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NEWS news (week of Nov 5) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Nov 4)

    • Shige began by reading two different letters from fans congratulating then and saying how happy they are hearing the NEWS Countdown announcements.

      Shige thanked everyone for all the letters and talked about how this is the first time for them to be doing a countdown concert on their own, they don’t know what they’re doing yet. For instance what time it should start, how to calculate [the time til the new year?] and what to do the second day. They’ll talk it out amongst the members to figure it out.

      He also talked about he’s thinking about how to act out his Kindaichi role.

    • ♪ Top of the World ♪

    • For music club this week Shige played ‘Kamihikouki’ (paper plane)  by Awich, a female rapper that Shige said he started hearing about a lot last year. He talked about the artist for a while, including her background and how she became famous from her song ‘Remember’, and his thoughts on her music.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that when they talk about Shige with their fellow NEWS fan friend, they often end up talking about ‘Shige’s wonderful butt’, and how it’s really a great butt, they’re jealous and it makes them feel bad as women. They asked him what kind of training he does.

      Shige laughed embarrassedly as he read their letter, and then explained that it’s probably his kickboxing, the lifting his leg up to kick probably has had an effect on the shape of his butt. Shige said that even he can tell that his butt has gotten ‘higher’ and ‘rounder’ when he touches it. He said he can’t see his own butt, so hearing it said by others makes him think ‘Oh really’ and it’s a bit embarrassing. He said that he’s also had a lot of costumes that makes it stand out, though he’s glad that people think is butt is perky looking. He also wondering if doing squats helped.

      He talked about how his trainer has a bunch of photos on his cellphone of animals and women models, and he’ll show Shige a photo saying ‘Isn’t this dog’s butt amazing?’ and Shige thinks ‘but it’s a dog.’ He also talks about the muscle build pointing out good points on the models and the animals, and it’s made Shige realize how important butts are. Shige said he would keep working hard to maintain a beautiful butt.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that their father, like Shige, loves fishing and goes almost every weekend. Everytime he catches skipjack tuna they have sashimi, so the letter writer has gotten sick of it. They wanted to know how Shige would cook skipjack tuna.

      Shige said that there were a like of skipjack tuna this season, but there’s been no tuna. He also caught a lot and brought them to his friend who’s a chef, and there’s surprisingly not a lot of variation in how you can prepare it, though it’s delicious. So while he does bring them to the restaurant to be cleaned and gives a bunch of them to the restaurant, he does keep some for himself too. He talked for awhile about the ways to cook skipjack tuna he heard from his chef friend.

    • The next letter was from a boy in elementary school who said that he looks up to Shige. He said that his teacher asked them to write about their favorite books, so he wrote about Shige’s book ‘Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa’. His teacher said to him that the book was [listener’s name]-like, but not very elementary school student-like. The letter writer said that since he is an elementary school student he doesn’t understand how it can be ‘him-like’ but not elementary school student-like. When he asked his mother, she explained that while making umeboshi may be very Shige-like it’s not really ‘manly’ (though Shige is a man), it’s individuality. The listener asked if it’s good to be yourself, to be ‘Shige-like’ to be an individual, then why do people look to fit stereotypes for what it means to be a man, woman, adult, or child. If he’s a boy and an elementary school student, why is it that things that are [listener’s name]-like not automatically ‘elementary school student-like’ or ‘boy-like’.

      Shige said that he thought it was a deep and good question. Shige says that he tries to be careful about this, but sometimes will end up saying ‘That’s manly’ etc. He thinks that you have to be especially careful when saying someone/think is not xx-like. Regarding, the listener’s specific situation, Shige explained that adults have a lot of expectations of what they want children to be, and he doesn’t think that’s good. He said that he thinks it’s ok for him to ignore things like that and like what he likes. Liking something is a happy thing.

      He added that reading ‘elementary school student’ appropriate, boy-like things like say fantasy novels like Harry Potter is fine too, but also proposed that the truly ‘elementary school student’ like thing would be not reading books. He said that while it’s not that he can’t understand what the teacher was thinking, he thinks it’s a bit dangerous. It’s a yellow card. He encouraged the listener to say what he likes with pride, and that that’s not the most ‘manly’ or ‘xx-like’ thing but the coolest. He ended by encouraging the listener to continue liking his book without worrying about it while laughing.

