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NEWS news (week of Nov 19) - Part 1

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  • It was announced on Nov 22 that the DVD/ Bluray for “Zero” will be released. It will include the full drama, all of the Hulu Japan Episode Zero episodes, as well as 60 minutes of making-of footage. Those who order by Feb 5 (JST) will get a 20% discount as well as free shipping (within Japan). There is also a limited number of B6 clear files that comes with each order on first come first serve basis. (Source 1 2)

  • The official twitter account for “Inugamike” tweeted that the drama filming started on Nov 22. (Source)

    Here’s hoping the filming goes smoothly for Shige!

  • The official twitter account for TV asahi’s “Dream Festival” listed the acts that would be aired on the terrestrial broadcast and NEWS was included. They also wrote that full performances would not be aired. Since there are a total of 17 acts listed for a 90-minute slot, each act would probably be getting less than 5 mins each, keeping in consideration time for commercial breaks. (Source)

  • NEWS will be appearing on Best Artist on Nov 28. (Source)

  • For those who missed “Songs of Tokyo” last weekend, it’s been announced on the programme website that there will be repeat telecasts of “Songs of Tokyo” on Jan 2 next year, at the following timings: 8:10, 15:10, 22:10, 28:10 (JST).

    The programme is also available on VOD on their website from Nov 26 - Dec 10. NEWS appears in part 4.



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  • NEWSRING (Nov 21)

    • It was Massu’s turn to update

    • Massu wrote that he did a photoshoot with Popolo that day and went up on the roof of a building. He said he likes roofs and if he ever designs a house he’ll make one. He said he doesn’t need a garden, so he’d like a big terrace instead, but then thought that if he had a terrace then maybe he wouldn’t go on the roof, so maybe no terrace afterall.

      He thought a lot about what word to pick for shiritori and realize it was making his update late, looking up the difference between the words ‘zehi’, ‘zezehihi’, and ‘ze ga hi demo’. At the end he used ‘ze ga hi demo’ in a sentence asking everyone to be sure to support him.


  • A graphic design office tweeted about Massu’s pages in “mina”, saying they got to design the special style book in the December issue and that Massu was more mature than usual with the theme, and very cool. (Source)

  • Go-chan was answering question on twitter and in response to the question “Go-chan, you’ve met NEWS, what are your impressions of each of the members?” he replied, “I’d need 10,000 characters”

    Similarly, in response to the question “Talk about your love for Massu!” he said, “I’d need 15,000 characters”

    (Source 1 2)

  • her0ism tweeted when “Songs of Tokyo” was airing to say it’s in LA. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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