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NEWS news (week of Sep 18) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Sep 16)

    • The first message was from a listener who said that they were looking forward to the release of ‘Ikiro’. They talked about the differences between listening to recorded versus live versions of songs.
      Shige said that there are of course merits to CD versions as well, and talked about how they put a lot of care into making it.

    • The next letter was from a listener who talked about the theme of the ‘Ikiro’ PV and the connection to some of the lyrics. They said that it’s their birthday soon, and they asked for the ‘Ikiro’ single.
      Shige said that string can both be something that ties you down and connects you to something. The word kizuna is used to describe ties or bonds with others, but originally it meant a lead rope (to an animal). Kizuna restrict and bind you, but they also connect you to others. He said that he thought the vivid imagery of the string in an interesting point of ‘Ikiro’.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said congratulated him on NEWS’ anniversary and said that they were able to go to Ajinomoto stadium, she talked about how she cried and that it was wonderful. She said that ‘Ikiro’ was being released on her birthday and that it’s a great birthday present for her (S: Happy birthday!) She said that she would keep supporting NEWS with her daughter and that she looks forward to Zero every week.

    • The next letter was also about the anniversary concerts. The listener said that because they’re pregnant they couldn’t make it to the Epcotia tour, she had her daughter in June and is busy with raising her so she couldn’t make it to the 15th anniversary con either. Fifteen years ago, she was a JHS student, since then she’s gotten a job, gotten married and become a mother. NEWS was he youth and has been with her throughout her life, she said that she hopes to attend NEWS concerts with her daughter. In recent years she went with her mother, so she hopes they can go with all three generations. Until then, she asked him to take care of himself, and said that she would always support them.
      Shige commented on how if 15 years ago she was in JHS that means that she’s younger than him, and how she’s growing up, but on the other hand there are a lot of things every day that make him feel like he’s still young.

    • ♪ ‘Ikiro’ ♪

    • For music club this week, Shige talked about the band ‘Kinoko Teikoku’. He talked about how fast they’re able to releases, and newest album, ‘Timelapse’ which has the theme of ‘life’. As always, he talked about the group for awhile and how much he likes them and the album and played their song, ‘Yume miru koro wo sugitemo’.

    • Shige said that anan had gone on sale, and in that issue is the third installment on Miacis Symphony. He also talked about his newest essay that’ll come out in Tripper, he wrote about the polyamory episode on NEWS Na Futari where he talked with their Elementary school aged child about the merits of going to school, an episode that really stuck with him. He said that he was also in the middle of Zero, so rather than a trip he wanted to talk about the concept of learning. Zero is a teacher and is also a learner. He said that he wants to talk about Zero more later, but that he really likes Kendo Kobayashi’s lines that go: ‘Zero-sensei, teach me! I didn’t know that not knowing could be this painful!’ Not knowing can be painful and frustrating, and learning is like a take off point. In his essay he talks about how in elementary school you learn a lot, beyond just ‘knowledge’. Whether there’s meaning to going to school or not. He does think that there’s a point where you shouldn’t have to over extend yourself to go, but on the other hand then why do schools exist. It’s because there are a lot of people who really want to go to school. He wanted to write about that theme, and he thinks the meaning [of school] changes between ES, JHS, and SHS, but this time he’s writing about ES, since that was the question [from the little girl on NEWS na Futari].
      He said that he knows September is a time when it’s easy to become depressed, so it’s not like he’s saying ‘You must go to school!’ but he feels that there’s a reason behind the existence of schools so he wanted to think about it and write about it for ‘Dekiru nara Steed de’.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they read the 3rd installment of Miacis Symphony. They said that if they’re being honest, when they read the 1st installment they just felt like ???. But in 3rd the feel like they’ve started to see it where it’s going. They asked about why he picked hydrangea as a motif, and said that they felt that this is his most carefully written work yet and they feel like it must have been difficult to write.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they read Miacis Symphony and it stimulated parts of their heart they didn’t even know about, and needed to take a bit of time to themselves to process it. They said that his words are like magic, and reading him works makes them feel something that is indescribable. Though they’re an adult who has supposedly felt every emotion, reading his work makes them feel something they haven’t experienced before.
      Shige thanked them for the high praise.
      Shige said that he started it in June, so it’s taken quite a while. Each chapter switches the POV, last time was from the female perspective, so this time was from the male perspective, which was part of why he wanted to do it this way. He said that each issue, there are pictures from various photographers, and how he thought the picture was really lovely and that the hydrangea would fit well. It also fit with the season, though it’s not becoming fall.
      He talked about how he likes writing from the first person perspective, but it takes a big emotional toll. He hasn’t thought about the next one yet so he has to hurry before the deadline comes. He said that it’s getting quite difficult. He said that it will all come together, if you reread from the start he thinks there will be more you can appreciate. He’s trying to write something that’s layered.