    • ♪ Strawberry ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Nov 6)

    • Koyama opened up by saying that he was currently alone in the studio, but someone would be joining him shortly. He said that someone in a red knit cap was coming. The guest this week was Shige. Koyama greeted him and clapped telling him the show had already started. Koyama commented on how the day they were recording was Halloween, and asked Shige if that’s why he was wearing a red knit cap, if he was going for a pumpkin look. They chatted for a bit as Shige got settled, and then Koyama congratulated Shige on Kindaichi. And Koyama mentioned how it had been difficult to explain to Tegoshi that it was the grandfather. Shige commented on how there may be people who don’t know, especially the younger people. Koyama asked Shige if he had started filming yet and Shige confirmed that he hadn’t yet. They also mentioned the upcoming concerts.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • The first letter was from a listener who wrote in to say that they really enjoyed the Sharehouse SCP episode, they asked for any behind the scenes stories from filming.

      The listener had mentioned that they enjoyed the part where Tegoshi had to dance Blackhole as a punishment,  and Koyama said that that had been Shige’s idea. Shige protested saying that Koyama started it by suggesting that the punishment be to dance Chankapaana. They said it was interesting, and Koyama said that they saw air:man and apparently fans had tweeted him saying how hard the Blackhole choreography was. They commented on how since there’s no footage of it there are people who don’t know or don’t remember.

      They talked about how they really did Strawberry in one cut and they waited for the sunset. Koyama said that Tegoshi didn’t move in the song, he looked like a god with the light shining on him.

      They also talked about the telephone and gesture games they played in the episode in which the staff promised them a reward trip to Hokkaido if they won. They said it was difficult and ended up losing, but the head staff in charge said that they’d give them another chance some other time. Shige brought up how awful Koyama’s attempts to gesture the answer ‘Amuro Namie’ was and Koyama agreed saying looking back he should have said ‘Can we celebrate’. Koyama said that when he heard Amuro Namie all he can think of is ‘Try me’ and Shige said he should have pretended to wipe away tears rather than the mystery two step dance he did. Koyama said that he did that because in his head he was singing ‘Try me’ and Shige shot back that it hadn’t even been to the rhythm of ‘Try me’.  Koyama said that she has so many songs he likes, and Shige agreed and they talked about how they used to listen to her music a lot and how she’s retired now. Koyama said he was sorry if any of her fans watched that, but he did try his best.

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked Koyama if he agreed that Shige’s laugh is really cute. (K: I do!) They said that no matter how bad a time they are having hearing Shige laugh makes them laugh too, and said that they’re sure Koyama understands. (K: I do) They said that they would like a ‘laugh bag’ of Shige’s laugh as concert goods sometime.

      Shige complained that that would be gross, and Koyama laughed and told Shige his laugh was wonderful. Koyama commented on how sometimes Shige laughs at a weird timing, and Shige agreed saying it mostly happens late at night.

      They started talking about Epcotia Encore goods a bit too and how they’re trying new things so to look forward to it. They said that they think they’re cute, but you may find them even more so if you know the previous ones. There may be an item like that. Koyama said that they’re trying to do Encore in a way that doesn’t remove the elements of Epcotia but give it a Limited Edition type feel.

      Koyama mentioned how the date has now technically changed over so it’s 11/7, exactly 15 years ago NEWS Nippon was released.

    • ♪ NEWS Nippon ~Represent NEWS Remix~ ♪

    • The last message was from a listener who wanted to know if they prefer soft or firm pillows.

      Koyama asked Shige what pillow he’s using now and Shige said that he has a pillow from Hen Lab when they did the sleeping experiment, and he has one he got from Koyama a long time ago since he doesn’t change pillows very much. Koyama said he went a got fitted for a pillow, and said that it was embarrassing to have it measured because you lie down on a mattress that resembles the one you have at home and the other customers all watch. Since everyone’s watching in the end he stopped caring about the pillow because he was embarrassed. Shige said that Koyama’s really stoic about sleep, he read a book all about sleeping, and made fun of him saying that instead of reading about sleeping he should just sleep.

