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NEWS news (week of Nov 12) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Nov 11)

    • The first message was from a listener who congratulated Shige on his role in Inugamike no Ichizoku, saying that he would be getting a lot of attention as the last Kindaichi of the Heisei era. They said they’re looking forward to it and they remember watching that drama as a child, and want to know what he thought and felt when he heard about getting the role.
      Shige thanked her for the letter and said that he remembers the same scene she mentioned in the drama.

    • The next letter was from a listener who also wrote about the drama and congratulated him on being the 15th Kindaichi Kousuke, and Shige commented on how a lot of people have played this role. The listener said that they were really surprised by and happy with this news as they weren’t expecting another big announcement like this. They mentioned Shige’s hint about it in his jweb prior to the announcement.
      Shige said that he was really happy when he heard the news too. He honestly felt surprised that it was the Kindaichi, and mentioned specific famous scenes from the drama. He commented on how it’s a drama that despite the fact that everyone knows the story, you still want to see it. He talked about how the Kindaichi Kousuke series has elements of a historical drama in it, and reiterated how happy he is and that he feels a lot of responsibility. He said that he’s looking forward to it, and they just finished doing costumes, and it seems like they’ll be working close to the deadlines. He said just wearing the costume makes him feel a bit like he is Kindaichi Kousuke, he’s currently thinking about the different ways he can approach the role.
      He also has rehearsal for the concerts as well, he doesn’t know the cast so he’s interested to see who will play who and talked about what a good story it is. He said he hopes everyone will watch it.
      He then did some promo for the Epcotia Encore concerts.

    • ♪ Blackhole ♪

    • For music club this week, he said he had a lot of requests for a certain song, and read a letter about it from a listener who said that they started listening to Lucky Tapes because of Shige and wanted to know if he liked their newest album, particularly the song Lonely Lonely.
      Shige said that he felt that he had to play this song, mentioned that he’d played this group before and gave a summary on the group and their recent activities. He talked about how he didn’t foree the collaboration with Chara, but listening it you can tell right away how well they work together, and talked about their singing and the song for awhile.
      He played the song ‘Lonely Lonely feat.Chara’ by Lucky Tapes

    • Before reading the next letter he mentioned how it’s Tegoshi’s birthday and wished him a happy birthday. And asked him to continue living joyfully and with strength. The next letter was from a listener who said they watched the Sharehouse SCP episode and that they thought it was really interesting and precious. They said that listen to Strawberry everyday and had been thinking that they wanted to see it performed. They talked about how it really matched Shige’s lyrics of pulling out a guitar and singing, so they felt that this is the situation he must have been picturing. They also said that the backdrop of the sunset was really wonderful and NEWS shined. They said that they were really grateful to Yoshimura and all the staff for the idea making it happen.
      Shige said that it was the kind of scene he pictured, he was glad they were able to perform it like that. It made him feel like the direction he picked was correct.

    • The next letter was also about the sharehouse, the writer said that they were curious about Shige cut the pears. He cut them into bite size pieces, but how many pieces does he usually cut pears into?
      Shige said that he just thought he should cut them since they were left for them, usually he cuts them into 8 pieces, but the pears there were fairly big and he didn’t know how much everyone would want so he thought they’d be easier to eat cut up smaller. When he’s cutting them just for himself, sometimes he even only cuts them up into 4 slices.

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked him if he decide what he’s going to make before going to the supermarket or if he he decides from looking at the food at the supermarket. She also mentioned that her 4 year old daughter recently became a NEWS fan dreams of going to a NEWS concert one day. Since they live far away they haven’t been able to go to any concerts.
      Shige said that he doesn’t usually go with a plan of what he’ll make already in mind. If he decides he wants to make hamburger steak, sometimes he’ll have certain ingredients that he’s missing and needs to get, but even if he goes and buys ground meat, he might have onion at home still, and there’ll definitely be certain ingredients left over. Since he lives on his own and is only cooking for himself sometimes he goes to the supermarket and just buys an item he likes and decides to try cooking something with it. Or if he sees ingredients that are curious or new to them, he’ll get it to try to learn how to cook with it and learn new ways of cooking. He said that he thinks that’s important, but if you’re not careful you’ll run out of storage space. Recently he started getting spices, and it’s dangerous because you don’t run out of them super fast. But it is fun. He said that he does think it’s more effective to decide before going, but if you want to increase your repertoire than it can be good to challenge yourself.