    • In introducing the next song, a coupling song off of ‘Ikiro’ he talked about how when he was like ‘what’s LVE’ the producer hinted at how it’s a word that is missing a certain letter, it’s live without the ‘i’.

    • ♪ LVE ♪

  • Kchan NEWS

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi.

    • T: Hello, it’s Tego-nyan! Po!
      They talked about how fast time is going, it’s already towards the end of September, Tegoshi joked how it’s almost the end of the year, and Koyama protested that it’s not the end of the year yet. Koyama also added how Tegoshi’s beloved Halloween is almost here. Tegoshi said that Halloween caught on too much in Japan, and so he’s not as into it anymore. He said that when he used to go out in costume on Halloween people used to ask him if he was celebrating Halloween and comment on how rare that was, but now it’s the second most popular foreign holiday after valentine’s and Koyama agreed saying that he felt like it’s surpassed Christmas at this point.
      Tegoshi said that because everyone’s into it now, he’s not as into it. It gets really crowded even if you just want to go out to eat. He said that people just want to enjoy cosplay, and said that if that’s the case they should just have a costume party like once a month, if they like it so much why do they only do it once a year. Koyama said that they’re using Oct 31st as an excuse to do it, because otherwise it’s embarrassing.
      They talked about how women always go all out with their costumes, but men tend to be lazy about it. Tegoshi said that’s why when he does it he get his hairstylist/makeup artist to come to his house, he wants to do it perfectly. Koyama said that since Tegoshi usually has his hair and makeup done for work, it’s different for regular people who don’t who usually just wear suits.
      They brought up TBS’ Halloween Ongakusai, Tegoshi said that they haven’t received an invitation for this year yet, but they appeared previously and since he dressed up for that he didn’t feel the need to dress up for Halloween in his personal time. They said that hoped to get an offer to appear this year too, and Koyama said that if they do they’ll go all out.
      T: If it’s held and we don’t get an offer, I’ll just watch it sadly.
      Koyama laughed and they said that they hoped they’d get an invite. Tegoshi joked that he would perform ‘Ikiro’ as a zombie covered in blood like the walking dead.

    • ♪ LVE ♪

    • The next letter from a listener who brought up how Tegoshi often says that he thinks he’s cool as an idol. They said that of course Tegoshi is cool, and the love him, but that they think that everyone has a complex about something. They wanted to know if there was anything he had a complex about or wished was different.
      K: Do you?
      T: A complex?
      K: You don’t right?
      Tegoshi said that he’s always been on the short side, and been called chibi. In the past it was a complex he had, but his father told him that since he’s short he can dribble better in soccer. Koyama said that the person mentioned ‘as an idol’ so he should talk about that. Tegoshi said that if you’re too tall as an idol then, you can’t stand in the middle of the formation, you’ll end up blocking people in the back so you end up in the back if you’re tall. He thinks that that’s partly why people in Johnny’s tend to be short. Koyama agreed saying that if it were he and Tegoshi in the center in NEWS then the balance would look off, which is why tegomass are in the center with koyashige on the sides. Tegoshi said that especially after entering Johnny’s is when he felt that he was glad to be tiny. Koyama said that that means that he changed his complex into something good, and Tegoshi agreed.
      Koyama talked about how if you have a complex with your weight, in a way you can work to change that, and Tegoshi agreed saying if his complex was something he could change like his weight, then he would work hard to change it, but with height there’s nothing you can do to change it. So that’s why you have to find a way to turn it into a positive. Koyama said that he agreed, whatever you have a complex about you can change, and Tegoshi agreed saying that it’s ok there’s not a single person in the world who’s perfect.