      Koyama said that he wanted to get a good night's sleep which is why he got particular about the pillow, people spend ⅓ of their life asleep so it’s important.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Nov 7)

    • At the opening, they were talking about the previous week’s live singing when Sakura stopped them, saying Massu looked different from usual and was expressionless. They said Massu’s always like that, with Tegoshi saying that’s Massu’s get up for Halloween. They then announced it was Sakura’s birthday on Nov 9 and brought in a cake for her. They made sure to have 5 candles in the typical colours of the rangers for her.

      M: We should make sure the red ranger’s in the middle…

      Sakura: Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but it’s okay. Pink’s good for females so.

      They congratulated her and she blew out the candles. She said she’d forgotten about her birthday and was really happy. They asked her how old she’s become and she replied in a small voice, 35. She hopes to be able to learn how to skip this year, says she’s been taking on different challenges this year seeing how it’s the final year of the Heisei era, and hopes to continue being a good adult who can properly protect the earth. The two of them jibed her for what sounded half-hearted, what with protecting the earth and learning how to skip. They asked her again to list what she’s not good with, she offered alcohol, and they gave her advice on how to become a better social drinker.

    • This week’s request was for “Speaker”. The listener is in their final year of college, and had difficulties in their job search. A line from the song, “dareka janakute jibun no mune ga sakebumama ni” resonated with the listener and gave them strength, so they’d like to hear this song.

      They spoke about how they’re happy to hear this, and that they’ve never performed this in concerts. That the listener knows this coupling song from “Yonjushi”, which is a much more distinctive song, makes them happy too. The two of them then started playing on “speaker”, saying the listener can become a speaker for them, ideally a stereo one to come from both sides… with Sakura stopping them as usual.

    • ♪ Speaker ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who wanted to hear episodes from them spending the New Year’s with their families, before they started appearing in Countdown concerts from the age of 18. They said while they only started appearing at 18, they were probably already there watching when they’re 16/ 17. They also spoke about how it’s an interesting system, since part of the group started appearing first. Tegoshi shared how he thought, when Koyama and Yamapi came down from the stage over to where he was seated watching, he thought, “Ah! These glamorous people are here!” And it’s okay for him to appear on screen then, since he wasn’t working and was just appearing as part of the audience. He felt it was lucky though since he got to go “Yay~” and appeal to the nationwide audience, even though he wasn’t supposed to appear on that. //Massu shared how he entered Johnny’s in November the year he was 12, and got to watch the countdown concert that J Friends was the main act for, about a month or so later with his mother. In a seat that’s almost farthest away, probably the row second from the back. He can’t remember what happened for New Year’s before that though, probably just what usually happens with families. Tegoshi mentioned having a strong impression of watching special programmes on dominoes, when the dominoes will finish falling just at midnight & everyone would go, “Happy New Year!” He watched Kouhaku too, but has a stronger impression of watching this one for New Year’s. He’d then eat something with his family, then go for hatsumode with his family. Massu said he has no recollection of having gone for hatsumode with his family. They then talked more about the usual special programming during the New Year’s in Japan, like the Hakone Ekiden and the National High School Soccer Competition. It’d be the first time they don’t get to spend New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s at the Tokyo Dome, and will be even farther away from their family. They also shared how nothing has been decided for the concert yet, like if the Countdown would be telecast live, nor if the TV crew would go over to Kyocera Dome if there were. So they don’t know what to do with the setlist if the crew does come yet. It’s harder than predicting when the sun would set at Ajinomoto Stadium. Imagine if they were suddenly cued to appear on the Countdown in the middle of a dance number.

      M: The safest would be for everyone to sit down during the hour when Countdown is being telecast, and watch it together. Then have everyone stand only when they’re told NEWS is up next. They said they’re looking forward to it and moved on to the next mail.

    • The third mail was from a listener who wanted to know how they took their medicine, as the listener’s friend was surprised to see them popping the pills in before drinking water. Their friend holds some water in their mouth before popping the pills so it doesn’t get bitter.

      T: This is an extremely good question. M: Ah really. It’s kind of whatever. T, Sakura: Whoa whoa… T: So am I the only one excited?

      Tegoshi said for pills, he pops the pills in first. For powder-form medicine, he goes water first.

      T: How’s this! Sakura: Ordinary……. T: Huh? The level of enthusiasm is different! I’m totally psyched up and replying to the mail while you two can’t be bothered. M: Well if I had to say this out, if I had to, I do exactly the same thing as Tegoshi. (studio bursts out laughing) But for me, I go water-powder-water, since some residue remains after. Because otherwise the tongue would realise there’s still stuff left and register it as bitter.