    • ♪ Hoshi no Tabibitotachi  ♪

    • The photo theme changed from ‘Blue’ to ‘Gold’.

  • Kchan NEWS (Nov 13)

    • At the start Koyama mentioned Tegoshi’s birthday and wished him a happy 31st birthday. The guest this week is Shige.

    • They talked about how the person who’s birthday it is never lines up with who the guest that week is. Koyama mentioned how Tegoshi turned 31, Shige is 31, and Massu is 32. Shige noted that Koyama’s turning 35 next year, and Koyama noted how it’s like the ‘Kakkoii otona ni nareteru’ line from ‘weeeek’ which goes like ‘What will we look like when we turn 35? Will we have been cool adults?’ Koyama commented on how everyone in the agency is so young, but that it’s part of their job since they work in the public view to ‘look young’ while also facing themselves properly and how there’s is coolness in becoming an ‘ojisan’ and Shige said that that’s not something that comes from just getting older it’s based on how you live.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that recently when their friend asked them what their type is they answered someone like Shige. (S: Cut it out…) Her friend told here there aren’t any guys around here as good looking as Shige. The letter writer said that she knew that and answered that she meant someone with a personality like Shige, but then realized later that there’s no way she can know Shige’s personality just from watching him on tv. (K: Nice, how cool-headed, Right.) She asked Koyama to share any part of Shige that he doesn’t show on camera.
      They said that Shige’s not really that different [on and off camera] and Koyama said that none of them in NEWS are but they do have ‘on’ and ‘off’ modes. Koyama said that he thought it would be more tiring to force yourself to be different when appearing on tv. Koyama said that Shige’s really calmed down a lot as he’s gotten older. Koyama said there are times when one member has a lot of energy, usually Tegoshi, but for instance when Massu’s like that then he and Shige will be more calm, there’s a balance.
      Koyama asked Shige what he thought about Koyama’s personality, and Shige commented that Koyamas gotten to be more and more of a shut-in. Shige said that for him he’s still very much indoors but has become more of an outdoors person as time has past. The reason being that as a writer he does his work inside and so his home is centered on him being able to work there whereas Koyama’s house is probably focused on him being able to relax in it. Shige said that rather than doing everything, he focuses on putting everything into what he does do, adding that he doesn’t have any friends. Koyama said that he totally understood that. Shige said, that he really just doesn’t have the time to get together with friends, he actually has more friends that are also in the entertainment industry, whether as entertainers or staff. Koyama agreed commenting on how they can understand, and Shige added that he talk about work with them. Koyama realized that they’ve been talking all this time but it’s still just the opening and introduced the first song.