    • The next letter was from a listener in Hokkaido and they mentioned how they were worried for everyone there due to the earthquake. Tegoshi commented about how there are various natural disasters that happened right after the other in Japan, from Kansai to Hiroshima, to Hokkaido. They said that since they’re far away in Tokyo, there’s not much they can do, but that they were worried and that they would do their best to give everyone courage with their performances. They encouraged everyone in Hokkaido and Kansai to push through and do their best together.
      The listener said that she wanted to ask Koyama, who has a lot of life experience, and Tegoshi, the relationship master, for advice. She said that she recently because the trainer/counselor to a kouhai 5 years younger than her, and she ended up falling for him. (K: She’s 29 right now T: trainer…. K: So, he’s 24 then. K&T: Ahhh!) They’ve gone to watch fireworks and out to eat after work together, but they were encouraged to by the boss, so it’s not like they chose to go on their own. During work, when the topic of relationships came up her kouhai called her ‘out of his league’ so she wanted to know what they thought he meant by that. Does it mean that he doesn’t see her as a possible romantic interest?
      Tegoshi went over the situation, and said that he thought that he was probably testing out the waters to see what she would say. If she would say that there’s no way that would happen, or if she would say to come and try to get her. Koyama said that it’s not something you would normally say if you’re not interested in a person. After that the conversation started to go off the rails, and Koyama tried to reign Tegoshi back in and they moved on to the next question.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that the other day they had a dream in which they kissed Tegoshi.
      T: APAA!!!!
      T: ♪Yume de moshi aetara,  (it’s a wonderful thing to meet in a dream)
        suteki na koto ne~
        anata ni aeru made nemuritsudukitai♪ (I want to continue sleeping until I can see you)
      [Cover of the song Yume de aetara by Suzuki Masayuki]
      Tegoshi said that he was just missing the sunglasses.
      K: What were we even talking about again?? Oh yeah, the kiss.
      The listener said that they couldn’t forget about Tegoshi since that dream, because they’ve never kissed anyone in real life or in a dream before, so Tegoshi is her first kiss. Thank you.
      They commented on how nice that is. Tegoshi wondered if it was an American or French kiss, and Koyama wondered what the difference was.
      T: It’s like you smell good.
      K: Smell good..? HUH??
      Tegoshi said that it’s if their kiss smelled good. Koyama said that the listener probably had their own situation, but asked Tegoshi what situation he thought it was in the dream. He said it was at a fireworks festival, and while she was watching the fireworks, and he’d be thinking that the fireworks were pretty but that the letter writer was cute, and then turn her head to face him and kiss her. Then the fireworks would go off like Boom! And
      T: ♪ Kimi ga ita natsu wa ♪ (The summer you were here)
      [Cover of the song Natsu Matsuri by Whiteberry]
      Tegoshi said that he sang it because there’s a lyric about fireworks. Koyama said that at then end they would do a Tegoshi Mousou Kiss situation segment for the first time in awhile.

    • ♪ ‘Ikiro’ ♪

    • At the end they did promo for the Zero spinoff, and Koyama explained that his was after the drama finished. They said goodbye then Tegoshi did the Kiss situation, he asked Koyama from a situation. Koyama said that since it’s starting to get a bit cool out, he wanted to hear one where they’re on a date holding hands walking around town and there are a lot of people around and the girlfriend is a bit shy to kiss in front of so many people. Then at the end he wants the song by Whiteberry again.
      T: Hey hey. Look. That couple right in front of us is being super lovey dovey. Oh, they kissed. Aren’t we losing to them? Let’s have the hottest kiss right here. Don’t be shy! I’ll lead. Here I go! 1, 2, (kiss sound)

    • ♪ Natsu Matsuri by Whiteberry ♪

  • Tegomass no Radio (Sep 19)

