever… how could you say that.

      Massu explained again how it’s not that he’s particular about hair colours. It’s just that he wouldn’t like his hair to be boring or look as if he doesn’t care about how his hair looks, when he’s so passionate about clothes. Rather than black or brown, his skin tone suits reddish tones better. It’s red from a fashion view point, so red it is. Tegoshi pointed out how he’d be stuck with black hair though, with his choice of A. Massu said he thought there’d be more variations with hairstyles, like shaving it all off, or getting the Beckham hair…

      T: And is that Beckham hair going to look good in black?

      M: But my final goal is to be like Sakamoto Ryuichi. With beautiful white hair.

      T: People with nice white hair look really cool, right?

      Sakura: Yeah, it’s amazing.

      T: Why is that?

      M: Why are you jumping into the point I’m trying to make.

      T: Because I’m more passionate than you.

      M: It’s my turn!

      Sakura gave it to Tegoshi.

      M: Was it a problem with words? The ability to convey?

      Sakura: The ability to convey, Masuda-san has a lacking vocabulary.

      M: Shut up. Well, for me, if it’s not coupled with a melody, you know?

      Sakura: (dryly) Okay.

    • The next debate question asked which they’d prefer people around them to do when they are feeling down. A: Snuggle close and not say a word; B: Invite them out for a meal, saying something like “Cheer up!” They defined the person they’d like the action done as their closest friend before making their choices. They both picked B. Tegoshi said humans need words to convey their thoughts. For example, if Imai-san was feeling down, and he goes to his side. (probably acting it out, as there was a few seconds of silence)

      T: It’d be like, “HUH?” right? Like, “Say something!”

      Sakura: Yeah, that might apply for Tegoshi-san, but it feels like it’d work perfectly okay with Masuda-san.

      T: Whooaaaaa did you guys hear that? Did you guys? Sakura just said something horrible. DID YOU GUYS HEAR~ GUYSSSS~

      Sakura: No one’s listening.

      T: What do you guys think!!!

      M: May I talk now?

      Massu said if it’s someone whom he’s equally close to, he’d be happy if they asked him out for a meal. And Tegoshi started speaking again, saying he’s the type who wouldn’t want to be left alone when he’s feeling down. While he wouldn’t want to show his weaker side to people, he’d want to be with someone else and get distracted by other things. So he’d like to go out. If the friend asked about his problem over the meal, he would, but even if they don’t, he’d be happy too.

      Sakura: Same for Masuda-san?

      M: …yeah.

      T: Are you not interested in this debate?

      M: But yeah, that’s the case. So…yeah.

      T, Sakura: Okay.

      T: Thank you.

    • At the ending, they promoted “Ikiro”, Massu’s butai and the anniversary concert.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Masterhits (Aug 10)

    • At the opening, he talked about how his play has ended, and thanked everyone for going to watch and for their support. The anniversary concert was going to be on the following day and he’ll probably be heading over to Ajinomoto Stadium straight from Osaka. He’s also had rehearsals for the concert while the play was still on its run. Rather than trying out new things, the anniversary concert would like the culmination of all their past concerts, one which would showcase all the wonderful songs they have. He said the lack of a roof over the venue was the biggest problem and wondered why there wasn’t one, nor a system where the venue could get covered up. He hoped for good weather, for no one from the audience to get dehydrated and that everything would end smoothly. He’d also do his best to look after himself and asked everyone who was going to bring along maybe 2-3 bottles of water/ sports drinks, salt candies, get a proper meal, do whatever it is to take care of their bodies.

    • The first mail was from someone who wanted to know which summer noodle dish Massu would want to eat most – somen, hiyamugi or hiyashi chuka. He chose warm ramen. He said he doesn’t really choose cold dishes just because the weather’s hot, and ramen can be cool as long as you chose a cool seat. He also doesn’t understand why people make cold pastas and udon. (M: The warm type is better!) Though for udon, he really prefers it around room temperature.

    • ♪ Akaku Moyuru Taiyou ♪

    • The second mail was from someone who came across a piece of news on males who are resistant to using sun umbrellas. The listener used to be laughed at when they used sun umbrellas even as a student, but they feel it makes a huge difference. It is important to stay protected from the sun especially with the rising temperatures recently. Does Massu do anything to protect himself from the sun/ heat? He said that the staff will shelter him with umbrellas when they have outdoor shoots from dramas, as it would cause the shoot problems if he perspired too much. And it’s COMPLETELY different, with and without. He said he’s really familiar with all the underground routes options, like which route links to where at Shinjuku, for example. He’s got a really strong desire to keep out from the sun. Even if the pavements on one side of the road are easier to walk on, if the rougher pavements on the opposite side are in the shade, he’d take the latter. He feels it’s better to use the umbrella when outdoors. Since there are those duo purpose umbrellas, it’s sufficient to just own of one those. He feels using an umbrella to keep out from the sun would get more and more popular.