      For Sakura, she goes medicine first regardless of the form it comes in. Tegoshi asked if that doesn’t get bitter, and Sakura said she avoids placing the medicine in the zone where the tongue registers the taste of bitterness, and tries to get them farther back. Tegoshi asked if that doesn’t make her gag, and she said not so far back of course. She finds it harder to open the mouth and get the medicine in properly if she holds a bit of water in her mouth first. Sakura said she happened to be talking about this topic with her friends the previous day, and Tegoshi said he just had traditional Chinese medicine the previous day too. So it’s a really timely mail.

    • For “Tegomass no Debate” this week, the first letter was from a listener which they have a better impression of, someone who eats neatly or someone who speaks politely.

      Massu and Tegoshi both agreed that someone who does one would do the other. (M: Next! S: Eh?) Sakura tried to encourage them to answer instead of arguing something that’s besides the point but gave up when she saw Imai-san looked like he had given up. Tegomass began to complain over dramatically that they had really wanted to answer.

    • The next letter asked them which they were more happy to have people call them ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ as men.

      Both Massu and Tegoshi agreed on ‘pretty’, Massu said that of course it was ‘pretty’ there’s no need to debate. When Sakura asked Tegoshi why he was so sure of his answer, he answered right away ‘Because I often get called that’ which caused a big reaction from Massu and Sakura. Massu said that Tegoshi looked really self satisfied when he said that and Tegoshi tried to back track saying he had a proper reason as to why, and Tegoshi explained that girls call things ‘cute’ all the time, buildings, dessert, old men that appear in CMs, they’ll call anything cute so it doesn’t feel super sincere. He said it’s the same if you say you love things all the time. But women don’t often call men ‘pretty’ so getting called that is better. He complained about how people will call pancakes ‘cute’ asking ‘What’s cute about pancakes!’ He said disney characters and pikachu and toy poodles are cute and then broke into his talking-to-animals voice. Massu complained that Tegoshi always uses pikachu as an example of something cute, and Tegosh apologized saying that he has an attachment to pikachu from when he was a kid. Massu and Sakura then teased him some more about his ‘Because I often get called that’ response saying it’s unbelievable, and how he seemed to realize right after he said it that he shouldn’t have said it.

    • At the end the did PR for Epcotia Encore, and talked about how it’s the first time for them to do the Kyocera countdown concert. Tegoshi decided to give the ballpin to the listener who wrote in with the first debate question that they didn’t answer saying that it was because the question got them really debating it and Sakura interrupted saying it should as an apology for not answering.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Nov 9)

    • At the opening, he referred to a letter from the Oct 12 episode of Master Hits, where someone wrote in asking for Shige to guest. He then went on for quite a while about how all the Master Hits staff, JE staff etc. were all involved, there were meetings held, just to discuss if it’s possible to have Shige on the show. It was really tough.

      M: Speaking of tough-

      S: Can you introduce me already? (laughter). I’ve been around. The entire time.

      M: You have?

      S: It wasn’t even such a big issue for me to come.

      M: Ah yeah? It was like, “Shige-chan, can you come?”

      S: “Yeah”

      Shige said they record their radio programmes at the same time really nearby (M: Stop... I’m doing mine from Chiba live now). So the staff told Shige that Massu wanted him to guest on his radio and Shige said okay. And then it was decided. They then talked a bit about other people who’ve guested, like MADE and Nino.

      S: Ninomiya-kun came?

      M: Yeah he did.

      S: That’s amazing!

      M: Yeah. This is a radio programme that’s going worldwide.

      They continued to talk about Kame guesting, and Shige asked if Koyama and Tegoshi came. Massu said Tegoshi did, but probably not Koyama. Shige apparently guested before too, 11 years ago, though neither of them remember it. Shige remembers the radio studio though. The writer for the programme also thanked Shige for “the last time”, and Shige was like, “The last time?? When?” They said it’s new for the two of them to be talking like that, and it’s apparently 11 years since the last time.

      M: Hello, this is Masuda.

      S: This is Kato. Hey, this is starting to look like a matchmaking session.