    • At the opening, they talked about how “Ikiro” has been released.
      T: The drama that Shige plays the lead actor for.
      M: Hmm? Wasn’t it me?
      T: No it wasn’t. If it was, you’d have had too little screen time for a lead character. You appeared so little, they didn’t even need you there.
      M: I thought the lead for the first 3 eps were different.
      T: Yeah I thought it’d change too for mine, but Shige refused to give the seat of the lead up.
      M: Yeah he was quite strong in his will on out.
      T: “I’ll appear. I’ll keep appearing!”
      They talked about how their parts were over, and they’re pretty sure Koyama’s due to appear at the end of Ep 9 and then the final ep. (Sakura: Don’t say things you’re not completely sure about!) They also mentioned the “Dream Festival” - that while it’d be over by the time of this episode’s broadcast, they weren’t done with it yet at the time of recording.
      Massu then asked what Sakura’s up to these days. She said the race horse she named appeared in its debut race and finished 3rd. They talked a little about the horse, and race horsing, including the race track (baba). Tegoshi asking if its a front runner or a hold up horse (sashiba). And Massu said that’s for grannies (referring to dental crowns, which are also sashiba). They said they’re talking about horse racing not teeth!
      M: I got a shock. I was like, how can you say “Dental crowns (sashiba) are for old hags (baba)!”  on radio!
      Going back to horse racing, Tegoshi asked for the name of the horse and the jockey. They talked about it’s amazing to have a horse you named, and Sakura said if the horse won she could go have her picture taken together too! (M: And then the old hag with dental crowns appear. Sakura: You make that sound like me! Stop!)
      They said how the horse racing track is huge too, and the length of race. How horse racing is universal across worlds. Tegoshi said the muscles of the horses are really cool, like those of 100m runners.He’s been a few times and it’s really fun, Massu should go too.
      M: Let’s go then!
      T: Have fun! NO! It only happens on weekends and today isn’t.

    • Sakura also apparently brought some of spicy leaf mustard for Tegoshi that she said she would. Tegoshi was thinking of having gyoza and mapo tofu later, so he’d eat it together with them. He’d have wanted fried rice for this, but couldn’t get it. The other two told him white rice would be better.
      M: There’s probably going to be backlash from the fans.
      T: AH! That I’m eating home cooked stuff from a girl! AHHH!
      T, M: There’s going to be lots of flaming.
      Sakura: But it’s so spicy, it’d probably flame more inside your mouth.
      T, M: Oh wow you said such a good thing! SEMPAI!
      Sakura: Don’t write that down, Masuda-san! You’re never going to use it, are you!

    • Finally moving on to the request this week, it was for “Ikiro”. The requester went to the Strawberry concert and was overwhelmed by how much more powerful the song was live as compared to TV performances. They also cried when the fireworks appeared at the end of the song. It’s become one of their favourite songs. They said they’re happy and repeated how they couldn’t see the fireworks. They shared that there were lots of fireworks pros who were working on the fireworks when they were having rehearsals and that was amazing. They said how fireworks pros are really cool, as they create the memories of thousands of people, for events like the Sumida River Fireworks Festival, for example.
      Massu also shared how the two of them dished out some money on their own for fireworks, when Tegomass performed at the 2011 Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival with Matchy-san. There was the announcement saying “From Kondo Masahiko, Tegomass” then the fireworks went off.
      ♪ Ikiro ♪