    • ♪ Ikiro ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked which number between 0 and 9 would they want to be their girlfriend.
      Shige said that 4 would definitely be a contrary type person, and Koyama agreed saying that 8 seemed like they’d be a nice person, and Shige agreed saying that they seemed gentle. They agreed that 9 was difficult, but maybe someone with a strong motherly instinct. Koyama said that 1 would be someone who was really straight forward, just as they are, Shige said that they seemed like someone who’d ask ‘Why won’t you come to meet me?’ Shige said that 2, 3, and 4 were the hardest for him to figure out how to handle. Koyama said that he agreed that 4 would be the type of person to ask, ‘Which is more important, me or your work?’ Shige said it definitely had a contrary part to it, but that it also was kind of alluring. Since it’s evenly divisible, then maybe they would be rational/unsentimental (he’s referring to the wording in Japanese)
      Shige said that maybe a prime number like 7 would be good. Shige said that he thought 5 too would be very black and white. Shige said that 1 would have everything so he’d end up having an inferiority complex.
      Koyama asked Shige what number he would be, and Shige said that he would want to be 7. Koyama asked him what kind of personality 7 has and Shige said that 7 is special- memorizing the 7 times tables is especially difficult. 7 is mysterious and hard to understand, though it also is the ‘lucky 7’ he also has a special affinity for it as he was born in July. Koyama said that he got that, since for him 5 is special. Shige said that since Tego has four 1s in his birthday, maybe his would end up being 4. Koyama laughed at how Tegoshi has four 1s, commenting on how he is obstinate. They said that Massu had both 7 and 4 in his birthday, but that his ‘4-ness’ seemed strong.
      Koyama asked Shige which number’s form looked the nest next to 7, and Shige said that that would turn the conversation to double digit numbers, but that if they were to talk about the teens, 17 was lovely! Koyama said that he thought that 72 was had a good balance and Shige agreed. Shige also mentioned 27 and how it’s 3 to the power of 3.
      Koyama said 2 would be good for a girlfriend and Shige agreed saying that 2 seemed like they’d have you in the palm of their hand. 1 is difficult to handle, though 51 is Ichiro (Suzuki Ichiro’s jersey number). Koyama said that he’s used to seeing 51, but that 2 is great it balances well with anything. Shige said in that case then he likes 50, he thinks Koyama would like a 0 kind of woman. Koyama said that then he’d want the 5 to go in the 0, and Shige said then it’d just be ⑤. Koyama clarified that he meant wanting 5 to living inside of 0. Koyama decided he’d go with 0.
      Shige said that he would go with 2, though 4 is also nice. At the end they questioned what they were even talking about and what the result was, but that it’s fun.

    • ♪ LPS ♪

  • Tegomass no Radio (Nov 14)

    • At the opening, they celebrated Tegoshi’s birthday. They said he had 4 candles on his cake, probably because NEWS is made up of 4 members, and Sakura had 5 on hers the previous week because of the number of rangers. (NOTE: For those interested, Sakura posted a photo of Tegoshi’s cake here) Massu joked about making Tegoshi eat everything up them, and he said he couldn’t, following which they asked him to talk about his resolutions for the year and he said he had none. They then said how he said so much about Sakura not coming up with proper ones the previous week so he must say something. He said since they’d be appearing on Best Hits 2018 the following day, he’d first try to do his best for that.
      Sakura: HUH?
      T: No, wait. It’s the first live programme I’m appearing on after turning 31, that’s huge isn’t it.
      M: Next.
      T: Next? Eh… It’s the Rugby World cup next year. I’ll support them with all my might.
      M: You’re talking about next year?
      T: Well, I turn 30 the year of World Cup for soccer, 31 the year of Rugby World Cup, then 32 the year of Olympics! That’s what it is.
      The other two said it’s probably not what the listeners want to hear, and asked him to share something about his private life. And he said he wanted to drink wine while traveling around Europe, and do a regular column in some magazine to show everyone.
      Sakura: That’s adult-like.
      T: I’m an adult! Tego-nyan is an adult! YEAH~
      Sakura: Stop forcing yourself to sound excited, it’s okay.
      M: Yeah like he squeezed something out the best he can, then got worried about whether that answer’s okay, so raises his voice.
      Tegoshi then concluded his birthday resolutions by saying he wants to enjoy each day and they moved on to the request for the week.

    • It was from someone who referred to Shige commenting on wanting NEWS to do a drama together during “Life of NEWS”, and Massu saying it’d be nice if they could do both an arena tour and a dome tour during the MC of NEVERLAND Fukuoka show, and congratulated them on having both come true this year. The listener is grateful to be happy to be able to support them along the way, and requested for a song that has yet been performed, and that they wanted to hear at the Dome most - “Top of the World”. The two of them wondered if they hadn’t done that song before, and Tegoshi said he remembers having done singing practise for that song, so maybe they might have wanted to do that song but decided against it. They also said it was a very nice mail.
      M: Sorry, but we won’t be singing this at the Dome.
      T: That was fast. We still have another 1.5 months.

