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NEWS news (week of Sep 18) - Part 1

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  • Those who follow “PON!” will know that the programme is ending its run this month due to NTV’s programming changes. The new programme, “Baguette”, begins in October and will still be hosted by Aoki ana, though there hasn’t been any information about having daily regulars. Which means we won’t be seeing Massu on Monday mornings anymore.

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  • NEWSRING (Sep 19)


    • It was Shige’s turn to update

    • He wrote about how ‘Ikiro’ got number one on the charts and he was thankful to everyone and would work hard to give back.

      He also said that the day previously, the filming for the Zero spin off finished and though he hasn’t sorted through all his feelings yet, he doesn’t think he ever will so he’ll write just a bit of what he’s thinking now. He talked about how it had lots of meaning his life and how lucky he is, being able to play the lead on NEWS’ 15th Anniversary, and having the other members appear as well.

      He also wrote about how difficult being the lead in the drama was and how much pressure he felt. He felt afraid and it was difficult everyday, but the staff and other cast worked hard in creating the drama and welcomed him warmly. He said that it really encouraged him and he’s really thankful for it.

      He also talked about how he was sure he lacked in many places, but was proud that he put his all into the drama. He was always so focused on the present that he doesn’t have much memory of it.

      He thanked everyone for watching and at the end used his catchphrase from the drama ‘Ochimasu! (Gotta go)’

  • KEIICHIRO (Sep 19)


    • Koyama posted about finishing filming for the final Zero spin off, saying that it covers the time after Mitsuru and Zero meet again. At the end he posted a selfie of himself wearing a Zero staff tshirt.

  • Kato Shigeaki no Cloud (Sep 23)


    • Shige made a short post about the end of Zero. At the end he included a picture of himself wearing the chicken mask with the city in the background which looks like it’s where some of the final Zero scenes were shot.

  • “Ikiro” topped both the Oricon and Billboard Japan charts for first week sales. In the article on the Oricon charts, we had comments from Shige, who said he is really thankful. While they also sing this song for themselves, they’d be happy if this song can be a source of strength to those who’re feeling down, even if it’s just by a whee bit. He’s glad that their thoughts seem to have reached a lot of people.

    Out of all the things to look out for in the song, he hopes people would pay special attention to the idea of “ties”. While ties can be restrictive, they are also what hold people together. The director of the PV illustrates the double meaning to “ties” beautifully, through the change in dark ropes to brightly lit ones. It was also shot on film, and its tinge of nostalgia should further enhance the message of the song.

    It is all thanks to the fans that they managed to get through these 15 years. It hasn’t been a smooth journey, so all they have for the fans who’ve supported are their thanks. He hopes they can continue to have activities that would make their fans happy.

    While they already had an arena tour and the Ajinomoto Stadium concert this year, he hopes to create more chances to meet fans directly. They’re not going to settle and be happy with 15 years, but will come together as NEWS and work harder at creating good songs for everyone. Thank you. (Source 1 2)

  • Tanaka Kazuhiko quoted a tweet with a link to “Ikiro” coming in as NEWS’ 24th consecutive number one single, and said “Congratulations! 🎉💫🎊” (Source)

  • As announced last weekend, there’re be online sales of the Strawberry/ anniversary goods online. As of the update on Johnny’s net on Sep 20:

    • The online store will be available for a limited period of Oct 10 - 25

    • Credit card payment will be accepted from Oct 10, while other modes of payment (convenience stores, Pay-easy, internet banking) will only be accepted from Oct 18

    • Goods that will available on the online store: Anniversary photo taken at Strawberry concert, mini reprint photo sets x 6 types/ member, 15th anniversary photo frame card, Strawberry concert tee, Strawberry concert towel

    • The next update on the online store details will be on Oct 1


    • The photobooks for 2018 are also on display at Johnny’s shop, and will go on sale from Oct 22 onwards

  • It was announced on Sep 20 that NEWS will be appearing again in the second edition of “NHK WORLD-JAPAN presents Songs of Tokyo”. The recording before a live audience will be done on Oct 11. Broadcast details have yet to be released. (Source)

  • Kawai Shota, part of comedian duo Kurokoppu, wrote on his twitter on Sep 22 that he appeared in the previous night’s episode of “Netapare” and he managed to talk a little to Massu after the recording. He said Massu’s a real man and very kind, and he’d write about it in detail in his blog as twitter isn’t enough to share. (Source)

    He then updated his blog the following day with his story on Massu. The flow of the programme was supposed to be Massu introducing them, then the curtains opening for their turn. So that happened the first time, and they started performing their item, only to have the curtains closing on them. They were quickly introduced again and the curtains opened, so they performed their item.

    The recording finished without issues and they were just relaxing a bit when Massu went over to them and apologised for messing their introduction up. He felt bad that part of their item got seen by the audience because of his mistake the first time. Kawai was impressed by how this national idol came specially to these noob comedians to say that, and that Massu’s good-looking even in his character. There’s this “nice person” aura overflowing when he was talking to Massu. This is what a real idol is. Who’s taller than he looks on TV. Whose personal clothes are really cool. He almost voiced out all these internal thoughts, though his partner apparently did voice his. They probably didn’t manage to come up with any good replies to Massu, and he’d like to do better next time. Maybe tell Massu that he was part of the staff for Tegomass’ concerts last time. He ended by saying he’s now a fan, and would work hard so they can get invited on the programme again.  (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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