    • The second mail was someone from Hyogo Prefecture. They wrote about the “Trial Week” they have in their area, where second grade middle school students get a taste of working life to learn about the society and their region. The listener worked at a cafe and learnt about the importance of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) and smiles. What kind of work would they like to experience for a week, if they could? Massu asked if they’ve tried that, they said no, and he said he worked at a doughnuts store. (Sakura: Suits you!) He got to try making the old fashioned doughnut to bring home, and his wouldn’t become round nicely.
      T: You did that for a week?
      M: Nope just a day I think?
      T: Isn’t that just some field trip? No?
      The other two said no, as field trips wouldn’t allow you such hands-on experience. They said how his was more like an experience as he didn’t really work, but the listener probably did proper work, like serve customers and all.
      M: Man, I’d hate to be served by someone like that.
      Sakura: Hey…
      T: What do you mean what do you mean???
      Sakura: What’s up with you.
      T: This is one scary dude.
      Sakura: People are doing their best!
      M: No, hang on. I said that thinking you guys will come back real harsh at me, but you guys are like, “No, seriously? This guy sucks.” Stop that…
      T: Because you feel like someone who might really hate that.
      (laughter in the studio)
      Sakura: Yeah I get it. You are.
      T: Like, if I was the one who said that, it might still have worked. But you really seem like the type who wouldn’t like noobs.
      (laughter again)
      M: For a moment I thought, this is bad. I just got hurt in “Tegomass no Radio”.
      They said again how they thought he might really hate it, and he said it must be because of his usual conduct. (laughter again)
      Returning to the topic, Massu said he’d like to try working as the cashier of fast food stores.
      T: And what would you do if someone asked for a free smile?
      M: Say, “Shut up”.
      Sakura: No, do it.
      T: Especially if some middle schooler comes, (starts talking in a yankee tone) “Hey, smile, smile!”
      Tegoshi started saying how when one becomes an adult they’d ask properly, but middle schoolers just come to stir shit, thinking they’re oh so cool. He’d tell them off and say, “It’s totally not as funny as you think it is!”
      Sakura: This adult is the more cumbersome party!
      M: But I want to try doing that…
      T: Yeah I get it. The costume’s nice too.
      M: I’d want to try making hamburgers too.
      T: I also like watching female staff when they make chopped salads.
      They agree that’s nice.
      T: For me, it’s that. That.
      M: It’s not coming to you at all.
      T: That. Aeroplane. Aeroplane.
      Sakura: Pilot?
      T: PILOT!
      M: This is bad.
      Sakura: Yeah. That he can’t come up with “pilot” is bad.
      T: I want to try being a pilot.
      M: Sorry, but don’t do that, please. Just for a week, just because you want to try…
      T: No! That’s assuming I’m qualified to, of course.
      M: A cafe’s better.
      T: And I want to do a really perfect landing.
      M: No. We wouldn’t want you to do it.
      Tegoshi said there’re times when the landing’s really smooth and you think the pilot’s real good, and he’d also like to try making flight announcements as that’s real cool (starts mimicking flight announcements).
      M: Sorry, we didn’t just ask some kid what his dream is.
      They said to become a pilot would probably take years of training and licenses and stuff, and the question was what they wanted to do if they could do a work experience for a week.
      T: All I have in my head now is “pilot” and there’s nothing else.
      M: No, squeeze something out!
      Sakura: Stubborn much.
      They asked about Sakura, and she said she’d want to try becoming a cast member for theme parks. (T: AHHHHHHH! I could try that too. That’s nice.) They all agreed that’s nice, since it’s got costumes and they’d be smiling all the time… Tegoshi said he’s going to do that too. They then go back to the listener, saying how this experience might link to their future, like if they decide to own their own cafe someday.