      Massu said he had a lot of mails prepared just in case their conversation gets stuck. (S: HAHAHAHAH! Why. It won’t get stuck!) Massu explained he asked the listeners to send in mails since Shige will come soon (S: ask me over more often!) and they sent in.

      S: It’s also refreshing how Massu’s turning into the host.

      M: That’s true.

      S: Such a scene is rare, isn’t it.

      M: It’s only here that you can see this Massu! So what have you been up with?

      Shige talked a little about “Inugamike no Ichizoku”, saying the schedule’s real tight, they just had costumes fitting the previous day, and the script hasn’t been finalised either. They also talked about the day when Shige found out about being cast into this drama. The group had a meeting after Shige was told about the drama. Shige’s rarely late for meetings, but that day he came in late and was in a meeting with important people before. So even though the staff usually breaks the news to the member involved first, before telling the rest, this time the rest of them pretty much already knew. They also said they’re having meetings for the year-end concerts too, and Massu said there’re really few mails asking about serious stuff like how they prepare for concerts.

      S: For example? Read some! What kind of mails come?

      M: Like this one? I thought people would be interested so I picked this.

    • The first mail was from someone who wanted to know if they would just laze around at home on their days off.

      S: It doesn’t matter if it were me (answering this question), does it? Hahaha

      M: So? What do you do on your days off?

      S: This will end up sounding too cool, but I write on my days off, novels and-

      M: Ah, it’s okay. We don’t need to hear about that.

      S: WHY. But I do laze around. I do. There’re times when I only start working from the evening onwards.

      They continued talking about Shige’s writing, asking if he sets deadlines, and if he’s ever had to rush for deadlines. He doesn’t, as he doesn’t accept offers that he feels he can’t complete on time, and even when he thinks he can’t, he sometimes ends up completing it the day itself. They moved on to talk about how some manga series take a break because they couldn’t be finished in time. Shige said that causes a lot of trouble as many parties are involved. They also shared how sometimes they push the deadlines for their CDs real tight, and someone has to physically deliver the CD to the next procedure so as to get it completed in time. Going back to writing, they talked about how there’s also proofreading (M: The one that Ishihara Satomi-chan was doing right!), and Shige said there’re probably lots of really smart people at the publisher’s as they can point out a lot of things, like even when when the moon is around and when it isn’t. They concluded that Satomi-chan is amazing and moved on.

    • S: Isn’t there something more serious?

      M: Something more serious…?

      S: Who chooses the mails? Everyone?

      M: Me. I spent an hour choosing.

      S: You chose, and the first one is on whether we laze around on our days off? Right…

      M: Do you want to pick one then?

      S: Let’s do it “Old Maid” style.

      So Shige picked one from about 10 mails, and Massu got him to read it out. This reader had a question for Massu - it’s winter soon and the listener ends up wearing moesode (a slang word referring to sleeves long enough to cover part of the hands) on the colder days. Do men find them cute?

      S: My name doesn’t even appear. Even though you said it as if all these mails are for me just now. Like, “To Massu and Shige-chan”? This one’s “To Massu”.

      M: I thought I’d pick those up too…

      S: You can read such mails whenever right? (They both burst out laughing)

      Massu said he hates the word “moesode”. (S: Yeah it does feel that way.) They continued talking about how there are times when the sleeves just end up being longer, and they had no intention of wanting to be moe, so why should they be labelled that way.

      S: But okay. Do you like long sleeves on girls?

      M: Yes.

      S: HAHAHAHAHAHHA! So that’s fine.

      M: That’s different from moesode.

      S: So you like long sleeves, but not moesode.

      M: Yes.

      Massu asked Shige for his opinion, and Shige said he’s fine with those sleeves though, but think it might be going overboard if the sleeves scream kawaii. They then said how both of them are the type to find actions that aren’t cute cute. Like the act of removing earphones. People probably don’t find that cute since it’s just removing earphones.

      S: But I wouldn’t want them to keep the earphones in the pockets though.


      S: Because it’ll end up in the washing machine.

      M: Wait, that’s only airing next week. (laughter) That’s next week.

      S: Eh? Why do I know? (more laughter) You’ll find out if you listen next week.

      M: Stop~ Stop. There’s another one on clothes, can I read it?

    • The third mail

      M: Shige-san…

      S: Is “Shige-san” really there?