    • ♪ Top of the World ♪

    • The second mail came from a listener who’s into coasters recently.
      T: It’s the one you put under cups, and not jet coasters.
      M: Ah, not that? The thing that you put bread in and it goes, “DING!”?
      T: That’d be toast. That’s not something “-ter”.
      M, Sakura: It’s a toaster.
      T: Eh? What’s “toast” then.
      M: That’s bread that has been browned!
      T: AH! Sorry about that. It’s hard for me to catch jokes when it’s about things I don’t have the knowledge about.
      Sakura: This isn’t about knowledge or what not, it’s general knowledge!
      M: And you should have realised I was trying to be funny.
      They went back to the mail, and the listener now has 40 coasters.
      T: TEgomass’- (pronouncing it the foreign way instead of the Japanese way) Sorry. SORRY.
      Sakura: What happened to you.
      T: I read it the foreign way.
      M: Like Shusui-san.
      Going back to the mail, the listener wanted to know if there’s any item that they can’t help buying at the shop? They addressed Tegoshi messing up the name, saying that’s how people overseas pronounce Tegomass and that Tegoshi isn’t concentrating that day.
      Tegoshi then said he doesn’t buy things randomly at the shops, but while shopping online. All daily necessities he needs though. Massu asked if he buys things he doesn’t need.
      T: I don’t really waste things. Though I might look the way I do.
      M: “Look the way you do”. It’s not as if-
      T: Don’t I look like the type who’d want and buy everything?
      Sakura, M: Nope.
      T: Ah really. (laughter) Then that’s the end of this topic.
      They said he doesn’t have the image of collecting stuff, and he said he likes home electronics. Though he doesn’t do anything like owning 10 air purifiers, he games using his tablet, and is very particular about the protective film he uses on the tablet. He tried 7 different protectors just to find the one that works best against slipping, and is easy to look at. He bought the one he found best, and had Koyama help him stick it on, as he’s really good at it.
      Massu and Sakura both end up buying a lot of mugs, and Massu owns tens of them.
      T: What are mugs?
      M: The ones you drink coffee with.
      Sakura: The ones with handles.
      T: Where can you buy those?
      Sakura: Eh?
      T: Places like Loft? Tokyu Hands? Supermarkets?
      The two of them told them everywhere, though not supermarkets. Massu said clothing brands do collaborations and make mugs too. Sakura said since she likes Disney, she ends up buying them when she goes to Disneyland. Also those for her ranger series. They both talk about how they usually end up just using a couple of them, since the pretty ones might not always be the nicest to use. Tegoshi does own cups, like the stuff he buys from the official soccer shops like FC Barcelona. But those are for display. Tegoshi also buys stickers when he goes overseas. He also shared that he owns many things, as he can’t throw things away. He’s got a lot of sports equipment, like spiked shoes and golf clubs etc. Those he buys himself and those he received from people.
      Tegoshi then said he doesn’t have the habit of collecting stuff, and Massu said he probably does. They said Koyama does, and shared how he even bought the tree to use for the table in his dining room. They then asked Sakura if she had anything, other than ranger stuff and mugs, since they already talked about that. She offered cup noodles, but they said those don’t count since those are perishables so she’s just replenishing stuff. Just like toilet paper. Massu thought of another one - clocks. He likes clocks and has maybe 10 of the same brand, maybe because he hasn’t met one he really likes yet. Sakura said she’s got a lot of toys for her parrot and there’re a lot that aren’t in use. Tegoshi agreed, saying how it’s easy to spend on pets. They then talked about how Emma is always dressed, and Tegoshi said he changes her once every 3 days to wash her clothes. She was in pink, with skull prints that day.
      M: Ah that’s cute.
      T: Yeah. Pink with skulls.
      M: She’s always in some awful thing…
      T: Hey! They’re pretty much things I’ve received from people. I’ve never bought any clothes for Emma.
      He said he receives a lot from his relatives and friends, and Emma now has a lot of hangers of clothes in her room. They said she might soon overtake Tegoshi in the number of clothes she owns, and they concluded it’s easy to end up owning a lot of pet items. They ran out of time for mails, and had to move on to the following segment.

