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NEWS news (week of Nov 5) - Part 1

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  • Massu will be appearing on the Nov 15 episode of “Downtown DX” and will be commenting on the “Celebrities’ personal clothing!!” segment. (Source 1 2)

  • The broadcast details have been updated for “Songs of Tokyo”, NEWS will be appearing in Part 4, which will air on Nov 25, at the following times - 8:10, 14:10, 19:10, 26:10 (JST)

    Again, this programme is available on NHK WORLD, a channel available worldwide, as well as online on the NHK site, so please do check the airings in your local timing if you’d like to watch it real time. (Source)


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  • NEWSRING (Nov 7)NR.jpg

    • It was Tegoshi’s turn to update

    • Tegoshi started by saying he was on his way to a foreign country while he was writing his update, and wouldn’t be in Japan for half of November.

      For shiritori Tegoshi picked his own name ‘Tegoshi Yuya’ and talked about how he really likes his name since it’s so unique and it’s good as an entertainer since it helps people remember you. On the other hand, it’s not good for instance at the hospital when he’s called to see the doctor because then everyone turns to look.

      He also talked about the future when he gets married and has kids they’ll have the same name and be able to empathize.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Nov 8)M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no 20

    • Massu wrote about how it’s been 20 years since he had his audition for Johnny’s. He thanked all his friends, manager, agency, family, staff, etc as well as the fans for supporting him. He wrote about how he was 12 years old when he chose to go because he was bad at soccer, and wondered what it would have been like if he had been good at soccer. He said he has lots of good memories and has had a good life.

      He said he’d keep working hard everyday to continue to get everyone’s love and support. He also mentioned his douki members, and ended with ‘I love you and thank you’.


  • Massu was spotted watching Nov 6’s show of “TOP HAT”, a musical starring V6’s Sakamoto, along with Tabe Mikako. (Source)

  • The official twitter account for “Best Hits” tweeted on Nov 7 to wish NEWS happy CD debut anniversary, and to say that they’d be waiting for NEWS at Osaka-jo Hall on Nov 15.  (Source)

  • On Nov 8, Aoki-ana tweeted about Kame (KAT-TUN), Nakamaru (KAT-TUN), Massu, Fujigaya (Kis-My-Ft2) and Tsuka-chan (A.B.C-Z) joining Johnny’s 20 years ago. He said it was a life changing day for them, and he wondered when his life changing day was. (Source)

  • * (Source)

  • Tegoshi’s birthday messages

    • The official Best Hits twitter account tweeted to wish him a happy birthday and said that they’re waiting for him at Osaka-jo Hall. They also included a hashtag congratulating NEWS on their 15th anniversary. (Source)

    • Go-chan tweeted wishing Tegoshi a happy birthday, and added that playing with Tegoshi was a good memory. He also mentioned Tegoshi’s solo song ‘Lovin U’. (Source)

    • During his live Soccer Earth broadcast, his fellow commentators wished him a happy birthday at the end of the program. Video in the source. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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