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NEWS news (week of Oct 9) - Part 1

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  • They recorded “Songs of Tokyo” on Oct 11, singing 4 songs - “Chankapana”, “BLUE”, “Ikiro”, “U R not alone”. The audience seated on level 1 were provided towels to swing along to for BLUE, and the chorus who sang with them for “Inochi no Uta” last year came back to sing “U R not alone” again.
    The broadcast date for NHK Japan was also announced at the recording -  Jan 5 2019.
    Costumes were similar to the set worn at “Strawberry” and “Dream Festival” - patchwork cape/ hoodie, except this time they were with stuff like “Tokyo” and the programme’s logo all over.

  • NEWS will be appearing on the Oct 20 episode of “Music Fair”. (Source)

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    • It was Shige’s turn to update

    • Shige wrote about buying a Sous Vide. He explained how it works and said he saw advertising that no matter how cheap the meat if you cook it in that it won’t get tough, so he decided to try it and see if it’s true. He said that it really is amazing and easy to use. You can sleep or go out and it’s fine once you get home it’ll be done. He said that ribs for example you could cook at 70℃ for 15 hours. You really just have to wait, but it can be surprisingly hard to judge when to start it for when you want to eat. For example, if you want to eat at 8pm you would have to start it at 5am.
      If you were ok with eating it even not right after it was finish and decided to start it at noon it wouldn’t be done until 3am. He then realized that if he set it at 9pm it would be ready at noon, but it’s heavy on your stomach if it’s a day you’re not in the mood for ribs.


  • It was announced on Oct 10 that “Ikiro” got certified Platinum by RIAJ (meaning it sold more than 250,000 copies). (Source)

  • The online shop for NEWS’ anniversary merchandise has gone online, and will be available till Oct 25. While it seems that foreign credit cards are getting accepted so far, they do not deliver to overseas addresses, so please get your friends in Japan/ use a forwarding service for your purchases.

  • Results for “Best Jeanist” this year were released on Oct 15. Massu placed 4th, up 2 places from last year. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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