    • For “One-line Actors” this week, Tegoshi went first, having to say “I’m popping by the convenience store” while bungee jumping. The two of them went off tangent by starting to discuss the oden sold at convenience stores during the colder seasons and their favourite ingredients. And Sakura stopped them. Tegoshi said the line, and they said how he got so caught up trying to pull a distance he didn’t put in emotions.
      Massu then had to say “It’s been a while” while underwater. He just made gurgling sounds and the two of them went, “What was that!?” They made him do it again, and he was upset about their lack of reactions. Sakura gave the round to Tegoshi and Massu protested, saying that’s what it sounds like! They said that’s was a terrible round and they did another round.

    • Massu went first this time, having to say “Have you seen my underwear?” while being embarrassed. They tried to make him a story, saying he couldn’t find his underwear after coming up from water just now, and had to ask the person he just met after a while if they’ve seen his underwear. He made the same gurgling sound. There was a lack of reaction at the beginning, and Tegoshi said he’d probably win no matter what he does after. Massu explained he’s still in water! And didn’t understand why everyone in and outside of the booth looked like they had question marks above their heads.
      M: But the listeners are laughing, right?
      T: Nope, everyone’s probably in question marks.
      Tegoshi then had to say “Pass me the tissue” after smelling something smelly. Tegoshi went yelling randomly then started laughing and asked for time-out. They said he can’t redo it, and Sakura gave the round to Massu.

    • At the ending, they promoted Epcotia Encore. And Massu started gurgling in the background while Sakura was reading the address and choked a bit towards the end.

  • Recomen! (Nov 15)

    • (*TL note: They were talking over each other quite a bit, so the names and talk summaries are all to the best of what we could identify)
      Koyama and Massu crashed the live radio slot held by Johnny’s West Kiriyama, Nakama and Nori-san on Thursday, at the opening bit of the hour past midnight. They said they were just back from Osaka after performing on “Best Hits”, with Massu joking that he lives above the radio studio. Koyama apologised for that, saying they’ve been working since morning. (M: What day is it? What day is it now?) They told him it’s the 16th now and the programme’s live till 1am. Someone asked if they could hear Chankapana live and Massu went “BABY~”. Koyama said again they’ve been working since morning and they’re all behaving weirdly now.
      They then talked a bit, with Massu commenting how Kiriyama looks different each time he sees him and Kiriyama said it’s because he’s been involved in stage plays. Koyama noticed they’re playing “Ikiro” in the background and said they respond really quickly, to which they said they can play anything! Even Pikachu’s song. Massu then started singing along to the song, starting from “waraeru hodo oroka de~” and then purposely messing up “Ikiro” at the start of the chorus. Koyama told him to stop being more excited than the actual run.
      The hosts asked if they’d like some monjayaki since they’d some right in front of them, and Koyama said that’s scary because he had no idea what happened before. They explained how the mentaiko-cheese flavour is usually most popular at monja shops and they wanted to see if they could come up with better. Massu said that’s because the ranking is usually based off the opinions of females and probably mochi would beat mentaiko. Koyama said he’s not sure what it’s all about, but mentaiko-cheese is top for him too. The rest of them all went, “EH!?” and said he didn’t know what he’s talking about.
      M: How can you say that’s top. Go home! Go!
      K: We came here to record MY radio programme though.
      Kiriyama: Massu’s eyes are already asleep.
      M: My eyes are asleep? They are?
      Kiriyama: Wake up!
      M: I’m awake.
      Nakama continued explaining what they’ve been doing with the monja, that they each presented a monja they found yummy, and they had mentai-mochi-oba monja, gyoza-garlic monja and tako rice monja. Koyama said those are all good on their own and there’s no need to make them into monjas.
      M: I really hate this tako rice monja.
      They said that was surprisingly popular, and Koyama asked if those were leftovers. It then made sense to the two of them how the studio was smelling. Koyama said tako rice sounded weird too, and started being concerned if it’s okay for them to talk so freely for so long and they said it’s fine, it’s free talk all the way till 1am. They talked again about how they were just about to go record Kchan NEWS, and Massu said he needs to go home first. He also said how there’s a female staff who’s been with them since morning, and she’s now uglier than when they met in the morning. He then apologised for becoming a jerk, and that he’s different from him this morning too. Then added that the staff is pretty all the time. Nakama asked when Kchan NEWS goes on air, and Koyama asked him to check the website. Nori-san gave the details, and they tried to figure out what day of it it was then again. Kiriyama asked Massu to blink as he hasn’t been blinking, and Massu said they just gave their best at the singing, and neither Koyama nor him slept on the shinkansen back. Koyama shared how they had a three hour break in between, and since Massu said he’d pop outside for awhile, he followed him and they went shopping and had ramen together. Without sleeping. West asked why they didn’t sleep, and Massu said how he doesn’t like sleeping in between work as his switch goes off, to which the rest said he’s in his off-mode now too! Koyama said Massu had ramen so he’s in his energetic mode now, and the rest were surprised that THIS was energetic.
      M: I’m rarely so energetic!
      Kiriyama: Such that you could start calling females ugly.
      K: That was really inappropriate.
      M: Really, I aporogise.
      The rest: ApoROgise???
      Koyama then said they’re reaching their max soon and should leave. Massu then said how it’s been a while since he saw Nakama, though they’re both in the same Anikikai (a gathering of Johnny’s who look up to Arashi’s Sakurai), but they’ve never met at the anikikai. Nakama said they have a group chat, and the icon used to be one with Massu in it, but now it’s changed into one without Massu, since it was the photo taken the time when Massu couldn’t make it. They said they’d try to make it full member the next time. They then asked if Koyama goes for such gatherings, and he said it’s been awhile since he even ate with Massu. They said it might even have been the first time the two of them had a meal together outside of work. And it was the thickest ramen they ever had.
      They continued talking a bit, including talking about how a lot of the staff for the radio programme were wearing spectacles. The Recomen side then started hinting for KoyaMasu to leave, and they grumbled how they’re asked to come in and then leave at the timing of the Recomen side. They also said how Massu appeared in Downtown DX, and that they’d be having countdown concerts at Kyocera Dome. Massu asked them to come if they could, and West was like, we’d be in Tokyo!!! They finally left, with KoyaMasu apologising to the listeners and West’s fans. Kiriyama, Nakama, and Nori-san then made some comments about them, saying it’s been a while since they got to talk, and how Massu’s face when he cracks a lame joke is really cute, even though he’s their sempai.