    • The third mail shared how the area they’re staying at serves hiyashi chuka noodles with mayonnaise. They were surprised when they found out from TV that people in Tokyo don’t eat hiyashi chuka with mayonnaise, as they go really well. They hope Massu would try this combination too. Like he said earlier during the topic on noodles, he doesn’t understand why the dish needs to be chilled. He’s heard this before, probably from Bakarhythm, about how the name of the dish, hiyashi chuka, implies that the essence of Chinese cuisine (chuka) is encompassed in that dish and chilled (hiyashi). He would understand if the dish was named hiyashi ramen, but hiyashi chuka? Does that dish really cover the entire cuisine?

      He also referred to the time when they made hiyashi chuka for the fan club newsletter (TL note: Vol 27). They had a food director brought in with proper ingredients prepared for them, and that was probably the best hiyashi chuka he’s ever eaten. Though he’s never really linked hiyashi chuka to “yums”. He said he’ll try using mayonnaise next time.

    • The fourth mail was a mail written by the parent on behalf of their 4 year old daughter, who wanted to write something to Massu. “Massu daisuki. I love Massu’s face and hair. The songs with just Massu are cool. What fruits do you love? I like strawberries. And oranges. What do you eat for breakfast everyday? I eat rice with natto. What pudding does Massu always eat? What picture do you have on the plate you use? What colour do you like for flowers? Which colours do you like? What design do you have on your pillow? I’ll always be supporting you.” (M: Ah~ so cute~ Thank you~) He also thanked her for liking his face, hair and solo songs, then proceeded to answer her questions for him. His favourite fruit is orange. He talked about the bottled oranges he received from the Master Hits staff the previous week. He’s sure she’d come to realise that peeled oranges are yummier. (M: It’d be tough on the mother though.) He eats bread for breakfast. What pudding does he always eat. Hmm…the usual pudding? There are no pictures on his plate (laughs) hmmm… what did he used to have on his plate. There was some animal on his plate last time, but they probably ran away, or rather, they went home. The ones he is using now has black lines on them, so panda-like plates. The colours he likes are red, black and white. There is nothing on his pillow either. The case is black, and the pillow is white. Also panda-like. He thanked her for her mail again and asked her to write in again.

    • The fifth mail was from someone whose air-conditioner had broken down, and the new one’s only coming 10 days later. To have it break down in the middle of summer...it sucks. They also went to watch “Only You” and praised Massu for it, then told him to please eat and sleep lots, and to do his best. He talked about how home electronics tend to break down when you least expect them to. It’s the scariest for refrigerators, washing machines and aircons, as they don’t give any signs before breaking down. He hasn’t witnessed a fridge breaking down on him, though he’s gotten his washing machine changed before. He wishes there was a meter to show the condition of these electronics so you know when to get them replaced. He then wondered which one is most important to him, and concluded he’d be most upset if the aircon, followed by the washing machine broke down. Though the worst would be if his mobile phone broke down. While the listener’s aircon may have been replaced by the time their mail got read on the programme, he hopes they’d stay hydrated to get through the period without the aircon. To help it feel a little cooler, he played the following song.

    • ♪ Mafuyu no Nagareboshi ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he introduced “CANDY KISS” by Nakatani Yushin, who acted as his sempai in “Only You”. It also turns out that Yushin is actually 9 years younger than him. Since it was just his birthday on Aug 1, Massu wished Yushin happy birthday. He praised Yushin for having a good voice, shared that Yushin wrote this song, and that both Yushin and another cast member, Shuhei, are singer-songwriters. He said he has Yushin’s profile before him, but……. since there wasn’t anything particularly interesting, he’d just skip it.

      (Shuhei tweeted about an hour after Master Hits ended, to say he was so happy Massu played his song that he’s shaking. He can’t believe how kind Massu was, and asked everyone how the song was [Source])

    • At the ending, he promoted the anniversary concert, saying it’s the largest venue in NEWS’ history. He hopes everyone (the audience, staff, members) can take care of themselves and have fun.

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