    • The third listener was from someone who discussed what they felt was a waste of time recently. Their friend thought it was the time spent on work commute, while the listener thought it was the time spent drying their hair. They disagreed on each other’s opinions because of the differences in points of views, which the listener felt was interesting. What time do the 3 of them find a waste of time? Tegoshi said he basically hates waiting, like in between work. While he doesn’t complain outright such that it spoils the work atmosphere, he’s always thinking in his heart, “What are we waiting for now?” He came up with an example he’s pretty sure all of NEWS doesn’t like. When they go for recordings for music or variety programmes, and they get asked to go on standby for their turn, usually about 10-15 minutes. He’d want to just move straight to the studio from the dressing room and record immediately. He doesn’t understand why they need to move from one place to another place to wait. Massu asked if Tegoshi hates waiting for their turn for live music programmes (T: Ahhhh...yeah I do I do). They are usually asked to go on standby backstage when they’re still like 5 artistes or so before them. Massu said Tegoshi always has that face that shows how much he hated that. (Sakura: It shows up on your face, doesn’t it!) Tegoshi said it’s like being made to be on the crouching start position for really long. Like the “ready” in the “ready, go” takes forever. They’ve already prepped themselves emotionally, did vocal warm ups and are all good to go, but then have to wait there. Sakura said the production team probably feels safer to have them on standby, so nobody has to rush around or freak out if anything crops up, but Tegoshi said they’re professionals too and won’t do things like that.
      M: Well, I just do what I’m told, and properly turn up…
      T: Here comes. Pretending to be a good kid. To make up for the noob mistake just now.
      (studio laughs)
      M: Trying to salvage things! Trying to score for the team after making an own goal.
      Tegoshi said he hates this waiting time, and also commuting time. He’d rather stay at a more central but more expensive place, than a further and cheaper place. He’d just work harder to make up for the difference in rent, as time is important.
      Massu said he’s the type who’d start thinking about what he could do, if he was told he had two hours free now. While there’re members who might fill that time up with writing or doing interviews, he’d go off to a cafe or something. He prefers that than having work back to back, as then he’d be rushed all the time. Tegoshi said if he had half a day of work for two days, he’d rather have the work packed into a day so he can get a day off. While Massu would rather the work to be split over three days instead. Sakura commented how they’re completely different. Tegoshi said Shige’s probably close to him in that sense, the type who prefers productivity. Massu agreed, saying Shige probably thinks that way most, even if Tegoshi’s the one who’s most vocal about it. They’re probably always thinking, “What’s this waste of time now?”, while Massu’s the type who only realises that time was wasted after everything’s over. Sakura said she’s more Massu too, in that she prefers to have more leeway in time.
      T: We always split 2-1 when it comes to things like these.
      Sakura: True.
      M: Ours is probably the common opinion.
      T: No no.
      M: Impatient.
      T: I’m not! I hate being rushed too.
      Sakura said Tegoshi can just game during the free time since he likes gaming so much, and Massu said he games partly because that fills time up too. Tegoshi agreed, like how he filled 30 mins up that day too by gaming. Massu shared how even when they’re both getting their makeup done, Massu would just be listening to music and space out a bit. But Tegoshi would be listening to music, gaming, and talking to someone while getting the make up done. He said he can multitask, like driving and talking to someone, for example.
      M: Ah, like shaving while driving?
      T: Lol do such people exist?
      M: They do! Sometimes.
      Sakura: Sometimes, right? I get it.
      T: Really!
      Sakura: Like in the morning.
      T: No way! “End the segment when you find the chance to. Do the ending next.”
      M: It’s ending?
      Sakura: Darn. We were supposed to do “Chikara wo Awasete” today.
      They said they couldn’t help getting so excited as they received a really nice mail. And ended the segment.

    • At the ending, they promoted “Ikiro”. And also announced how it’d be the 7th anniversary for the programme at the end of October.
      T: But well, we won’t be doing anything for it.
      Sakura: Then don’t mention it!
      M: NO. I think we should do something.
      T, Sakura: AHHH here comes!
      M: I mean, I’d like to present some songs to the listeners of our radio programme.
      T: There he goes again!
      Sakura: Masuda-san can be scheming in that sense.
      M: Don’t call this scheming!
      In any case, they had a lot of discussions, but decided it’d be nice to sing live again, since they got to sing as Tegomass after a long while at the Ajinomoto Stadium. Requests can be for anything, be it NEWS/ Tegomass/ other artistes, and they’d pick something that suits them best. Each person is limited to just one song in one mail.
      T: Well, there may be some people who think it’d look better on us to send in lots of mails, but we’d just go ahead and say “We received 100k mails, so don’t worry about that.”
      While it’d be difficult to pick just one song, please just pick one. The deadline is Sep 30, and to please title the email as “テゴマスに歌って”. Postcards have to reach them by Sep 30. When Sakura was reading the address, the two of them started singing Miso Soup totally off on purpose. They said they had to prepare for the live singing, and Sakura told them this bit just left the with 50k mails less.
      T: It’s okay! Another 15k will come!