    • Later in the programme, just as Nakama was reading a mail on icecream, Kiriyama started laughing and asked “WHAT are you doing!?”
      K: You CAN’T DO THAT Masuda-san! No! Masuda-san! No!
      West: What about your recording?
      K: Why did you go in!
      M: Now, we’re recording now.
      K: We just finished recording one episode, and he dashed out. I got a shock!
      M: Because you said the programme’s till 1am, so I thought I wouldn’t make it.
      Kiriyama: I’ve never seen staff looking this apologetic.
      K: I wondered what happened and told him to stop
      Massu then proceeded to reply to the listener’s mail on icecream.
      K: Why are you sitting down! Let’s go already!
      They invited Koyama to do this one mail together and he apologised saying he felt bad towards the West fans. So they had to choose if they refer rock hard icecream or slightly melted ones. Massu started complaining how it’s not a good question so they said to do the next question - if they can treat oden as a side dish to rice or not. Only Kiriyama can, the rest all can’t. He tried to explain his stand, and then they decided to ask Massu for his opinion. He said he basically likes getting full from just oden, so he always gets the look from the convenience store staff of how he had filled the container with too many items each time. They said he must be really good at packing, so much so that the staff can’t see what ingredients are below (to calculate the cost). They then continued talking a bit about which they preferred for food, like if they prefer rice or bread with stew. They also decided they’d continue till they all agreed on something. They then they had to choose if they prefer sucking on or biting candy (M the former, K the latter), the sauce they prefer using for shabu shabu, ponzu or sesame sauce (M the former, K the latter), and then it’s time. Koyama tried to get Massu to leave, but Massu wanted to stay till their answers matched if not he won’t be able to sleep. Koyama said how it’s the first time he ever saw his member run and he was so surprised. The West said told them to leave (Koyama tried to talk about monja again as he left), and that they’d be around till 12:58am.