      M: Yeah it is. “Massu, Shige-san, konbanwa”

      S: Yeah thank you.

      So this listener wanted to know if Shige-san likes long denim skirts. Shige commented how there’re lots of mails on fashion, and Massu said the listeners see him as someone from the fashion scene. He then explained how he said he doesn’t like long denim skirts with buttons in front. Shige said he got it, and that’s hard to match. If the buttons were at the side or something, maybe.

      M: Aren’t quite a few wearing them now?

      S: Yeah there are. It’s in the trend now.

      M: I don’t want this to trend.

      They continued talking about how this item is a hard one to pull off, as it’s hard to match and the person probably needs to be tall too. Massu asked what Shige likes on girls. Shige said slightly oversized MA-1, and those can be matched with long denim skirts (S: But you hate them lol). They concluded maybe it’d be fine as long as there weren’t those buttons in front.

    • Shige drew the following mail “Old Maid” style again.

      S: This is really whatever. “It was the birthday of MADE’s Inaba-kun in October.”

      M: Happy Birthday!

      S: Happy Birthday. “Since he backdances for the tours each year and is someone who interacts with Massu like receiving Massu’s clothes, did you get him any birthday present, or do you intend to?” Where’s Shige. Rather than talking about Inaba, talk about SHIGE. Don’t pick such a mail!

      M: Maybe the listeners couldn’t really read the atmosphere.

      S: No, but Massu was the one who picked this.

      M: HAHAHAHHHA. No, I meant to ask if you interact with any of the juniors.

      S: Ahh…..

      M: I was together with Inaba on the day of his birthday.

      S: When’s it?

      M: I don’t really know.

      S: Lol. October? Did you get him anything?

      Massu said he hasn’t, as they suddenly managed to meet so he’d make up for it after. On Shige and the juniors, he said Fukushi contacts him a lot, like how the rest of MADE all do. Though Inaba contacts him the least, maybe because he’s close to Massu. Massu said Inaba is good with people though, and Shige said maybe he’s just holding back, since he’s already close with Massu.

      S: Like, “Masuda-san might sulk.” You care about such things don’t you?

      M: That’s not true!

      Massu asked if people went over to Shige’s place, he said there’re a few times, though he avoids that as he needs to be mentally prepared. They spoke about how NEWS went over once. Shige said at times like when they want to go to another place but there isn’t anywhere suitable, then it’d be his place.

      S: You don’t invite people over right.

      M: Yeah. (laughter) I don’t…

      S: It’s amazing how nobody knows how Massu’s place is like. It’s a mystery. We don’t even know if it’s a place with lots of things or very few things. You really own a lot of things, don’t you.

      M: Yeah. I own a lot of things, but they’re neat.

      Massu said because he owns a lot of clothes, there’s a limit to how neat he can get them to be. Shige asked if he switches his closet out when the season changes and Massu doesn’t.

      S: But yeah it doesn’t make much of a difference for Massu. You’re basically hot all the time, in Tshirts. You don’t have stuff like coats do you.

      M: I do!

      S: You do?

      M: I do…

      But those are just thicker hoodies, and he wondered when people wear down jackets, maybe only when they go to Europe? Shige said people wear it in Japan too! Japan’s winters are cold. Massu then asked if Shige switches his closets out, and he just did a couple of days before. Massu asked what he kept, and Shige said shorts. Apparently Massu was in shorts that day, and Shige said that’s an outfit for a 30 degree celsius day in August - shorts and holes in his Tshirt.

      S: That’s fine! But make sure you don’t catch a cold in that.

      M: But I do get colds pretty easily.

      S: Right. Your body’s definitely…

      M: I get little colds.

      S: Small colds.

      M: I catch small colds.

      Back to Shige’s clothes, he sent all his summer stuff to his parents’ and brought the winter stuff over. Massu said that’s nice, he’s never done that. Shige asked if an entire side of Massu’s place is filled with clothes, and Massu said it’s just about the size of Tokyo Dome. (S: Ah….right.)

    • Massu asked if they should do a mail for just Shige-chan, and Shige told Massu to do whichever he wanted to. It turned out to be a request to name a female Djungarian hamster. (S: Like I’d know!) The previous hamster was named “Cherry”. They trust Massu’s superb naming skills.