    • Sakura tweeted to say she found out recently that it’s better not to wet toothbrushes while tooth brushing, and apologised for dissing Tegoshi so much with Massu a few weeks back when they made him brush his teeth on the programme. (Source)

    • Imai Taro, tweeted before the programme started for this week to say that there might be an announcement in that day’s episode.
      Sakura then tweeted the instructions for writing in requests for the songs (as per what’s explained above). Then said while it’s hard to choose a song, she’d pick “Susume! Go ranger”. (Source 1 2 3)

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Sep 21)

    • At the opening, he talked about Nino guesting the previous week, how he was happy and it was a miracle and a special episode. Although Nino tried to convince him to give Master Hits up for the sake of the juniors, he managed to start the 701st episode without any hiccups. He intends to continue doing the programme secretly, forever. So please do not send any mails to Nino’s programme to tell him. He believes in the strong relationship he has with the listeners.

    • The first message was from someone who wanted to know which autumn fruit Massu prefers - pears or grapes. He said they’re like the two tops of fruits, though fruits like apples, strawberries, peaches and watermelons are nice too. He then wondered which type of grapes they were referring to, before choosing pears.   

    • ♪ Ikiro ♪

    • The second mail was from someone who heard a comedian dreams about writing jokes for their combinations and take the interesting ones from their dreams to use in reality. Do Massu think about the designs for the costumes even in his dreams? He said he might have, with ideas for the overall production, but probably not for costumes, though he can’t be sure. He talked about how he dreams pretty often, but just can’t remember much about them, other than the one about fighting a bear which he’s shared a gazillion times (TL note: a gazillion times was from the translator). He then said to use designs from the dreams means to not let a dream end just as a dream. Yeah~

    • The third mail was from listener who wanted to know the length Massu liked his shirts in. They like theirs half-length. Massu first wondered which length they were referring to, if it’s the sleeves, overall length or what. If it’s the sleeves, half-length probably means having them at the elbows, and if it’s for the length, it’d probably end somewhere below the chest? That would make it quite some shirt, though he’d totally be able to pull it off. He likes short outerwear, though he’d like the shirts longer if he could. He doesn’t wear the regular shirts much, like those that people wear in suits. He probably doesn’t own any shirts with half sleeves either, though he does roll his long sleeves up sometimes. He then talked a bit more about shirts, the current trend and how shirts are good items to own.

    • The fourth mail asked which is better - going to the zoo or the aquarium alone. He said they’re both tough. Regardless which it is, there’d definitely be posts going up on the internet like “Massu came alone” if he gets spotted. And he wouldn’t like it either way, though he does like animals. The aquarium too. He concluded for the aquarium in summer and the zoo in cooler seasons. It’s probably worse to go to a theme park alone as it’d be nicer to have someone to share the experience. For zoos/ aquariums it’s more of a personal experience, so… maybe he should try going alone someday.

    • The fifth mail was from someone who went to the Strawberry concert, and asked how a concert with juniors was like. He shared the story of how they’d initially wanted to ask all the juniors who’ve been backdancing with them the recent tours, but about half of them couldn’t make it. So they decided to go with the option of just the 4 of them, since they wanted every part of the concert to have some kind of a meaning to it. He’s happy the juniors came to watch the concert, as well as Sexy Zone’s Matsushima-kun. It’d be nice if the juniors who’re close to NEWS can tour with them again for the next one if possible.

    • The sixth mail wanted to know who decides which songs get played on Master Hits. He said basically him. Though there are also times when the JE staff and Master Hits staff throw suggestions, or when they decide based on the content of the mails. But basically, he’d look through the list of songs they have, and pick those that haven’t been played in a while as he’d like to try to get as many heard as possible. For some coupling songs which they’ve never ever performed since that one recording for the release, listening to them helps him recall how he felt when recording the songs, or things like “Ah I sound young”. So yeah. He basically chooses the songs, with some chosen together with the staff.

    • The seventh mail was from a listener who wanted to know the ingredients Massu likes in his miso soup. For their family, the kids like onions + seaweed, the husband likes tofu + spring onions, and the listener potatoes and eggplants. He commented on each of their choices, how they’re all good, maybe onions + seaweed, before changing his mind to place sea lettuce in first place. And onions + seaweed in second place. He also recalled hearing how a region puts in a lot vegetables in their miso soup and he’d try doing that. He got reminded of tonjiru, and said maybe that’s first place. But the shell family and mushroom family are also good… he can’t decide. He then talked about how they showed on “Sore Dame” that miso soup is good for the body and he’s been making a conscious effort to drink miso soup whenever he can. He said miso soup’s nice, and would like to play this song.