    • At the ending of the programme, they read some comments from the listeners saying they enjoyed KoyaMasu crashing the programme, and that West should go guest at Kchan NEWS sometime too (“But it’s 1am already, nah.” “Your sempais came! So go!”) The three of them then continued the “either or” game as they had questions and time left, until they finally matched, playing NEWS’ songs in the background the entire time.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Nov 16)

    • At the opening, he talked about how they’ve been having meetings for Epcotia Encore. They’d keep some and change some, and even if they keep the set, the size would change due to the difference in venue sizes. His head is filled with all that now, but will do his best so as to create a good concert.

    • The first mail was from a listener who wanted to know if Massu puts bonito and seaweed flakes on his takoyaki, and if he prefers the ordinary mayonnaise or mustard mayonnaise. He said he likes the usual sauce, ordinary mayonnaise, and bonito and seaweed flakes.

    • ♪ Strawberry ♪

    • The second mail came from a listener who congratulated Massu for his 20th anniversary in Johnny’s. He thanked the listener, and mentioned how it’s been 15 years for NEWS, and 20 years since he went for the auditions at Johnny’s. It’s amazing how it’s been 20 years - for him to have managed to continue all these years, and how there are juniors who are born the year he entered, or even after. He hopes to be able to become a better talent, and a better man, so please continue supporting him.

    • The third mail was from a listener who turns 20 in November, and is happy to be the same as Massu, in that he’d have been in Johnny’s for 20 years in November. He said that means they must have been born in 1998, which is really relatively recent. It’s a miracle that someone their age is looking at NEWS, and he’d be glad if they can help make the listener’s days happy, so please continue watching NEWS.

    • The fourth listener came in top for midterms, and asked to be praised. He congratulated the listener, and said that never happened to him.

    • The fifth listener watched Massu’s appearance in “Sanma Goten” and wanted to know how often he washes the clothes he wears. The listener washes theirs after each wear, though they know it’s bad for the textile. Massu said for his bottoms, he probably wears them 5-6 times, though it depends on whether they’re soiled. For things like Tshirts, underwear and socks, he washes them immediately. But for outerwear like hoodies etc., probably 5-6 wears? Like for jackets, it seems that sending them for cleaning once a year is considered good already. He shared how the hoodie he was wearing that day is freshly laundered, though he probably won’t be washing it after he gets home that day.

    • The sixth listener wanted to know if Massu listens to albums at random or in the album order. He said he listens to them once in order, then usually ends up listening to that one song he likes best all the time. There are certain times when he finds the entire order in the album good too though. As someone who creates albums too, he would hope for everyone to listen to all the songs as he feels for all of them, so it isn’t quite right that he doesn’t do the same. He feels it’s best to listen to all of them in order, and have a favourite.

    • The seventh listener wanted to know if Massu likes white rice as they can’t eat dishes without rice. He said he understood, and the charm of white rice is indefinite, since it goes well with everything. He doesn’t really feel like he doesn’t need rice, and most white stuff are delicious, like rice and udon. He likes the combination of chicken soup with salted onigiri. Things like fish and grilled mentaiko are nice with rice too.

    • The eighth mail came from a listener who forgot they left their earphones in their pocket and ended up putting them into the washing machine. The earphones were ruined after that, and they were sad as that was the first time something like that happened. Has Massu ever clean forget something and then messed up? He said he’s never left earphones in his pocket so he can’t empathise. Even if he does put them in his pocket, it’s usually attached to his phone and wounded up around the phone. He said the classic item left forgotten in the pockets would be tissue paper, though that can be removed by using vegetable nets. (M: This is from “Sore Dame”!) Name cards too. Or washing black hoodies with white tees and having the white tees end up pinkish. Or washing a few pairs of socks together and not knowing which belong to which anymore. He probably shared this on radio before, about how he ever wore socks from different pairs. Or maybe having water splashed all over his clothes when he turned on the tap at the bathroom. He basically doesn’t mess up and is put together most of the time. He’s sorry about the earphones though.

    • ♪ Thunder ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played Arashi’s “Kimi no Uta”. He said how it’s their latest single, and the theme song for Aiba’s drama. It’s a great song where the lyrics from the chorus goes straight in.

    • At the ending, he talked a bit about the concerts again and asked those who can make it to look forward to it.

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