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NEWS news (week of Aug 6) - Part 3

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*One of our mods was at the concerts (part of why this week’s posts are up so late), so the reports without sources are her personal observations. Please also note that there are some song spoilers included in the reports.

  • Ajinomoto Stadium - Saturday (Aug 11)

    • Towards the beginning of the first song (BLUE), Shige fell down and he and Koyama laughed a lot. All of them were holding the tour towels high up in the air, and Tegoshi had his reversed. (Source)

    • There are a few VTRs inserted throughout the entire concert, the first being which the 4 of them were tasked to do up a birthday cake (T: CAKE! CAKE!) - slicing the cake, icing it, then decorating it. When doing the icing, the colours came up in funky shades of pink and green, and they started commenting how it looks like some cake that you’d see overseas.
      S: Looks New York-ish.
      T: Nope, it looks LA-ish.
      When Tegoshi was supposed to decorate the cake, he started talking about how girls love decorating, and the stadium was filled with “decorists” that day. He then tried to sprinkle on candy sprinkles onto the cake while leaning over backwards.
      After they were done with the cake, they took the cake to chill...then brought up a perfectly decorated cake with “NEWS 15th Anniversary Strawberry” written on it. They asked everyone to join them in blowing out the candle.
      (*NOTE: there was a QR code on the ticket this time, and FC members were asked to access the QR code from noon the following day for a special gift from the members - it was an image of the 4 of them posing with the cake, with the name of the FC member, the date as well as the seat number for the concert.)

    • When they were about to get into the MC mode, they started asking everyone to drink water.
      M: Neee, are you listening? Drink water!

    • But it turns out that there wasn’t going to be an MC, as the show started about 15-20 mins late because fans weren’t able to get into the stadium in time. (There were lots of issues the first day - the network was jammed, people couldn’t log into the FC for the digital tickets, everyone was unfamiliar with the venue and had problems figuring out where to enter from…)
      T: At about 5:45pm we were on standby to go on stage, but we heard that 20,000 people hadn’t gotten in yet. (The rest: How many is 20,000???) Of course having 20,000 empty seats would be really sad, and we wouldn’t want the concert to start with people still outside, so we pushed the start time back.
      T: But, Ajinomoto Stadium has a rule that you can’t be loud past 9pm, so we either have to cut the MC and do all the songs or cut some songs and do the MC.
      T: Our MC is really interesting so we want to talk but…
      M: I might even get an offer for a MC job since I’m always so interesting, you know.
      K: I’m the only one with MC jobs now!
      M: But since it’d be sad to not be able to perform the songs we’ve been practicing we’re going to cut the MC.
      T: Everyone, are you guys ok without an MC?
      (Source 1 2 3)

    • During the mini-MC
      T: Oy hey hey, isn’t that Zero-san?
      S: Hey hey, isn’t that Kotaro-san who’s appearing next episode?
      T: I’m Kotaro Hillmountainwilliams Harrisonjaggersatake James Shiroyama.
      K: Eh, hold on.. (laughing)

    • When they were finishing up the super short MC, KoyaShige started talking about how it’s been 15 years and there are parts of their history they cannot ignore.
      K: We know there hasn’t been much time for you guys to rest, but please rest, and drink as much water as you need during the following song, since it’s one that’s good for listening to quietly too. Well, we’re going to leave the stage.
      S: You-tachi, do it!
      Tegomass sang “Aoi Bench”.

    • One of the VTRs was solely on costumes, where we saw Massu talking about how he was really nervous when he first asked to do all the costumes. The members also spoke about how they feel about his costumes, initially praising him - how he really looks at the members closely, and designs the costumes because he wants this member to be seen this way, how the costumes look good when they stand together, how Massu knows what the fans want to see… then they started complaining about them, saying how they were hot, heavy, hard to move around in (cuts back to Massu: But they’re satisfied with the costumes, right?). But also how he’s learnt and improved over time, to make better costumes each time. At the end, they talked about how they’ve never been very particular about having member colour costumes, and Massu never designed them any. The VTR then ended with Massu saying there’s an idea he’s had since 4 concerts ago, for something he wanted to do for today.
      The members then appear on stage, with Tegoshi in the pink furry costumes from White tour, Koyama in the opening purple costumes from EPCOTIA, Massu in the neon yellow ones from Quartetto, and Shige in the green camo ones from Neverland. And they start singing “Share”.
      There was some footage from the “UtsuCon” in the background during the song. At the end, they came back to stand in the same order, and Massu pretended to cry (like he was in the UtusCon).
      NOTE: On the second day, he was beaming his silly smile.