      S: My name doesn’t appear again. You sure you’re cool with reading a mail about naming a hamster?

      Massu explained that these mails come pretty often to his radio programme and he’s named stuff like piano etc. but living things are hard. He ever rejected naming a dog once.

      S: It’s cute, they’re showing us photos of a Djungarian hamster now.

      M: Ah, it’s ordinary.

      S: Don’t say that!

      M: It’s beige on top and white below.

      S: This is tough. Tough!

      Massu said he’s ever named a hamster before - Hamtaro. Shige laughed, then suggested jagaimo (potato), playing on the pronunciation of Djungarian and jagaimo. Then went with “Potato”, since the previous one was named “Cherry”, so it can be a food series. Shige then asked Massu to suggest one for the listener to choose too.

      M: Hmm what should it be… it’s a normal Djungarian hamster…

      S: Maybe “denim skirt”? Hehehehhehe… “Come here, Demin Skirt!”

      M: Weird buttons~

      S: Button-chan. It’s cute

      M: Button! Cute. Button-chan.

      So they gave the listener the option of either “Potato-chan” or “Button-chan”

    • The following mail of the week was from someone who says they listen to NEWS radio programmes while sharing their comments in a group chat with fellow fans. They were saying how it’s nice Shige whispers “Oyasumi” (good night) at the end of his radio, and would like Massu to do that too. For the sake of Massu fans and NEWS fans, please do that in a cool voice. Massu asked if Shige does that, and he said he does. Massu hasn’t, and will never, as when the radio programme first started, he asked if it’s okay not to say oyasumi at the end. The radio director said no, as Massu’s programme is just one of the programmes on bayfm, and there are still programmes after Massu’s, so they shouldn’t try to be putting listeners to sleep. Shige said then Massu could just whisper “bye bye” at the end. Massu wondered if that’d work and if people would be able to hear. Shige said yeah and he said he would.

    • The final mail from the week was what Massu said he wanted to read most. It’s from a listener who likes all pairings, especially the ShigeMassu pairing as they feel like classmates. They wanted to know what their oldest shared memory was.

      Shige said Kinpachi (Sensei) left a really strong impression, so that. They definitely have danced and stuff together before, but Kinpachi’s memories are stronger. Massu has never been asked Shige to teach him any dances. He remembers walking past Shige and some of his friends then at the stairs of  Yokohama Arena though. They wondered who was around, probably all of them have left. Maybe Koyama? But he probably hasn’t joined yet. They also wondered whose concert that was.

      They then talked about Kinpachi, talking about whether they’re still in contact with the rest. Apparently there’s a group chat for that, and birthday messages etc. would come. But Massu’s not in it as he’s not using that. He’d get individual texts separately when something has been decided. There’re quite a few gatherings, and Shige said while he thought Massu wouldn’t go for sure, Massu goes pretty often. There’s also this fixed pattern when the Kinpachi people would go watch NEWS’ concerts together, and would send comments like it was fun and photos of them holding uchiwas - all Massu’s. And Shige would reply “What about me~~~” They’d also usually comment on how Shige’s barefooted again (for his solo) this year. Massu said there isn’t much impression of Shige as one of those whom he worked hard together with during junior days, as it’s pretty much Kinpachi memories before NEWS. Shige said he remembers going to rehearsals after Kinpachi filming with Massu, though Massu said that doesn’t happen all the time since their filming parts were different too. They then got to do a drama together again recently and they commented how refreshing it was. Massu said he’d really wanted to play “Ikiro” after this, but they were running out of time so he’s just going to play it as background music for now.

    • They started ending the programme, with Massu thanking Shige, and Shige asking Massu to invite him again.

      M: Really? Can you come next week?

      S: That’s really soon.

      M: Hurhurhur.

      S: But next week, you’re probably going to be talking about putting earphones into the washing machine.

      M: Stop it.

      S: Hahahahahaha…

      M: Stop it. The timeline…! This is a live broadcast!

      S, M: HAHAhahahha…!

      Massu then asked if Shige would prefer green or red for the Master Hits pens, and Shige wanted both. (M: This is worth 2 weeks!) Shige said those are pens Massu liked.

      Massu then fooled around with the “bye bye” at the end.

      S: Ah he pretended to be funny. (laughs)

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