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Shige to Star in Drama Special 'The Inugami Family'


On October 16th (Fri) it was announced that Shige will star as Kindaichi Kousuke in the Fuji TV SP drama ‘Inugamike no Ichizoku’ (The Inugami Family) airing on December 24th 9:30pm ~ 11:33pm. This is a part of the esteemed Kindaichi series in which many famous actors and Johnny’s have starred in in the past, based on the novel by Yokomizo Seishi.

He will be the 15th actor to play Kindaichi Kousuke in a drama version. Other Johnny’s that have played him in a Kindaichi work include Inagaki Goro, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Nagase Tomoya.

Shige’s comments

・Regarding playing the lead in a golden time Fuji TV special drama

I am deeply honored. Also, since it’ll air on Christmas Eve, it feels like Santa has come a little early for me. In return, I want to make the drama a success so that as ‘Kindaichi Kousuke Santa’  I can deliver a good time to the many people who will watch the drama.

・Regarding ‘The Inugami Family’

I reread it when I got the role, and I was impressed with how even though it’s been over 40 years since ‘The Inugami Family’ was written, the force of the story hasn’t faded at all. While taking on the mystery aspects, it’s a human drama steeped in human desire, love, and hate, which is precisely why it’s such a famous work that has continued to be beloved. I think it’s a story that’s still fun no matter how many times you experience it, so I want to make it a drama that both those who have seen the numerous broadcasts of ‘The Inugami Family’ before, and those who have had no contact with it before can enjoy.

・Regarding playing the role of ‘Kindaichi Kousuke’ played by many great stars

When I think of how many great actors, to whom I would refrain from lining my own name up against, have played this role, I realized all over again what a big thing this is. It is unmistakably a famous character than any actor would yearn to play, I’m really excited. Just like Kindaichi Kosuke (NOTE: who’s known to scratch his head when he thinks), I’m scratching my head wondering how I can make this character an interesting one for the viewers. While continuing to pay respect to past works, I want to play a Kindaichi Kousuke that only Kato Shigeaki can play.

・A message to the viewers who are looking forward to the drama

It’s really like a dream to be able to participate in ‘The Inugami Family’ which is particularly popular even within the Kindaichi Kousuke series. More than anything, I myself am looking forward to this work being completed as a viewer. At first glance, it may not seem like a very Christmas Eve-like drama, but actually especially because it’s Christmas Eve I think you can enjoy the strange and bizarre things that fall upon the Inugami family.

Producer, Kinjo Ayaka, on why Shige was picked

Kindaichi Kousuke is, to put it simply, a mysterious and charming character, who while having a high communication ability can at times be thoughtless- while having the ability to make accurate deductions, can be careless about how he dresses, he is a contradiction within himself. I wanted the last Kindaichi Kousuke of the Heisei era to possess that mysteriousness and charm in full. Kato Shigeaki is a member of the idol group NEWS, as well as being active as an actor and writer. I wanted Kato, who shows a different expression for each situation, to play the last Kindaichi Kousuke of the Heisei era, and so I made him the offer. Yokomizo Seishi made cameos in Ichikawa Kon’s (NOTE: He directed the 1976 film version, and a remake of the same film in 2006, his final film before his death) works, and Kato has also made a cameo in the movie of his own work, ‘Pink and Grey’. Kindaichi Kousuke has been played by many wonderful actors, but I think that this is the first Kindaichi Kousuke to have the same experience as Yokomizo Seishi.

Fuji TV

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