    • There was a part when they got everyone to start chanting “Stand up!”, and to keep chanting while they disappeared backstage. The camera followed them backstage, and we see Tegomass walking towards their changing area. The camera zooms into Tegoshi, who started taking off his top (kyaaaaa!). He then spoke to the camera to make sure everyone was still chanting, and the camera moves on to reveal Massu, who seemed to have problems standing up. (From this point, Koyama starts doing commentary) Apparently Massu needed louder chants to stand. He took a while, and finally managed to stand, right as he found a box. He then passes on to Shige, who opens the box up… and holds a Tshirt up. (this is the tshirt that’s included in the 15th anniversary special edition of “Ikiro”) He puts the tshirt on, and the camera moves over to show how Koyama had been sitting in front of a small monitor to do the commentary.
      They started walking to get up the stage, and stopped before a camera. Shige drew the top of a strawberry, Tegoshi finished the entire thing (K: There’s nothing left to draw!), Massu tried to add some squiggles to the strawberry (likely to micmic the “Strawberry” on the tour logo), and Koyama wrote NEWS. In the opposite direction. While Koyama was writing,
      K: Tegoshi’s biting my shoulder! (laughing) Tegoshi, that hurts!
      T: Ahh delicious ♡
      Massu then removed the clear plate from the camera, taking it “to chill”, and flipped down a proper tour logo, saying that’s how their drawing turned out after chilling.

    • Massu apparently had some trouble with his earpiece and was a bit off towards the end. There was also obviously a part of the music missing from the beginning bars of “Fighting Man” too.
      M: Sorry, I was really off.
      T: Did you all notice?
      Audience: (YEAH!)
      K: Even though everyone else notice, Shige didn’t. (laughing)
      S: No, I thought that maybe it sounded different to what we could hear!!

    • S: We heard that a lot of people applied for tickets this time, so there are a lot of people who couldn’t come. We sing for them as well. (Source)

    • S: It’s thanks to all of you [that we’ve reached our] 15th anniversary, thank you. We want to convey our gratitude to the many people who couldn’t make it too, a lot has happened during the 15th anniversary, but it was the sentiments of the staff and the fans who made this 15th anniversary concert possible. (Source)

    • S: All the members appearing in the drama, and having ‘Ikiro’ released as a single, I think that there are still dreams to achieve. With the 15th anniversary as a checkpoint, I want to return to our roots and work hard from zero. (Source)

    • The official Zero tweeted about the cast going to see and included a picture of them in the venue. They added that Chikara, Kato Ryo’s character, cried during Ikiro. Koseki Yuta quote tweeted that tweet and added that though you can’t see it in the picture he’s wearing the present Shige gave him for his birthday. (Source)

    • Koseki Yuta tweeted that the show was amazing. (Source)

    • Imai Taro, the writer for Tegomass no Radio, tweeted about going to see the show. He said it was an amazing show and that he cried during a certain song. (Source)

    • Gai-san from Recomen also tweeted about going to see the show, he said there were a lot of nostalgic songs that made glad all over again that they made it this far. He encouraged everyone to send their thoughts on the show to Kchan NEWS. (Source)

    • Tanaka Kazuhiko tweeted about going to the show. He congratulated them on their anniversary and said that it was a wonderful concert and that they sang with all their strength. He said that he was moved by the final song. (Source)

  • Ajinomoto Stadium - Sunday (Aug 12)

    • During “Summer Lover”, ShigeMass got together and posed for photos for the press. At the end, when they were taking turns at drinking water, Tegoshi splashed his water at Koyama.

    • Before Shige starting singing his line for “Koi no ABO”, he hugged Massu and the two of them continued hugging while singing for a couple of lines. Massu switched his line to “Shige no oshiri ni BUMP!”

    • The concert started on time, so there was MC the second day.
      K: We get to do MC today!
      M: Everyone~ Everyone~~~~ It’s me. Please drink water now. When do you drink water? (Referring to Hayashi sensei’s infamous “itsu xx” “ima desho” line)
      He continues this water thing while switching a few personalities - (fierce) drink already! (cute) Neee… drink~~ (strict) Well, let’s all drink water now. This is an order.

