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NEWS news (week of Nov 12) - Part 1

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  • The television broadcast of TV asahi’s “Dream Festival” has been announced - Dec 15 26:30 - 28:00. Please note that Johnny’s acts in the past years were not shown in the television broadcast, so we’ll keep looking out for official sources to confirm if NEWS will be shown this time. (Source)

  • It was announced on Nov 16 that FNS Music Festival would be held this year as well. NEWS will be appearing on the first night Dec 5. (Source)

  • It was announced that Kaku Kento will play the role of Sukekiyo in ‘Inugamike no Ichizoku’. (Source)

  • Shige will be appearing in the Nov 26 episode of “Nep League”. (Source)

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  • MADE ni Omakase (Nov 13)

    • Massu was mentioned in Inaba’s entry, when he wrote about how Massu was around to celebrate his birthday for him when the clock struck midnight. He’s happy, and shared how they went to the karaoke and sang NEWS together. He’s also looking forward to the present that Massu would be getting him.

  • NEWSRING (Nov 14)

    • It was Shige’s turn to update

    • For Shiritori he picked ‘yasashisugiru ze’ meaning ‘too kind!’

    • Shige wrote about how it’s getting cold and how he hasn’t started filming for the drama yet, but is busy preparing by watching past works and reading the original work. He said that his managers are doing it too. He also said that he’s talked about the drama with over 10 magazines, however since his manager isn’t finished reading yet so he’s being careful not to spoil it. He’s being ‘too kind’.
      A few days later when his manager finished reading, he told Shige that he had finished and the culprit was unexpected more flippantly that Shige expected.
      Shige cut off relaying their conversation midway as that would also be a spoiler.
      He said he’s excited for more of the cast to be announced and asked everyone to look forward to it.
      At the end he also mentioned Best Hits.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Nov 14) M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no Announcement

    • Massu talked about how he’s going to appear in Best Hits and Downtown DX, and wrote about how much fun he had filming Downtown DX.
      He also wrote about SCP, and how it has to do with the music that influenced him. He also mentioned Netapare and Masterhits.

  • Kanjani Sentai (Nov 15)

    • Massu was mentioned in Ryo’s entry when Ryo talked about running into him at Best Hits


  • The official account for “Best Hits” posted messages from the performing artists. NEWS message had them saying they would sing each song with passion, so as to let everyone get to know NEWS better. Since it is also their 15th anniversary year, they will sing with all their hearts so as to convey their gratitude towards the fans, as well as deliver power to the viewers. (Source)

  • Shusui tweeted a picture of his platinum disc for ‘Sayaendo’ (Source)

  • Chino-san tweeted about Massu’s Yamashita Tatsuro Premium show, saying that when he first looked at the list of performers and saw ‘Pf,Key Inoue Akira’ he was like ‘Eh, seriously!?’ He’s honoured and nervous but excited to work with him. (Source)

  • Yushin, who worked with Massu on “Only You”, posted a video of him singing “Cherish” on his instagram (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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