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Community Rules - 2018 Update

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These rules apply to all posts and comments in this community. Please read them before posting. If you want to have access to all the community’s content and post/ comment, you will have to join the community with your livejournal account. The membership of this community is open.

Here’s the quick summary:

1.      Post about current NEWS.

2.      Post in English.

3.      Be respectful.

4.      Lock copyrighted material.

5.      Use livejournal cuts with big posts.

6.      Credit properly.

7.      Tag properly.

8.      No friends-locking (with one exception).

9.      Check before requesting.

10.   Apply standard protocol with fanfiction.

11.   Lock and limit sales posts.

12.   Mods will make birthday posts.

13.   Unsure of anything? Ask the mods.

  1. All entries posted should, obviously, be related to NEWS or any of its current members.

♕ For posts relating to former members please use the outlets dedicated specifically to them. Since most of them are still active in one way or another, there are other platforms.

  1. All entries should be written in English.

We understand that there are people from all over the world in this community and it might be easier to post in your local language. However, we want this community to be as inclusive as possible, which means communicating in a language common to most people. In cases when you want to reach out to your local people, please post in both languages, with English on top and your local language below, so majority of the members can understand what’s going on.

  1. Respect your fellow fans - no bashing, flaming or spamming.

♕ News_jpop will not tolerate any kind of bashing and/or flaming of fellow fans. Hateful comments will be deleted immediately and this kind of behavior might result in a permanent ban from the community.

♕ Respecting your fellow fans includes refraining from posting hateful things about any NEWS member.

♕ Your posts and comments should have a point. Please do not spam.

  1. Copyrighted and/ or licensed media (i.e. MP3s/ PVs/ performances/ TV shows) and posts related to copyrighted media (including, but not limited to, reprint and concert tickets re-sales) must be friends-locked.

♕ Any and all official media, i.e. from their albums, singles, DVDs and TV appearances, as well as official merchandise, i.e. shop photos and magazine scans, etc. must be locked.

♕ Johnny's Net/ Jweb/ Fan Club videos are not allowed in this community at this moment except in special circumstances. This applies to material from the NEWS ni Koishite game as well. We're open to discussion on this, so please speak to the mods before posting.

♕ Unsure of how to lock your post? Go to edit it (the blue pencil button), and change "Public" to "Members" in the Security drop-down menu at the bottom of the post.

  1. If you post, please keep in mind that not everybody is viewing your posts with the best internet connection on a big screen, so please use livejournal cuts.

♕ This is especially important for image heavy posts. Use your own judgement to figure out whether your image is too big; if it stretches the community's layout, it's too big.

♕ Please put big bulks of text (fanfiction, translations, etc.) behind the cut. Otherwise scrolling through the post on a phone will take forever.

♕ Please keep your font to the standard size and color. Giant fonts are a hassle as well as text colors that are hard to read.

  1. Don’t repost media (music/ videos/ scans/ fanwork of any kind) without full credit and granted permission, if applicable.

♕ The general rules of sharing content on the internet apply here as well: Please do not reupload or repost files of any kind without the express permission of the original source. If the original source hasn’t given his/ her permission, giving credit is not enough. This applies even if you can’t communicate with the original source because of a language barrier.

♕ The only exception to this rule is if the original source has requested people to ask before reposting but is no longer reachable (e.g. has deleted their journal, has abandoned their blog, etc.). But if the original source has stated that reposts are definitely not allowed, this still stands.

  1. Please tag all posts appropriately. If you don't know which tag to use, just leave it blank and the mods will do it for you. You can also always ask the mods.

♕ There is no need to tag your post with all four *member: tags if your post has content with all of NEWS as a whole.

♕ Any tag with a "♔" in front of it should not be used. They are there for archival purposes only.

  1. Everybody who wants to share anything with the community is more than welcome. But the shared content should be accessible without any unnecessary hurdles. Therefore friends-locked posts are only allowed if

a) the post contains download links to copyrighted media; and

b) (in the event of a link to a community locked post) there are no ridiculous criteria to joining, and/ or the community has open membership.

Forcing people to have to go through so many trials just to see content featuring NEWS is simply unfair, and in opposition to our ideals of spreading NEWS love.

  1. Take a look at the community's tags and memories before requesting to make sure what you want hasn't already been put up.

♕ When making a new request post, please make sure to lock it, in case download links get posted directly in the comments.

  1. When posting fanfiction, please put the main text behind a cut so that people’s timeline doesn’t get stretched unnecessarily.

♕Also, please mark clearly above the cut if your fanfiction is in any way not suited for a general audience (e.g. it includes violence, sex or any triggering content). You write fanfiction; we assume you know the drill.

  1. Sales posts are welcome, but they must be locked and have to be related to NEWS or their current members.

♕ Since this is not a specific sales community, please don’t repost your sales post endlessly. Please also avoid reposting your sales post unless the original post is no longer on the first page of the community. This applies to concert tour preorders as well.

♕ As this is after all, a NEWS community - in the event that your sales post includes items from other groups/ artistes, we would appreciate if you could have the items related to NEWS at the top of your posts.

  1. Whenever a NEWS member has a birthday, there will be a birthday post. Please do not make a new post just to write a congratulatory message.

♕ Instead of making a new individual post, please reply to the official birthday entry that the mod account will post.

♕ However, if you want to share something in celebration that is not simply just a birthday message (e.g. scans or pictures, videos, fanwork, etc.), feel free to create a new post.

  1. If you have any questions or suggestions about the rules or want to clarify something, please send it to newsjp.mods@gmail.com.

♕ The mod email has been created for things like these, so please make good use of it.

♕ Please don't PM any of the mods on livejournal regarding the community.

These rules are not set in stone and we might change them, if the need arises. But we will notify the community of every change. Finally, we hope you enjoy your time here!

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