    • On the set of costumes they were wearing
      T: Taka taka, can I take the jacket off already?
      Massu shared how the jacket was something Shige suggested Massu to do, asking the Massu now to design something inspired by their debut costumes.
      They tried to stand in the order as they were at debut.
      T: Then I’d be in the position where it’s almost like I wasn’t around (and proceeds to head off faraway)
      M: You’re in the center now!
      Massu and Koyama had basketball jerseys under the jackets, so when they took their jackets off Koyama joked to say they now look like basketball sempais. They asked Massu to talk about the costumes, so Massu said there are stuff like “15” and “NEWS” on the jerseys, then he turned around and started lifting his top up to reveal the top of his underwear. And gestured the camera to do a close up on his belt, which said “WEST”. Then he got Koyama to lift his top up and Koyama had “EAST” on his belt. (Tegoshi was biting on Koyama’s arm in the meantime) Apparently Massu their belts custom-made, so each member was wearing “North”, “South”, “East”, “West”. (We don’t know who’s North and who’s South though)

    • They took a photo on stage for Johnny’s shop, like they did for the 10th anniversary concert. K: Let's stand in the "KoMaTeKa" (Koyama, Massu, Tegoshi, Kato) order! Massu started giving a series of directions, “Turn off that light, it’s backlight” “Ah, that one’s okay, shine that on the fans more”. They also asked the audience to touch up on their makeup now since everyone’s going to be in the photo. No information on whether the photo will go on sale, nor when it will if it does.

    • On how fast the goods sold out this time.
      T: We saw the notifications on the tshirts getting sold out, and were like, what, but the sales barely just started!
      M: (collapses onto his knees and starts pounding the floor) For the 10th anniversary, the clock sold out real fast, so we made more this time. But there are so many left! Everyone! Buy 6 each!
      K: So many clocks leftover!
      S: They’re not leftovers! It’s just that the others sold better.
      They then told us how they’re negotiating to have the goods sold through some other avenue (likely online), so that fans who didn’t manage to get the goods this time get a chance too (AUDIENCE CHEERS).
      K: Well, seeing your response I guess people will start taking action soon.
      They said this was by no means final, but they are trying, and will let us know if it does materialise. Massu reminded everyone to buy 6 clocks each again.

    • Shige brought up how Shindo (one of the Jrs who’ve been backdancing for NEWS for quite a few concerts, and one of the solo dancers for Orihime) went to the presales. Shindo apparently also went to both concerts, and when they asked why he came again the second day, he said it’s for the MC. They asked him to wave his hands and requested for the lights and cameras to find him. He was decked in the concert tee and towel, and they asked if he’d gotten those at the presale.

    • On “Zero”
      Shige talked about how he’s got such mixed feelings that day, since “Zero” was showing that night and he’d like everyone to watch it. But it’s also concert.
      T: So, what? People can leave earlier? Just so they can get home in time to watch the drama? Even though Shige is here?
      S: …….hmm……...this is so hard! ……..okay! It’s fine to have the drama recorded and watch it later, just for today.
      They talked about the members guesting the drama, and Shige and Massu suddenly started acting out the drama.
      S: Kazuya. Let’s swim again together.
      M: What are you talking about? I came to kill you.
      S: If we survive this, let’s swim together like we did before.
      M: You’re too naive.
      S: I’m just dumb.
      Tegoshi talked about how Zero is more kakkoii, and he doesn’t need Shige, since Zero is a great swimmer too? Shige said he’s an actor and once he gets into his role properly he can swim fast too.
      They talked about how Tegoshi was going to appear at the end of that day’s episode. Shige revealed how Tegoshi’s very serious, and finished reading all his scripts in two days. He was even holding his script and reading it while they were having rehearsals. (T: I have so many lines!)
      They asked Tegoshi to act out a bit of Kotaro, and he did just the self introduction bit. It was pretty scary.
      They also shared how the Zero team came to watch the concert the previous day, and since Massu and Tegoshi have already met the drama team, Koyama was the only one who didn’t know anyone. After the Zero team left,
      K: Nee, Shige. Mamiya-kun is so cool!

    • On “Only You” & the other members’ previous stage plays
      They talked about how Massu’s play had only just ended on Thursday, and Massu showed that he was wearing the bangle that day. Very proudly explaining how it says “Takahisa Masuda from Johnny’s”. (NOTE: the bangle is designed “Johnny’s”, with “Takahisa Masuda from” engraved on the side)
      He thanked all the members for going to watch.
      T: I’m a fool! (and starts singing “Oroka mono” with a hideous expression)
      M: That’s not it!
      S: Well, there was such a scene.
      K: It feels like that was Kotaro singing.
      M: Koyama, you worked really hard on “0 goshitsu”.
      K: That’s a really long time ago!
      M: Do you remember?
      T: (imitating Coffey’s line) I don’t. (oboetenai)
      S: That’s mine! “Green Mile!”
      Tegomass bursts out laughing and exchange high fives.