    • ♪ Miso Soup ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Kibou ~Yell~ - represent NEWS mix-”.
      He talked about how they’ve been releasing 4nin versions of the past songs recently, and they picked their major debut single for the 15th anniversary single. “NEWS Nippon” was something like an indies debut, since it was a 7-11 limited release, so “Kibou ~Yell~” is their major debut single. While they’ve been singing it as 4 at concerts and all, there might be some people who wonder if they can still sound as fresh as they used to back then. But after recording this, they didn’t seem to sound that different and he felt somewhat relieved. He talked a bit on the other coupling songs, and hope everyone would listen to them too, not just “Ikiro”.

    • At the ending, he talked about how he happened to play NEWS’ major debut single, Tegomass’ debut single and NEWS’ latest single for the 701st episode. It was a coincidence, but it shows how lucky he is. (M: It was great, right? Hurhurhur) He’d continue working hard so as to hit the 800th, 900th and 6 billionth episode, so please support him.

  • BAY STORM (Sep 23)

    • Massu appeared for a while on Nino’s BAY STORM. He apparently went to bayfm for Master Hits, heard Nino was around and immediately went over to say hi. Nino asked him into the studio and they talked a little.
      Nino: It’s Massu! Ohayo. What are you doing here?
      M: For my radio programme.
      Nino: What radio?
      M: It’s called “Master Hits”.
      Nino: “Master Hits”?
      M: Yeah. It’s on bayfm too.
      Nino: Ah! The one that’s ending next week?
      M: No it’s been around for a while.
      Nino: Ah I heard it’s ending next week…
      M: No no no… I actually say that I do the programme live, so me being here now is kind of…
      Nino then confirmed the time slot of “Master Hits”, Massu said he’s going to record it later and that he came over once he heard Nino’s here. Nino then asked if Massu had anything promotions to do, so Massu started talking about “Ikiro”, only to get stopped by Nino saying he can’t do that. And he asked him to promote, thinking Massu didn’t really have anything. So Massu said he’s been doing well, and nope they don’t have any new songs (hurhurhur).
      Massu said he’ll go watch Nino’s movie, to which Nino said he was just talking about how he’s got no interactions with his juniors and nobody tells him they go watch his movies. But now there’s someone! Massu said the juniors who backdances for them are all talking about going to watch Nino’s movie together, and invited him too. But he rejected them, as he’s going to go at his own timing. Nino: Ah really! Tell me your thoughts after you’ve seen it.
      M: It’s started already right?
      Nino: Eh? That’s how little knowledge you have of it?
      M: Hurhur. I see it on TV a lot so it’s probably begun.
      Nino: Right? It has. Don’t you see it on “PON!”?
      M: I do I do. The interview too.
      Nino: Then you should know it’s started, right??
      Nino then asked Massu to go watch it now. Since he still has another episode to record he’d be around, and Massu can say his comments then and it’d be aired the following week.
      M: I’m sure you’d be gone by the time I come back.
      Nino: HAHAHAHHAHAHAH! I will. Try challenging that.
      M: Should I?
      Nino: Yeah I want to hear your thoughts, but I don’t have your contact. And they’re saying you need to go.
      M: 080…
      Nino: No it’s okay. I don’t have your contact but I want to hear your thoughts, so go now.
      M: (small voice) Now?
      Nino: Now. Obviously. You can do your radio another time.
      M: I had a feeling I could say interesting things but okay. I’ll stop.
      Nino: Hahaha… but yeah. Go now.
      M: Sorry for jumping in. That was NEWS’ Masuda Takahisa.
      Nino: Thank you.
      M: Ittekimasu.
      Nino: Itterasshai. Masuda-kun is going to watch the movie now. This is Johnny’s, people. He’s going to watch his sempai’s movie now. It’s not just me though, Kimura-san is in it too. Fantastic. (claps) Let’s have Massu share his thoughts on his programme then. Ne?
      Nino thanked Massu again, and played “Ikiro” in full.

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