    • They continued to talk about how Koyama’s appearing in Zero next, and Tegomass will do their best to act sempai before him. Koyama says he gets nervous easily.
      K: I get so nervous about singing on live music programmes, my hands shake. I told Tegoshi to shake my hand
      T: When I did, his hands were really shaking, I told him it’d be ok.

    • About Inochi no Uta
      S: Tegoshi and I did a program in Hiroshima, but i was surprised at how serious Tegoshi was.
      T: There are times when I’m serious!? I’m really serious when I’m working as a soccer sportscaster.
      S: It’s in a difficult situation now...Hiroshma, Okayama… Tegoshi, your parents [are from] Kure.
      T: Yeah, my dad was from Kure and my mom was from Onomichi… My Grandma messaged me a picture from then. I’ve never seen the front of the house look like that before…
      S: There are donation boxes here at the venue, so everyone…
      M: We’ll also do what we can.
      (Source 1 2)

    • About the song written by the members
      They haven’t seen each other’s lyrics yet, and shared that the song is composed by her0ism.

    • During the backstage part for “Stand Up”, Tegoshi tried playing “Acchi muite hoi!” with the audience during the part when he tries to continue getting the audience hyped up. Instead of pointing to just one direction, he stuck out all his fingers and said, “All directions!” and bursts out laughing.
      When the camera finally reached Koyama, Massu rushes into the frame again, and pretends to faint.
      When drawing the logo the day before, Tegoshi kept biting Koyama’s shoulder, so today he got revenge and went to bite Tegoshi’s shoulder as soon as they got in position. Tegoshi appeared to be really surprised, not expect it at all and avoided it. (Source)
      They changed the order for drawing today though - Tegoshi went first and finished everything on his own, Shige added the Strawberry text, Massu added furry lines around the strawberry (S: That’s gross), Koyama still wrote NEWS, and still got it inverted.

    • During the bridge for "Ikiro", Tegoshi sang with all his might, till his face turned red. When Massu sang the following lines, he gestured to the members when singing "nakama no kizuna wo" (the ties with my mates), meaning that to Massu, the members are his mates. (Source)

    • When Shige sang his line from “Share”, (tonari ni ite kurete arigatou) he turned towards the members and bowed at them, and Massu bowed back at him.

    • Shinpei Hirose tweeted about going to the show with the Only You cast. He tweeted that the concert was amazing and that everyone got really excited. (Source)

    • Aoki Ana tweeted about going to see the show for work, and included pictures of himself in the vest from Massu behind the scenes and with fans. (Source)

    • Marika Dandoy tweeted about coming to see the show with the Only You cast, saying that she was looking forward to the show. She included pictures of her ticket and the cast in front of the concert sponsor panel. She tweeted again after the concert, saying that it was really fun and that she got really hyped up during weeeek. She also said that she likes Massu’s singing voice. (Source 1 2)

    • Hattori Yu also tweeted about going to the show with the Only You cast, saying that Massu was really good at singing. He also said that the concert was amazing,  filled with love, and that he was moved. (Source)

    • air:man tweeted about the concerts, saying that they were wonderful and congratulating NEWS on their anniversary. He asked all the fans to be careful heading home. (Source)

    • Heroism tweeted about going to see the shows, and that it was amazing being able to feel a certain moment with everyone. He said that especially for "Ikiro", when so many emotions welled up...he'll continue doing his best so as [to help them] move up the next stage. (Source)

    • Many juniors who have back danced for NEWS were spotted at the show:
      Tomioka Kento (MADE)
      Inaba Hikaru (MADE)
      Konno Takayuki
      Kishimoto Shintaro
      Ueda Sho
      Tsubaki Taiga
      Shindo Itsuki
      Ogino Myuji
      Morinaga Yuji
      Takahashi Shion

    • Fukuhara Masanobu, who played guitar for part of the show, tweeted about playing twin guitars with Marty Friedman, saying that it was a fun show. He said that it was passionate and hot, and he wants to do it again. (Source)

    • Aoki ana and Matsushima Sou (Sexy Zone) were both at the concert, Aoki in the press section, and Sou in the section for related personnel, but they both waved when Massu went by. (Source)

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